Live blog Saturday night from De La Salle vs. Servite in CIF Open Division championship

Get in-game news and analysis from the CIF Open Division football championship on Saturday, Dec. 18 at 7 p.m. as De La Salle High meets Servite at the Home Depot Center in Carson. This game is televised live on Comcast SportsNet California. In the Bay Area, that’s Channel 41 on Comcast (721 in HD), Channel 698 on DirecTV and 767 on AT&T U-verse. It’s currently unavailable on Dish Network (http://www.iwantcsn.com/). Live audio is online at http://kbcsports.com/live/details.asp?GameID=3172. There is no online video feed.

Jon Becker

  • Huskiesfan

    since no mention, congrats to Washington’s Rahsaan Vaughn! Oregon Ducks recruited themselves a great WR!

  • Paydirt

    Congratulations to Escalon! A very gritty performance. Now it is Folsom’s turn to step up.

  • S1lverngreen

    Yes, also to Paly for pulling the big upset over centennial corona last night..Go Folsom and Spartans! Two more for the North!

  • i want servite. rain makes things worse.servite did not study will.but de la salle probly best in states.servite only best in southern.servite was great every game before this.de la

  • Paydirt

    #3 – Huh? Both teams had to overcome the wet conditions. Servite was dominated by DLS,

  • Paydirt

    #3 – Huh? Both teams had to overcome the wet conditions. Servite was dominated by DLS. It was the speed of the game at the point of attack, plain and simple.

  • Unbelievable in these game condtions- whatI saw Friday nite Paly and Centinneal would have been dominated- DeLa is truly the class of California this year- have a hard time seeing ANY Texas team beating them tonite- this win was between the tackles- right up the middle in the mud. Hard Nose football.

  • c.sparks

    California high of san ramon would of won the southern section… i am not a Fan or a supporter of them.. but those teams are wayyyyy to overatted

  • S1lverngreen

    Cal high would have man handled Servite and CC…

  • outsider

    De La Salle showed that they have an exceptional team this year. It was good at the beginning of the year and it got better. All of us Cal High fans think it is too bad that we had to play DLS for the league championship but we can hold our heads up knowing we gave then a good shot. Cal High Grizzlies the EBAL public school champions.

  • Are You Kidding Me?

    Are you kidding me? Cal High is too slow, and would have been killed by a dozen So. Cal teams.

    You guys are myopic and have no perspective.

  • Jack Cates

    Memo to SPSV: It is possible to win on a “swampy” field.

  • Not on that crappy field, with holes and cow dung. It’s tough to play Salesian on a dry field and loose 75-26. Ferndale, stand down, this blog is for winners right now. Take a drag and go tend to the chickens.

  • Jack Cates

    Take a look at the sacbee pictures before you shoot your mouth, Yo. Nothing like a low IQ posting to bring the forum DOWN.

  • Jack, did you vote for prop 19?

  • DLS wouold have beat Servite under any conditions. SCore tells you that period. Dry maybe 42-14 it was their night. That being said the rain effected CC & Servite. They’re beter teams then what they showed. That rain excuse didn’t help the Jets in 09 it still was getting dominated. It rained for both teams.

    I don’t see Cal Beating Mision Viejo, CC, Servite, Mater Dei on dry fields.

  • Prep Fan

    Cal gave DLS their closest game of the year in the EBAL finale and also scored the most points against them all year in last week’s game at the Coliseum. Cal didn’t beat DLS, but they beat everyone else they played convincingly and they sure put up a better fight in both of those games than the Friars did last night. Rip into Cal all you want about who they might not beat, but their only 2 losses this season were to the team that no one else could touch.

  • Good post, those teams are ranked EVERY year. Bye the way, De La Salle just jumped to # 1 in the Nation on the Max-prep freeman ratings!

  • The Cal fans are proud- understand that- there EBAL Champ just won state. Haven’t heard too many cudos though. As far as the NCS championship, De La left 21 pts on the field, score could have been worse. The mark of great teams is to win even if it’s close, the first game DLS was in a funk in the 2nd half, the 4th quarter, again the mark of a great team was to put it away with a long and powerful drive, including the 2 pt. conversion to be up by 14. Watching Cal and Bishop Gorman this year, I give the nod to Sanchez over his previous team, however with the ex DE La Saller running Cal, there program has no where to go but up. Gorman gave DLS their best game of the year.

  • jack off cates, what you talkin bout man. i met one of your fine ferny women at the salesian game. she was cryin big time after the game, and i like the gentleman i is, took her out for a drink at my trailor. she confessed to me the sins of ferndale, water down field, racist comments from the stands, etc. she did not want to go back up there. we are gettin along fine and might be planning a wedding in fernytown on main st. coach J maybe could do the ceremonies, of course if there is no tidal wave coming which would wipe out the craphole field.

  • Scl alum

    Congrats to Escalon on taking the D3 title

  • st. mary’s of stockton gave dls their second toughest game of the year. cal hi, you had two chances to knock them off, instead you got knocked out of the ring. you sure ain’t no ROCKY.

  • i understand that the big creamy dairy in ferndale is about to go under. seems that a dago by the name of gilladuchi took all the jack and went to arizona. ferny townfolk are packin up to leave the area for work. well now, plenty of work in richmond, that being freeway cleanin. send the football players down too, they can be tacklin dummies for salesian, will help the budget on blocking bags. they can sing the tune 76 trombone.(76-28) final.

  • outsider

    St. Mary’s played DLS preseason. DLS does not play as well preseason as they do at the end of the season. Cal faced a much better team when they played DLS.

  • Jack Cates

    Littlepussy, Vallejo is bankrupt. I’d keep my business acumen to myself. Your familiarity with freeway cleaning speaks volumes, no doubt with a CDC vest.

  • Jack yo mama is cleaning that freeway with me in the truck dropping off the orange bags.

  • jack cates , you being a fernytown racist speaks volumes with the amount of water you be usin in that hose to water the ferny field down with. i hope you did not water the milk down when the ferny creamy went broke, i understand that foster farm had to bale your butts out. well foster sells a whole of chicken, guess to who, thats right the east bay. i will be sendin them your comments and maybe they will lay off some more of you yokels up there. might as well reduce that pile of crap to zero, cause the tidal wave be comin. ask salesian, 76-28, what a all time whipin for the ages. i believe it will go down in the CIF state record books. bye the way you can still give away the bride, i hope she ain’t your sister. cause if she is, you be my new BROTHER in law.

  • Chs1012

    #19- dLS was gifted 21 pts in the NCS first half due to three Cal TOs in dela’s RED ZONE. Dela’s TO’s did not offer the same field position. The State champ should capitalize on those. And it was only 4 weeks ago Cal outplayed the “#1” national team 14-8 in the second half, the ONLY game this year both starting units were in all 48. Also, no critical TO’s in that game led to an even tilt. The now crucial onside kick recovery play call, different tune by Sparta. No doubt, though, Dunne a tough RB and the muck in Carson last night was entirely suited to him and not Felton.

  • jack, i got that orange vest on my little ferny ho right now. she be dancin in my trailor cause it be raining outside, otherwise i would have her on san pablo makin me some scratch. hey, we might have to pay a little on the wedding, if you and coach J CAN’T RAISE THE SCRATCH. hey she also be scratch the snatch right now, she ain’t going back to fairyfernytown.

  • jack, new score just came in , giladuchi 99, fernytown 0.there sure ain’t no point spread on that , looks like he spread all your a$$es wide some time ago. milk makes a booty good, at least thats was the TV SAYS.

  • THEanonymous

    It shocked me that open through d3 games were all won by the north, especially Palo Alto, who got very lucky the night they played Centennial. Upset of the bowls.
    De La Salle is by far #1 in the freemen ratings after TROUNCING Servite, that shocked me even more than Palo Alto that Servite got beat by that much!
    I’m very hopeful that one day the Cal Grizzlies will be playing for a state title.

  • KillerD

    Congrats to all of the Nor Cal teams that Won State titles, excellent work.

  • norcalfball

    Great work by the Nor Cal teams!!! No doubt weather aided them a little, but still impressive nonetheless. Everyone showed us proud and proved that our teams can go toe to toe with the teams from down south. NORCAL proved that SOCAL can have rosters filled with D1 athletes that we will be hearing about for a long while, we can have hard nosed tough kids, a few D1 players and whip them. Just goes to prove in high school teams with no D1 athletes can beat a team filled with them, because in high school those D1 athletes have not fully matured to the players they will be in college or in the pros. Tiny 5’9 QB’s without elite speed, arm, or size can still get it done on the high school field. that is what makes high school football great. Proved football championships are won by great teams, not great individuals.

  • Let’s not forget excellent coaching can overcome better talent to a large degree.

  • Let’s not forget several of those SoCal teams could drive to the stadium, no plane flights, lodging, etc.
    De La Salle was in Finals week at school.
    The game needs to be moved out of Carson up North the next several years. I’m sure the Home Depot is not going to hold the CIF and whatever contract they have to the fire- it should be moved around.

  • The only area DLS has not played is Texas. They have played in Hawaii, East Coast, South teams, mid-west teams, SoCal, Nevada and Pacific Northwest. They can take Texas.

  • As I continue to read the blogs of, YoMama, Big Joe, Big Dog, EBAL Fan #2, Renegades10, etc… I keep thinking of your website name “SpartanHood”. You need to change that to “ARYAN HOOD”. Some of you have admitted that you are graduates of DSL. You can’t claim the high ground as you have and now say that’s not representative of all DLS graduates.

    At least the the curtain is starting to be pulled back on what is taught (or not being taught) at that school.

    P.S. No I’m not jealous I really don’t want to become a member of your group.

  • Scl alum

    If CIF ever moves the Bowl games to Northern Cal, they should consider a mid-sized football venue such as Sac City College (capacity about 20,000). I think a state bowl game at the Coliseum is too cavernous..the Home Depot Center in Carson is ideal sized, but seems like in general, state championship games in CA are more well-attended here in Northern CA.

  • renegades10

    Not a Fan…or is it Ebal5 or Big Pappa. But Really? Aryan Hood? In case you haven’t noticed DLS has a pretty good amount of diversity. I’m pretty sure out of those posters I am the only one that graduated from DLS. But yes, I feel confident in saying that 5 people are not representative of an entire population. And what curtain is being pulled back? I’m curious what you meant by that. The Spartanhood board was created so that supporters of the school and team could have convos without the other crap that was coming in on the NorcalPreps site about recruiting and other stuff.

  • Prep Fan

    Rengades, congratulations to your alma mater Spartans and their decisive win over Servite. They, along with Folsom, Palo alto and Escalon have made quite a statement for NorCal football this weekend. Bravo!

    I have not spent much time on the board lately as it has taken on a lot of toxic garbage talk and braggadocchio from people just looking to get a rise out of others, both from a few very visible DLS “fans” and “haters” alike.

  • Sour grapes from not a fan. He might as well throw in Concrete17 and Silvergreen too. He’s hidding behind another name and yes, not a fan, you can’t get into the club unless ya got a ticket.

  • Concrete17

    Post #37….First word sums up the poster and his/her post….NOT

  • S1lverngreen

    Still here yo mama…savoring the win by our boys and relishing in the North’s absolute domination this weekend. Also, drying off too! Hell, it was wet this weekend, too wet to go see the mouse in Anahein! Me and Gades are working on getting a De La airplane with a big o’l spartan logo on the tail to take us hood boys to the HD center again next yr! Have a wonderful holiday season everyone!

  • ya dont need to graduate from dls to say they had a great year. just look at the stats. in fact, you might as well look at the stats almost every year. some things dont change much when they are right. not a fan needs to look at his past program, if he had one, which i doubt.they all have a chance to improve, if they want to. if ya dont want to hear the heat, then stay out of the kitchen, cause we are cookin here. you dont want to get burned.