Prep football playoffs live chat here on Wednesday, 4 p.m.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • ManDown

    Jimmy D, any word on where each division will be playing there championship games?

  • c.sparks

    lmaooooooooooooooo ahahahhaha every one look at post #233 ahahahahahhahaahhahahahahahha! bleacher coach is a joke………… YOUR A MARIN FAN… but your a novatio die hard.. thats like being a monte vista fan and a San ramon valley wolfes fan.. either you like one or thats it… how u gone hope on every teams sack.. and lie and say your an encinal fan.. SO fake and lame…

  • Those decisions won’t come until we know the matchups. D-1 is already at the Coliseum and I’d think whichever game between D-2 and D-3 has more East Bay teams would get the other Coliseum game. If D-2 is Concord-Pinole, that would stand a good chance. Likewise if D-3 is Encinal-Miramonte. If all four of those teams made the finals, I could see one getting the Coliseum and the other being at Dublin. Since the NCS usually puts the game closer to the higher seed, you can look at sights like Santa Rosa as possibilities if teams like Newman, Marin Catholic and Cotate are in. We’ll just have to wait and see. The decisions won’t be made until after Saturday’s games.

  • ManDown

    Thanks Jimmy D! Keep up the good work!

  • 617lemon

    island02 i dont care what talent is coming back it won’t matter if rocklin is head coach n kemp the o.c. we know what u think about the fly sweep. all peni says is he shoulda went to encinal.you n i know were cunningham jr shoulda went.i’m just glad your finally telling it like it is.alameda also watered the field in ’08 vs. the jets.heat wave all week that year but thompson was real soggy.if you really cared about those kids on jv you would tell them to get out of there cuz they aint gonna get no scholarship or win a postseason game.

  • 617lemon

    island02 they go to 1 high school who gets the gig? herman munster or tenorio?

  • thedude

    wait a minute mandown…. I do believe Mr. Hill is more than capable of carrying the load for pv. So i don’t know if they want to hand off 20-25 time a game to Lewis. Hell does he even get the ball many that times?

  • Island Chief


    You are a joke as a parent and as a coach. You are a perfect example of why parents shouldn’t be allowed to coach high school ball. Your actions are typical of something that happens in little league or pop warner.

    First of all, you get on here and publicly announce that 2 games into the season your son has decided to quit football & concentrate on his grades, he is then labeled a quitter by many, damaging his reputation.

    You knew that your son was ineligible going into the season and at the point where he decided to “concentrate on his grades”. Putting him through unnecessary b.s. brought on by you. The bull crap reasons you posted up here were laughable. Corruption had to have made him eligible.

    Then your son has to get on here to clear his name, because of his father’s “pre-mature” retirement speech. You do damage control and backtrack and then lie about your interpretations of the matter.

    As far as coaching goes,
    You serve on the AHS staff, then get fire/released/quit whatever and decide to throw Rochlin under the bus. Saying he didn’t prepare the Alameda team for their game against Pinole Valley. Pinole Valley would have beat Alameda every day of the week. Any unbiased person knows that. Alameda was a terrible team. They didn’t belong in the playoffs.

    I am not a fan of Rochlin, but for some ex-coach to get on this blog after he gets fired/released/quit and bad mouth the head coach says everything we need to know. You were part of the problem. You get on here and talk up the Hornets all during the pre-season & then turn on the program after the season doesn’t go as planned. Injuries,no talent & some buffoon blogging coach were what wrecked this Alameda team.

    P.S. – Good luck to your son, I hope he heals and does well in the future. I also hope that he doesn’t have his dad opening his mouth and embarassing him anymore.

  • shabawler


    With RC scouting PV on Saturday, how many points are you giving Pinole, if Rancho Cotate is favored to win?

    Keep thinking that PV only has one RB and that the deep ball is it..that’s all.


  • c.sparks the only joke on this blogg is you and the only football you know is from the video games you play on your Atari.

    I played for the Jets durning there strongest era when we had the ranked teams for longer than your current steak and we NEVER LOST TO ALAMEDA . However my kids attended Novato I have followed and supported that program for 12 years.

    It is a win win for me either way.

    Unlike you I am not so biased that I cannot form an objective opinion about another team.

  • Island squaw , you’re the joke. I didn’t get fired I chose not to go back and coach for my own reasons. You know nothing about me or my son or our family. I’ve been raising him since he was 4 and u call me a bad parent? I laugh at you and everything you stand for.

  • monarch86

    Just saw the All EBAL Team on SR Patch, looks like Cal players took 7 1st Team Spots, Garwood and Taft 1st Team both sides of the ball.

  • Triton8

    Uh….I think we are going a little overboard on this stuff? This is a blogg meant for shooting the shit about high school football. I don’t think it was intended to attack HIGH SCHOOL coaches or players. It especially wasn’t meant to attack someone’s parenting skills? Why don’t we all step back and use this board for what it is for?

    By the way…..Encinal is not closing and there is no need to pick only 1 coach for next year on the island! Don’t you guys read anything other than this blog? None of the current proposals involve closing Encinal HS! I think everyone is getting all caught up in the hype…..

  • KillerD

    IslandChief and Island02…………I have no interest in your open-blog war of words, but might I say if this were a boxing match or MMA event, in my humble opinion it would be IslandChief with a decisive knockout stone cold of Island02.

    I don’t know either of you but am fully disclosed on the previous postings by Island02 regarding his son’s playing status for the Hornets.

    I also have no interest in the value of Island02’s parenting, as that is none of my business.

    But, as Michael Buffer might say while presiding in an imaginary ring or octagon over the Blogwaves………….

    “Are you Ready to Ruuuuuuummmmbbbbbbbbbbbllllllle!?”

    Because you two have some history it’s interesting to read IslandChief’s facts and takes on the situation.

    Island02, it is hard to fathom why you posted a LOT of stuff about your son and his situation for the world to see??????

    Some situations are better left buried and in time return anew to life, than resurrected like an unwanted zombie.


  • KillerD

    By the way, is ANYBODY going to watch 49ers at Cardinals tonight?

    Or, will most of us be watching ESPN reruns of this past weekends collegiate games?

  • outsider

    I am surprised that Lucas Dunne was not mentioned at all and Drew Reil was not first or second team.

  • outsider

    Sorry he got MVP. Well deserved.

  • monarch86

    Reil had a mountain to climb with the pre-season hype arounf the other 3 QB’s of note

  • footballfan415

    Out of curiousity b/c im too lazy to check, who is the best team Miramonte has beat this year? i know they lost to Las Lomas, but that cant be the best team they faced this year? Alhambra?

  • Scl alum

    I would say Alhambra is the overall best team Miramonte has beat..

  • BleacherCoach I’ve probably seen Novato play 5 times over the years Miramonte 06 Colisiem, State 07, Encinal 08/10, & Marin Catholic 09. He ran the best Fly package I thought in the Bay. Everything was Wing-T based then he’d have a lil I, then it grew to some crazy 5 wide stuff also. These are the plays that I’m sure he won all his championships with the best looking team being the 06 team. Why did this guy BRackett change what was a NCS muti-championship offense? Or did somebody leave that ran all his plays? Cuz at the Encinal 10 game it looks like all that stuff is gone.

  • Island Chief

    Mr. Cunningham,

    I do not believe that you are a bad parent every day. I just believe that you make poor decisions about parenting when you get on here and run your mouth.

    Let’s see, what lesson did you teach your son by your actions?

    LESSON #1:
    If you JOIN A TEAM & QUIT,you should immediately go online & BAD MOUTH THE BOSS on a PUBLIC BLOG.

    Good Lesson, I’m sure the Oakland Dynamites can’t wait for you to comeback, now that you have “high school” experience.

  • novato

    #271 Here is the problem with Novato. Although some issues are coaches or lack there of, most has to do with players coming in and thinking they will win games just because they play for Novato. Not willing to work in the off season is not going to win games. Not showing up to practice but still getting to play will piss off other players, including coaches. Lack of respect for the game/team and entitlement issues is what broke apart the team. When the coaching staff turns their backs and have blinders on it only gets worse and spreads like the plague. I don’t blame bracket since he could only work with what he had but the rest of his staff needs to figure out how to get back to the basics. If the players weren’t in the weight room on Monday after the Encinal game, don’t expect anything to change next year either.

  • c.sparks

    dude, can everynone back up and give island002 his Freaking space. i am a Encinal fan, and some of you guys take this way to far. From what i hear Micheal cunningham i an outstanding and huble young man… * i bet he gets it from his dad..so lets not even GO there! number two.. this man is entilted to his opinion… and i would agree.. becuase he seen everything firsthand… lets not be like litte F***** kids…. *Island cheif* you just mad becuase you not gone with with that culture at AHs.. kemp great coach.. and i think he needs to be a head coach….rocklin needs to go….. the talent is there…

  • c.sparks

    ** what i here micheal cunningham is an outstanding and humble man

  • Spartan83

    Man down, I believe you forgot to mention that Pinole’s got a pretty decent defense too! A lot of speed that Rancho’s offense will have to deal with. And as far as Lewis carrying the ball 20-25 times … That’s not the case at all. In fact they’ve had games where he’s carried the ball under 5 times (like the De Anza game). Now if only they had a deeper passing game … Their wide receiver coach sucks and needs to be replaced (this guy is blinded by size and doesn’t know how to use his other skilled players) Coach Krash … You could learn a thing or two if you had a passing game modeled after the Washington Huskies attack. Their speedy smaller receivers did better than your tall receivers. Speed kills … Look at what LJ does if you don’t believe me.

  • c.sparks

    spartan quit your dam complaining and try to throw the coach under the bus… LOOK at there record.. steve alameda is not a dumb coach… and theres a reason why he put that man at wr coach

  • Novato, good insight. I really have a lot of respect for this guy & his program I just don’t know how everything fell out all of the sudden this year. The talent seems to be there but I noticed last year with that scatback who was their main guy that the weightroom isn’t really there like it was in 06-08. Same with this years team skinny don’t look like they lift. That samoan kid lots of talen but he gasses real quick. I see him doing crunches & faking an injury instead of running gassers. Don’t know if he’s gotten any better since last year(or 08).

  • bequiet

    Yee, be quiet.

  • KillerD

    It is keen to note many dropoffs of good football programs with established excellent coaches in place all stem from an overwhelming lack of players not willing to work hard in the weight room results in them getting crushed on Friday nights.

    Unfortunately for Novato football from what I have been told and I am very close friends with a veteran and very well respected coach in the Marin area is thus:

    Brackett (whom I consider an A+ coach) has had a brutal time getting support from some administrators and parents regarding a severe lack of work ethic from most of the kids. Kids not willing to put in demanding work most of the off season but still understanding that they will be a starter for the most part because they happen to be the best guy at that position.

    Ugly behavior by some kids and I believe it leaks out from the parents attitudes.

    What should happen is a line needs to be drawn in the sand that says, “Lift and run year round or you are gone for good from this football program.”

    Or, is that the wrong approach for high school football?

    Touchy issue for sure when dealing with affluent families and their kids.

  • StompYoCouch

    Trick please, we all know PVHS got more than one WR. Play the Seniors!!!

  • 617lemon

    c.sparks kemp is the head coach. what is on the field is his vision thats his offense he has already said he runs kickoff coaches the q.b position. this is rochlin 1st year calling anything besides the timeouts. you see what kinda defense he had.

  • ThSpartan83

    Hey C.Sparks, I have looked at their record! And while 11-0-1 is great. This young team could have been even better with more depth if they rotated their players during the regular season. They had the potential to be the number 1 seed, undefeated and with more depth in the passing game. Believe me when I say I hope we win it all and that I’m proven wrong. But, if not … I bet it’s because we fall behind this week or next week and they won’t be able to make up the score by running the ball. And as far as why Krash is the wr coach … Who knows? All I know is some of the players on both sides of the ball think he’s a joke. In fact I know of at least one coach agrees with me.


  • ThSpartan83

    Bequiet??? This must be Coach Krash??? You better hope they win these next two weeks cause that’s the only way I’ll be quiet. And if this isn’t Krash… Come talk to me in person.

  • Island Chief

    Alameda High was a terrible team. Coach Rochlin or not. Cunningham is an idiot for bad mouthing a program he got fired from.

  • novato

    #280 Exactly!! The only thing that is incorrect is the “affluent” part. Novato’s demographics have changed considerably in the last 5 years. Affluent parents send their kids to MC or St Vincents. There are BIG ISSUES with the parents….flipping off Bracket as they drop off their kids shows the slide in parental support. When my boys played, the volunteer/supply list would fill up before the first game. I went to opening day and our announcer was asking fans to go to the store to get ice since no parents brought any….it was 95 degrees and 120 on the field. I am a single parent and I always made sure that i started saving in Dec for the fall football “donations” that are requested to run the program. I made sure that I had the money for the ice and oranges or red bulls when it was my turn. There is no excuse for parents who complain then walk away without lifting a finger….I’m rambling now, sorry. Just sad how far things have fallen and I’m worried that things won’t change.

  • novato

    One more thing….getting back to basics means getting back to basics. No more cross fit sh&t and start running the monster hills around town. Grades, Weights and Running, in that order. Year round. Eat 3 or 4 pbj’s, lots of eggs and milk, EVERYDAY. My boys did it and they both have NCS bling to prove it works!

  • KillerD

    Novatosays,,,,,,,,,,,,your insight is valuable for any football program to learn from or re-learn.

    May Overpushy, downright rude and disengenuous and lying parents have ruined high school and youth sports for those of us that love the game and the kids.

  • Triton8

    …..as much as I hate to say it, parents are always the problem! From youth football all the way up until College (Craig James?) The kids usually all understand what is right and wrong, but their parents just react and lash out. I am speaking about the Novato situation based on what I have read, not what I know firsthand. When parents bad mouth coaches at home, it kills whatever leadership capabilities that are possible at practice and games. If this is true, it is sad. My question would be how do all these parents throughout the community suddenly turn on a coach that is so respected and successful?

  • KillerD

    Triton, your question is sound and here is my answer regarding “How do all these parents throughout the community suddenly turn on a coach that is so respected and successful?”

    Parents get pissed when their kids are not playing, are not playing enough or playing the wrong position.

    Parents get upset when their kids are being misused in their opinion or when their kids are not touching the ball enough, not running with the ball enough, not throwing enough passes.

    Parents get pissed when their kids are not getting Division I football offers

    Parents get pissed when their kids are not earning first team all league honors

    Parents get pissed when their kid’s team is not winning enough games

    It all starts with the Parents obsessive focus on their kids. Winning is last

  • Triton8

    well put…..and I have experienced all bullet points above as a coach dealing with parents. The only thing I would add, would be….when parents get pissed because they have invested so much money in a personal pitching or hitting coach for little Johnny…and he still doesn’t play enough for them. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much you pay for a coach…the kid has to have something to work with. Investment$$$ in player doesn’t correlate with more playing time automatically. Parents don’t understand that…and as a parent, myself, I understand it is tough to realize.

  • Scl alum

    I’m just wondering, and not overly familiar with this year’s Novato team. Did they have some “key” players who returned as seniors this year, or has this been chiefly a rebuilding year for the Hornets?

  • mytwocents

    Marin vs Encinal…for all of you Wildcats fans I will say that your team is bigger, you have a huge line with good Quarterback,backs,receivers and a great Defense to go with it.Your roster (55 vs our 25) gives you tremendous depth and a constant flow of fresher players. You played a tougher schedule are undefeated and ranked in the
    top 25 in the State.Just about everyone is picking you to win DIII and to easily beat us.We play at your place during the day time and we come into the game averaging about 50 yards in penalties per.game.You shut us out in the DIII 2009 Championship
    27-0. Wow…..EVERYTHING IS STACKED AGAINST US….now all we have to do is show up and play the game.Lucky for us this is not College or Pro its High School and were all still learning to play the game, so far on paper you have played it better and accomplished much more.On Saturday we will find out which team will advance to the finals and I want you all to think about how many times in the history of SPORTS that you have seen the Underdog win a game……..



  • Prep Fan

    I thought I remember reading early in the season that Novato had about 7 sophomores starting for them this season. If that is the case, then it would definitely be considered a rebuilding year.

  • Old Former Meddling Coach.

    Well I guess i’ll put in “my two cents” 🙂 And say that My Jets have a Big Mountain to climb in a Outstanding Team facing us Saturday but i have Faith in Our Young Men and i believe we can do what quite a few believe we can’t do. That is because we believe in ourselves and I know if we give our all, We can do it all. Jet Pride!

  • mytwocents

    This is a true David vs Goliath story…Los Lomas played them tough they were up on them 8-7 at half but lost 20-8. Berkeley lost to them 28-20 and these are two teams that I think we are as goos as if not better.Tenario has played these guys twice so its not his first rodeo. I like our postion going into this game the pressure is on them to win so when we put them in an unfamiliar spot will have to see how they respond.I do not think they will stop us from scoring 3 or 4 touchdowns and just like every other team we have played they are going to feel the team speed.

    We have had good practices and all hands are on deck ready to go just one more last thought, what are the chances of a team like Marin Catholic playing 13 perfect games without ever making any costly mistakes or even losing a game ?

  • ManDown

    You Encinal fans sound like you’re preparing to lose this game. What’s up with that? Scared of the mighty wildcats? Lol. Still having nightmares of last years loss? Not much confidence this game huh? Don’t get all humble on me now after all that trash that was being said all year.

  • mytwocents

    I’m not biting on your bullshit Mandown…you have an opinion and your entitled to it.

    The remaining 4 teams in D III are all qualified to be there and I like our chances to beat Marin nothing more nothing less and I refuse to glorify your comments.

  • Triton8

    There is no doubt that MC is the favorite…they are big and have numbers on the Jets. They were big and had numbers on them in 2008 too? There is no doubt that this will be a tough game, but if they get off to a quick start, pop a few long runs and get a couple turnovers….there have been much bigger upsets! Penalties have to be kept to a minimum. I think our RBs are better, top to bottom. If the Jets protect Ve’e and he is on, they will be tough to beat. What scares me is our lack of size on defense, though. The kids have to play a great game….if they do that, I don’t think it’s crazy to see a vicory for the Jets! It definitely wouldn’t hurt matters to get a nice special team TD…ala Xavier Milton!!!!!

  • Old Former Meddling Coach

    Mandown, I guess we can’t win for losing. Bleacher Coach says we give other teams no credit, You say were getting ready for a loss by giving props. We have always given MC their respect. but giving props doesn’t equal to bowing down because i believe we will be the Victors! Jet Pride!