Piedmont’s Bryan resigns as football coach

UPDATE: 9:15 a.m. on Jan. 12: Bryan is en route to a 10 a.m. meeting with executives who have arrived from the Southeast regarding his “amazing football opportunity.”

Piedmont High football coach Kurt Bryan, the co-creator of the A-11 Offense the Highlanders have utilized since 2007, announced his resignation Tuesday evening in a meeting with his players.
Bryan said he’s in the process of finalizing an “amazing football opportunity,” but could not discuss the details.
“It’s always a melancholy feeling,” Bryan said of leaving Piedmont, his alma mater. “It’s been so much fun and a great opportunity to work with so many great people and student-athletes.”
Bryan was the head coach at Piedmont from 1993-96 and again from 2006-10 and went 52-43-1 during his tenure. He and offensive coordinator Steve Humphries invented the A-11 Offense in 2007 that allowed all 11 players on the field to be potentially eligible to catch a pass.
The offense was used across the country and Bryan and Humphries were involved in the writing of several manuals diagramming the offense. A rule change in 2009 altered the offense by requiring at least four players to wear Nos. 50-79, which make them ineligible to catch a forward pass.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • He wanted to be a gun-slinger in the fast paced BSAL. His record shows a 6-5 record over his tenure by year, not enough to secure championships. The system is done because of the rule changes. Piedmont put good teams on the field way before this, don’t think it really contributed to their success. Not a system you want to prepare kids for college, however it put uncertainity out there for opponents to prepare for. The good coaches saw thru it.

  • football guy


  • Souz

    Is he suppose to coach at Piedmont forever or something? jeeeeeez

  • KillerD

    Good for Bryan and his coaches.

    The fact that Bryan was brought back to be the Piedmont head coach two times speaks volumes about the man’s character.

    I for one look forward to learning of his new opportunity if it happens for him, and of course following the head football coaching search at Piedmont.

  • I bet Perenon gets the job.

  • Football fan

    I wish Coach Bryan much success in his future endevors. People don’t like what they don’t understand. The A-11 hasn’t been embraced by everyone, but has been a great innovation for high school football. When was the last time an offense has generated so much buzz. Some High school teams and some college teams around the country are running some A-11 plays, so in my opinion the A-11 is not going anywhere. The big question is who will Piedmont hire to to replace Bryan.

  • KillerD

    Nary a open job floats around now at the high school level. What are the early names for the Piedmont job?

    Is Perenon applying? One would think so being close by.

    There appears to be no official opening yet is there? I am curious what other jobs will open and will it be as zany as last off season?

    A Miramonte assistant and Acalanes assistant are rumored to be lurking the hills of Piedmont ready to pounce.

    Names? Or my assumption it is too early yet to tell

  • KillerD

    Perkin, question for you about your guess.

    Did Perenon have a harsh falling out with Bryan, is that why he lft Piedmont?

  • Not that I heard. He just had a better opportunity to do more at Mt. Eden. I know he thought that theA-11 was a bad scheme & that for the short time he was at Piedmont the athletes weren’t being utilized correctly with that scheme.

  • KillerD

    Good to know Perkin and it’s a stretch to list Mt. Eden would in anyway a better option than Piedmont. Football schemes, talent and opinion are one thing but landing on Mt. Eden as a better option than Piedmont is difficult to justify knowing the east bay.

    Perenon to be a candidate for Piedmont is easy to formulate, he is a very good coach.

    Who else is throwing their hat into the ring?

  • PurpnWhite

    Piedmont is indebted to Bryan and his staff for outstanding years of service. Bryan gave everthing for our kids and his accomplishments will be hard to emulate on the hill on the field and behind the scenes.

    Its not common knowledge but Piedmont families and the school itselft do not put winning the football games near the top of the list.

    The football kids must play in all of the games and the games themsevles must be entertaining to watch.

    Some early names for the head coaching job are interesting.

    A young but bright def coordinator that lives in Orinda or Moraga is lobbying for it.

    Three Piedmont assistants are interested in the job and two of them have a strong shot according to my sources.

    Mt. Eden assitant coach Perenon is a contender in some circles but it’s unforgivable to many people within the district that he fled from Piedmont to Hayward.

    The surprise name is longtime NFL superstar and Piedmont resident Bill Romonowski. Romonowski has a lot of valuable experience and he coached flag football in Piedmont and understands the game better than anyone in town. Quite a large number of boosters are beginning to jump on the Romonowski bandwagon and he lives 5 minutes from the campus.

    The AD is expecting a large pool of applicants once the job is posted this week officially on Tuesday or Wed.

  • GreenNWhite

    Where is the “young but bright” defensive coordinator from?

  • PurpnWhite

    Watching the NFL playoff games today with several Piedmont kids and some parents. It appears many players want Romonowski as their new head coach or one of Bryan’s former assistants to take over.

    Romonowski is telling folks and having his people tell others that he believes he is the ideal man perfectly positioned and according to some the “only man” capable of replacing Bryan, even though he’s never been a head coach.

    At the moment, it’s unclear how the administration feels about Romonowski but apparently there have been many meetings with parents in the past few days about bringing Romonowski on as head coach.

    It is way too early to tell if the Piedmont choice will be to hire from within the community or to reach outside of it.

  • AreYouSure?

    That’s exactly what a high school program needs. An admitted steroid and HGH user who cold cocked a teammate in the eye during practice ending his career. But Romanowski DOES sell nutritional supplements. Hey what a guy!

  • KillerD

    Well, this is news.

    Romonowski pursuing the job does not surprise me, but a “bandwagon” effect within the confines of a high end city like Piedmont does.

    For a few reasons actually:

    1. Romo has never been a head football coach

    2. Romo has never been a head football coach

    3. Romo has never been a head football coach

    4. Romo’s “unique” history off of the field

    5. If winning football games is not at the very top of the list for Piedmont, then Romo will never get the nod

    6. Doesn’t Romo work for one of the TV networks during football season? Why would he give that up unless he wants to coach is own son?

    I am not seeing this Romo deal unfolding at all, no matter which whey it is sliced up.

  • Romo is not a role model for high school kids. He made his bed and has to sleep in it.
    If Piedmont wants to win and stay within the rules Perron would do just fine.
    How about Shag? He would get those highlanders into shape.
    Asst. coaches are always a good choice providing they don’t run that A-11.
    If Miramonte/Campo assts. want the job it could be a conflict who’s got the better country club?

  • Are there un-written rules to play on the Piedmont team? The kids must play all the games? The games must be entertaining to watch? How much parental pass interferance is there at Pie-mont High? What’s next, flag co-ed powder-puff?

  • That’s typical Piedmont wanting to hire resident who played in the NFL. Romo the home would never get near my kids if they played on that team.

  • PurpnWhite

    Romonowski pushing hard or having his minions drive hard on people for the job is his choice, or those that follow him.

    I personally do not think he is the best hire to be head coach.

    Too much baggage and questions lurk.

  • I think that at Piedmont he wasn’t gonna be more then a QB coach while at Mt. Eden he was gonna be a coordinator & co-Head Coach

  • PurpnWhite

    Many people in Piedmont tight with Bryan said through last season this was going to be his final push here.

    For those knowing Bryan he is close to his son whom I think has two years of high school and Bryan wants to see him play football. Understandable.

    Somebody asked about the ‘unwritten rule’ that all of the kids must play if they are on the football team? Yes that is right, it was Bryan’s rule for his staff my son played for him and he was unbending on it but it’s now into district policy too.

    Romonowski seems to be early front-runner for the head job but more people are not sure about him in that role. If we get a lot of quality candidates it will be hard for the district to choose Romonowski.

    I’ve talked to Bryan and he said about a dozen coaches have talked to him about coaching here and the nuances. From what he said, I assume we will get a trove of good coaches applying for it.

  • ManDown

    I also got word that a assistant coach from Alameda high is going after the Head job down at Piedmont. I don’t really know how much truth there is to that but I think he is either the OC or DC down there.

  • KillerD

    It’s suprising no other head coaching slots are open at the moment and it stands to reason Piedmont might be the beneficiary of an exceptionally large amount of duly qualified men jockeying for the Highlander football throne because nothing else is out there now.

    If their leaders wade through the process at a reasonable clip over the next month, Piedmont might pick their coach from 40 or 50 coaches in the mix.

    For now the unofficial list on the street is:


    Piedmont assistants


    Coordinators on the other side of Caldecot

    Alameda assistant

    Plus there will always be a handful of coaches applying from outside the area either moving into the bay or willing to move for the right job.

  • I think the Dublin job has been posted.

  • PurpnWhite

    Talking with Piedmonters, it seems that a new name is a gentleman named Chris Turner at Bishop Odowd.

    Turner was east in Concord and now Bishop Odowd.

  • KillerD

    Who is going after the Dublin job? What are the names attached to it? It’s been quiet but one must assume EBAL assistants and coordinators within Dublin league? Perenon is obviously a name to link with Dublin. There are also several former NFL players living down along that way, seems like for the ones that coach Dublin would attract them.

    Piedmont job and with former Ygnacio Valley and Dragons coach Chris Turner hunting for it, that could is another top name going after it along with Perenon, Romonowski and now Turner, amongst others.

  • Football fan

    What Piedmont assistants are applying?

  • Chris Turner would be the perfect hire at Piedmont much better then Perenon. I give him alot of the credit for the O’dowd turnaround. Very efficient offense did great with a 10th grade QB. Not downing Hardy but he as far as I know just called the D. 4-4 not too much different then what was already there. Look at how well Turner did at YV changing it from a DoubleWing to Pro style

  • ManDown

    If there is any truth to it I think Chris Turner is the man for the job down at Piedmont. They had a down year but they have great support from familys and admin. so with a coach like Chris Turner he can possibly turn that program around in no time.

  • InTheKnow

    I heard that San Leandro and Logan coordinators expressed interest

  • PurpnWhite

    It is down to two Piedmont varsity assistants applied that is confirmed, but the third opted not to don’t know why.

    Coach Turner at Bisop Odwod did apply.

    The football program is in good shape the way Bryan left it. There are a great deal of funds, good parental support, and a committed weight coach.

    The only question still up in the air is if there will be a teaching position to fill along with the football job?

    That is unknown now but it does not seem to be the case. As of now it does not look like it will come with an adequate teaching job with it.

    The district is not worried about having a teacher that is the football coach, the school has had a very admirable score of success with coaches in football and other sports that do not teach at the school.

    From our discussions it sounds like they are looking for a defensive minded coach after having had a string of offensive oriented head football coaches.

    Just time to do things different not better or worse.

  • I think that guy Turner would setttle on any on-campus job. He only wanted campus security at YV which they blew.

  • KillerD


    No word at all on Dublin job.

    Applicants for Piedmont so far:



    Chris Turner

    Two Piedmont assistants

    Miramonte or Campo coordinator

    Logan coordinator

    San Leandro coordinator

    Alameda coordinator

    Did I miss any and are there any more?

  • FootballGal

    Any school would be lucky to have Coach Turner, but I happen to know that did not apply nor speak with anyone about coaching @ Piedmont! I, for one, can’t wait to watch BOD KILL IT next in 2011!!! Coach Turner is looking forwad to another CHAMPIONSHIP season as well! Go Dragons!!!!

  • I heard the Alameda High coach has stepped down/forced out. I know there’s atleast one Encinal High parent/blogger that believes he’s a good football coach. Put in for the job.

  • Hornetfan

    Rochlin step down his asst. Head coach moyer has been bashing him to the school lobbying for his job what a snake. The guy had total control of the offense so if rochlin goes he should too. From what i hear the good running backs we had on jv are headed to castro valley cause thats were they live and the other supposedly to odowd. Whats done in the dark will always come to lite kemp. Hopefully you move an let us get a real coach your act is tired

  • Shmit

    i hear L. Anderson was in line for that job

  • HornetPride

    I heard Alameda down to two finalists. Not sure who? Anyone know?

  • ManDown

    Does anyone know why the Alameda coach as let go?

  • RealHornetFan

    hornetfan gets pretty much everything wrong. Pretends she knows what’s going on at Alameda and the opposite happens every time. Good job, HF.

    The outgoing coach depended on his assistants to coach the team and had little or no support on the staff or with the players. The new coach had overwhelming support when the job was posted. The outgoing coach got the job even though he was just a freshman line coach 4 years previous. The new coach has the program abuzz. The weak link in the program is gone. Return to glory.