The Pigskin Geek: Playoffs baby!

This week, Jimmy does something even the Geek wouldn’t do. The duo also looks at the big matchups in week one of the playoffs.

Ben Enos

  • Scl alum

    Any score predictions on Encinal-Novato tonight?

  • ManDown

    The rain will effect Encinal tonight as it did last year against Marin. Things will be interesting because Encinal does not play well under these weather conditions. With rain I give the edge to novato by four and without rain Encinal by two scores

  • Love Excuses B$ the game

    Both teams play on the same field. Show up!

  • DVAL Watcher

    Heeee’sss Back! Northgate’s Cameron Stover to play tonight at DVC against Hayward. Not good news for Hayward.

  • BSAL

    No final stats for the everybody else but St Pats league?

  • Play Maker

    Anyone else think the biggest possible upset in NCS would be Arroyo beating Rancho?

  • Scl alum

    Anything’s possible. Rancho is a great team, though Arroyo is undeniably on a roll right now. Should be a good game whoever wins..

  • KillerD

    there is no chance that Arroyo will beat Rancho Cotate.

    RC is way too good

  • KillerD

    Encinal by 21 points over a diluted and nowhere near up to par team that Coach Brackett usually has

    Jets getting ready for Eureka

  • HS Football Fan

    My “best bets” for higher seeds beating lower seeds in the first round:

    D-I Logan (10) over Berkeley (7)
    D-II Las Lomas (10) over Washington (7)
    D-III Petaluma (12) over Eureka (5)
    D-IV Valley Christian (11) over Fortuna (6)

  • JiveTurkey

    The Division III playoffs are, in my opinion, tainted: too many 5-5 teams, a 4-6 team, Miramonte getting a higher seed over Encinal, Bishop O’Dowd not getting seeded higher and Moreau being cheated of a rightful spot in the post-season. The Selection Committee should be absolutely ashamed of themselves for allowing this to happen. I guess according to them, the only “good” football played in the Bay Area is east of the tunnel (LaMo Area) and Marin County north.

  • Nfl

    Tired of hearing moreau got robbed. I dont know if they did or not but if they want to change it drop those weak frisco teams and play any team from mcal or dfal you win those games you’ll get in til then shut up.

  • CHALKtalk

    Arroyo has organized chaos
    you never know what there doing how there doing it or how its getting done but it gets done

  • KillerD

    Fortuna will take care of Valley Christian.

    Eureka will dispose of Petaluma too

  • Trojan

    I’d be shocked if Rancho loses tonight (I will be in attendance if it’s not raining – which it has just started). Rancho is a very, very good team.

  • Triton8

    I’m extremely scared of Novato!!!! Not a good draw in the first round….hopefully speed will prevail,,

  • HS Football Fan

    KillerD, I think you’re right, but I don’t see any other D-III or D-IV upsets that look more likely (other than copping out on a 9 vs. 8 match-up…

  • BVAL Expert

    If moreau gets screwed.. they will work their way to the top and show that it was a mistake.. dont worry

  • HS Football Fan

    I’m kind of with JiveTurkey on this one. A bunch of schools in the East Bay have a beef. Encinal, two time NCS D-III finalist, falls to a 4 seed behind a 3 loss Cardinal Newman team that didn’t even win their league? Bishop O’Dowd plays a schedule of 10 games against schools above Division III, goes 9-1 and ends up a 7 seed? The third place team from the ACCAL (El Cerrito) and the fourth place team from the BSAL (Moreau) get left out of the playoffs for the last place team from the DFAL (Campolindo)? Since the NCS now has closed meetings and doesn’t have to explain their process to anybody, where are the kids from these teams supposed to turn? Without allowing anybody to see or hear the rationale and if it’s all done behind closed doors, it opens the possibility there’s something dirty going on. I’m not saying the NCS is corrupt, but it sure looks like they had an agenda with respect to some regions and leagues (BSAL, ACCAL, HAAL). It looks like they’ve given too much respect to the Redwood Empire leagues. Frankly, it was better when they were run separately.

  • KillerD

    Well constructed agrument HS Football Fan……………very hard to disagree with you and I frankly do concur.

    I would steer away from a Corrupt NCS, but I would fully support a Biased sticker label for them

  • Trojan

    Cardinal Newman played one of the more difficult preseason schedules in Northern California. Sure, they lost 2 out of 3, but they were loses to 2 top 100 teams in all of California (Valley Christian and Palma). That’s not meant as a slight to Encinal, but I think you need to look at Cardinal Newman’s overall record in the proper context.

  • KillerD

    The NCS playoff selection trio was to have scouted and seen all of the top potential playoff teams at least once this year.

    Well, I saw Cardinal Newman live and I will say it again, they are a good football team. BUT, they are STIFF and Unathletic, stiff and UNathletic.

    They cannot compare to Encinal’s speed and athletes

  • HS Football Fan

    CN’s “difficult preseason” amounted to two 24+ point smackdowns and an overtime win over a team that finished the regular season 6-4. While they deserved a playoff bid for that, if they wanted to petition up into Division III, they should have scheduled a game against another Division III playoff contender. They shouldn’t have been rewarded with the #2 seed for showing they knew how to take a beating. Encinal, O’Dowd and Miramonte all deserved to be seeded ahead of CN. Fortunately they will have to travel as a 2 seed to #7 O’Dowd in the second round.

  • footballfan

    Novato will suprise everyone…..Encinal goes down by 3!!!

  • KillerD

    Again, it will be thus:

    D1. Cal High

    D2. Case Grande

    D3. Encinal

    D4. Healdsburg

    D5. CSD Fremont

    It has been spoken

  • No Huddle

    It’s Ground and Pound tonight! Teams that Run the Best will win tonight. I expect some upsets on the Real Grass(Mud)fields.

  • ArmstrongJets

    Encinal love playing in the mud which is their field – hope Novato is ready for the swamp.

    Rain – I recall Encinal playing in the rain when they last beat Novato for the NCS Championship.

    Weak argument for a upset.

    Go Jets

  • eastbay football

    killer d

    how does casa beat concord?

  • GoMats

    How about Novato surprising everyone? Not! As far as the playoff seeding go its determined simply by calpreps power rankings and head to head competition. I agree back in the good old days of seeding meetings at Los Lomas it would be no way a 6-3-1 Moreau would be left out or a 9-1 BOD would be given the 7th seed. With that being said there is some rational for how 5-5 El Cerrito and Hercules were left out and 4-6 Del Norte got in. Hercules lost to El Cerrito, which lost to Campo thus nullifying both of their 5-5 records. The only other teams that made it with 5-5 records were Acalanes which beat campo and Analy which all of their loses came by way of playoff teams. Finally Del Norte got in simply because they beat Eureka once. Oh yeah, Mats all the way.

  • perry

    go mats!!!

  • whocares

    armstrong-i dont no what game you went to but the ncs champ game in dublin against novato there was a chance of rain but it dint rain a drop i was there freezing but no rain lol you must be a band wagon groupy

  • Tennyson Alum

    That’s right Jimmy!!! Represent!!!T-High!!!!

  • GoMats

    Who going to win Friday nite BOD or Cardinal? This should be a great game!

  • Scl alum

    I predict O’Dowd to pull off a win over the Cardinals. Pick them by a touchdown.

  • ArmstrongJets

    Whocares. You are right. Freezing no rain. But, I was there and I was there against MC last year- definitely raining and I will be there this year.

    You are also right I’m on the bandwagon and been on it for a while and enjoying the ride.

    Go Jets!

  • ArmstrongJets

    No problem admitting my mistakes…where are all the pundits that picked Novato over the Jets.


    Jets keep proving them wrong!

  • KillerD

    On a dryer field, the advantage definitely swings back to the Jets over Eureka.

    I am still keeping my pick of Eureka even though I have been happily on the Jets bandwagon for two years.

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving

  • ArmstrongJets what are you talking about I do not believe anyone on the blogg picked Novato over Encinal. I saw a few say that they were worried that the game would be tighter than they liked and those were Jets fans !!!!

    I can say after watching Novato hold the Jets to -9 yards in the first quarter you could tell this years Jet team is not as good as the previous two seasons period.

    Eureka is not a young 5-5 Novato team that goes 3 and out every series they will have sustained drives eat alot of clock. The Jet offence will not have the short fields and the tired defence they had against Novato.

  • mytwocents

    Eureka allowed 4-7 Del Norte score 49pts. on them in 1 of the 2 games that they split 1 a piece, Encinal will score alot and often.There is no such thing as field position with this Jet Squad let it be on our 10 yard line or theirs it does not matter.
    The problem teams have is STOPPING us.Don’t let that rain soaked game fool you because we would have beat them 40-0 if it were dry.

  • ArmstrongJets

    Reading is fundamental

    Read #2 and #24

    BleacherCoach – I would not care if they won by 1 as long as they won

    And they did….again

  • ArmstrongJets

    If you attended the game you would know that the Jets had one offensive play and 14-0 lead. I’ll take -9 and 14 points anyday. Is that the stat you want to use against the Jets.

  • mytwocents

    FYI… was one Encinal field today and if the game were tonite the footing would be good.

  • Triton8

    If the ground is hard….Jets win by 2 TDs. These Jets always start slow….then explode for points in bunches. Once the tide turns it turns into a tidal wave on the opponent. Last year had Duckett and Washington(for a while)….this year doesn’t have stars…just a bunch of really good players. Any one of 5 RBs can go the distance…you can see that in their team average of 10+ yds per carry. Ve’e might be a better thrower than the past couple years. Not a better player, but a better thrower…which means they can catch up quick or throw when teams load the line of scrimmage. Eureka may be big, buts its hard to imagine they are use getting pounded by Morrow and friends. The crazy thing is…..the OL only has to get in the way for a split second, because everything is done so quick that if the opponent blinks, the RB is in the defensive backfield? This is the speed that Eureka hasn’t seen. Castlemont is not Encinal. PV may have had similar speed, but the mud probably nulified it last year.

    With all these factors considered, I am still worried about Friday. Eureka obviously knows how to win, an expects to win every time out…..they are dangerous…..

  • Triton8

    anyone want to see why Eureka won NCS last year…go to YouTube and check out Vanuku bemch press 295 lbs. an incredible 17 times! Good Lord, that’s unbelievable! He was a true man among boys, I guess? Is he redshirting this year, does anyone know?

  • BleacherCoach….you finally gonna support us my brother?

  • Nfl

    Bleachercoach encinal had minus 9 cause they ran 1 play a fumbled snap. You try an make it sound like it wasnt. Novato went 3 n out got the punt blocked again encinal scored. Jets kicked off made novato go 3 out muffed there punt novato ball they turned the ball over on downs. Encinal fumbled snap on there 9 yardline novato scored 3 plays later.novato kickoff encinal dipped n scored. Kickoff to novato another punt end of quater. So dont come on here talkin bs. Tell it like it is novato has never beaten the jets. Brackett needs to fix he’s punt team obviously encinal has found a weakness on there protection.

  • mytwocents

    Triton Im with you…Jets need to come out and play hard early.Eureka is a good team and we wont get away with giving the ball up or penalty after penalty against this team.But we are very very explosive and after Friday teams will no longer question our pedigree.

    The field will be fast and the weather calls for freezing temps.People have put alot of focus on our offense but we have a pretty good “D” and again speed kills.Logger blockers will be suprised how fast Jet pursuit is and find it very difficult to block
    a moving target.Jets have small inside backers 160-170lbs but very quick.Small D
    line also and again….very quick.

    Do we have to talk about special teams ? I hear they have good kickers….annnd ?
    we have great returners…..think that neutralizes that.

    Jets win

    Happy Thanksgiving