EBAL stats – 11/17

Here’s the latest installment of stats for the East Bay Athletic League. Enjoy!

Rushing (by yards)

Player G Rush Yards Avg. TD
Lucas Dunne, De La Salle 10 161 1,499 9.3 26
George Atkinson III, Granada 10 128 1,244 9.7 16
Michael Sullas, Monte Vista 8 171 1,103 6.4 11
Damariay Drew, Livermore 10 107 894 8.4 10
Kyle Alvarez, California 10 110 884 8.0 9

Passing (by yards)

Player G Comp Att Pct. Yards INT TD
Jeff Lockie, Monte Vista 10 140 228 61.4 1,948 8 21
Drew Reil, California 10 95 145 65.5 1,658 6 25
Zach Kline, San Ramon Valley 10 121 210 57.6 1,486 6 7
David Camarena, Foothill 10 108 179 60.3 1,434 9 11
Kyle Moreno, Amador Valley 10 108 229 47.2 1,431 15 10

Receiving (by receptions)

Player G Rec Yards Avg. TD
Bryce McGovern, Monte Vista 10 59 920 15.6 8
Cameron Rowland, Foothill 10 46 667 14.5 6
Tyler Amick, Granada 10 45 548 12.2 2
Dane Turner, Monte Vista 10 35 375 10.7 4
Jake Isabel, Amador Valley 10 35 353 10.1 2


Player G TD FG 2PT PAT Tot
Lucas Dunne, De La Salle 10 28 0 1 0 170
George Atkinson III, Granada 10 19 0 1 0 116
Damariay Drew, Livermore 10 14 0 0 0 84
Kyle Alvarez, California 10 12 0 0 0 72
Michael Sullas, Monte Vista 8 11 0 0 0 66

Total offense

Team G Rush Pass Total Avg.
Monte Vista 10 1,897 2,399 4,296 429.6
De La Salle 10 2,917 1,369 4,286 428.6
California 10 2,351 1,888 4,239 423.9
Granada 10 2,134 1,269 3,403 340.3
Amador Valley 10 1,188 1,630 2,818 281.8
San Ramon Valley 10 1,073 1,683 2,756 275.6
Foothill 10 1,247 1,444 2,691 269.1
Livermore 10 1,722 717 2,439 243.9

Total defense

Team G Rush Pass Total Avg.
De La Salle 10 980 1,199 2,179 217.9
California 10 1,418 1,184 2,602 260.2
San Ramon Valley 10 1,499 1,332 2,831 283.1
Foothill 10 1,418 1,665 3,083 308.3
Granada 10 1,834 1,526 3,360 336.0
Monte Vista 10 2,209 1,273 3,482 348.2
Amador Valley 10 1,642 1,891 3,533 353,3
Livermore 10 2,191 1,708 3,899 389.9

Ben Enos

  • ebalfan#2

    62-14, very impressive showing by MV

  • soccer fan

    any one see tha soccer game last night it was a thriller

  • soccer fan

    thats a high soccer score

  • Bigeasy

    Kline has all the tools but never put it together this year. You can blame it on system, coaching, his team, or his reads. At the end of the day he did not have a good enough seasons to be first team. Houston is no doubt a good football player but has not done anything special this year. Therefore it comes down to Lockie and Reil. Reil was a caretaker and was only dominant due to the team he was on. Lockie was a player and leader he might have taken a little bit longer to devolp but regardless of what team he is playing for he is goingt put up numbers and he is going to make plays.

  • Prep Fan

    Yeah because Lockie doesn’t have any talent to throw the ball to. Just the state record holder in receptions and yardage from last season. Not many QBs get to step into such a nice situation as that. That was a big reason that Lockie had so much preseason hype, because he had such great receivers to throw to. Yet, it took him 5 games to get going, which just happened to include the Cal, DLS and Serra games. So he really got it done against the lower division teams. And although Lockie had 83 more passing attempts, Reil threw for more TDs.

    I’m sure Lockie got the votes for 1st team QB, as it sounds like that was already stated on here several times. But for Reil was asked to do, he sure did it well. Had one of the more heralded QBs like Lockie, Houston or Kline had the stats and overall record that Reil has, they would have been a first team selection without even a second thought.

  • period

    This is so silly — but fun to read — basically congats to all three…you all had great years..p.s. only of the three gets a state ring and that will be the QB who will be undefeated as as starter,(the only one)coming into his senior year. I’ll take state champ over EBAL all-star anyday.

  • David


    So Dunne gets downgraded because of the DLS run system, but Lockie doesn’t get downgraded for MV’s pass system? Every year you know DLS will have a good/great running game, while MV will have a good/great passing game. You can’t downgrade Dunne, without downgrading Lockie considering some of the weapons he has to throw to.

  • riddlemethis

    Lockie first team NO DOUBT
    Riel second team
    Kline gets nothing…sorry Tedford

  • concord guy

    Using whether or not a young man has committed is no measure of how good a kid is, Kline is OK but Tedford may not be there to honor what was a snap decsion at best. The kid from Cal has done an outstanding job, he deserves and should be first team, he has gotten it done with just a summer to prepare, and the addition of Kravitz fully fanifested itself in the development of that young man.

  • Prep Fan

    Period, it is obvious you a little woozy this morning when you posted #56. As good as the Green Machine is, I wouldn’t be getting anyone sized for that state ring just yet, until all the games are played and they are crowned champions. There is a lot of football yet to be played. DLS may very well win it all this year, but it is posts like yours that give DLS boosters a bad name.

  • period

    Yeah, a little premature..don’t want to jinx…my point was more about Bart, if this is a thread regarding QB 1st team, the kid is 24-0 as a starter. Says something…

  • Prep Fan

    Not doubting that the kid has won a lot of games, but 24? I know he has started all 10 this year and took over after the preseason last year which should have given him about another 10 games. You must be counting the upcoming playoffs in that 24 figure?

    It is hard to guage the impact a QB like Reil or Houston has when the team is winning most games by at least 4 TDs. Especially when the starters go out early and even when in they are running the ball to keep the clock running and not running up the score. Cal uses Reil in the normal offense more than DLS uses Houston, so he has more impressive stats. Both Reil and Houston were imnpressive on Friday night against each other.

  • Bigeasy

    david i am not sure if i mentioned it earlier but i do downgrade lockie for his system because you have to take into account the conditions a player is put under and how it effects their play.

    If i were voting for all east bay, i would take into account how each qb would preform if they were put into another situation. So what would happen if reil played at mv or dls. What about if lockie played at dls or cal. What about houston at mv or cal. Or how would they all do at AV or Livermore. this way i feel we can get a better understanding of how good a player is and who actually deserves first team.

  • Paydirt

    EBAL All-League QB is one of the closest competitions in years with 3 clear high achievers. Each utilized all the available weapons effectively. The most effective lobbyist (coach) will win this one.

    Houston – proven winner developing strong leadership skills, but needs to develop a touch pass, probably D1.
    Lockie – throws the best deep ball, but did not look good at all against CAL, probably D2.
    Reil – throws ball-control passes in a ball-control system, deep game is not his strength, probably D2.

    That was alphabetic…would like to see Reil win it, but won’t be surprised if the MV-factor plays in.

  • Coach


    So Lockie out plays Kline last week who is going D1.

    Lockie did not look good against Cal— the reason– the whole MV team played badly.

    Ok, Lockie plays in a system where you throw a lot, it either works or it does not. Meaning the QB either gets the ball where it can be caught or he does not.
    Lockie did.
    Next yr will be fun to watch, Lockie, Houston and Kline.

    No McGovern at MV next yr but many talented Jrs from this year to catch the ball.

    SRV has many talented Jrs this year as does DLS.

    Buckle up as we finish this yr and get ready for next yr!!

  • Bigeasy

    64 i agree with everything you said except i think lockie will go D1. A potential match-up between Cal and MV in the Semis with both QBs playing at there top level will answer a lot of questions about both QBs future.

  • dgaflzzz

    I believe that lockie is the best out of the three quarterbacks. He has the most yards by 300 and the only reason Houston is getting any recognition is because he is playing for the “Green Machine.” If he was on any other team in EBAL he wouldnt be even in the running. He is nothing without Dunne and his offensive line.

  • renegades10

    I think a good route for Reil might be JC. He needs a little bit more experience starting, but I think he has some good tools and Kravitz was great for him. Size isn’t great, but enough that I think he could play at the next level. He’s definitely got the ability to play at the FCS level maybe a Davis or Cal Poly type kid. That’s the route Blake Wayne went and now he’s at Fordham playing.

    The EBAL will never be lacking for good QB’s. There is always going to be a discussion about who the best is. I thought they did it right last year giving both Mannion and Nottingham the award. I’m not one to advocate for ties, but there really was no way to distinguish one over the other last year.

  • Gettothepoint

    The most important QB stats for determing personal acheivement are TDs and passing as percentage of total offense. Reil had most TDs. He clearly had he most help other than Houston, but hard to argue with 25 TDs. He should be first. Who had the highest percentage of offense – Kline. No question he should have thrown more TDs But his comp percentage and yards would have been top 1 or 2 without all the drops (look at Danville patch articles about the games – several mention the drops) – and he was a bigger part of offense than others. Look at the passing stats above compared to total offense. Lockie had a better stat season but had an awful lot of help too. The best thing for a QBs stats is a good rushing attack. Who had that? Houston and Reil and Lockie. Put Kline in the Cal or MV offense and you get better stats. Better than Lockie or Reil did- who knows. Put Reil and Lockie in SRV offense and they have worse stats. Would they have then done better than Kline did. Again who knows. But they were the class of the league. They either had great stats on a great team or very good stats on a so so team. At DLS here were so so stats on a great great team. I think Reil #1 based on TDs and Lockie and Kline next in either order based on which you think is better – great stars in a great offense or wry ops stats in a mediocre offense.

  • Gettothepoint

    Last line – great stats in a great offense or very very good stats in a so so offense. Sorry about typos.

  • junior

    Reil is a tough kid, great competitor, but I cant see him translating to the next level. Slow release, average strength arm keeps him back.

  • Prep Fan

    I’m not even sure if Reil is looking to play at the next level. This is the only year he has ever played QB. Heck, he’s probably just happy to be playing this year. But what a year it has been thus far. Reil sat out last night’s laugher vs. Castro Valley, as did most of the seniors.

    A look at the box score and you see no mention of familiar names Reil, Alvarez or Taft, and their leading tackler Prenot sat out as well. Sarmenta ran that first punt back for a TD and caught 1 pass, but was out of the game in the 1st quarter. The junior class (and soph call ups) picked up the ball and ran with it without skipping a beat. Washington had 2 carries for 88 yards and 2 TDs. Ezaburio had 74 yards and a TD, while Soph call up Karris Johnson ran for over 100 yards and a TD on over 10 yards per carry. Junior Kevin Farley also filled in amirably at QB.