Mighty McGovern

Congratulations to Monte Vista football star Bryce McGovern for receiving the Danville Rotary’s 14th annual Pete Villa award. The award, named after the founder of the San Ramon Valley Thunderbirds youth football program, recognizes the top high school players in the San Ramon Valley area. McGovern was selected as a first-team wide receiver and second-team defensive back on the 2010 Bay Area News Group-East Bay team. He had 71 receptions for 1,200 yards last season, giving him a remarkable 177 receptions for 3,263 yards in two seasonsThe other nominees for the Pete Villa award were Joseph Pearson, Trevor Taft and Rich Garwood from California; Zac Walsh, Lucas Raventos and Michael Spivey from Dougherty Valley; Dane Turner and Mike Sullas from Monte Vista; and Kaulin Blair, Kyle Egan and Ben Teichman from San Ramon Valley.

Matt Schwab

  • East Bay Coach

    Good job Bryce

    SectionSports.com Staff

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    QB: Ricky Lloyd, Concord
    RB: Lucas Dunne, De La Salle
    RB: George Atkinson, Granada
    WR: Kelly Starnes, Concord
    WR: Bryce McGovern, Monte Vista
    TE: Trevor Taft, California
    OT: Michael Padovese, Marin Catholic
    OT: Freddie Tagaloa, Salesian
    OG: Jacob Welter, Monte Vista
    OG: Tavita Taito, Deer Valley
    OC: Dawson Graham, Foothill


    QB: Nick Sherry, Casa Grande
    RB: Carson Seanor, Healdburg
    RB: Alex Pica, Concord
    WR: Terrence Young, Concord
    WR: Terrence King, Bishop O’Dowd
    TE: Tyler White, Casa Grande
    OT: Joshua Morrow, Encinal
    OT: Isaiah Henderson, Berkeley
    OG: Ross Dolbec, Miramonte
    OG: Joe Pearson, California
    OC: William Strauss, Heritage


    DE: Trent Mahler, Concord
    DE: Dylan Wynn, De La Salle
    DT: Nick Mazza, Clayton Valley
    DT: Willy Thompson, Concord
    LB: Eddie Horn, Granada
    LB: Kyle Egan, San Ramon Valley
    LB: Blake Renaud, De La Salle
    CB: Josh Atkinson, Granada
    CB: Bo Banks, Encinal
    S: Antoine Pickett, De La Salle
    S: Trevor Taft, California


    DE: Nick Kristofors, San Marin
    DE: Tanner Clark, Granada
    DT: George McCloud, American
    DT: Gary Randolph, Healdsburg
    LB: Jacai Deneveu, Berkeley
    LB: Garrett Ransom, Deer Valley
    LB: Micah McMurray, Arroyo
    CB: Cody Ryden, For Bragg
    CB: Jordan Fogal, Arroyo
    S: Michael Davis, Kelseyville
    S: Dane Turner, Monte Vista

  • mvalfan

    no deandre carter at wr your a clown if you dont think he is the top wr in the area

  • football guy

    I would hve to second that mval fan

  • East Bay Coach

    mvalfan; no clown, not my list. You may be a prick though, you too FB Guy


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    What, I amuse you like a clown? Tell me how I’m funny.

  • Leaves MV never beatin’ De La.

  • No surprise. Servite players going to USC and UCLA have ended their careers getting whipped by DLS, just like Poly players and Mater Dei players who moved on NEVER beating the Spartans. USC and UCLA were loaded with players losing to De La over the last 10 years.

  • Chs1012

    #5 and #6. Y’all fools. What drives healthy contributors to ibabuzz to shake their heads in disgust (we’re past the stage of amazement, fellas) is when an (ignorant) poster shows no class whatsoever, which, in turn, reflects poorly on the school they purport to support. Go get a fake ring and wear it on your pinkie celebrating your idiotic posts dissing high school players. Get a life (or go back to your sportinhood board to self flagellate.) Is it that you don’t have sons who currently or recently have dedicated a major amount of their “free” time to become dedicated members of their high school football teams? Do you have any idea of “neigh/brotherhood” when you see your son walk off the field after his last high school game and he tells you, “That was my last game on this field,” with the HUGE emotion of four years of blood, sweat and tears leaving a major part of his high school memories behind. My guess is you only have a casual connection to dLS and have been on the bandwagon so long you’ve lost perspective of what high school young men go through playing football. IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU or some smart ass post that could have been written by a fifth grader, it’s about them. Congratulations to all the nominees for this award!

  • Channel 1012- what a sis!

  • 1012- your kid must have lost his last game- against De La?

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    Im convinced that Yomama, BigJoe, and BigDog are all just aliases of one idiot sitting in his garage trying to start stuff.

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    Or his mom’s basement. S1lverngreen and Renegades are able to engage in normal discourse about DLS and other teams without having to resort to look at me chest puffing or putting down 16 and 17 year olds.

    Congrats to Bryce and all the nominees for the prestigous Pete Villa award. And congrats to all those selected on the All NCS team listed above. Yes, there are very good players who weren’t selected, but that doesn’t mean the players being honored weren’t deserving.

  • Oh boy

    Prep Fan, I agree.

    Love to watch DLS play but those guys are obnoxious. How about choose to ignore those who bring negative energy to the boards….

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    Prep Fan

  • hey the real bigdog speaks for himself, he does not have other handles. as for players loosing their last game, yeah it hurts. but look at this, most teams have lost their last game against dls, so what is the point.

  • GridironMan

    #2 and #3. The Rivals All NCS list is the one that actually has any credibility. It’s a list that is put together based on film breakdown and talent, not on how many championships your school has won.

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    Well said Pre-Fan and Chs1012

    Bigdog, cartoon Network?? Oh my sounds like maybe you’ve been watching Marmaduke waaaaay too much. Get off cartoon network and get a life

  • Prep Fan and Ballin’, throw in channel # 5 1012 too, DID I DO A GOOD JOB GETTIN’ YOUR JUICES STIRRED UP?
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    YoMama Read post# 11 AGAIN we all know you are all three… get a life man

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    Ladies, ladies, ladies…

    It should be about the real student/athletes and not about you…ex-whatever-you-are-washouts.

    Keep it real.

    Ben and Jimmy, keep up the good work.

    Back in 2011, after taking my Lithium delivering the mail.

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    Iker is right; 3 posts in 3 minutes under 3 different names. Just enough time to switch user names and get back after it. And the use of the – is he exact same in both the YoMama and BigJoe posts of 12/28, as well as both the Big Joe and BigDog posts of last night, which just happened to be 2 minutes apart as well. Sometimes it is Big Joe and other times it is BigJoe, since it has to be retyped in quickly. Or I guess it could just be 4 different people with the same type of posts who all use the – the same way?

    YoMama Says:
    December 28th, 2010 at 9:39 pm
    Channel 1012- what a sis!

    BigJoe Says:
    December 28th, 2010 at 9:41 pm
    1012- your kid must have lost his last game- against De La?

    Bigdog Says:
    December 28th, 2010 at 9:42 pm
    Change the channel from 1012 to cartoon network.

    And then on the All East Bay thread last night:

    Big Joe Says:
    December 29th, 2010 at 10:00 pm
    Bulldogforever- nice post- is it true Leaf went to De La as a freshman then transfered to Alhambra?

    Bigdog Says:
    December 29th, 2010 at 10:02 pm
    EB coach, this should be your New Year’s resolution- Stay off the blogs, you are taking these subjects way too seriously.

  • Prep Fan

    And then on the Holiday Classic thread, BigDog now switches to Big Dog for the 3rd post in 11 minutes. Either this is all the same guy, or it is 5 different people and they teach the use of the – that way at DLS. I’m not sure why someone would go to this extent to make it look like a lot of people share their views or gang up on people, but the gig is up and he might as well just post under 1 name from now on. Good catch Iker.

    YoMama Says:
    December 28th, 2010 at 1:27 pm
    It’s sure going to look great with all those selections from Ben and Jimmie in the paper. That’s all that counts- season over.

    Big Joe Says:
    December 28th, 2010 at 1:27 pm
    The last one standing speaks for itself. 11 on the 3 teams.

    Big Dog Says:
    December 28th, 2010 at 1:38 pm
    Wow- Servite had 8 players make all Orange County, 5 on defense. Guess those De La Salle offensive lineman that aren’t very good must have caught Servite on a night off. East Bay Coach, go to the doghouse and DO NOT pass GO and collect $ 200. Your running back selection had less than 100 yds. in 4 games against that De La defense in 2 years- that’s 25 yds. per game.

  • Ballin

    Prep Fan good catch 4 the same person

  • East Bay Dad

    De La, De La, Deja-Vu

    Same posters, all green and silver?

  • Big Mike

    Nice going Bryce ur a Stud!

  • Reggie Hammond

    I hear Pernon is going to get the head coach job at Alameda Football. Wow!

  • Nfl

    who else has applied at alameda? I believe alameda plays bod in non league should be fun to watch just hope peronon dont forfeit like this years mt eden team.


    I hear Joe Churchward (alumni) applied for that job. He was a pretty good player.