DLS named State Team of the Year by Cal-Hi Sports

This one was a foregone conclusion, but De La Salle was named the California state team of the year by Cal-Hi Sports today. Cal-Hi has been giving this award out for years and years, and they list the winners all the way back to 1891. For those wondering, this is the 14th time the Spartans have earned the honor, and the third time in the last four years.

If you want to check out the whole list, click here.

Ben Enos

  • chuck

    We all realize the Spartans football have an advantage to the remaining teams in the EBAL. You add outstanding coaches to outstanding talent and the advantage is pronounced. Since all leagues to be considered for DLS entry have put up the no vacancy sign this inequity will continue until the competing schools draw a group of student athletes whom cannot afford a private school or decide to forgo the commute. The likely hood of that happening are remote to say the least. The benefit of this current situation is the notoriety DLS brings to northern Cal. In summary the 3 runner ups to DLS could have been very competitive with Servite but have no chance of joining the party because they will play DLS twice.