Holiday Classic roster additions

A few additions to the East Bay roster for the Holiday Classic All Star game, slated for Sunday, Dec. 26 at 1 p.m. at Grant High in Sacramento. Keep your eye out for a preview of the game to run in Saturday’s paper along with rosters for both teams.

QB Ikaika Woolsey, Salesian, 6-0, 190
DL Nick Mazza, Clayton Valley, 6-2, 230
DL Mustafa Whitehead, Encinal, 6-2, 230
DL Connor Peters, De La Salle, 6-3, 215
OL Josh Cabral, De La Salle, 5-10, 209

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • Iron Mike

    Good Luck Brian and the East Bay All Stars this weekend vs Sacaremto!!!

  • observer

    what happened? didn’t go so well for the East Bay. Anybody go to it? What was the deal?

  • Sac just absolutely dominated the line of scrimmage. The East Bay couldn’t get a push on offense. Defensively, the East Bay held their own on the line for good portions, but Sac controlled the line enough to control the game.

  • period

    Great game….Ricky Lloyd was fantastic — so was Folsom’s QB….

    So who wins: Sacramento (Grant/Folsom) all-stars -or- De La Salles State Championship Team…

    DLS 20
    GFAS 12

  • observer

    why does it feel like there’s a directive for radio silence on this game? Trying to find information on it is nearly impossible!

    How was the attendance?
    Did players get their fair share of playing time or was it musical chairs all night?
    How was the weather, did it affect the outcome?
    Who was outclassed on our O-line and why?
    Did Riel ever get to throw?

    c’mon guys, why is everybody so silent, nobody go?

  • Observer, check my latest post for info on the game.

    Everyone played significantly. Coaches did a good job of rotating guys in. Lloyd and Woolsey traded series most of the time, but Lloyd did get quite a few more snaps (partially because his drives lasted longer, but he did also get a couple more drives than Woolsey). The whole o-line really was beat up by Sac. I wouldn’t single out anybody. Reil did not play. He was injured during the week and replaced on the roster by Woolsey.