Lloyd closing in on East Bay passing record

EDIT: It appears the Cal-Hi Sports numbers were actually a little off for Nottingham. He actually had 3,962 yards last year — his 144 yards in his final game against De La Salle in the NCS semis were not added in to Cal-Hi’s numbers. So Lloyd is actually¬† 91 yards shy of the East Bay record right now.

In working on a preview for tomorrow’s NCS Division II semifinal game between Concord-Casa Grande, I learned that Minutemen QB Ricky Lloyd now holds the East Bay single season passing record. Lloyd threw for 305 yards in Concord’s 46-20 win over Maria Carrillo last week, bringing his season total to 3,871 yards. Monte Vista quarterback Brett Nottingham, who’s now at Stanford, set the record last season with 3,818 yards.

Lloyd actually has a good chance to set the NorCal record should the Minutemen make it to the NCS championship game or with a monster performance tomorrow. Jamie Jensen of Gilroy set the record of 4,323 in 2007. Lloyd needs 453 yards to set a new record, and is averaging 322.6 per game. His season-high of 439 yards came in a 50-14 win over Clayton Valley.

The East Bay and NorCal passing records were confirmed with Cal-Hi Sports’ Mark Tennis.

Stephanie Hammon

  • Prep Fan

    Congrats to Ricky on a great season and a fine career, and good luck in the remaining playoff games.

    I looked up what became of existing record holder Jamie Jensen and it looks like he red shirted at City College of SF last season and was their QB this year. He must have been just a junior when he broke the NorCal record in 2007. I wonder if Nottingham has a chance of replacing Luck as the starter next year when he goes pro after this season.

  • renegades10

    Is Nottingham redshirting? It doesn’t look like they redshirt too many players at Stanford. I thought Ertz was a redshirt freshman but when I looked at the roster he was listed as a soph. I believe (may be mistaken) Luck redshirted his first year to recover from a knee injury. After watching Luck, I think Nottingham could fill his shoes nicely. Similar in that they are big kids with good touch on their passes. I’m not going to compare Brett to Luck, because Luck is just that good, but I think with some work Nottingham could run that offense very, very well. That said, I think he will get the short end of the deal in that he won’t have Harbaugh coaching him.

  • ManDown

    Ricky is doing something special this year. He will get the record because his coach wants him too.

  • observer

    91 shy? Ricky will have that by the end of the 1st Q, most certainly by halftime, and he’ll still have another full game to go.

  • panther4

    Ricky is good, but the way he’ll get the record is a joke. Running the score up and passing all over inferior teams with 30-50 point leads is rediculous. NOt his fault at all, that is on the coach, but I just don’t like it. He is a great QB and I would love to have him on my team, but come on…Just saying

  • JustMaybe

    I think all coaches should let their seniors get theirs regardless of the score. My .02 cents. Congratulations Ricky!

  • ManDown

    I agree that Concord’s coach is a little crazy but in my opinion if you don’t want the score ran up on your team then its your job as a coach to prepare your team to not get blown out. If teams score 70 points then thats on the losing team to do something about it. Its not that teams fault they are much better than other teams they play.

  • DVAL Watcher

    CHS did NOT run the score up with Lloyd or any other starters in those games. Lloyd and co. were pulled minutes after the 3rd quarter started. That’s a fact. Always, heard Hamilton loved to run the score up well, if you ask me he has shown a lot of class this year. Some of those scores could have been ALOT higher!! A HECK UV A LOT HIGHER!!! Good Luck Tonight to LLoyd and Co. The surprise tonight will be Concord’s Defense that’s where the real story will be. They are going to lay the smack down on Sherry hard. The Gauchos D has no chance with Lloyd he actually has a set of wheels.

  • observer

    Sorry to say it, but Nick Sherry is terribly overrated. Tough to say about a high school senior, but he’s committed to Colorado and in the big time as his HS career ended tonight, so he might as well get used to the scrutiny and opinionated SOB’s like me.

    He’s big for a HS player, has a better than average HS arm, but NO WHEELS or ability to make something out of nothing. When he played against the average HS QB, he looked better than he really is, but put him up against a Ricky Lloyd and watch them virtually side by side…..nope, he won’t be a factor in D1. The D1 QB ranks are pretty thin, if you’re not exceptional, you don’t play. Sherry is not even exceptional in HS. Does his family donate to Colorado?

    The overhyped Casa Grande with Nick Sherry: 0-2 against DVAL teams (Concord and YV). Welcome to Concord, hope you enjoyed your stay, c’mon back soon…ya hear?

  • John Raney

    Stanford redshirts a ton of players, they often hide the elgibility year in school with the academic year, so you don’t know if they have used their redshirt or not. Hell Harbaugh redshirted Andrew Luck, so he has 2 years left that he won’t use.

  • renegades10

    The paper where Casa is located and some people who were at the game said that Hamilton shoved one of the Casa coaches after the game and that a mini scrum broke out that involved police officers having to come onto the field. Ben, Jimmy, anyone here who was at the game see what happened?

  • outsider

    I saw on the replay of the TV broadcast last night the Concord coach shove one of the Casa coaches. Then a Concord player kind of hearded the coach away as the coach continued to say something. One of the other Concord coaches looked pissed and was pulling his players back from creating a skirmish line. Then it looked as if things settled down. They did show Lloyd going over and talking to Sherry.

  • Scl alum

    Anybody know what provoked the Concord coach to shove the assistant Casa coach?

  • Scl alum

    Congrats to the Hoopa Valley Warriors on winning their first NCS Football title last night up at Humboldt State!