The Pigskin Geek: This is it!

This week, Jimmy and the Geek travel to the site of the North Coast Section Division I and II football championships to preview the section finals. Enjoy!

Ben Enos

  • KillerD

    There is much to be thankful for and the clash of the Titans on the gridiron is one of them this weekend.

    *Is it true that the Dublin high job is now open? Did Moreno depart?

    NCS D-1 Championship game this weekend:

    It has Been a Score since an NCS team upended the DLS Spartans football team, in fact I was AT that game when it last happened.

    If somebody would have said that night at the Coliseum, “I will bet you $10,000,000.00 that not one single NCS football team will beat DLS in the next —-years.” Well, I would have gladly taken that bet, mortgaged my home, cashed in my stocks and retirement plan and put all my money in and taken that crazy bet.

    And, after losing that bet I would have ended up Homeless, single, broke, childless, in debt and totally hating God’s greatest game on earth, football!

    Luckily for me, I do not BET!

    But, but, buuuuuuuuuutttt, wait a second, Here come the GRIZZ! They are starving, primed and raging, and full of HOPE as they enter into this HUGE rematch game against DLS for the title. The GRIZZ is fo-shizz and young outstanding coach Belicci has them prowling NCS territory in search of one last gigantic meal before they go into NCS football hibernation for the winter up here, soon to spread their Orange & Black wrath in the state bowl game in Carson.

    Keys to the victory for the GRIZZ to pull the upset:

    1. Turnovers, they must make DLS turn the ball over 2 times or more

    2. The Grizz cannot turn the ball over more than once

    3. Trick plays, DLS usually has one good trick play they successfully use in monster games. But this time, the GRIZZ need to win the battle of gadget plays and properly execute a halfback pass, fake punt or some such malfeasance with the pigskin to win

    4. Special Teams, DLS has been vastly superior on special teams every year. But, the GRIZZ need to kick field goals instead of going for it every time on 4th down, and hold DLS to field goal attempts twice. A punt return for a TD would really help GRIZZ too

    5. Now is the time for the X factor to reveal itself. All of us that have been entrenched in football for many years have seen it happen and fallen victim to its irresitable powers and beckoning.

    And what is that you ask of KillerD?

    It’s called Lady Luck………..simply put, the one thing DLS or any incredible team and staff cannot overcome nor defeat.

    Hogwash you utter?

    When the “Lady’ enters McAfee Coliseum Saturday night at 4pm she will quietly choose a team to fulfill its destiny and discreetly spread her charms amongst the fans and team that shall end up victorious that night.

    Naive and bewildered less experienced football fans will be watching the game that night, and when the football then takes a crazy bounce into a GRIZZ player’s hands, when DLS misses an extra point wide right, when DLS qb Houston’s perfect pass skips off the hands of a DLS receiver and results in a Pick 6 for the GRIZZ, the innocent unknowing fan will utter in amazement, “I can’t believe that just happened! Oh my God!”

    However, as those unfortunate incidents begin to occur again and again, the clever and wise, older, gritty and more seasoned football fan in the stands that night (most of us on this board) will instantly recognize the feminine voo-doo for what it really is, Lady Luck. The Lady knows all, sees all and reveals all on certain gridiron nights.

    The Lady ensures on some nights who is going to win and woe be the team that tries harder and harder to undue her whims. The more determined the DLS players are that night after a few things go awry, the more Lucky Dust the Lady will sprinkle over the GRIZZ players and coaches.

    As Lady Luck watches the events unfold, remember she already knows who the Victor will be, and she’s simply handing out clues along the way.

    CAL High 25

    DLS 24

  • outsider

    Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. Both teams have the preparation part completed. We will see who can capitalize on the opportunities.

  • Oh boy

    I was at that ’91 game too. Last L before the Streak, last NCS loss… I was 7 years old and pops took me to see these two talented teams battle it out on a cold, foggy night in the Coliseum. Fell in love with the game that night, started playing pop warner the next fall, and now its been 20 years involved in the game.

    Good luck to all the East Bay teams this weekend! DLS/CAL, Concord, Encinal and Salesian!

  • Prep Fan

    Go Grizz! And a little Lucky Dust wouldn’t hurt either.

    Both teams are preparing diligently for Satuday night’s battle. That is all Cal High is focusing on. But the DLS families and fans have been busy scheduling their flights and hotel reservations for Carson, and trying to figure out who they might be playing. They know the ropes and do not want to be left out if they should win their 19th consecutive section title.

    Hopefully, that little bit of lack of focus on the present will tip Lady Luck’s hand and cause her to spill a little more dust the Grizz’s way.

  • boysoffall

    Prep Fan Dream On. You can bet Cal is ALL Coach Lad, staff and team are focusing on. Time to worry about Carson after Saturday afternoon.

  • Prep Fan

    I didn’t say Coach Lad, staff and team were looking ahead. I said it was “the DLS families and fans have been busy scheduling their flights and hotel reservations for Carson, and trying to figure out who they might be playing.”

    Is there a hotel reservation with coach Lad’s name on it? Most likely. But I meant that Lady Luck might spill a little dust Cal’s way since they are not expecting or expected to win. The Grizz will try like hell, but DLS is expected to win. Should Cal pull off the monumental upset, that would make it that much sweeter of a victory.

  • KillerD

    One would have to admit having a big, strong and well coached team like CAL to play DLS in the Title Game makes it very interesting and more fun, especially given the fact they played a close game already this year.

    By the way is the Dublin job open?

  • renegades10

    Yeah Moreno resigned.

  • monarch86

    The Cal Boys are focusing on the job at hand and staying close to each other to make sure no one drifts. This game has taken the sense of family to a new level with the kids (nice to see)and Coach B has done a nice job with these players in his 2nd year they are truly his team, good luck and GATA Grizz!!
    See you Saturday…

  • monarch86

    BTW’s heard the final Holiday Classic Rosters will be sent Friday and Peter Villa finalist should be announced as well

  • Scl alum

    Killer D,

    Who do you like / what’s your score prediction in the Div IV final? It sucks my ‘Hounds are out of it (though they’re only graduating a few seniors), but I’m gonna root on the Mustangs of Middletown..

  • Concrete17

    Killer D
    VERY good post about Lady Luck…..should go into the posters’ Hall of Fame for prep football prose. You even managed to use a word “score” that hasn’t been used since Lincoln’s Gettysburg address. All in all a post for the ages.

    Now the bad news. Ran into your Lady Luck at Costco yesterday and she had her cart loaded with holiday goodies. Said she would only be able to attend Friday’s game. She said she had other commitments on Saturday, something about having to attend a company, holiday function with her husband Wishbone Willy. She said the boys will just have to kick the balls and they’ll land where they land.

    Looking forward to a great 4 quarters of NorCal Ball.