NCS Div. I and Div. II football championships live blog here Saturday

Join our North Coast Section football championship live blog Saturday, starting with De La Salle vs. California in the North Coast Section Division I championship at the Coliseum at 4 p.m. We’ll also bring you live results from the Concord vs. Rancho Cotate Division II championship at 7 p.m.

Jon Becker

  • s1lverngreen

    I think you summed it up very well. I hope that we can stop with the attacks and talk about sports. After all, this is a prep sports blog. Stay dry everyone and best of luck to the North this weekend in Carson! Injury free championships and hopefully we can bring home some championship bling!

  • outsider

    Post 160.
    Cal High had a higher GPA last year for football than DLS did. Your smarter kid arguement doesn’t work.

  • Paydirt

    What a funny discourse. DLS treats all opponents with equal respect, public or private. Witness the result tonight. All hail the superior system with obvious advantages.

    The 5 and 5 proposal merits serious consideration, though reorganization to establish a bay area section makes much more sense. Then the WCAL could become the BACAL.

    In addition, private v. private finals and public v. public finals make sense as well. But then again, few if any of the arguments presented on this blog make “sense.” TRUE.

    BTW, last time I checked, our public school tax dollars actually paid for a majority of DLS’ trip to SOCAL.

  • Looks like smartier kids won tonite- Cal would have lost by 3 tds.

  • You can pencil in ANY team you want tonite, in those game conditions De La Salle and ANY conditions, they literally whip any team in California and beyond tonite. They have really got stronger in the playoffs- these kids want to WIN and prove a point. The EBAL would have been kicked in the state games- get real- a couple of close- yeah 2-4 td games would have been 5 to 6 tds tonite. SoCal would ru n over the EBAL, WCAl and the SJS teams period. A couple of teams would stick close or mabey win, DLS is the standard and you better not forget it.

  • outsider

    You are sure full of yourself and DLS. Yes, they are the standard for high school football in the state and maybe the country. But to diminish the accomplishments of other NorCal teams to prove how great DLS is, is being a jerk. Be happy it is easy to be a DLS fan.

  • YoMama,

    When I read your posts, I don’t know weather you graduated from a public or private school, but either way I know you didn’t graduate at the top of your class.

  • post #206 change weather to “whether”, I graduated #2

  • John, I was magna cum lad. Ask your momma.

  • Outsider, that’s why you are an outsider.

  • Island Chief

    My award for bloggers on here:

    2010 Awards:

    The “Talks the most, but knows the least” Award:

    Winner – BillJohnson

    The Rundown –
    This loser had been cut by several programs but yet still feels as if he knows more than everyone. He attacks every coaching staff & program. Spewing nothing but hate.

    The “Bad example for a daddy/coach” Award

    Winner – Island02

    The Rundown –
    Island02 made comments regarding his son’s retirement without his son’s consent after he knew the real problem was his son’s grades. After his son had to get on the blog and clear the air island02 started back tracking sayin he misunderstood his son!!!! Who is he a reporter for a tabloid or a cunnningham’s father? Then after pretending to be a coach on the Alameda sideline he quits and then airs the “dirty laundry” on the staff. B/c his son wasn’t given any kisses & hugs after his injury. Truly a season to rememebr on the island, WHAT A JERK!

    The “Biggest Mouth” Award:

    Winner: Donjuan01

    The rundown: This joker claimed that Arroyo would win the league and that their coach was the best in the East bay. They did beat SL but they lost to a weak Newark team & went to overtime with TENNYSON!!! NCS, 1st round KABLOOEYED to top it all off!!!! What happened?

    The “El Tonto” Award

    Winner – Yo Mama

    The rundown –
    Tired a$$ mom jokes combined with unfunny one-liners make this dude a dud.

  • Here’s my top East Bay teams now.

    1. De La
    2. Concord
    3. California
    4. McClymonds
    5. Encinal
    6. Salesian
    7. San Ramon

  • All East Bay selections should be

    QB- Lloyd(Con) Houston(DLS) 2nd team
    RB- Dunne(DLS)
    OL- Wynn(DLS)
    DL- Wynn(DLS)
    LB- Renaud(DLS) Barton(DLS) 2nd team
    DB- Williams(DLS)
    WR- Sharpiro (DLS) 2nd team

    and 2 more DLS ofensive linemen, you pick ’em on 2nd team.
    The O Line is the best in the state this year.

  • The Island Chief turns out to be an Island Squaw.