1/3 East Bay girls basketball poll

Here’s our first girls basketball poll of the 2010-2011 season. Enjoy.

Team Record Points Last season
1. Carondelet (7) 8-2 105 2
2. Berkeley 8-1 98 1
3. St. Mary’s 8-3 91 4
4. Dougherty Valley 11-2 83 5
5. Bishop O’Dowd 4-6 73 3
6. Miramonte 11-1 70 8
7. Campolindo 11-2 66 12
8. Deer Valley 6-4 55 6
9. Mission San Jose 13-1 45 NR
10. Salesian 11-0 34 NR
11. Piedmont 8-4 32 9
12. Acalanes 11-1 29 NR
13. Moreau Catholic 7-5 17 NR
14. Castlemont 10-4 9 NR
15. James Logan 10-3 8 NR

Others receiving votes: Dublin (9-3, 6 points), Foothill (9-2, 6), Albany (8-2, 5), Heritage (10-5, 5), Monte Vista (8-4, 3). The East Bay Prep Girls Basketball Poll is voted on by the prep sports staff of Bay Area News Group-East Bay. Records are through Saturday.

Phil Jensen

  • Prep Fan

    Well, I had the 1st 7 picked in the same order. The only team I hadn’t named of the 20 listed was Castlemont. They must be the favorite in the OAL this year. When these DFAL teams start playing each other, there will be some shifting. Carondelet-Berkeley rematch in a couple of weeks should be another thriller.

  • E_CULB

    Yea I cant see any team ever surpassing the top 2 teams, they’ve both beat the #3 team and SMB is good.I see it as a two team race all season for best in the bay.

  • Oh boy

    Berkeley/Carondelet are going to be great battles. I think Piedmont is a top 10 team. Marin losing to an improved Salesian squad was unexpected-Keep an eye on them. How does O’ Dowd have a losing record?

  • E_CULB

    Some will say because they’ve played an awfully tough schedule and they have, but they are also awfully young.

  • Prep Fan

    I agree E_CULB, they are very young and have played some tough cometition in the preseason. They’ll get plenty of wins once the HAAL starts up and should be battle tested and ready for the D3 playoffs.


    clayton valley is 12-2, I play for the varsity team, I think we should be on here, we’ve worked really hard and have done well and beaten some good teams…you’d think we’d at least be somewhere on there

  • Prep Fan

    12-2 is a great record thus far and you should be proud, but the Eagles haven’t played anyone of the level of the teams in this list. Beating the likes of Liberty, CP, MD and Freedom do not get you on this list. Plus you lost to Cal High and they are not ranked. If CV keeps playing hard, winning, you beat Northgate twice and win the DVAL, then I bet your team will get some mention on here. Good luck and keep at it.


    hmm…very true! thanks! Yeah, we have two loses that we should have won, but we’re a really strong team this year. Hoping to win league, and beat NORTHGATE! 🙂 thanks though!

  • laurie

    how often are polls updated?

  • Stephanie Hammon

    Laurie, polls are posted every Monday. Look for a new one later this afternoon or evening.