All-HAAL football team — 11/30

Here is the All-HAAL football team. Enjoy.

Offensive Player of the Year
Trenton Trammell (Bishop O’Dowd)
Co-Offensive Lineman of the Year
Ignacio Madrid (Bishop O’Dowd) and Anthony Viveiros (Castro Valley)
Defensive Player of the Year
Hardy Nickerson, Jr. (Bishop O’Dowd)
Defensive Lineman of the Year
Micah McMurray (Arroyo)
Coach of the Year
Nick McMaster (Castro Valley)
First Team Offense
WR — Eric Johnson (San Lorenzo) Sr., Terrence King (Bishop O’Dowd) Sr.; TE — Marcus Mosi (Slz) Sr.; T — Josh Weefur (BOD) Sr., Windell Velasquez (Arroyo) Jr.; G — Forest Ferguson (Castro Valley) Jr., Ignacio Madrid (BOD) Jr.; C — Anthony Viveiros (CV) Jr.; QB — Dominic Miroglio (BOD) Soph.; RB — Trenton Trammell (BOD) Sr., Michael Young (A) Jr., Harold Halcomb (San Leandro) Jr., John Hughes (Hayward) Sr.; K — Nick Goulart (CV) Sr.
First Team Defense
DT — Chad Washington (BOD) Sr., Victor Quintana (CV) Sr., Zach Lanza (A) Sr.; DE — Siosifa Fotu (SL) Soph., Micah McMurray (A) Sr.; LB — Hardy Nickerson, Jr. (BOD) Jr., Talce Evans (SL) Sr., Josh Jacini (A) Sr., Chris Lee (SL) Sr.; DB — John Hughes (H) Sr., Brandan Brisco (BOD) Sr., Eric Johnson (Slz) Sr., Osa Aihie (SL) Jr., Jordan Fogal (A) Jr.; KR — Andre McBride (SL) Jr.
Second Team Offense
WR — Fabian Arrizon (Mt. Eden) Jr., Justin Porter (A) Jr.; TE — Siosifa Fotu (SL) Soph.; T — Shaneil Prasad (Tennyson) Sr., Victor Quintana (CV) Sr.; G — Kolinasi Fuapau (Slz) Sr., Ryan Steinbronn (A) Sr.; C — Avery Anderson-Nunu (SL) Sr.; QB — Nickolas Taylor (A) Sr.; RB — Damion Rosby (CV) Sr., Christian Batiste (Slz) Jr., Tyrone Ward (BOD) Sr., A.J. Salary (H) Sr.
Second Team Defense
DT — Thomas Ah-Hing (T) Sr., Anthony Viveiros (CV) Jr.; Kolinasi Fuapau (Slz) Sr.; DE — Terrence Daniel (BOD) Jr., Jacob Lopes (Slz) Sr.; LB — Alex West (CV) Sr., Isei Daveti, Jr. (H) Sr., Joshua Gann (T) Sr., Leo Munoz (ME) Jr.; DB — J.J. Tilman (SL) Jr., Moner Afschar (CV) Sr., Damarriay Moody (H) Sr., Devante McGowan (ME) Soph.
Honorable Mention
Joe Apele (T) Jr., Ben Atkinson (CV) Soph., Luis Barajas (SL) Jr., William Caro (H) Jr., Cristian Chavez (CV) Sr., Ellis Cummings (SL) Sr., Charlie Davis (Slz) Soph., Trevion Foster (Slz) Jr., Edward Fucles (H) Sr., Keith Glover (A) Jr., Justin Gold, Jr. (A) Jr., Michael Head (T) Sr., Santos Huesso (T) Jr., Arturo Langarica (ME) Sr., Ryan Maas (BOD) Jr., Dominick Marshall (BOD) Sr., Sergio Martinez (H) Jr., Josh McEntee (A) Sr., Nehemiah Mitchell (BOD) Jr., Brandin Murphy (Slz) Jr., Scott Nunnery (CV) Soph., Sergio Oseguera (CV) Sr., Alson Paxton, Jr. (T), Jr., Jonathan Ray (T) Sr., Isaac Robinson (ME) Jr., Martin Rodriguez (ME) Jr., Anthony Simas (SL) Sr., David Valladares (CV) Jr.

Tony Gonsalez

  • Paydirt

    Pro coaches have the advantage of having their players for more than 4 years, with the flexibility to make roster moves. The better analogy would be successful college and high school coaches, teaching and training players for 2-4 years at most, and the coach is probably on par talent wise with all but the elite players. College coaches do have the advantage of recruiting/scholarships, something that never happens in high school.

    BTW, Tom Landry was an all-pro cornerback (32 picks in only 80 games). Chuck Noll on the other hand was not better than Terry Bradshaw, but he was certainly a lot smarter…

  • Old Former Meddling Coach

    Lets give Mr.Mayo a couple of more years before we add him to a list of great LB’s. But he is playing well. renegades10, Always knew you knew your Football. :-)Jet Pride!

  • Prep Fan

    51: “Chuck Noll on the other hand was not better than Terry Bradshaw, but he was certainly a lot smarter…”

    I should hope so. That is a no brainer, literally.(0

  • CHALKtalk

    HELLO all you great football minds
    head coaches are managers
    they hire coaches to coach
    so dont get managing and coaching mixed, up smart guy
    Vince Lombardi, Bill Walsh, Chuck Knoll, Don Shula, Tom Landry, Bill Parcells, etc… all great mangers.

  • CHALKtalk

    MANAGERS deal with the structure and foundation of the team
    COACHES make sure the product works

  • Triton8

    True in most cases. Tenorio may be the exception. It looks like he calls all the offensive plays and all the defensive plays as well…..at least when it gets down to the nitty gritty. That’s just what it looks like from the stands? Could be wrong.

  • HAAL Fan

    Yeah, because it wasn’t Bill Walsh’s offense that he installed after developing for years in Cincinnati. He was simply managing the team. Tom Landry didn’t invent the 4-3 defense while working as a defensive coordinator. That was one of his flunkies clocking in and putting in time in Dallas.

    I’m not quite sure how we came to this random outburst, but then again I’m not quite sure anyone ever can follow CHALKtalk’s logic. In the case of the Professionals, it is a matter of managing and finding a direction more so than teaching the game, but only because you should already know the game upon entering that level. When you do something innovative, at any level, it’s more of a teacher’s game than a manager’s.

    BTW: Art Shell, Mike Ditka, & Mike Singletary HOF players / head coaches. Dick LeBeau, James Lofton, Russ Grimm, and Tom Rathman off the top of my head.

  • Bulldog Forever

    HAAL Fan- It was Bill Walsh’s offense in Cincinnati. Walsh did all the offensive game plans, and Cincinnati head coach Paul Brown, who didn’t understand what Walsh was doing, took all the credit. Walsh quit the Browns after Paul Brown retired, because Brown appointed a different assistant as the new head coach (rather than Walsh as promised). Brown demanded that Walsh stay, but it was the end of Walsh’s contract, so he quit when it was up. In retaliation, Brown tried to ruin Walsh by badmouthing Walsh to any prospective employer who called him. Walsh almost quit coaching, because that jackass Paul Brown kept Walsh from being able to get another coaching job.

    Bill Walsh was a superb manager, but he was an even better offensive coordinator. In San Francisco, he did all the offensive game plans. But, the other coaches had their individual inputs as well. It was a team effort, but he was in charge.

    BTW- Dwight Clark caught all of 12 passes in his Senior year in college. Bill Walsh noticed him when he was looking at the film of a quarterback the Niners were considering. He decided that he didn’t want the QB, but he set up a phony workout for the QB anyway, and made sure that Clark was there to catch the QB’s passes. Clark passed the test, and Walsh drafted him #1, I think, or close to it, against the advice of everyone in the SF organization. Bill Walsh was a great manager, but he was also a great coach.

  • brandonbeard

    It doesn’t matter how good u were as a player, you have alot of coaches who weret great players but are great coaches. Parcells played at a d3 school rthat didnt give scholarships and he did not even start on the O-Line, yet he is said to be one of the best coaches out their today. If you know the game, you know the game! Just because u didnt play the game that well doesnt mean you can’t teach proper technique. That means that all teachers were the best students? not at all, but if a person works on their craft of being able to help someone else then yeah they can become good atwhat they do! I can guarantee that many of the coordinators in the league were not the best athletes or best players, they simply know the game and have learned over time how to teach it well, and they have good athletes to help with that teaching! I played for Lamar Parrish who was an 8 time all pro in the NFL and he ran a 4.2 but that has nothing to do with his coaching ability. And just because he ran a 4.2 doesnt mean he can teach someone else how to run it. He was just gifted to do so.

  • CHALKtalk

    everyone has valid points….
    U are right. But it take the non athletic coach years and years 2 figure out how to explain some one elses experience!!! or technique. Because u never preformed u can only assume how the technique is done which means u coach by trial and error.

  • CHALKtalk

    everyone has valid points….
    But it take the non athletic coach years and years 2 figure out how to explain some one elses experience!!! or technique. Because u never preformed u can only assume how the technique is done.


  • CHALKtalk

    Ive heard similar stories about WALSH
    but i also heard them all rant and rave about weak ass JJ stokes LMAO ” he is the prototype WR the prefect combination”

  • Scl alum

    Encinal wins 20-15. Congrats Old Former Meddling Coach and all Jets fans..

  • HAAL Fan

    That was sarcasm. Of course that was Bill Walsh’s offense. Sorry for the confusion there. 0_o

  • HAAL Fan


    Do you watch the pro’s or college ball? How many of those TALENTED guys have terrible technique but still manage to overcome their inadequacies because of their talent. It often plays to their detriment because they get away with doing things wrong. When is Tim Tebow going to be a quarterback coach? Adrian Peterson a running backs coach? Randy Moss a wide receiver coach? I’ll stick with overachievers who do things RIGHT any day of the week.

  • Thomas Ah-hing Got Robbed For First Team DT And First Team O-Lineman ! He Shout Down Every DT In The League You Cant Lie And Teams Ran Opposite From Him YOU GOT TO ADMIT THE DUDES A BEAST ! A STRAIT STUD

  • They Call #64 Thomas Ah-hing A Beast Because He Is ! He Deserves The Respect He Needs ! Micheal Head #88 And Johnny Ray #4 Should Of Made At Least 2nd Team Instead Of Honorable Mention !

  • Tennyson Never Gets Love ! Coach Smith Should Of Got Coach Of the Year For Taking A Small School That LIke Tennyson To The Playoffs For The First Time In School History !