All-East Bay football team

Here it is, the 2010 All-East Bay football team, as selected by the staff of the Bay Area News Group-East Bay.

Player of the Year: OL/DL Dylan Wynn, De La Salle, Sr.
Offensive Player of the Year: QB Ricky Lloyd, Concord, Sr.
Defensive Player of the Year: DB Marcus Peters, McClymonds, Sr.
Coach of the Year: Brian Hamilton, Concord

First team offense
QB Ricky Lloyd, Concord, Sr.
RB Lucas Dunne, De La Salle, Sr.
RB Jordan Sanford, Fremont, Sr.
WR Kelly Starnes, Concord, Sr.
WR Bryce McGovern, Monte Vista, Sr.
TE Trevor Taft, California, Sr.
OL Scott Walsh, De La Salle, Sr.
OL Rich Garwood, California, Sr.
OL Freddie Tagaloa, Salesian, Jr.
OL Wendell Taiese, McClymonds, Sr.
OL Luke Simeona, De La Salle, Sr.
K Anthony Piganelli, Miramonte, Sr.

Second team offense
QB Ross Anderson, Miramonte, Jr.
RB Marquis Waters, Las Lomas, Sr.
RB James Lewis, Pinole Valley, Jr.
WR Terrance King Jr., Bishop O’Dowd, Sr.
WR Terrance Young, Concord, Jr.
TE Miles Gordon, Oakland, Sr.
OL Joe Pearson, California, Sr.
OL Isaiah Henderson, Berkeley, Sr.
OL Ross Dolbec, Miramonte, Sr.
OL Jacob Welter, Monte Vista, Sr.
OL Ezequiel Pacheco, Pinole Valley, Sr.
K Guillermo Rivas, California, Sr.

Third team offense
QB Drew Reil, California, Sr.
RB Cameron Stover, Northgate, Sr.
RB Aaron Prier, Salesian, Sr.
WR Cameron Rowland, Foothill, Sr.
WR Trevor Davis, Alhambra, Sr.
WR Grant Jones, Ygnacio Valley, Sr.
OL Ignacio Madrid, Bishop O’Dowd, Jr.
OL Anthony Vivieros, Castro Valley, Jr.
OL Joshua Morrow, Encinal, Sr.
OL Matt McKeen, Freedom, Sr.
OL Josh Cabral, De La Salle, Sr.
K Maxwell Naterman, Pinole Valley, Sr.

First team defense
DL Ben Teichman, San Ramon Valley, Sr.
DL Kyle Miller, De La Salle, Sr.
DL Kevin Chase, Concord, Sr.
DL Mustafa Whitehead, Encinal, Sr.
LB Travis Feeney, Pinole Valley, Sr.
LB Blake Renaud, De La Salle, Sr.
LB Kyle Egan, San Ramon Valley, Sr.
LB Jared Leaf, Alhambra, Sr.
DB Marcus Peters, McClymonds, Sr.
DB John Lewis, McClymonds, Sr.
DB Devin Williams, De La Salle, Sr.
DB Antoine Pickett, De La Salle, Sr.
UTL DeAndre Carter, Washington, Sr.

Second team defense
DL Roydon Fonua, Fremont, Sr.
DL Micah McMurray, Arroyo, Sr.
DL Antoine Davis, Pinole Valley, Sr.
DL Connor Peters, De La Salle, Sr.
LB Jonathan Allen, Encinal, Sr.
LB Matt Haney, James Logan, Sr.
LB Alec Pica, Concord, Sr.
LB Jeremiah Walters, McClymonds, Sr.
DB Matt Butler, Northgate, Sr.
DB Bo Banks, Encinal, Jr.
DB Bryce McGovern, Monte Vista, Sr.
DB Trevor Taft, California, Sr.
UTL Julius Mozee, Pittsburg, Sr.

Third team defense
DL Maurice Poyadue, Alhambra, Sr.
DL Rich Garwood, California, Sr.
DL Chad Washington, Bishop O’Dowd, Sr.
DL Richard Renteria, Pittsburg, Sr.
LB Hardy Nickerson Jr., Bishop O’Dowd, Jr.
LB Michael Barton, De La Salle, Jr.
LB Marcus Prenot, California, Sr.
LB Jacai DeNeveu, Berkeley, Sr.
DB John Hughes, Hayward, Sr.
DB Trent Baker, Acalanes, Sr.
DB Giles Chapman, Washington, Sr.
DB Davon Morgan, Heritage, Sr.
UTL George Atkinson III, Granada, Sr.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • The stats were from MaxPreps, so not sure how accurate they are. Oddly, he’s the only player with his stats listed for that season for Eastside Prep.

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  • thedude

    Hey Jimmy did you get those final East-bay Stats?

  • Oooh, thanks for the reminder Thedude. I haven’t yet, but I should hopefully have some time tomorrow and I’ll try to get them up.

  • thedude

    Hey Jimmy any luck yet with those final east-bay stats?

  • billjohnson

    stop drop well its time for cal to drop castro valley and washington play someone from wcal or a palo alto same goes for monte vista why arent they playing serra anymore?