East Bay Boys Soccer: Rankings

Here are the new rankings. Sorry about the delay. Had my first final today.

So here’s the skinny. I felt like Logan deserved a big bump after beating Amador Valley, who recently beat Mission San Jose. Logan’s close loss with Berkeley is now looking better for both teams. I moved Cal up to No. 2, swapping the Grizz with San Ramon Valley.
Had to move Heritage, Ygnacio Valley and San Lorenzo into the considered teams.
And I don’t want to list more teams, but just to let people know I am going to keep a list of five teams that are next to come in to the rankings if they keep winning and someone falls.
Alhambra and Piedmont will be the first ones back in. I just had to make room for those other three schools. I am also keeping Foothill, Kennedy-Fremont and Concord on the list.
Lastly, people might think I’m crazy for keeping a Granada team that is winless after five matches amongst the top 25 schools, but this team will be top ten when the season ends. Mark my words.

1. De La Salle (0-0-0)
2. California (4-0-0)
3. San Ramon Valley (1-0-0)
4. Bishop O’Dowd (1-0-0)
5. Berkeley (2-0-1)
6. Clayton Valley (0-0-0)
7. Acalanes (1-0-0)
8. Dublin (4-1-0)
9. Logan (2-1-0)
10. Amador Valley (1-1-0)
11. Campolindo (3-0-0)
12. Mission San Jose (2-2-1)
13. Albany (0-0-1)
14. Richmond (0-1-0)
15. Antioch (0-0-2)

Others considered: Deer Valley (0-0-0), Las Lomas (1-0-0), Dougherty Valley (1-0-1), Ygnacio Valley (1-0-0), Monte Vista (0-0-0), Heritage (1-0-2), San Lorenzo (1-0-0), Pinole Valley (1-1-2), Newark Memorial (3-2-0), Granada (0-2-3).

Matt Smith

  • The Sweeper

    Hey Matt,

    Do you have any info on each team’s starters (number graduated, number returning)? At least the teams with high numbers for either category, assuming an average school graduates 4-6 senior starters each year?

    BTW, I would not knock myself out until the tournaments this week wrap up.

    Bona fortuna!

  • Nick jones

    These rankings are very similar to mine, only that i added San Lorenzo as #9 instead of Logan, i feel that san lorenzo has many players, which ive seen in club teams,that are a big threat to all teams, with back to back wins against Newark and Las Lomas, San Lorenzo improved alot and it is not the same team as last year. It will be a great match to see this team against Bishop O Dowd. What do you guys think?

  • Soccerpro94

    Bishop O’dowd did not play strong soccer from what I saw in the first two games of the tournament. However, acalanes and heritage played tonight and after heritage had a 2-0 lead acalanes came back and finished the game tied 2-0. Teams in the Dfal league like Campolindo and Las Lomas both started off strong however LL went down 2-1 to O’Dowd. Campolindo remains unbeaten and deserves to be a higher seed I think. Matt great job!

  • Nick Davis

    I agree with these rankings, however I put down San Lorenzo as #12 instead of mission san jose because ive seen the way San lorenzo has been playing this season and Whoaaaa, they are definately stronger than last year. They went to Newark and beat them 1-0 and went to Walnut Creek and beat Las Lomas 3-0.They definately know their style of soccer and just outplayed them both. Bishop o dowd has not yet lost, but i feel they dont play as a team. I feel that San Lorenzo should definately be considered this year and are not ranked any higher because of the poor performance last year, but as i said before, they have an excellent way of touching the ball quick when they attack and have a well orginized defense. They have a couple different players that are new to the team, one from Hayward High and the other from Mt Eden, that i feel have brought this team up. Im really impressed with San Lorenzo’s performances this year. What do you guys think?

  • Football Fanatic

    Livermore looking strong fellas.
    CAL just being CAL so far, solid performance today from what I heard 4-0 over Arroyo as they have gotten a boost from Rivas being said the paper and being a multi sport athlete.

  • GlobalSoccer

    Monte Vista beat Clayton Valley 3-0. Controlled the entire game. San Ramon Valley was dominated in the 1st half by Freedom but still finished the 1st half with a 1-0 advantage.

    EBAL will get stronger when the National Academy players join their respective teams. In particular, Livermore, which is not on any rankings list, will get at least five quality players (3 mids,1 forward, 1 goalie). Monte Vista will get a midfielder with vision, skill and speed. DLS will get their mid back that has 2 NCS championships and a CAL POLY commit.

  • dfal1

    Have to agree with Sweeper. Next weeks rankings will reflect the results of the just completed tournaments and will provide the first true picture of the rankings in the early season.

    Having said that, Mission San Jose probably doesn’t deserve its ranking. Campolindo scored 6 goals in the first half of their game this week.

  • Matt Smith

    Ya, DFAL and Sweeper are right, the rankings will be much more clear after this weekend. There will be some pretty big shifts.

    As far as seniors graduating, off the top of my head I know that Richmond, DLS and SRV lost some very key seniors, but DLS and SRV had a lot of juniors that contributed. They should be fine. Richmond is young. They probably lost the most seniors. And without Montes for most or all of the season, it will be tough.

    Let’s see… I know AV was young, and I know Campo was young. So those teams should be very good by the time the season starts to wind down. Acalanes, Bishop O’Dowd and Dublin also lost a bunch of key seniors.

  • EastBaySoccerFan

    Is there a web site for the Winter Classic tournament? I heard Antioch tield College Park at 2’s and Deer Valley beat Berkeley 2-1. Deer Valley was young and good last year, watch out they are going to sneak up on a lot of teams. I see them as a top 5….

  • The Sweeper

    From a prior posting, try these URLs.

    AVFan Says:
    November 29th, 2010 at 10:24 pm

    Winter Classic Boys Soccer results –
    Gold – http://winterclassic.50webs.com/2010%20Winter%20Classic%20Championship%20Gold%20Results.pdf

    Silver – http://winterclassic.50webs.com/2010%20Winter%20Classic%20Championship%20Silver%20Results.pdf

  • EastBaySoccerFan

    Thanks Sweeper. There is also the Tri Valley Tournament going on and I think those games I noted were from that tournament. Another great season is shaping up.

    Does anyone have any info about the NCS expansion? Are they allowing more teams in this season or will we remain at the current 16?

  • Dougherty Valley Fan

    Here is a link to the Tri Valley Challenge schedule and scores found on the Monte Vista website:


  • EbalDad


    looks like it’s 16 team tournament

  • ebal fan

    Cal once again impressive. They will be playing in the final Saturday, however Rivas will not be there with football duties as he has played with the team all week. Should be a little different without him there and you have to know the kid is hurting.

  • Prep Fan

    Rivas has done a great job with the kicking duties on the football team this year, and made all EBAL. The NCS semi-final game is a little more important than a preseason tournament game. Hopefully, both Cal teams will win their games on Saturday and Rivas will be on cloud nine.

  • Doughert Valley Fan

    Dougherty Valley 4-2 winner over O’Dowd tonight. Entertaining from start to finish.

  • ebal fan

    Well stated Prep Fan. I have caught two of Cal’s games this week and I been told teams are placing numbers in the middle to take him away which has given the team options out wide and they seem to be taking advantage of it.

  • dfal1

    Looks as though the NCS Division 2 title will rest with the DFAL yet again. They have won NCS 9 of the past 10 years and with Dougherty Valley playing Campolindo in the finals of the Silver Division of the Winter Classic both of these teams should compete at the top of the DFAL with last year’s NCS champion, Dublin.

    Along with Las Lomas & Acalanes having good teams, it promises to be a very competitive league.

    Looking ahead, with Dougherty Valley remaining in the DFAL for possibly the next 6 years, they may rule all sports in the DFAL with their enrollment projected to nearly double any other team in the DFAL.

  • mval

    Newark Memorial has won 5 straight now including 3 in the winter classic. Would have been interesting to see them in the final vs cal. Instead they will get a rematch with livermore from last week.

  • ebal fan

    I have Cal 2-0 without Rivas. Team shows sign of brilliance with signs of missing Rivas.

    Also, Livermore 3-1 against Newark.

  • SoccerScout

    Cal had an impressive 5-0 win over Logan on Thursday. Logan also has a keeper from SC Sporting who has not been active. Hope to see of him soon.

    I predict a Newark 3-2 win over Livermore. Newark just got back their leading goalscorer who returned from Surf Cup the prior weekend I believe. Livermore also has some notable absences who are gone at the USSF Academy Showcase in Phoenix this weekend. Will be an intense match.

    All teams should have all their players back after this weekend. Castro Valley’s Lima will be dangerous, as he has had an incredible off-season with the SJ Earthquakes academy including a 1st team practice.

  • ebal fan

    Wow what a dramatic victory for Cal. However, I was more impressed with Palo Alto. Cal had no rhythm, no midfield play and pretty much deserved to lose the game but they came through. Would have been a different game with Rivas in the middle.

  • John Q

    How often are the rankings posted?

  • DFAL= dominant

    Campolindo beat DV in the fianl 2-0. From what i hear they completely dominated posession of the ball around DV.

  • Dougherty Valley Fan

    DFAL, Campolindo did dominate the game and looked good most of the match. DV struggled to keep the ball most of the night and Campo made it look easy. Very deserving win for Campo. Both teams now meet on Wednesday in DFAL opener.

  • Casual Observer

    #20- Nice to see that that the Rivas family continues to post.Keep up the good work Mom and Dad!

  • Cokito

    I saw both Palo Alto and Newark play. Newark was clearly the better team, both individually and as a unit. The player who was at Surf Cup before the tourney was quite impressive, imho. Richmond’s #3 broke his leg against Newark, in a freak accident, apparently linked to the turf the game was played on, and to the cleats he used. On a positive note, this week, they will get 3 key juniors who were at the Academy Showcase in Phoenix.

  • GlobalSoccer

    The Newark player that Cokito speaks of was the Mustang Academy’s leading scorer for 2 years. D1 universities were hot after him but no grades. Only 1 of the Richmond players showing well at the Academy showcase. All HS teams with academy players will greatly improve there respective teams.

  • cokito

    Thanks, Global, for the update.

  • cokito

    Also, Global, I believe you are right that HS teams will improve with the Academy players, but I think they will do so more likely in the long term. Most teams have trained for 1 month out of a 3/4 months season, and have started to find themselves. It could take some time for players who largely have not been able to train effectively with their HS teams, and who have not been able to play, to begin making an impact. And I would argue that, in the short term, they may even negatively affect the group dynamics in the HS teams.