All-MVAL football team — 11/30

In case you missed it, here is the All-MVAL football team.

Jim Randall Offensive Player of the Year
DeAndre Carter (Washington)
Ron Johnson Defensive Player of the Year
Matt Haney (James Logan)
First Team Offense
C — Kevin Huo (Mission San Jose) Sr.; G — Justin Truong (James Logan) Sr., Bryce Fryan (Washington) Sr.; T — David Permito (JL) Jr., Haniteli Lousi (W) Jr.; TE — J.J. Jones (JL) Jr.; QB — Anmol Singh (W) Sr.; RB — Roderick Johnson (American) Sr., Miles Long (JL) Soph.; WR — DeAndre Carter (W) Sr., Casey Jennings (W) Sr.
First Team Defense
Downline — Jesse Leapaga (SL) Jr., Bobby House (JL) Sr., Alex Matoto (Newark Memorial) Jr.; OLB — Jordan Cooper (A) Sr., Albert Bell (JL) Sr.; ILB — Matt Haney (JL) Sr., Osana Futi (NM) Jr.; DB — Nick Pohndorf (NM) Sr., DeAndre Carter (W) Sr., Giles Chapman (W) Sr., Samson Tai (NM) Sr.; KR — DeAndre Carter (W) Sr.; PK — Gustavo Ulloa (JL) Sr.; P — Tom Stevenson (JFK) Sr.
Second Team Offense
C — Camron Noorzad (W) Sr.; G — Joden Ulep (A) Jr., Justin Francisco (JFK) Sr.; T — Mick McElvogue (NM) Sr., Joseph Nahale (JFK) Sr.; TE — Chris Petersen (NM) Sr.; QB — Nick Pohndorf (NM) Sr.; RB — Shawn Wong (A) Sr., Andrew Reams (NM) Sr.; WR — Max Basilio (A) Sr., Jacob Rael (NM) Sr.
Second Team Defense
Downline — Stephen Kay (A) Sr., Joseph Nahale (JFK) Sr., Paul Gill (W) Jr.; OLB — Joden Ulep (A) Jr., Casey Jennings (W) Sr., David Kim (MSJ) Jr.; ILB — Daniel Luty (A) Sr., Robert Nagel (JFK) Sr.; DB — Deshane Hines (A) Jr., Ferdows Wahab (JL) Jr., Niko Suminguit (Irvington) Sr., Raeshawn Lee (I) Jr.; KR — Damond Beasley (JL) Soph.; PK — Joel Vazquez (I) Sr.; P — J.J. Jones (JL) Jr.
Honorable Mention
C — Nick Yurong (I) Sr.; G — Richie Pangelinan (I) Jr.; T — Stephen Kay (A) Sr., Marecio Gonzales (JL) Jr.; TE — Tom Stevenson (JFK) Sr.; QB — Tyrell Lockett (A) Jr.; RB —Isaiah Cortez (JFK) Jr., David Kim (MSJ) Jr., Raeshawn Lee (I) Jr.; WR — Ferdows Wahab (JL) Jr., Quran Hodge (JL) Sr.; Downline — Haniteli Lousi (W) Jr., Ronald Broadway (JL) Sr., Amit Piple (I) Sr.; OLB — Jeff Lucero (JFK) Sr., Justin Francisco (JFK) Jr., Anoop Kang (I) Sr.; DB — Robyn Torrence (MSJ) Sr., Joey Cantrell (MSJ) Sr., Corbin Lee (MSJ) Jr.; KR — Raeshawn Lee (I) Jr., Max Basilio (A) Sr.; PK — Josh Selles (W) Jr.; P — Robyn Torrence (MSJ) Sr.

Tony Gonsalez

  • Prep Fan

    Wow, DeAndre really took home the hardware, being named Offensive POY, 1st team WR, 1st team DB and also 1st team kick returner. Congrats to all the deserving honorees.


    I would like to nominate my son for ALL-ACCAL. LB JACAI DENEVEU # 44 from Berkeley High School 2010.

  • MVALFremont

    Mission getting a first teamer in C Kevin Huo, Mission hasn’t had a first team selection in years, congrats Kevin!

  • HOTBABE101

    Kevin Huo is a BEAST on the field!

  • Kevin Huo is the best player on a horrible team. He’s definitely not a 1st teamer and probably not even a 2nd teamer.

  • superstar

    giles chapman is hella raw
    best DB in northern ca. he is one of the best DB i have ever seen. definitely a D1 prospect

  • c.sparks

    no giles chapman is not the best Db is nortern california it would be the kids from Mac. Marcus peters… such an athlethe

  • MVALPlayer

    Giles Chapman is definitely not the best db in northern California. He may not even be the best db mval. In fact, he probably isnt even the best on his own team. Deandre Carter anyone? Yea he’s a combine stud, which makes him the recruit that he is. However, I’ve seen this kid play against teams outside of MVAL and havent been the least bit impressed.

  • allstar coach

    mval is so bad winning league anything means nothing it’s all about scholarships. Hope chapman and carter both get to play big time college football and look forward to seeing them make plays on saturday.

  • Paydirt

    Allstar Roach,

    There you go again: “Wah wah wah wah wah.” Way to add value to this blog.

    Let me predict your response (again): “WAH WAH WAH WAH WAH!”

  • norcalfball

    “mval is so bad winning league anything means nothing it’s all about scholarships” —maybe an education should be the most important thing to learn proper English, because the NFL isn’t for everyone.

    From what I heard individually this year was one of the more talented washington teams in awhile, unfortunately didn’t turn out that successful. maybe too many individual attitudes as evident by your post.

    Good luck to all the East Bay players scholarship opportunities. Hope this year is as fruitful as last year was. Chapman and Carter should be on that list, best of luck.

  • allstar coach

    Wishing that two kids good luck in receiving scholarships is considered Wah Wah Wah. then so be it. thoughts like those are exactly why the league is what it is.