The Pigskin Geek: It all comes down to this

This week, the Geek travels to Oakland to talk with Jimmy about the biggest regular season game of the year. No shenanigans, just good solid preview analysis for the showdown between No. 1 De La Salle and No. 2 California.

Ben Enos

  • MZ piggy

    with all due respect, you admittedly have not been to a cal game this season, so you missed mentioning some of Cals studs:

    Trevor Taft TE and Free safety having a break out season;
    Big JOE Person 6-4 290 LT and NG; Rich Garwood LG quick, mean and strong; HECK the entire OLINE what other team has 5 running backs with over 250 yards each?

    Glad you will be there lets hope the GRIZZ shows up and plays the way they have all season should be a good game!!

  • Prep Fan

    LB Marcus Prenot and the D-Line have been having a stellar season as well, but the Cal D doesn’t get much mention since the offense has been so potent.

  • MZ piggy

    my bad should not have missed pernot teams leading tackle do not how many but he closes quick and hits hard

  • renegades10

    jimmy, the guy who was commenting on Cal player, has been to a Cal game this year I believe. it’s ben who hasn’t.

  • outsider

    I wish good luck to both Cal and DLS. I will be rooting for Cal but I hope both teams play to their fullest potential, with minimal interferance by the refs, so we can see what they are made of.