Past Silver Bowl champions

Here’s a rundown of all the scores of the past Silver Bowls, along with a recap of how many titles and appearances each school has.

1980: Oakland 13, Skyline 8
1981: Skyline 33, Oakland 14
1982: Oakland 18, Skyline 15
1983: Oakland 6, Skyline 2
1984: Skyline 34, Oakland 0
1985: Skyline 13, Oakland 12
1986: Skyline 30, Oakland 15
1987: McClymonds 32, Oakland 7
1988: Skyline 34, Oakland 6
*1989: Skyline 19, Oakland 0
1990: Skyline 35, McClymonds 12
1991: Skyline 20, McClymonds 0
1992: Oakland 24, Skyline 20
1993: Oakland 27, Skyline 14
1994: Skyline 14, Oakland 6
1995: Skyline 7, Fremont 2
1996: Skyline 21, McClymonds 0
1997: Skyline 41, Oakland Tech 6
1998: no winner, game ppd. due to fighting
1999: Skyline 18, Fremont 14
2000: Skyline 27, Fremont 18
2001: McClymonds 46, Skyline 29
2002: Skyline 47, McClymonds 0
2003: Oakland Tech 55, Skyline 47
2004: Skyline 14, McClymonds 13
2005: McClymonds 49, Oakland Tech 7
2006: McClymonds 22, Skyline 8
2007: McClymonds 8, Castlemont 7
2008: Castlemont 13, Fremont 0
2009: Fremont 18, Oakland Tech 6
* The OAL adopted a four-team playoff in 1989.

Skyline: 16
Oakland: 5
McClymonds: 5
Oakland Tech: 1
Castlemont: 1
Fremont: 1

Appearances (not including 1998):
Skyline: 23
Oakland: 13
McClymonds: 11
Fremont: 6
Oakland Tech: 4
Castlemont: 2

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • Michael

    do you know what the all time record is for touchdown in a season is for player and school in the OAL?

  • I wish I knew, but unfortunately I don’t have that info handy.

  • edward

    will mack have a chance to advance to the ncs???????? also does oakland high have a coach yet???? they will never reach there potintial if they keep fireing coaches after evrey two yrs…………..smh

  • I’m assuming you mean advance to the state title game? They can’t advance to the NCS, that’s just a different section. Unless your talking about the OAL joining NCS. Anyways, assuming you mean advance to state, their hopes all rest on Grant (or whoever wins the SJS) earning the Open Division berth ahead of De La Salle. If DLS gets the Open bid, the SJS Div. II champion is a near lock for the state Div. II berth ahead of Mack. If DLS gets Div. I and Grant were to get the open, Mack would have a shot — probably still an outside shot — to advance to the state bowl game.

  • Triton8

    The 1984 team was one of the best ever in the Bay Area, Brian Johnson and Ray Sanders were standouts I remember….the 1992 or 1993 teams were also loaded also…Blackwell, Bullard, Rahman, Fischer, Ellis, Shabazz…..many more….Fardella and Beam had factories in the 80s and 90s. I met the who’s who of college football coaches back then at lunch time in the coaches offices…met Bill Walsh there! Beam was 4 or 5 deep with DI running backs!

  • Billjohnson

    so wats changed n da oal y arent the teams competitive outside the league? Coaching? Players not as committed? Wat was the oal best team all-time? Could they beat dela wen dey had dj williams?

  • Triton8

    The ’84 Skyline team had to be the best team in the last 20 years….and they did beat DLS that year. Beam scheduled anyone that would play him…and usually on the road, becasue other teams were afraid to come into Oakland. Nobody…I repeat, nobody….had as many DI players as Skyline did in that 10-12 year span. Kids were coming from all over just to play for Fardella and Beam! Just like they do at DLS for Lad…..winning brings talent!

  • CHALKtalk

    MO Smith
    Mike ross
    eric Albert
    The *85 team beat DLS ray sanders block a field goal with seconds left to win the game in the rain 13 -12

  • Triton8

    whooops…..that probably was ’85, huh. Sorry. I’m sure ’84 wasn’t a slouch either…but I meant ’85.

  • The Syline teams could not touch DeLa during the streak years- saw them loose 40-00 and 28-00. They had Div 1 players on those squads also. Both games at Owen-Owens.

  • Titan5

    Best Skyline team has to be the 2002 champs. 3 players on that team are playing professional football. Davone bess, frank summers, yonus davis. I can name about 15 players tht played in that silver bowl that signed to division 1 schools after their senior season including myself. Had dela on their knees after the pre season scrimmage