All-EBAL football team

A matter of hot debate, here’s the long-awaited all-EBAL football team. These are voted on by the league coaches.

RB Lucas Dunne, De La Salle

Jeff Lockie, Monte Vista
RB: Kyle Alvarez, California; George Atkinson III, Granada
WR: Cameron Rowland, Foothill; Lucas Shapiro, De La Salle; Bryce McGovern, Monte Vista
TE: Trevor Taft, California
OL: Jacob Welter, Monte Vista; Scott Walsh, De La Salle; Luke Simeona, De La Salle; Rich Garwood, California; Joe Pearson, California
Specialist: Colin Kacinski, Foothill
Kicker: Alex Osterholt, Amador Valley
Ben Teichman, San Ramon Valley; Dylan Wynn, De La Salle; Kyle Miller, De La Salle; Rich Garwood, California
LB: Kyle Egan, San Ramon Valley; Kevin Phiengsai, Foothill; Blake Renaud, De La Salle; Marcus Prenot, California
DB: Kaulin Blair, San Ramon Valley; Bryce McGovern, Monte Vista; Devin Williams, De La Salle; Trevor Taft, California

Bart Houston, De La Salle
RB: Michael Sullas, Monte Vista; Armani Washington, California
WR: Dane Turner, Monte Vista; John Sarmenta, California; Tyler Amick, Granada
TE: Stephen Ferrel, Foothill
OL: Dawson Graham, Foothill; Tim Mustion, Monte Vista; Josh Cabral, De La Salle; Grant Hall, California; Codey Heidebrecht, Amador Valley
Specialist: Carson Ewanich, Amador Valley
Kicker: Guillermo Rivas, California
Zach Dreyer, Monte Vista; Griffith Gates, Foothill; Justin Walker, De La Salle; Tanner Clark, Granada
LB: Adam Wenig, Monte Vista; Kelly Fielder, California; Cameron Seams, Amador Valley, Eddie Horn, Granada
DB: Antoine Pickett, De La Salle; Damariay Drew, Livermore; Carson Ewanich, Amador Valley; George Atkinson III, Granada; Josh Atkinson, Granada

David Camarena, Foothill; Zach Kline, San Ramon Valley; Drew Reil, California
RB: Damariay Drew, Livermore; Eddie Horn, Granada
WR: Jake Isabel, Amador Valley
TE: Zach Faber, San Ramon Valley; Connor Peters, De La Salle
OL: RJ Anderson, Foothill; Justin Taylor, Foothill; Zach Pursch, Livermore; Rajan Kumar, Livermore; Brandon Sellbach, Monte Vista
Specialist: Trent Peterson, San Ramon Valley
Kicker: Jack McFarland, Monte Vista
Andrew Baine, Monte Vista; Bobby Killian, Foothill; Devin Windell, Amador Valley; Codey Heidebrecht, Amador Valley; Hunter Capilla, Amador Valley
LB: Nick Eckel, San Ramon Valley; Zach Pursch, Livermore; Jacob Kearney, Granada; Jorge Andrade, Livermore; Robert Lewis, Amador Valley; Michael Barton, De La Salle
DB: Michael Tagliaferri, San Ramon Valley; Michael Summers, San Ramon Valley; Adam Klooster, Monte Vista; Scott Herting, De La Salle; Matt Deans, California; John Lozano, Livermore

Ben Enos

  • Prep Fan

    I may be wrong, but I think the second scoring drive vs. Berkeley was the flea flicker double reverse where Sarmenta threw long to Preuss for th TD.

    The amount of passes thrown on a series or in a game has more to do with what a coach is calling or his game plan rather than how a QB is executing or carrying out the game plan. When called upon to pass, Reil executed superbly this season. He also did a good job of avoiding the rush and sacks. That was not the case with Lockie when they played Cal earlier this season.

    As far as the SRV-Cal game being close, I don’t think anyone from Cal is trumpeting that they will run away with it. In their first meeting, Cal led only 17-13 at halftime before running away with it in the 2nd half scoring on their first 3 drives to go up 38-13. There is a healthy respect for SRV from the Cal side, with 2 members of the Grizzly coaching staff former Wolves coaches, and they will not be taken lightly. If SRV can bring the defense they had in the first half against DLS and Cal in their league meetings, they should be able to stay close and possibly defeat Cal. If not and their second half defense shows up, then Cal will win. It should be a good game.

  • renegades10

    Btw, here is a fun little fact, I guess more so if you are a DLS fan. According to the stats compiled after breaking down all the game film and making sure the right people are getting credit for right plays, and making sure that some passes aren’t backwards passes it has been determined that entering the playoffs, Lucas Dunne was only 491 yards from breaking Terron’s single season rushing record set last year. Will update once the Heritage film is broken down. Would be quite an accomplishment if he is able to break it.

  • Paydirt

    R10 (#52),

    I dub thee R10D10 because you are 5 times more factoidal than R2D2. Enjoyed the impressive Dunne stats fact, but your ‘Mack deserves state consideration’ on the live chat was downright advanced calculus. Well done.

    One can only hope that the NCS contingent on the selection committee makes right for the OAL.

  • thedude

    This is to Jimmy or Ben? Why hasn’t the accal all leauge been released?

  • Thedude,
    As we’ve said a million times, the league has not sent us the team. We don’t release the all-league teams, the commissioner does. When he sends it to us, we’ll release it. But we don’t have any control of him sending it to us.

  • allstar coach

    I have a serious question how in the hell is mcgovern who is the most overrated player in the bay area period 1st deam all DB over Josh Atkins amatter of fact how are the atkin boys who are headed to notre dame and two of the best athletes in all of the bay area let alone EBAL not be the 1st team All DB’s period. I smell something there. the vote was a travesty!!!! I see why these awards mean nothing there scholarship to NOTRE DAME SPEAKS LOUD ENOUGH TO THE ESTABLISHMENT!!!!

  • renegades10

    allstar coach- I have a few words to say about some overrated football players, and most of the people on this board know who I am talking about. But I am going to hold my tongue this time. The coaches vote on the awards. The Atkinsons did not have such a great impact defensively this year. A scholarship to any school be it Auburn or Eastern Michigan does not automatically earn you first team honors. Being the best athlete does not earn you first team honors. And getting 2nd team in the EBAL is not a bad award to receive.

  • renegades10

    Dunne Rushing Update: He has been credited for 95 yards rushing against Heritage after the film from the game was broken down. This brings his total to 1,642 yards. This leaves him 396 yards away from Terron’s single season rushing record.

  • monarch86

    All Star Coach, anyone who has seen those 2 on defense knows it comes down to one thing they are fast but they don’t like to hit (or be hit)they need to toughen up.

  • S1lverngreen

    I can think of 2 “overrated” players that like to play possum when they play DLS…McGovern is tough kid that deserved to make all league…nuff said!

  • eastbayfbfan

    who do u think will play the d3 winner at state ?

  • renegades10

    Right now the SoCal favorite to play in the DIII game is Valley Center. Don’t know much about them, but they did beat a solid Los Alamitos squad in non-league. Los Al lost in the first round of the Pac-5 playoffs. So that is a quality win for a DIII program. They are out of the San Diego Section and play in the championship game of their bracket on Monday the 6th.

  • outsider

    Allstar Coach,
    You will not convince any of the EBAL fans that the Atkinson brothers are any better football players than their performance on the football field showed.

  • FootballFanatic12

    This message is mainly addressed to the person or persons that decided to call out an individual and his performance on the football turf. The statement regarding Bryce McGovern and him being overrated is complete blasphemy and is way out of line. Can you please tell me what part about having the most receiving yards in the Nation is overrated? I would be delighted to receive a response to that question, solely due to the fact that there is no plausible answer. The young man demonstrated skills and heart on the football field that is extremely rare in 5’10” high school students. Congratulations to those brothers, and yes they are great athletes. But this isn’t just Track and field, it’s football. A game of contact and pain. And this season proved that this boys are not as capable of McGovern in delivering the hard hits and strong defensive plays. McGovern played both ways almost the whole game, every game. He never once shied away from a hit. This kid threw his body in harms way for the better good of his team. And that is exactly what coaches love to see, and that’s exactly why he was among the top DB’s in EBAL.

  • Lake View n DB Guru

    Bryce Mc Govern is more than deserving! If you break down the stats and film. you’ll realize MV led the EBAl in pass defense most of this regular season. Meaning the side with Dalis Bruce CB and Dane Turner S. Gave up less than 1 reception per game on their side of the ball. Bryce Mc Govern was put in a position where he had to make plays with teams forced to throw and run to his side. And make play’s is what that kid did from every package and position the coaches placed him in.

  • allstar coach

    How is Mcgovern overated you people are crazy and really been drinking this cool aide way too long!!!! Just because the rest of the secondary has been good doest mean he has.First of all he is not even the best player on his team I’ll take dane turner all day long. As a receiver and a Db. Name one average WR let alone good or great Wr he ever shut down a corners main job? In passing leagues when MV are playing very good wr’s he dont even play corner he plays backer and moves to corner against the slow none Athletic Wr in the ebal and you tell me he is good. Please !!! mcgovern couldn’t hold the atkin’s boy’s jock straps when it’s comes to db play. Husle, a tackle here or there has nothing to do with coverage skils a db main job.So #64 you beleive because he hit someone hard makes him a gd corner. Enough said we know you dn’t know a thing about what makes a gd db.

  • allstar coach

    and #64 to answer your question. How many of them catches or yards were in name league games against good cb. Not many!!! Nation yardage letter he catches two yards passes against bad corners and plays in a system that throws the ball 50 times a game and had one of the best QB this area has seen in awhile sounds like a system player to me. Put him against athletes we wont produce shit. I witnessed at a passing league how the carter kid repeatedly challenged him wanted to line up against and the great mcgovern never caught a pass or got open it got so bad the coaches tried to hide him so carter coouldn’t line up on him and this is greatness please.the coaches were even saying we need dane turner to get here who hadn’t arrived yet SaMETHING HAPPEN AT STANFORD CAMP GD DB’S LOCKED HIM UP AND HE LOOKED HORRIBLE. stop drinking the cool aide

  • renegades10

    Those great DB’s from Granada just had four TD’s tossed on them. And the reason the MV coaches wanted Turner there is because that way McGovern isn’t the primary focus of the defense and they have to worry about someone else catching the ball. Of course when everybody knows where the ball is likely to be thrown it’s easy to defend someone. But that has nothing to do with being a first team DB.

  • Prep Fan

    re #65: “MV led the EBAL in pass defense most of this regular season”.

    It was also very easy to run on MV this year, so the better teams just pounded the ball on them and didn’t need to risk throwing the ball. DLS, Cal and SRV in the playoff game all ran at will. And what does most of the regular season mean? McGovern is a great HS player, but MV did not have much in the way of defense this year.

  • Porque

    I’ll have to agree with Gades10 on a lot of his points; however, the 2 DB’s from Granada didn’t impress me when they were playing against DLS. McGovern though did. I’ve watched him closely and the kid is one of the best athletes to come up and play in the league and in all of California. As a receiver, he is tops. As a DB, he hits like sludgehammer and without regard for his body! He’s got great instincts and would make a great receiver or DB on any D-1 team next year. Does anyone know where he’s going yet? I agree with Prep Fan when he says that MV didn’t have that much in the way of a defense. They have mostly been a solid offensive team relying almost totally on the pass game and who could blame them with Lockie, McGovern, and Turner in the mix. At least against DLS, MV didn’t shine on Defense.

  • renegades10

    Prep Fan, I knew you would be the one to post that. The other night I almost made the comment, “the only reason MV led in pass defense stats is because their run defense was atrocious.” But I decided to hold my tongue.

    Porque, although Lockie ended up leading the league in pass yards, MV became more of a running team this year, at least for most of it. Lockie started playing well at the end so he was passing more, but I would not put this MV offense in the usual pass first category of years past. Sullas had a pretty good year, especially for being on a bum knee. Last I knew McGovern only had an offer from Wazzu that he received last spring, but when I checked his rivals and scout profile it’s not there anymore even though the articles about it are, so I don’t know.

  • All blogging aside, take time today to remember what happened 69 years ago at Pearl Harbor. Freedom is not Free. Those men and women gave the ultimate sacrifice. What kind of a world would we live in today if the AXIS had succeeded? We’d be talking about soccer, not football. Sincere thanks to all US military personal around the globe.

  • MV Alum

    My understanding is McGovern is speaking with Princeton. Aside from that All Star your an idiot McGovern is one of the better players in the Ebal and no the coaches didn’t hide him he was put down to the Sam position because he does hit like a truck and can tackle to help with the run it had nothing to do with not being able to cover he did fine. The first team D actually did well against the run after he moved to Sam and Sullas to the Whip, against SR in the playoffs they just came out flat and SR played really well.

  • Ebal fan #2

    Renegades- when did you or some parent decide they were official statisticians for HS Football?

  • renegades10

    Ebal Fan #2- What? I have been relaying the stats for DLS’ rb Dunne. There are people involved with the team who break down the film and record the individual stats which is much more accurate than just doing it by the eye test. I have just been keeping the blog updated as far as Dunne’s progress toward a single season rushing record. But I have never claimed to be the official statistician for high school football.

  • Prep Fan

    I thought McGovern and Sullas were both far the 2 best players for MV this season. I hope they both go on to play college ball at some level, as both were fearless competitors and fun to watch.

  • Monarch86

    Allstar Coach, what are you the Twin’s PR Rep? Geez those kids run fast but head for the sidelines all day long! In addition, stop talking about passing league, it’s playoff time baby and your boys are home watching. All of us who were at passing league heard and saw what happened vs. Cal and what J said to a Coach (really?!)…

  • Bulldogforever

    You’re right about today, Big Joe.

    When I was growing up, my across-the-street neighbor was a gentleman named Harry Brown. On December 7th, 1941, he was a Navy pilot stationed at Pearl Harbor.

    Harry told me that the night before the attack, there was some sort of officer’s party, and he was still up and wearing his dress pants when the attack happened. He quickly put on a shirt and a pair of shoes,and tried to make it to his plane. But the main airfield, along with all of the planes. was in the process of being completely destroyed.

    He knew of a remote airfield that the Japanese may have missed, so Harry and a fellow Navy pilot hopped into Harry’s car. A Japanese pilot saw them driving along the coast and tried several times to strafe them. The pilot could have gotten them easily from behind, but fortunately for Harry, he only shot at them from the side.

    They made it unscathed to the surprisingly untouched airfield, and they both took off in separate planes. Harry shot down 2 Japanese planes during the attack, and he became an Ace pilot during the war by recording 8 kills.

    Harry Brown was my neighbor, and he was a great man.

  • big pappa

    Josh a better hs player than George. Josh a hitter and in it every play. George afraid of contact….great athlete and hope that he can get bigger and absorb practice at ND let alone full contact. Shocked Joshed tagged along in a package deal.

  • allstar coach

    OK all i keep hearing is how MCGOVERN hits but db’s first job is to COVER PEOPLE AND HE HAS NO COVER SKILSS WHAT SO EVER!Name one WR he covered well.
    As far as receiver he isnt eventhe best wr on his own team dane turner makes that offense go. And in the bay area please it isn’t even close the carter kid hands down is a better athlete and player than mcgovern. way more explosive and if there offense coordinator wasn’t an idiot he would’ve had 40tds this year instead of 30td 2yd completions are great but the name of the game is putting points on the board and carter can score from anywhere on the field

  • Paydirt

    Allstar Coach,

    You remind me of that teacher in Charlie Brown cartoons: “Wah wah wah wah wah.” Lots of words and nothing meaningful said. But of course, you’re right and the EBAL coaches are dead wrong.

    Allstar coach? Yeah, right. No legitimate “allstar coach” would write what you have written about a stellar athlete.

    Change your handle or try to add value to the board next time.

    Let me predict your response: “WAH WAH WAH WAH WAH!”

  • FootballFanatic12

    Once again there are a couple buffoons on here. How dare you washed up nobodies come on here and claim absurd and rude statements. There are so many wrong things posted on here, and I wish I could see all you guy’s sitting behind your screen talking trash about a high school student. If your points are accurate then get off your lazy butt and publically state it. The coaches have a better perspective than any of you, so don’t you even think about continuing this non sense stating that some players are overrated. Yes Dane Turner was a very good WR, but you have to be dumb in the head to say that he shines more tha McGovern. Bryce McGovern did not allow WR’s to have big games, and as a WR every game was a big game or him. Whoever said that Bryce can only handle the 2 yard receptions please never post on this site again. The kid broke more tackles and made something out of nothing more than any other receiver in EBAL. Yeah you’re right those two brothers (what’s their name’s again) are faster than McGovern. But quit babying them, there afraid of contact. Those coaches at ND have so much work to do, if they want those boys to be even on the scout team! You could throw McGovern in front of a train and he would get up and catch a 60 yard pass for a TD. That’s what he did, he was a playmaker and every single coach saw it. I hope some of you realize that you are on here trying to take a hard working athlete’s award and pride away from them.

  • fhs fan

    Rumor is spreading on changes in EBAL. Does anyone know what teams will be in EBAL next year?

  • ebalfan2012

    For those saying Reil should have gotten first team clearly didn’t watch the games. He had the stats but he also had Taft and Sarmenta to catch his rather poorly thrown passes. Nonetheless he stood up to the plate and filled in pretty nicely for a person who’s never started a high school game before but I’d say 1st team would definitely be pushing it

  • Prep Fan

    And having first team receivers McGovern or Shapiro is somehow a much tougher target for a QB to throw to than Taft or Sarmenta? Poor analogy. The only bad stretch for Reil all year was the NCS finals last week at the Coliseum where he had two poor plays in the 2nd quarter leading to 2 DLS scores, and the all EBAL teams are chosen prior to the playoffs. Obviously he didn’t get selected for 1st team all EBAL, but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t have been deserving of it had he been selected. Just because no one outside of San Ramon (and some inside) had never heard of Reil prior to this season and Houston and Lockie came in highly touted should not be a factor in the selection process, but it appears it may have been.