Final BSAL stats

Alright BSAL fans, at long last here are the final stats. I tracked down what we have from our guy in charge of them. I don’t have the team stats, but at least here are the individuals. If we get the team stuff updated, I’ll try to post those as well. Thanks for your patience.

UPDATE: Team stats are now posted as well.

Rushing (by yards)

Player G Rush Yards Avg. TD
Kyle Labroi, John Swett 9 167 1,061 6.3 11
Chance Moses, St. Mary’s 9 142 1,029 7.2 13
Jonathan Allen, Encinal 9 83 954 11.5 14
Brendan Nugent, Moreau Catholic 10 128 908 7.1 11
Isaiah McClain, Kennedy 9 135 861 6.4 14

Passing (by yards)

Player G Comp Att Pct. Yards INT TD
Adam Robinson, Moreau Catholic 10 87 195 44.6 1,590 8 17
Eric Huppert, Piedmont 9 90 189 47.6 1,070 13 6
Andrew Ve’e, Encinal 7 55 97 56.7 959 2 8
Francisco Torres, St. Mary’s 6 60 118 50.8 924 5 8
Robert Crowley, Albany 9 68 176 38.6 921 9 6

Receiving (by receptions)

Player G Rec Yards Avg. TD
Chris Carnegie, St. Mary’s 9 34 566 16.6 6
Zane Meyers, Piedmont 10 31 473 15.3 2
Max Elliott, Piedmont 9 28 427 15.2 1
Ben Roberson, Albany 7 27 447 16.6 2
Brannon Pantoja, Moreau Catholic 8 22 441 20.0 2


Player G TD FG 2PT PAT Tot
Jon Trodder, Encinal 9 11 0 1 37 105
Jonathan Allen, Encinal 9 17 0 1 0 104
Isaiah McClain, Kennedy 8 14 0 10 0 104
Kyle Labroi, John Swett 9 14 0 0 12 96
Chance Moses, St. Mary’s 10 15 0 3 0 96

Total offense

Team G Rush Pass Total Avg.
Encinal 9 3,226 1,024 4,250 472.2
Moreau Catholic 10 1,747 1,638 3,385 338.5
St. Mary’s 10 1,522 1,510 3,032 303.2
John Swett 9* 2,093 430 2,523 280.3
Piedmont 10 1,093 1,654 2,747 274.7
Kennedy 10 2,221 409 2,630 263.0
Albany 9 852 921 1,773 197.0

Total defense

Team G Rush Pass Total Avg.
Encinal 9 999 1,041 2,040 226.7
Moreau Catholic 10 1,311 1,608 2,919 291.9
Albany 9 2,173 832 3,005 333.9
Kennedy 10 2,012 1,366 3,378 337.8
Piedmont 10 2,490 930 3,420 342.0
St. Mary’s 10 2,373 1,187 3,560 356.0
John Swett 9* 2,856 799 3,655 406.1

*Missing John Swett’s stats against St. Patrick-St. Vincent

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • BSAL fan

    Once again,its a shame that SPSV gets left off.They have the top statistics in every single category you have listed.

  • The Fan

    @BSAL Fan

    im pretty sure its been clarified many times as to why st. pats arent up here. they may have the top stats but we all know who the league champs are. stop complaining and your probably one of those st. pats fans who have been whining about the jets being in the league also. that is the true shame! Keep up the good work Jimmy Durkin and Co.

  • DAD

    Jimmy Durkin needs to write more about defenses. All he talks about in his articles are TDs , which is good but defenses wins games he fails to relize. It’s real bias when you write like that. This is a 11 man game on each side of the ball Durkin.

  • thedude

    when are you guy’s gonna annouce all leauge for accal and mvp?

  • Whenever the ACCAL sends us the all-league stuff, we’ll run it. We haven’t received it yet.

  • @DAD,
    That’s a first to hear I’m biased against defenses. I like that one. Honestly, we don’t have space to write a whole lot about each game and we have to stick to the nuts and bolts, which typically is who won and how did they score? Berkeley’s defense did play great against Logan (most of my post-game interview with Coach Sims centered around the defense’s performance) and I wish I could’ve found a way to write more about it. But with limited space and a tight deadline, there’s not much I can do but briefly recap the game.

  • sideliner

    The “Encinal” Fan

    BSAL fan is right.SPSV should have their stats in!The rational that their not covered as a East Bay team is absurd.This is their league.This year is where 100% of their games were played in 2010.
    As far as playing Encinal nobody cares that have had a good 3 year run and certainly St Patricks has no reason to whine.
    It may be the school doesnt submit the stats but I have seen them posted from time to time.

  • The Fan

    Sideliner (the only part of the field you have ever seen)

    you must not have been very vigilant to the what goes on around the league. the past 3 years that the jets and bruins played, not so much this year but in the past, st. pats fans have complained that encinal shouldn’t be in the league due to their enrollment (ridiculous) and calling the players “thugs”. just shedding a little light. But hopefully in the future we can get a whole league stat compilation…

  • Red Raider

    I have to side with BSAL fan. Since the BSAL All League just came out and Souza and Patrick were 1st team QB an RB, it would be nice to compare their stats with the other league leaders. Also, why no team stats for offense and defense?

  • The team stats haven’t been updated yet by the person who handles the BSAL stats. That’s why they aren’t posted. I’m going to try to update them myself and get them up, just haven’t gotten it done yet. But they will get posted, I can say that for sure.

    As for the SPSV stats, I can only say it’s not my decision. I’ll see if I can round them up and post them, but it’s going to take some time that I’m not sure I have.

  • ArmstrongJets


    Just a question: Who (No names needed) is this guy that does BSAL Stats. Is he on the staff, because that seem to be the running explanation for the lack of BSAL stats for the past few weeks. I don’t seem to see this with the other leagues. I see their stats on Monday or Tuesday after the weekend.

    I hope this is his last year doing BSAL Stats. Just about accountability nothing personal.

  • Prep Fan

    Just be glad the stats are posted at all. Jimmy and the staff do a great job reporting on what they have time to do, and I know they put in a lot more time than they get paid for. I for one appreciate their efforts. Keep up the good work Prep Corner!

  • i dont see alot of st. pats people whining about encinal. however in 2006 when st pats whipped encinal i sure saw alot of encinal players and coaches whining about st pats. get over it. st pats has been in the bsal since its start, they dont have to whine.

  • nfl

    bigdog blanton don’t won’t no part of encinal. 1-4 is his record vs. the jets.

  • BSAL

    Just give credit where credit is due!
    Go Encinal, Go Bruins!
    Go BSAL!

  • KillerD

    Ferndale 43 vs. St. Patricks 17