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Jon Becker

  • s1lverngreen

    mitty 19 – palo alto (undefeated) 13…4th q

  • Jack Cates

    Final Fortuna 36-VC 14

  • s1lverngreen

    correction on that mitty score…final Palo alto 13 – mitty 10…

  • lb05onit

    whats the miramonte score jimmy whats up

  • s1lverngreen

    palma over st. francis 17-10!

  • KillerD

    Gritty Gut Check Galvinizing Glorious win for Miramonte tonight over Analy

  • s1lverngreen

    dang! Heritage to play my boys from Sparta! congratulations on a big win!

  • KillerD

    I have been see-sawing teetering back and forth over the Ygnacio Valley vs. Bishop Odowd game tomorrow.

    So, after crunching the numbers and consulting the football soothsayers, here goes:

    Bishop Odowd 28 vs. Ygnacio Valley 27

    Dragons by 1 point

  • KillerD

    I predicted the Jets by 21 points tonight over Novato.

    21 points was the margin for da Jets

  • Scl alum

    Salesian-Fortuna ought to be a good game..

  • Jack Cates

    Salesian will handle Fortuna handily. 35-7

  • Scl alum

    Interesting that St Patrick/St Vincent is probably headed up to Humboldt next weekend..wonder if it’ll rain that weekend..

  • outsider

    Foothill let the EBAL down against College Park

  • Jack Cates

    It’s going to rain the bay area too. Your point?

  • Jack Cates

    It’s going to rain the bay area too. Your point?

  • Prep Fan

    I don’t think the EBAL really gives a hoot what Foothill did tonight. The top 3 seeds are headed to the next round. They ended the season running on fumes and their early season success with the double wing was gone by midseason. Give CP credit for a nice victory.

  • Donut

    LOL why isn’t College Park in The EBAL THEY ARE 2-0 VS PLEASANTON SCHOOLS IN NCS!!! Last time they got their butts whooped to SRV and DLS in 06 and 07. didnt make NCS in 08!!

    No More Pirates Pitt and SL both go down BIGG LOL who predicted that Kriart all you PItts are sittin at home after the FIRST round in a quarterfinal! oh well DLS would’ve won 62-0 imho.

  • kriart

    Hey, Donut, unlike you the Pitt fans can accept defeat and give credit to the winner when its due. Pitt didn’t come out to play tonite. I, for one, was disappointed with their play tonite. The wet and rainy conditions weren’t good for them. I think it was also wet and rainy when Pitt lost some years back to either Deer Valley or Freedom or Antioch, can’t remember. Overall, it wasn’t Pitt’s destiny to play again with DLS in 2nd round. So, congrats to Heritage and in finally winning it over Pitt ( the first time) and getting the chance to meet DLS in 2nd round. I hope Heritage will prove their strength and talent and be able to play competitively with DLS.

  • norcalfball

    well one EBAL team down as i predicted…

    i believe SRV and Granada will too tomorrow night..

  • Jim

    Woah cp should not be in the ebal … Hope u were kidding

  • Jim

    I think the ebal took a dive after that loss… Just embarrassing losses… I plan on seeing San Ramon and Granada losing as well

  • c.sparks

    honestly. castro valley should runaway from Ebal there not ready for it.. this school is pathetic when it comes to football.. and polictics. THey move out of HAAL.. for safety issues and distances… when in really haward and san ramon are the same distances in oppsite directions….. and they want to bring up safety… go to one of there basketball games.. and hear how there crowd treats every one.. i bet one of those kids from the other schools will get mad.. and hurt one of the cv fans….. CASTRO VALLEY.. as a city and school step it up… on the other hand..WOW CAL HIGH… they just might take NCS… this might be the best shot nor cals had in 18 years…

  • csparks, i too was quite surprised when safety was mentioned as a reason for cv leaving haal. i have said on here more than once that am not sure why their school admin allows their student sec to behave the way they do durung games. i do not exaggerate when i say they get way outta hand

  • KillerD

    The Castro Valley officials consider themsevles above or better than their soon-to-be in the rear view mirror HAAL counterparts.

    They want no part of Hayward, Tennyson, San Lorenzo, San Leandro, Bishop Odowd, Arroyo and Mt. Eden, or Sunset Field dimly light Friday night games on a cruddy field.

    The parents wanted out of HAAL for years to prop up their real estate values of CV, and the coaches have wanted out of that league for years.

    There was been a segregation of some sorts happening for 15 years or so in east bay athletics that I for one am totally against.

    I would like to see a good balance of inner-city schools mixed with lofty public and private schools for every single league.

    It’s good for everbody to look into your neighbors backyard and to have them glimpse yours too.

    I have been trumpeting this since a couple of years ago, but the HAAL, MDUSD, Richmond area leagues, OAL and others are suffering dearly because they are being ISOLATED by some of the powers that be. These leagues will only go DOWN in terms of quality if they do not get the fair treatment and attention these kids deserve.

    I have read several of the proposed NCS realigment documents for 2012, and am sad to say nary a one addresses these issues well enough.

  • KillerD

    By the way, for a Washington team that was very down this year, NICE win over Las Lomas last night.

    Solid showing

  • Scl alum

    Jack Cates, I was referring to another potential competitive football game on the North Coast next weekend. Why the arrogance? (btw, yes, if it does rain next weekend in Humboldt, it likely will rain in the bay too)

  • KillerD

    Watch out for Fortuna.

    Salesian lost to Mac (10-0) and St. Pats which has given up a lot of points this year, and the Salesian Chieftans are beatable.

    Fortuna is a hard, hard football team with a better defense than St. Pats.

    I am picking Fortuna to Upset Salesian in this one.

    Huskies will scarf down the Chieftans on the road.

  • KillerD

    Why pick Fortuna?

    They beat a very sound Ferndale team which barely lost to MacDaddy.

    The Fortuna playoff run will Not die in Richmond vs. Salesian

  • Love Excuses B$ the game

    No arrogance. Just fatigue about the complaints of travelling. There should be celebration for participation in the playoffs. Complaints of sloppy fields, and other bi.tching are peeves. Just suit up and play.

    BTW, did you see that Grant hung 62-0 on River City?

  • Scl alum

    Killer D,

    You like Fort Bragg winning tonight vs. Berean?

  • 617lemon

    kemp are you finally gonna pop your cherry and win a playoff game? Arroyo what happened? You guys got skinned come on jb this aint the oal playoffs you play real teams. Mack pitt lost now go play your league playoff calling it a section playoff is a joke. Ncs committe hows the dfal doing? 1-3. how about the haal? 0-4 donuts! Time for a coaching change at san leandro they stink cant compete against d1teams. So much for novato pulling off an upset rain couldnt save them. damn brackett i know you got to be tired of encinal blocking your punts!

  • Coach JB welcome to the REAL play-offs.

  • Coach K

    i watched heritage play logan and they definitely have a legit running attack. It was 7-6 at halftime n went down to the wire. Knew they were a good team and gonna have good chance to avenge their loss to Pitt. Congrats on the big win!

  • Olinecoach

    Damn Lemon, don’t you ever have anything good to say?? All you did was rip on 5 teams, 3 leagues, 2 coaches and the NCS committee. You are bitter! What have you done that was so great? Or better yet, have you ever stepped onto the gridiron and played or coached at all? I didn’t think so, so zip it.

    Congrats to all the teams who won last night. looking forward to some good games tonight.

  • 617lemon

    Olinecoach dont act like you ever won a playoff game your a hornet. Is kemps offense gonna score? He’s got the best qb in the accal right? He was 1st team all league how you not gonna score with him. Pinole better not run at all league lb elzig. Halverson your a nerd always have been always will be. Who coaching rb’s tonite cause we all know island04-7 coaches jv only.

  • KillerD

    Sat Playoff Picks by KillerD:

    Freedom at Granda: GeorgeIII runs wild for the W as the Matadors win to regain momentum.

    Deer Valley at SRV: Kan Klien Kome up with Killer Throws to Krush the DV foes on the Kountdown to another showdown next week in Round 2? No, Deer Valley gets the win tonight on the road.

    Berkeley at Logan: Two teams that should be much better than what they are. Logan wins at home as the Yellowjackets take the bus ride home tonight after having their Stingers plucked.

    Dougherty Valley at Mario Carrillo: DV really improved this year (as I said they would be a playoff team) and they will be even better next year. But can they get by MC up north? Hmmm, I think the DV team has one more win left and they will get it tonight.

    American at Casa Grande: Pleeeeeeeeazzze! CG by 50

    Clayton Valley at Windsor: Windsor is as Windsor does and tonight Windsor be doing some good things. Windsor wins in da wain tonight.

    Alameda at Pinole: Spartans trounce Alameda tonight, Pinole by 30 points in a tune up game to try out some new looks on offense and shore up special teams.

    Del Norte at Marin Catholic: The POPE will be in attendance today in Kentfield, after being urged to learn all about American Football. MC will not be undone at home and will make fodder of Del Norte by 28 points.

    Petaluma at Eureka: Loggers by 28 points.

    San Marin at Alhambra: Bulldogs up and down but tonight they are full of bite and win.

    YV at BOD: I called this last night. BOD 28-27 win.

    Berean Christian at Fort Bragg: Last years Champ is damn good again sitting at 9-1. Fort Bragg will have every reason to BRAG tonight after pummeling the Eagles by 21 points.

    Kelseyville at El Molino: El Molino will be En Fuego es muy caliente tonight. Molino wins by 14.

    St. Mary’s at Ferndale: Long bus ride is ok but Ferndale at home is tough. However, last year Justin Siena went and pushed around Ferndale. But, look for St. Mary’s to battle valiantly, but turnovers the difference in this one, Ferndale by 14.

    CSD Fremont at St. Bernards: The wonderful story of CSD continues its drama today. Look for the Fremont team to WIN up north today and go to 7-4 overall.

    Calistoga at St. Vincent: Mud baths, great appetizers and fantastic wine accompany the Stoga faithful when they travel to watch the Geysers play. But today St. Vincent has big plans for the win and down goes Stoga.

  • ManDown

    Play Maker, like I said Arroyo doesn’t have a chance!

  • Olinecoach

    Nerd huh. Never been called that. You will have to wait and see what happens tonight. Why don’t you take a moment and introduce yourself tonight. I would love to know who is so sour, then we will understand why you are so bitter for Alameda.

  • buzz kill

    Hornets will upset pinole valley and we will win our section.. we have a new type of energy and pinole know they dont want no part of us.! hornets 25- pinole 6..

  • jack, all the man is saying is that a good sound field makes for a better even ball game. no body likes to play in a dump. probaly to end the arguement about 6 hr. bus rides, the far north coast teams should play in the north league which is alot closer for them also and more natural rivalries.

  • someone told me that the mac warriors were boarding a bambulence bus as we speak to visit jacks northern favorites. what you going to do when mac comes and gets you? clear out the town and turn off the lights, maybe you wont see what hits ya. im fresh out of bubblegum.

  • renegades10

    buzz kill…so much for that idea. what happened to hornet fan?

  • kim

    anyone know anything about the Fortuna-Salesia game yet? my son is down there playing