East Bay Boys Soccer Notes: De La Salle Showcase, Rankings, Standings, Stats

Here is a roundup of the weekend at the De La Salle Showcase.

San Ramon Valley: Lost to Woodside 2-0, beat Bullard 3-2

The Wolves got a little dinged up this week, and it showed. Still, this is a very talented team with solid players in all phases of the game. They’ll be right in the thick of things in the EBAL.

Bishop O’Dowd: Beat Lincoln-San Jose 3-1, tied St. Francis 1-1

A good showing for the Dragons. O’Dowd just got several key kids back and will continue to climb up the rankings, in my opinion. The HAAL has two very top notch teams.

Richmond: Lost to St. Francis 2-1, beat Woodside 4-2

This was the team almost everybody was buzzing about while I was there. This team is very young, but is getting better each time out. They are very fast, very athletic and can make it look easy at times. They have a few things to figure out, but by time the playoffs roll around, watch out.

De La Salle: Beat Bullard 1-0, beat Alisal 3-1

The Spartans had a chip on their shoulders after two consecutive EBAL losses and it showed. After a solid 1-0 win over Bullard, they came out and crushed an Alisal team that was ranked No. 22 in the ESPN Rise Fab 50.

Deer Valley: Beat Clovis West 2-0, lost to Lincoln-San Jose 2-1

The Wolverines played two games in a span of a few hours, and looked a little tired in the first half of the second one. Hard to fault them. This is still a dangerous team, and outscored their opponents 3-2 in 160 minutes of soccer played in one afternoon.

Campolindo: Beat Clovis West 1-0

Everyone was interested to see if this Division II team could stand up with the big boys, and the message was received that they are. The Cougars are fast, they have more size than a year ago, they play physical and they stay organized. They also feature one of the top keepers in the area. This team is the real deal.


So I decided to get the three remaining unbeaten’s into the top three, so San Lorenzo jumps six spots after a good week that included a convincing win over a solid O’Dowd team. Campolindo, as stated earlier, is for real, and I decided not to punish Deer Valley because the Wolverines played two games in a few hours. They also play Livermore and Newark this week, so we’ll see how they handle this tough stretch. I think they look legit.
De La Salle might be back, but I kept them right in the same area, just to see how the Spartans respond after a trip to San Diego for a few games. Familiar faces Acalanes and Richmond climb back into the rankings.

1. California (10-0-0)
2. Campolindo (11-0-0)
3. San Lorenzo (7-0-0)
4. Deer Valley (3-1-3)
5. San Ramon Valley (7-1-1)
6. Berkeley (6-1-2)
7. Clayton Valley (3-1-2)
8. Newark Memorial (8-2-0)
9. De La Salle (4-2-0)
10. Livermore (5-3-1)
11. Bishop O’Dowd (7-2-1)
12. Monte Vista (6-2-1)
13. Logan (5-3-2)
14. Acalanes (5-2-2)
15. Richmond (4-3-1)

Others considered: Pittsburg (3-2-0), Dublin (6-3-2), Dougherty Valley (3-3-2), Piedmont (6-0-1), Alhambra (7-3-1), College Park (1-3-3), Ygnacio Valley (4-1-0), Heritage (1-2-4), Amador Valley (4-4-0), Mission San Jose (5-4-2).


Team Overall League Points

Richmond (4-3-1) 1-0-1 4
Pinole Valley (4-3-2) 1-0-0 3
Berkeley (6-1-2) 1-0-0 3
El Cerrito (0-4-2) 0-0-1 1
Alameda (1-7-1) 0-1-0 0
Hercules (0-5-0) 0-1-0 0
De Anza (1-6-0) 0-1-0 0

Team Overall League Points

Piedmont (6-0-1) 6-0-0 18
St. Mary’s (4-1-0) 4-1-0 12
Encinal (2-3-0) 2-1-0 6
Kennedy (4-4-0) 2-2-0 6
St. Joseph Notre Dame (2-3-1) 2-2-0 6
St. Patrick-St. Vincent (1-2-0) 1-2-0 3
Albany (1-2-2) 0-1-0 0
Salesian (0-2-0) 0-2-0 0
Swett (0-7-0) 0-5-0

Team Overall League Points

Antioch (0-5-3) 0-0-0 0
Deer Valley (3-1-2) 0-0-0 0
Freedom (1-5-1) 0-0-0 0
Heritage (1-2-4) 0-0-0 0
Liberty (2-3-0) 0-0-0 0
Pittsburg (3-2-0) 0-0-0 0

Team Overall League Points

Campolindo (11-0-0) 4-0-0 12
Acalanes (5-2-2) 2-1-1 7
Alhambra (7-3-1) 2-1-0 6
Dublin (6-3-2) 1-2-0 3
Las Lomas (5-4-0) 1-2-0 3
Miramonte (1-5-3) 0-2-2 2
Dougherty Valley (3-3-2) 0-2-1 1

Team Overall League Points

Clayton Valley (3-1-2) 1-0-0 3
College Park (1-3-3) 1-0-0 3
Northgate (1-6-2) 1-0-0 3
Ygnacio Valley (4-1-0) 1-1-0 3
Concord (2-0-1) 0-0-0 0
Mt. Diablo (2-1-0) 0-1-0 0
Berean Christian (1-7-0) 0-2-0 0

Team Overall League Points

California (10-0-0) 2-0-0 6
San Ramon Valley (7-1-1) 2-0-0 6
Monte Vista (6-2-1) 2-0-0 6
Livermore (5-3-1) 1-1-0 3
Granada (1-6-4) 1-1-0 3
De La Salle (4-2-0) 0-2-0 0
Amador Valley (4-4-0) 0-2-0 0
Foothill (4-5-1) 0-2-0 0

Team Overall League Points

San Lorenzo (7-0-0) 4-0-0 12
Bishop O’Dowd (7-2-1) 3-1-0 9
Hayward (2-1-3) 2-1-0 6
Castro Valley (1-5-2) 1-1-0 3
Mt. Eden (5-2-2) 1-1-0 3
San Leandro (1-7-0) 1-2-0 3
Tennyson (3-4-2) 1-2-0 3
Arroyo (1-8-0) 0-3-0 0
Moreau Catholic (0-3-1) 0-2-0 0

Team Overall League Points

Irvington (1-5-2) 0-0-0 0
Kennedy (1-3-2) 0-0-0 0
Logan (5-3-2) 0-0-0 0
Mission San Jose (5-4-2) 0-0-0 0
Newark Memorial (8-2-0) 0-0-0 0
Washington (2-3-3) 0-0-0 0

Team Overall League Points

Castlemont (0-0-0) 0-0-0 0
Fremont (0-0-0) 0-0-0 0
Oakland (0-0-0) 0-0-0 0
Oakland Tech (1-1-0) 0-0-0 0
Skyline (0-0-0) 0-0-0 0


Name, School Goals
Pagliuca, Cal 10
Aguila, Richmond 10
Ulloa, Logan 9
Fagenson, Cal 7
Reshke, Campo 7
Parisi, Dougherty 7
Villa, Pitt 6
Nine players tied with 5

Name, School Assists
Hodges, LL 6
Oranstil, BOD 5
Fagenson, Cal 5
Danielson, Cal 5
Tavecchio, Campo 5
Grixti, Cal 4
Shaiwany, Dougherty 4
Castillo, Dublin 4
Hartland, Dublin 4
Romero-Pacheco, Logan 4
Salimpour, MV 4
Ramirez, Newark 4
Vazquez, Pitt 4
Guizar, Tenny 4

Matt Smith

  • Matt Smith

    That one is on my calendar. Second day of the new law school semester, but I’m sure I can swing it.

  • Cokito

    I am going to miss this one unfortunately…

  • dfal1

    Have to disagree DFAL. SLZ slightly outplayed Campo in the first half, controlling play and passing much better than Campo, though SLZ doesn’t seem to have anyone who can make plays around the goal. Once the 2nd half started Campo made some changes and brought #22 forward and the game shifted to Campo being more aggresive and making better runs.

    In the end Campo had the better chances but SLZ proved their defense was equal to Campo. A 0-0 tie was what this game deserved from two outstanding defensive teams; a precurser to the D2 NCS finals?

    Finally, enough with posts about bad officiating. Campo was clearly the aggressor in this game and the refs called the game accordingly. It certainly didn’t change the outcome of the game.

  • SFL

    Who did Albany lose to in league? That must be a misprint…

  • SoccerGuy

    Sorry for the late notice and I hope this is posted quickly: it seems the Livermore/Deer Valley game is AT DEER VALLEY, not at Livermore as I stated earlier. MaxPreps is not a reliable source.

  • John Q

    Good thing Im still at work almost headed out through traffic for the DV/Livermore game

  • JustSoccer

    SoccerGuy and John Q., too bad you missed it! The game was at Livermore, not at Deer Valley. Well played 1-1 tie. Livermore scored first about half way thru the second half off a cross that the DV GK deflected out into the box and LHS put away. DV scored about 5 minutes later off a corner that bounced around the box and ended up in goal. Hard fought game with each team having plenty of chances.

    Great Soccer tonite. Congrats to both teams.

  • soccerfan

    Any other scores from games today?

  • soccerfan

    Any other scores from games today??

  • ebal fan

    Sorry I’m a little late on DV/Livermore.
    I did attend the game, first half Livermore with majority of ball, however no clear chance of scoring as DV plays solid defense.
    Second half, Livermore seemed to pick up and got a goal and DV responded. Livermore had about two questionable calls in the box that could have easily gone their way and would have sealed the game.
    Livermore must learn to put the ball in the net, possessing the ball won’t win you games.

  • JustSoccer

    Livermore 6 – Alameda 0

  • mval

    Newark Memorial won again this afternoon against Deer Valley. They handled them pretty easily. Newark scored three goals in a row early in the second half to break a halftime tie.

  • Matt Smith

    I think Newark is legit. Glad I got to see them.

  • eastbaysoccerfan

    Mval, you dont seem to mention that DV had a player sent off 10 minutes into the match? Hmm, I wonder why? Also you dont seem to recall the DV defenders slipping on a below average, wet grass field, the one Newark consistently trains and plays on. All that being said, the referee wasnt as neutral as one would think either. I do agree that Newark is a very good team and has a great chance of doing some special things this season. My question is how many Newark players will still be eligible once grades come out??? Newark is for real, but I would like to see that game replayed on a turf field with neutral referees…

  • mvalteacher

    Deer valley plays on the same kind of field. Their home field is grass and now how to play on that field. You think the send off was not legit???

  • eastbaysoccerfan

    Not not really, the send offwas not warranted…The player lifted his foot and did show his cleats towards the oncoming player, but it was not in an aggressive manner to injure the player it seemed to be more in a protective manner. That exact player had 3 shots on goal within the first 10 minutes prior to being sent off for a questionable call, a booking, for sure, but sending off, I dont think so.

    Regardless Newark has an outstanding team and will do well this season. I just didnt see it as an easy handling of DV. DV then played 70 minutes of an 80 minute game with only 10 players on the field.

    I like to be fair to all the student athletes who work very hard during the season.

  • Hey Matt

    It would be nice if everyone would just discuss soccer and leave the comments out about public schools and their student athletes ability to maintain grades.
    (comment #64)

    At BHS we have someone involved in the soccer program that has been good enough to provide tutors for those that are struggling.

    If people want to get involved in their schools athletic programs, this is a fantastic way to contribute.

    Merry Christmas to All!


  • HAAL Fanatic

    San Lorenzo ALL THE WAYY!!!!!!

  • HAAL Fanatic

    i believe that this is HAAL future champion, there are going to be other teams very close to it but i think SLZ will come out with the crown in this league, what do you guys think?

  • bambam


    Not sure how DLS did today but they were in the semi’s or finals of the So Cal Showcase today down in San Diego. Last year 0-3 down there. The coaches must have already made some adjustments or gave wake up calls as they are 5-0 since going 0-2 to start league.