NCS championship game TV details

The NCS Division I championship game betweeen No. 1 De La Salle and No. 2 California will be aired live on Comcast SportsNet California at 4 p.m.. For most of you, that should be Channel 41 on Comcast (721 in HD). It’s Channel 698 on DirectTV, 409 on Dish Network and 767 on AT&T U-verse. The game will also re-air at 10:30 p.m. (EDIT: As of now, CSN California isn’t available on Dish Network due to a dispute between the provider and network. Click on this link for more information and/or to voice your displeasure. http://www.iwantcsn.com/)

That’s the only NCS championship game that will appear on TV, although CSN will carry all of the CIF State Championship Bowl games. On Friday, Dec. 17, CSN California will air the Division IV game at 4 p.m. and the Division I game at 7:30 p.m. On Saturday, Dec. 18, CSN California will air the Division III game at noon and the Open Division game at 7:30. CSN Bay Area (Comcast 40, 720 in HD; DirecTV 696; Dish 419; AT&T U-verse 770) will air the Division II game in between those at 4 p.m.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • dnrapp

    Unless things changed over the weekend. Dish network has droped CSN California. So Dish network people as of right now won’t be able to see the games and they also can’t see the Sharks, Kings and next year the A’s games.

  • c.sparks

    Good news for De LA and Encinal

  • bhsfan

    hey jimmy i hate that u had to see that at the basketball game tonite, hope u wasnt still n that corner when tht happened, i will make sure when u come to b high that ur taken care when im there

  • Luckily I was out of that corner by then and hanging out by the scorer’s table. That was definitely unfortunate.

  • bhsfan

    i have been to many and many games there and thats never happened b4, i talked with lawrence and frank otis dad and he said the same, i think some people said they wasnt even students there anymore, its a shame glad u wasnt over there, i was standing n that corner earlier talking with coach mac and coach peters

    hope theses 2 games sat will b classic games, the down to the wire types, whats ur predictions on the ncs div 1 thru 4 championship games

  • Prep Fan

    What happened in the corner? Was it a fight in the crowd or did someone get hurt? I didn’t see any news stories on it.

    It sounds like it was a good game and I know it was a big win for the Jackets.

  • mtguy300

    Is the game going to be aired out of state. I have cox communication in nevada that is similar to comcast

  • I wouldn’t count on it Mtguy, but as they say, check your local listings.