OAL All-City football

Here is the Oakland Athletic League All-City team, as selected by the coaches.

Marcus Peters (McClymonds), Sr.

Coach of the Year
Curtis McCauley (McClymonds)

First Team Offense
QB — Jamal Mayo (Sky), Jr.; RB — Sione Moli (Fremont), Jr.; Ernest Marshall (Mack), Sr.; Jordan Sanford (Fre), Sr.; WR — Lamar Blanson (Skyline), Sr.; TE — Miles Gordon (Oakland), Sr.; UTL — Daren Duong (Oakland Tech), Sr.; OL — Wendall Taiese (Mack), Sr.; Dione Green (Mack), Sr.; Kevin Vaughn (Mack), So.; Nick Rosati (Sky), Sr.; Alem Amores (OT), So.

First Team Defense
DL —
Siliveinusi Tomasi (Fre), Jr. Simione Havea (OT), Jr; David Moore (Castlemont), So.; David Balderson (Sky), Sr.; LB — Austin Chao (Sky), Jr.; Jeremiah Walters (Mack), Sr.; Travon Brooks (Mack), Sr.; Eakalafi Okusi (Cast), Sr.; DB — Bishope Apodaca (Fre), So.; Virgil Bridges (Oak), Sr.; John Lewis (Mack), Sr.

Second Team Offense
QB — Eddie Heard (Mack), Jr.; RB — Denzale Johnson (Mack), Sr.; Dewayne Ewing Jr. (Sky), Jr.; WR — Calvin Fritz (Fre), Sr.; Keith Lewis (OT), Jr.; UTL — George Varella (Sky), Sr.; OL — Dajon Ford (Mack), So.; Terron Johnson (Mack), Jr.; Brandon Starks (Mack), Sr.; Edgar Pulido (Sky), Jr.; Aman Cobby (OT), Jr.

Second Team Defense
DL —
Marlo Hendricks (Mack), Sr.; Tim Davis (Sky), Sr.; John Vaka (Sky), Sr.; Amin Luki (Cast), Sr.; LB — Devon Miller (Cast), Jr.; Marjerle Taugavau (Fre), Jr.; Mykolay McGowan (Fre), Jr.; DB — Terrance Silas (Mack), Sr.; Sydnee Logan (Fre), So.; Lennard Davis (OT), Sr.; Dartagnan McGlothen (Oak), Sr.

Honorable Mention
Castlemont —
WR Andrew Smith, Sr.; WR Robert Allen, Sr.; WR Ibrahim Abdallah, Sr.; DB Derrick Fuller, Jr.; LB Atoni Sunia, Sr.; Fremont — QB Dionicio Espinoza, Sr.; WR James Nelson, So.; OL Larry Beasley, Sr.; OL Penisimani Puafisi, So.; WR Lasella Thompson, So.; LB Pope Foketi, Jr.; LB Sue Taugauvau, Fr.; DB Christopher Soto, Sr.; DB Marcus Robinson, Jr.; McClymonds — DL Joshua Walters, Sr.; DB Keither Dodds, Jr.; Oakland —DB LaMarc Watts, Sr.; DB Austin Chao, Sr.; OL/DL Patrick Williams, Jr.; OL/DL Emanuel Baxter, Jr.; Oakland Tech — DB Derrick Bagley, Sr.; DB Antoine Albert, Jr.; K Jake Southworth, Sr.; LB Randy Fudge, Sr.; RB Wayne Tucker, Sr.; LB Evan Williams, Jr.; DL Cameron Manning, Jr.; DL Luc Dark Fleury, Jr.; Skyline — DL Aaron Haywood, So.; DB Terell Hill, Sr.; OL Jack Humphrey, RB Denzel Johnson, So.; WR Naji Stubbs, Jr.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • concern

    I’m confused!!! How could the best player in the OAL not be the MVP of the league??? Look at the stats and you tell me what’s wrong with this picture. Is it fair to be unfair with these young men that go out each week and put in the work and effort to be ROB by an unfair system. As the saying goes, it’s not what you know and do on the field, it’s who you know….. Once again, look at the stat’s and you be the judge and voice your thoughts.

  • OTHS

    Who’s the Defensive MVP!

  • The past two years the league has just selected one overall MVP instead of offensive and defensive players of the year.

  • trent glover

    dude, why am i not mvp?

  • Banjo

    I don’t think anybody was “robbed” of anything. As it’s noted at the top the story, this list is selected by the coaches, so I’m sure the coaches had a discussion about which student-athlete was the most deserving of league MVP before coming to a final decision.

    Looking solely at stats to determine a league MVP isn’t the ideal either, because stats don’t tell the entire story about how much impact a student-athlete has had on his team and the league.

  • concern

    how is it determine who’s the MVP? Who is more popular or the stats? Lets be fair and do it by what’s done of the field…

  • The MVP is voted on by the league’s six head coaches. Knowing each of them, I highly doubt popularity plays a role in their voting.

    Remember too that this isn’t just an offensive award. Marcus Peters is probably the best defensive back in the East Bay. We don’t keep defensive statistics so we don’t post those, but I know Peters had quite a few interceptions as well as several kick/punt returns for scores. His impact in all three areas of the game is likely what earned him the award and I’d have a hard time arguing with the selection.

  • Concern

    Post Defensive stats!

  • JustMaybe

    Wait, so who do you guys think should be the MVP of this league? While I still say Mack is a bit overrated, I also say that Marcus Peters is deserving of the MVP. That kid is valuable and can play any position on the field. He plays DB. He could easily lead in receiving and rushing. He even started at QB. And truth is, his team went 10-0. Bet they won’t see that when he graduates.

  • ManDown

    I don’t understand how anyone can have a problem with who won the MVP in this league. I always thought the best player always comes from the best team and since Mack ran through the OAL this year it shouldnt be an argument. You can bend and twist stats anyway you want to make a point but when it comes down to it who made the biggest impact in all three fazes of the ball consistantly?



  • We do not have defensive stats. We can only keep track of offensive stats at a game. There may be some teams individually that track defensive stats and at the end of the year when we are considering for All-East Bay teams, we try to track down some of those, but not all teams have defensive stats (and there’s no way of knowing their accuracy) and so there’s no way we can post defensive stats. We never will.

  • S1lverngreen

    Hi Jimmy,
    Any idea when the ebal is publishing their all league teams?

  • james

    What I don’t understand is the first team offense. For QB it should have been Virgil Bridges he is an outstanding athlete nd shows in his stats. And Dartagnan Mcglothen should be in the first team offense as WR. Them two athletes have put on a show this whole year nd it really shows in stats.

  • The EBAL typically waits until all of its teams have completed their season in that sport to release all league. So I’m guessing we won’t receive theres until after the state bowl game, maybe after NCS.



  • Who knows? There have been years where the ACCAL sent it right away and years where they never sent it at all. Hopefully we’ll get it soon this year.

  • S1lverngreen

    Thank you Jimmy. Keep up the good work, us prep fans appreciate it!

  • concern

    Jordan Sanford – played 7 position, not only broke fremonts all time touch record, rtn punt for touchdown, kickoff for touchdowns and as you see in the stats many rushing touchdowns….


    Did Sanford he go to practice in June and July?
    Im sure Peters did. Thus, MVP!

  • ManDown

    Virgil Bridges and Dartagnan Mcglothen led there team to how manys wins? Get real dude! How can you lobby players that were on a team that went 1-9?

    Jordan Sanford is a good player but what did he do against Mack? Stats mean nothing when its all said and done.

  • concern

    Jordan plays for fremont, 5-5 record. That’s pretty good with only 4 players returning who are senior this year. And yes, your right, not great #’s against MC, but that was due to the number of touches he received. So at this point, lets just say congrats to Mr. Peters.

  • dgreen

    Marcus Peters was well deserving of the award. I also feel that Jordan Sanford had an incredible year but the award of MVP goes much farther than stats sometimes. it’s about which players was the most valuable to their team and in this case it was Marcus Peters, not to say that Jordan was not, but at the same time his team was not the first place team. mack ran the show this year! But I feel you Concern, but you cannot hate on Mr. Peters!

  • concern

    not hating, my hat goes off to the GREAT JOB MC did this year and the young man getting MVP. If it was possible to have co-MVP’s, this might be the year to make that case….

  • Skyline Parent

    I think the choices are accurate one player from Skyline went unrecognized but that comes from the coach’s making a knowing decision that one player get the majority of the passes. He’s only a JUNIOR so he will shine next YEAR!! Let’s see what all the OAL players do from this point on? Are you going to College? Do you really think you’ll make the NFL??

  • David Moa

    Can you fix my name please lol it says Jr; David Moore (Castlemont)
    it should say David Moa..

  • serious

    Some of these players earned awards they clearly did not deserve. I see a couple of players on 1st/2nd team defense who barely played 1 or 2 games defensely. I don’t see how this is fair towards those who performed on the field and are not recognized.

  • E_CULB

    I would say that the O-High QB is well deserving of 1st team. I’m sorry but this kid was putting up numbers that would have led over half the leagues in the Bay Area. Nope they didnt win but one game but dude was putting up numbers.

    But that being said the OAL selections go by the number of wins a team has. The team that wins the most games gets the most selections on 1st team and 2nd team the team with the fewest gets 2 1st team one second (I think). Have issue with the process if you want, but the teams look about right in my eyes outside of the 1st team QB, and anybody questioning MVP has got to be kidding ever time I read an article about a Mack game it was littered with Marcus Peters highlights. Clearly he was the MVP.

  • titanpride

    why are you hating e_culb jamal mayo is very deserving of the first team quaterback he’s one of the best athletes in this area

  • E_CULB

    No hating, just stating my opinion.

  • Banjo

    ManDown and Dgreen bring up great points. You have to take into consideration many other aspects besides stats.

    We keep arguing about whose stats are better and whose numbers are better, but in reality, those are arbitrary. Once again, these teams were selected by the coaches. They probably had the best view of what was going on in the field of play and who had the most impact on the game and I’m sure the OAL coaches agreed that Marcus Peters had the most impact during the games.

    There were plenty of athletes who probably “should’ve” been on the first team and “should’ve” been nominated for MVP.

    E_CULB, no one can deny that Virgil Bridges had great numbers and played well for the Wildcats this season. BUT if we go purely off the basis of stats, like you’ve been arguing, then you’re clearly going against your own reasoning.

    Hopefully you realize what I’m trying to say here…

    Based on stats, Jamal Mayo is well deserving of the first team nomination. If you looked OUTSIDE of just the passing numbers, and looked up at the rushing stats, you’d see that besides of being the #2 passer in the league (based on yardage), he was also the 3rd leading rusher… and if you were to just scroll down just a bit, you’d realize that he was 4th in the league in scoring, accounting for 10 TDs for the Titans and “outscoring” Bridges 64-38.

    Now, if stats were the sole reason why Bridges should be first team All-OAL, why wouldn’t these stats be taken into consideration?

    But what do I know? I’m just another person staring at stats on a computer screen.

  • E_CULB


    Didnt notice that he was 4th in rushing that would strengthing his argument. But the scoring thing is a little decieving because it does not take into account TD passes which one kid had 14 and the other had 13 in one fewer game. Which game was it that O-High was unable to play? Was it Castlemont? And finally who won head to head? Oh and the coaches dont really vote they just place there kids where they want them to go, you start with the teams with the most wins he places his players then the coaches work down in order.

  • dgreen

    Yeah there is never a vote as to who gets the 1st and 2nd team. The coaches get a certain amount of picks based on the number of wins and then they try to work together to get everyone they feel should be up there. But I am not sure they do that for MVP that might be something they vote for though. Becaue if I am correct they didnt do the MVP in the OAL until just recently right?

  • OTHS

    Is there an All-City Game?

  • Louis Cambell

    wats up with everybody sayin virgin i mean virgil should have first team ? he had no passing yards against mac nd fremont !