Holiday Classic All-Star game rosters announced

I just received the East Bay roster for the Holiday Classic All-Star football game, scheduled for Dec. 26 at Grant High in Sacramento. This roster oozes with talent and should make for a terrific game.

Pos Name Height Weight School
QB Ricky Lloyd 6’3 200 Concord
QB Drew Reil 6’0 185 California
RB Marquis Waters 5’9 175 Las Lomas
RB Alec Pica 6’0 210 Concord
WR Julius Mozee 6’0 180 Pittsburg
WR Kelly Starnes 6’0 180 Concord
WR Shamawn Wright 5’9 175 Antioch
WR TJ King 6’2 200 Bishop O’Dowd
WR Trevor Taft 6’2 200 California
WR DeAndre Carter 5’8 180 Washington
WR John Hughes 5’11 140 Hayward
WR Terrance Polk 5’11 170 Pittsburg
WR Lucas Shapiro 6’4 210 De La Salle
WR Grant Jones 6’4 215 Ygnacio Valley
WR Cameron Stover 6’0 205 Northgate
C Bryce Fryan 6’1 255 Washington
C Amin Liku 6’0 260 Castlemont
OG Rich Garwood 6’0 245 California
OG Joe Pearson 6’4 285 California
OG Dawson Graham 6’2 235 Foothill
OT Mark Harden 6’2 255 Berkeley
OT Wendell Taiese 6’6 345 McClymonds
OT Isaiah Henderson 6’5 295 Berkeley
OT Joshua Morrow IV 6’6 340 Encinal
DL Roydon Fonua 6’3 290 Fremont
DL Kevin Chase 6’4 235 Concord
DL Kyle Miller 5’10 235 De La Salle
DL James Dailey 6’1 360 Kennedy
DL Ben Teichman 6’2 275 San Ramon Valley
DL Maurice Poyadue 6’3 275 Alhambra
LB Jared Leaf 6’2 225 Alhambra
LB Cody Chapple 5’8 180 Concord
LB Ernest Marshall 5’10 205 McClymonds
LB Jonathan Allen 5’10 190 Encinal
LB Micah McMurray 6’2 215 Arroyo
LB Tyrone Ward 6’1 225 Bishop O’Dowd
LB Tui Talia 6’4 220 Ygnacio Valley
LB Lyonel Louis 6’3 235 El Cerritto
LB Kyle Egan 6’2 220 San Ramon Valley
DB George Atkinson 6’2 200 Granada
DB Antoine Pickett 6’0 175 De La Salle
DB Trenton Trammell 5’11 180 Bishop O’Dowd
DB Josh Atkinson 6’0 185 Granada
DB Eric Johnson 6’1 170 San Lorenzo
DB Marcus Peters 6’1 185 McClymonds
K Will Pedrotti 6’1 180 Heritage
LS John Sheperdson 6’3 230 San Ramon Valley

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • Tigerfan

    Why the kid from Fremont High in Oakland who was the leading East Bay rusher wasn’t selected? I heard he wasn’t even asked.
    Wow! He’s actually a great WR/DB but was asked to take the bulk of the running game this past year that lead him to become East Bay’s leading rusher. I think he his the only 2000 plus rusher in the East Bay & Fremont didn’t have a cupcake schedule either. “Not bad for a kid who played RB for the first time ever.” Plus this is his second year ever playing Football. Truly a leader & team player.

    Coordinator of the Holiday Classic – Why do kids that work soo hard in the offseason. Then finishes on top of the individual stats in their section or area for example Jordan Sanford did’t even get considered?

  • FOX

    @Tigerfan. Only 2 RBs on the roster. I don’t know the two selected. I can imagine Pica’s size played a factor in his selection. While you question why not Sanford, others will question why not Ryan Toney. He was league MVP with 12 plus yards per carry. Or the Salesian back, Aaron Prier, one of the top ranked as well, who averaged 12 plus yards per carry, sharing the offense with top 3 passer, Ikaika Woolsey–also not selected. Not one Pinole Valley selection?? Antione Davis? Feeney? Or the LB from Berkeley–deNeveu

  • Tigerfan

    Fox – I get it. But come on now. 2000 plus yrds in one season at a position playing for the first time. Oh well, This whole list is bias. Hope these kids that should’ve gotten selected gets asked to participate.

  • FOX

    Yeah, I think some are pretty valid, but most are probably personal favorites. I’m sure this coach never saw Jordan play. Truth is, with Ricky Lloyd and a gang of receivers, how many times you think they’re going to run in the game anyway.

  • FOX

    By the way Tiger fan, both Toney and Prier, went well over 2000 Total yards. Both had fewer rushing attempts as well. Oh, and I almost forgot about Najee Patrick.

  • norcalfball

    problem is it is not all about stats. because if it was QB from Washington would have been invited too, because he was clearly the #2 QB in terms of yardage and TD’s behind only Lloyd in NCS this year let alone among seniors.

  • matty

    a FEW NOTES..There is a committee that selects this team. I personally call/email and leave messages to every school involved. In some cases I have called emailed close to ten times. I put every effort into having coaches submit nominations. Sadly, not all do.

  • FOX

    Every team? From all the leagues? Patrick, Prier, and Toney probably weren’t even thought about being that neither SPSV or any BFL league stats ever made it to this site. Sadly, that is true.

  • JLHS Fan

    Wow no James Logan players at all?

  • Unstoppable

    @ footballfan: Bryce McGovern and Cameron Rowand are great Wrs but they are definatley not the best in the eastbay. Top 5 but not the best. Personally I think Kelley Starnes and DeAndre Carter are better Wrs. I have the opportunity to watch all 4 of them play and that’s how I see it. What are you guys opinions?

  • surprised

    Jordan Sanford went over 2000 yards rushing…. total yards well over 2000. That’s GREAT for a first year running back and I’m sure you would agree with that. But I do congratulate all of the young men that was selected.

  • FOX

    Come on Surprised. They posted the final OAL stats. Jordan didn’t rush for over 2000 yards. While I don’t blame you for questioning how the leading rusher wasn’t asked to participate, don’t exaggerate.

    Here are the final OAL stats of the season. Enjoy. They’ve been updated to include Jordan Sanford’s missing stats from Fremont’s game against Chowchilla, so his numbers are now complete and he finishes the year as the East Bay rushing champion.

    Rushing (by yards)

    Player G Rush Yards Avg. TD
    Jordan Sanford, Fremont 10 172 1,733 10.1 22

  • Tigerfan

    Fox – you are right. Jordan did finish with 1733 within 10 games of the regular season. I was going off of 12 games. OAL one playoff game & their section championship game. He rushed over 200 plus yards against Mack which has the #1 Defense in the East Bay during the OAL Championship. He’s a great WR/DB as well. Good Luck to all who were selected. But its still a bias list.

  • FOX

    I’ve never watched Jordan play, but 200+ yards on Mack is great. I also agree that the list is biased. I believe there’s an Alameda/Contra Costa game or something like that too. Maybe Jordan will get selected for that. Either way, he had a good season and best wishes to him in the future.

  • surprised

    Okay, I agree, but best on the final stats through the play off and Silver Bowl game, the OAL counts all rushing totals through the end of the season as noted in this article:

    Sanford finished with 171 yards on 18 carries and bumped his season total to 2,151 rushing yards.

    Not my words, but the ones that keeps track of all of the stats. Secondly, Ernest Marshall who is a good running back finish second to Sanford in the OAL league, and gets invited as a LB??? Like I said, surprised about how all of this takes places. All of these young men worked hard and should be awarded for there performance on and off the field.

    Lets invite all of the seniors to play in the game if it’s not going to be awarded fairly and accurately. That would be the right thing to do….

  • Coach Mac


    Jordan had 171 yds vs. Mack.

  • surprised

    final note: in your opinion coach Mac, should Jordan Sanford been invited to the All-star game based on what he achieved with playing 1 year in the running back position and only 2 years playing football period???

  • FOX

    @Surprised, your last post probably confirmed why Waters was selected over him. Experience. It’s obvious that the list isn’t based on stats. If that’s the case, then would you take the person with the most yards or best average yards per carry? Either way Jordan beats Waters, but I don’t think he beats Patrick, Prier, or Toney.

  • ManO’War

    Hey 60, as for receivers, great group but hard to say McGovern and Rowland aren’t equal to anyone else.

    Hey Fox on 54, will be interesting as to ability of Lloyd and the receiving corps to gain passing yards in the all-star game – more to it than just those guys – last year Sacto defense was in the backfield a lot, hurried the passer, and coverage was very good. Hard to pass, whoever you are, in those circumstances (though Ricky et al top notch, etc.). Good running game will have to be mixed in, or short ones to backs, etc.

  • sr22

    Heard Reil’s ankle got rolled up on by a lineman in the first practice. Who is EB getting as a backup QB?

  • ManO’War

    What time is game at Grant?

  • ManO’War

    All-Star football game at 1:00 on 26th, also online http://www.wannaplaycollegesports.com

  • #1 Prep Football Fan

    After 4 days of practice…
    With a very intricate and complex offense, I guess the only question is…

    The transition could be tough but…

    Has Hamilton and his coaching staff been able to install that fast-paced, no-huddle offense in just 4 days, with a group of kids that don’t have a ton of experience in that type of spread offense?

    If so, with the speed they have on that roster(Atkinson, D. Carter, Peters etc.), you could see the East Bay’s version of Oregon’s uptempo spread offense.
    I do know that they will find a way for EVERY player to get their shine on!

    If not… I’ll leave that up to the bloggers, either way, a very intriguing game that I would not miss for any NFL game!

  • #1 Prep Football Fan

    I believe Ikaika Woolsey is the backup but don’t quote me on that, a very intriguing kid with some skills!

  • Prep Fan

    Is Reil out or just temporarily hobbled from the high ankle sprain? He is a tough kid.

  • Reil is out for this game.

  • Prep Fan

    That is too bad. Woolsey should be a solid replacement though. And I’m sure they could move Mozee over if they need to.

  • matty

    Just to be clear.. The game will not be broadcast live. It will be Monday afternoon when it is up. Again…this is a tape delay (one day) broadcast. If you like wide open football this game is going to be awesome!!!

  • Oh boy

    Woolsey can physically make all the throws in the passing game. And athletically, he scrambles against dline pressure better than Reil. I’m excited about the East Bay offensive potential

  • Prep Fan

    Reil actually did a good job all year long scrambling against D-line pressure, including the first DLS game where he was fantastic. His only mishaps occurred late in the second qtr against DLS at the Coliseum, but that is also when they were on TV with everybody watching. I’m not saying Woolsey doesn’t scramble well, just that Reil was as good as anybody this year, with his only bad stretch against the best team in the state & possibly the nation.