East Bay Boys Soccer Notes: Rankings

The first rankings are up.

I just want to say, first of all, don’t stress too much over the original rankings. They will change and fix themselves as the season goes. I am just doing my best based on early season information. With that said….
Had to go De La Salle No. 1, until somebody beats them. Enough said.
I feel like Clayton Valley and Mission San Jose are establishing themselves as teams to watch out for. I think Campolindo is as well.
And I am hearing to watch out for Concord, so they might be a surprise to some to see them just outside the top 15.

1. De La Salle
2. San Ramon Valley
3. California
4. Bishop O’Dowd
5. Amador Valley
6. Berkeley
7. Clayton Valley
8. Mission San Jose
9. Acalanes
10. Granada
11. Albany
12. Dublin
13. Campolindo
14. Richmond
15. Antioch

Others considered: Deer Valley, Las Lomas, Dougherty Valley, Concord, Logan, Monte Vista, Alhambra, Pinole Valley, Livermore, Piedmont.

Matt Smith