Live blog tonight: NCS football in-game updates

Get in-game updates from Friday night’s North Coast Section football playoffs tonight beginning at 7 with our live blog.

Jon Becker

  • Prep Fan

    I’m sure he’s not the only DLS backer to have his plane ticket, hotel room and bags already packed to SoCal. If my school had won 18 NCS titles in a row, I’m sure I might be tempted to plan ahead and keep those dates open.

    I was watching the video feed of that Grant-Folsom game and Shaq looked like he was afraid to go hard to the middle. I know he is injured, but he looked more like GA lll out there than one of the best most heralded backs in the state. On one 4th down try, he could have gotten the 1st by following his blockers straight ahead, but instead choose to drift outside to avoid the contact and didn’t make it. I wish I could have seen more of him before his injury, becuase he must be a harder runner than that.

  • outsider

    Thanks for the clarification.

  • junior

    dont worry outsider I will buy you a t-shirt.

  • outsider

    Is the Grant/Folsom game going to be replayed in the bay area?

  • renegades10

    Watch Shaq when he is at full strength and he is a very physical runner. A high ankle sprain is not easy to play with. But in situations like that game, sometimes you gotta go to that place where you block it out. But I can understand how it hampered his ability to cut and such. He mainly was only able to run downhill.

    Junior is a grown man I already said my piece on it, he’s gonna do what he wants. It is true that DLS usually plays better the 2nd time they see a team although for a quarter tonight, that didn’t look like it was going to hold true. Some things from tonight. GA III did not cross the 100 yard mark. Paper marked him at 14 carries for 69 yards I think and 18 yards receiving. Dunne was held under 100 yards rushing for the third time in the last four games. Horn did a good job of spying him on the night, he had two carries for losses on the first drive. DLS’ yardage though is a bit misleading because they got a number of short fields tonight due to the offense completely shutting down the Mats offense as well as some good kick and punt returns to go along with a fumble recovery deep in Mats territory. Something like four or five consecutive series without a first down.

    I will say one thing though. DLS cannot and I mean cannot start off next week like they did tonight.

  • s1lverngreen

    I was at the game tonight and I have to say that Joe Te’O was running very hard, numerous broken tackles and tough runs all night long. I think DLS opponents have keyed in a Lucas Dunne and I expect the response from Lad to be a more balanced offense as we saw tonight..I would expect to see more passing with Williams and Shapiro and the tight ends getting in the mix…time to open things up a bit more. By the way, Houston made some nice reads on the option tonight, we will see more of that next week. Should Cal win tomorrow night, the Spartans may have to switch to a nickel package next week with 3 down and an extra DB to contain Cal’s effective scrambler.

  • Paydirt

    SRV can challenge CAL for 24-36 minutes, particularly in a wet/windy game, but I do not expect CAL to go 1&2 to end their season, unless they lose the turnover game by at least -2.

  • renegades10

    No, I wouldn’t leave three down linemen against Cal’s line. I would leave it at four, and have Barton spy Reil. Or somehow get the DT’s to maintain good gap discipline. The reason it’s so effective against DLS is because the line tends to over pursue. It was something that was improving with Justin Walker as the season went along and if he had not gone down I don’t think Reil would have scrambled as effectively.

    Te’o has been a man possessed recently. Clearly establishing himself as the 2nd back. It’s nice because he is bigger than Dunne so nice when you need those tough yards. Teams are keying on Dunne in the run game, but he is getting it done as a receiver and kick returner. But I expect him to have a big game rushing next week. You don’t keep a guy like that down for too long.

  • Paydirt

    R10 and S1lverngreen,

    Just curious, were you at the Coliseum for the 1991 NCS championship? We moved to the east-bay in mid-1991, after following CCS playoffs from 1978 (we lived 2 blocks from Bellarmine, watched Marty Mornhingweg – The PA. EAGLES CURRENT OC – take Oak Grove to a lopsided CCS championship), and then we watched a then unknown scrappy silver and green team seriously challenge an athletically superior Pittsburg team in the rain at the Coliseum. 151 games later…

  • Scl alum

    Wow..according to Maxpreps headline this am, over 20,000 were at the Grant-Folsom game last night

  • KillerD

    With Healdsburg losing I believe Encinal and Cal are my only two picks remaining to win each section:

    D1 Cal is still alive

    D2 Casa Grande lost to Concord (Nice win Minutemen0

    D3 Encinal at MC today

    D4 Healdsburg goes down and I warned everybody about that scary Middletown team five weeks ago. Wow

  • Killerd, you’ll miss those 2 picks also.

  • wildcats-wildcats-wildcats-wildcats-wildcats- go wildcat pride!

  • Big Dog

    I had/have:

    2-Rancho Cotate
    3-Marin Catholic

    D2 & D4 are the toughest to decide in my opinion. Great win for the Mustangs over a legit Healdsburg team.

  • I heard Salesian is leaving the hose on to wet the field like Ferndale did against Javid Best several years back. Seriously, with all the pot money in Humbolt County Ferndale’s field should be condemned by the NCS and a new field built. That would be smokin’!

  • KillerD

    Big Joe………I will be laughing for most of the day after your Ferndale and how to fund a good field up there joke

  • Old Meddling, is there an Albany bus driver driving the Jet bus across the Richmond-San Rafael today? Will you be on the bus too?
    You guys should stop at Scomamas for some fried calarmari.

  • The Jets should stop by Marin General, they are going to need it.

  • S1lverngreen

    Pay dirt,
    Can’t say that I was at that game, however, back then I followed the program as an outsider in college, a jealous outsider i must admit as I was a product of a public school…one thing holds true, DLS is a program filed with great tradition and pride. I am proud to say that I have a son who attends the school and is having the time of his life.

  • with the lack of atheletes CN has and winning 42-17, the jets have to play MC today, if they win then CN.
    That’s a lot of Catholic to deal with. I predict an all- Catholic final.

  • Shag, Blanton and me are driving up to see the jet-mc game today. we’ll let you know what we saw and think- kind of like a bsal blog.

  • US Grant should of scheduled De La to toughen up for their Sac Jaq playoffs. Fully loaded, they are still 3 tds short of the Spartans. That goes for the 6 td kid from Folsom too, against the De La D he’s worth 1 score.

  • the jet bloggers must be using the gps going to Marin. They have been very quite today. The weather is a typical Marin day, kind of like Alameda too.

  • who ever was complaining about the AK and 1st team all-ebal must be nuts. You need to be walked.
    the only all league first they are making is the
    Easy Boy Attitude League.

  • junior

    Dont see why DLS would want to play Grant- they cant even win their section.

    Grant had their chance- I believe we might understand better why they declined to play the Spartans.

  • All the kings horses and all the kings men can’t put Grant back together again.

  • Den

    Today’s CCTimes sports page lists a replay of the Concord v. Casa Grande HS football game on “CHN.” But, CHN is not listed on the CCT TV Schedule and I can’t find it on the Astound on-screen guide.
    What/where is CHN?

  • mytwocents

    JET SPEED….BEEN SAYING IT ALL YEAR, (68) Where you at big joe ? Jets just left Marin general as there was several Marin players and parents having emotinal breakdowns.
    ITS ALL good didn’t do much chatting this morning as I was busy doing it out on the field. ALL BULLSHIT ASIDE…two good teams, props to them….BUT….we silenced you doubters,went to their house and did what we had to do.Its not over but we are blessed and humble to be going to the finals.

  • Triton8

    Big Joe…..were you at the same game. Your boys at MC were dominated at the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball. Encinal’s little lines crushed MC’s size. Marin general might have a new patient….#58 from MC’s helmet after he slammed it on the turf following the loss.

  • My hats off to the Jets. Congrats. Didn’t think you could handle that size. Marin General will be waiting for that Marin County sissy.

  • Triton8

    Still an awesome game at a real cool place to play….great atmosphere.

  • Old Former Meddling Coach

    Agree with Triton8, Marin Catholic’s facility was nice and the people were Great Hosts. Jet Pride and back to the Ship baby!!!