East Bay Soccer Notes: Teams to watch, Rankings, Standings, Stats

League races are starting to take shape and the teams that will be in contention are starting to filter to the top. There are teams to keep an eye on in each league, so let’s talk about that this week.


The team everyone is gunning for is Pinole Valley. With wins over Richmond and Berkeley already, the Spartans are in terrific shape. The team to watch out for the rest of the way is Berkeley. The Yellowjackets have won three in a row since losing to Pinole and seem to have a renewed focus.
Don’t get it confused, however. The favorite is Pinole Valley and they are absolutely the team to beat.


I’m going with Albany here. Since losing to St. Mary’s, the Cougars have won seven straight matches, including five in league and have a win over Pinole.
The favorite however, has to be St. Mary’s. They are a point behind Piedmont, but have one game in hand.


It’s early in this league, with just two games having been played. I will elaborate more on this league later, but the favorite is Deer Valley and you have to keep an eye on Pittsburg, who won’t let DV run away and hide.


I think the team of the year in the East Bay, to this point, is Campolindo. Most people figured they’d be good, but they have been nothing short of impressive almost every step of the way. However, watch out for Acalanes. This team is battle tested and has a tradition of winning league titles. Since an 0-2-1 stretch early in the year, this team has won eight straight matches and has set up a possible showdown with Campo for first place next week.


Watch out for Ygnacio Valley. The team to beat is Clayton Valley, and will be until they actually suffer a loss, but YV is getting hot right now. From what I have gathered is that they have played very tough lately. Don’t sleep on College Park, either. The Falcons seem to do this every year, make a late season charge. At least it seems that way since I have been on the soccer beat.


De La Salle. Any big surprise here? The Spartans are rolling. They have won 10 of 11, and six in a row. They will be Cal’s biggest challenger down the line, in my opinion. My roommate (who is a big soccer fan has come to soccer games with me) is very plugged into the East Bay scene and he said he expects DLS not to lose again this season. There is a chance he might be right.


Wouldn’t it make sense here to go with the two teams considered the top dogs in Bishop O’Dowd and San Lorenzo, or go with the darkhorse, Hayward, who is a team that is going to be in this race until the end? Yes it would, but I am going with a team that currently sits sixth in the league. Arroyo. They are 3-0-3 in their last six after starting the season poorly, and will play a role in the outcome of the league race. They have already recently tied O’Dowd and beat Hayward.


Logan and Newark Memorial are in a two-dog fight, so it would appear. But watch out for Washington who continues to hover around being playoff eligible.


I don’t know much about the OAL, but it seems that Fremont is a strong side and that Oakland Tech is right there as well. Watch out for those two teams.


Not too much in the way of changes. Acalanes continues a strong push and moves up three spots. Three is the magic number as both Berkeley and Bishop O’Dowd move up three spots as well.
Welcome Ygnacio Valley to the rankings for the first time this year. With a win, a draw against Clayton and a tough 1-0 loss to O’Dowd in what sounds like a very even game, they are very deserving.

1. California (13-0-1)
2. Newark Memorial (13-3-0)
3. De La Salle (12-3-0)
4. Campolindo (13-0-3)
5. Livermore (9-4-2)
6. Acalanes (11-2-2)
7. Berkeley (9-2-2)
8. Clayton Valley (8-1-4)
9. Deer Valley (7-2-4)
10. Bishop O’Dowd (11-2-2)
11. San Lorenzo (10-2-1)
12. Pinole Valley (8-4-2)
13. San Ramon Valley (9-5-1)
14. Monte Vista (8-4-2)
15. Ygnacio Valley (7-2-1)

Others considered: Dublin (9-4-2), Pittsburg (6-3-3), Logan (8-4-2), Hayward (7-2-3), St. Mary’s (8-1-0), Albany (8-2-2), Mt. Eden (9-3-3), Richmond (5-6-1), Concord (5-2-1), Las Lomas (5-6-3).


Team Overall League Points

Pinole Valley (8-4-2) 4-0-0 12
Berkeley (9-2-2) 3-1-0 9
Alameda (3-8-2) 2-1-1 7
Hercules (2-6-0) 2-2-0 6
El Cerrito (1-9-4) 1-2-2 5
Richmond (5-6-1) 1-2-1 4
De Anza (2-10-0) 0-4-0 0

Team Overall League Points

Piedmont (7-3-3) 7-1-1 22
St. Mary’s (8-1-0) 7-1-0 21
Kennedy (8-7-0) 6-3-0 18
Albany (8-2-2) 5-1-0 15
St. Joseph Notre Dame (3-5-3) 3-3-1 10
Encinal (2-6-1) 2-4-1 7
St. Patrick-St. Vincent (1-6-0) 1-6-0 3
Salesian (0-4-2) 0-4-1 1
Swett (0-9-0) 0-7-0

Team Overall League Points

Pittsburg (6-3-3) 1-0-1 4
Deer Valley (7-2-4) 1-0-1 4
Freedom (4-6-2) 1-0-1 4
Heritage (2-5-5) 0-0-2 2
Antioch (0-8-4) 0-1-1 1
Liberty (3-6-0) 0-2-0 0

Team Overall League Points

Campolindo (13-0-3) 5-0-2 17
Acalanes (11-2-2) 5-1-1 16
Dublin (9-4-2) 3-3-0 9
Alhambra (7-6-3) 2-3-2 8
Las Lomas (5-6-3) 1-3-3 6
Dougherty Valley (7-6-3) 1-4-2 5
Miramonte (2-7-3) 1-4-2 5

Team Overall League Points

Clayton Valley (8-1-4) 4-0-1 13
College Park (4-7-4) 3-1-1 10
Ygnacio Valley (7-2-1) 3-1-1 10
Concord (5-2-1) 2-2-1 7
Berean Christian (2-11-2) 1-2-1 4
Northgate (1-10-3) 1-3-1 4
Mt. Diablo (2-5-0) 0-5-0 0

Team Overall League Points

California (13-0-1) 5-0-1 16
San Ramon Valley (9-5-1) 4-2-0 12
De La Salle (12-3-0) 4-2-0 12
Livermore (9-4-2) 4-2-0 12
Monte Vista (8-4-2) 3-2-1 10
Granada (2-9-5) 2-3-1 7
Foothill (4-8-2) 0-5-1 1
Amador Valley (5-10-1) 0-6-0 0

Team Overall League Points

Bishop O’Dowd (11-2-2) 6-1-1 19
Hayward (7-2-3) 6-2-0 18
San Lorenzo (10-2-1) 6-2-0 18
Mt. Eden (9-3-3) 5-2-1 16
Castro Valley (3-9-2) 3-3-1 10
Arroyo (4-8-3) 2-3-3 9
San Leandro (2-10-1) 2-5-1 7
Tennyson (3-8-2) 1-6-0 3
Moreau Catholic (1-7-1) 0-6-0 0

Team Overall League Points

Logan (8-4-2) 3-0-0 9
Newark Memorial (13-3-0) 3-0-0 9
Washington (4-4-4) 1-1-1 4
Mission San Jose (6-7-2) 1-2-0 3
Kennedy (1-5-3) 0-2-1 1
Irvington (1-8-3) 0-3-0 0

Team Overall League Points

Oakland Tech (2-1-2) 1-0-1 4
Fremont (1-0-0) 1-0-0 3
Oakland (0-1-1) 0-1-1 1
Skyline (0-0-0) 0-0-0 0
Castlemont (0-1-0) 0-1-0 0


Name, School Goals
Ulloa, Logan 14
Pagliuca, Cal 13
Parisi, Dougherty 12
Reshke, Campo 11
Navarro, Newark 11
Villa, Pitt 11
Aguila, Richmond 10
Hartland, Dublin 9
Fagenson, Cal 8
Ramirez, Newark 8
Morales, Liv 8
Shaiwany, Dougherty 8

Name, School Assists
Tavecchio, Campo 7
Shaiwany, Dougherty 7
Hodges, LL 7
Vazquez, Pitt 7
Oranstil, BOD 6
Bochenek, Dougherty 6
Carda, Acalanes 5
Fagenson, Cal 5
Danielson, Cal 5
Gomez, Clayton 5
Hasselfeld, Dougherty 5
Castillo, Dublin 5
Morales, Livermore 5
Salimpour, MV 5
Ramirez, Newark 5
Navarro, Newark 5
Chaussy, SRV 5

Matt Smith

  • ebal fan

    I think I spotted the sweeper today. Livermore and CAL do know each other very well, a few of their players seem to be close friends. Cal just needs to finish, keep players involved. I have not seen Berkeley play, anyone fill me in on how EBAL teams will do against them?

  • The Sweeper

    See Berkeley for yourself on Saturday at Acalanes at noon. See the Yellow Jackets while avoiding the tunnel. Cheers.

  • http://www.fjphotoguy.com JFPhotoGuy

    Pictures from tonight’s Cal-Livermore game are available for online viewing using the following link:



    The FJPhotoGuy

  • eastbaysoccerfan

    look up and find my post where I gave props to Cal….

  • The Sweeper

    Hey JFPhotoGuy,

    Great shots from the Livermore v. Cal match. Your lens captured the intensity and flow of the ‘beautiful game’ played at Cal tonight. Photos #122 & #123 caught a unique moment of the flying action.

    BTW, the shots with cameo images of The Sweeper are not authorized, and you may just be contacted by my attorney-to-be, Matt Smith, from the BANG. Seriously, great work from the sidelines. Cheers.

    Parents and players! Check out the great photos and buy some from this entrepreneurial group that works on spec.

  • Matthew

    Nice job Livermore, the 1st team to shutout CAL. The defenders and keeper had a great game and a great result, helping other teams stay in touch of CAL.

  • http://! Closeup


    How will the EBAL results affect your rankings this weekend I wonder?
    Cal win and a tie, Livermore loss to yet unranked team and a tie with #1, SRV loss to MV and win over lowly AV, MV a win and a tie against tough opponents, DLS a loss and a tie…. Hmmmm? Don’t envy your job but we love to poke fun at it.

  • http://! Closeup

    Correction: SRV’s win was over Foothill. Also notices top ranked teams from the other leagues did well this past week. I think the parity between divisions, leagues(with the exception OAL and BSAL) is slimmer than ever. EBAL and DFAL seem to be the tougher leagues in the respective divisions still though.

  • http://www.fjphotoguy.com JFPhotoGuy


    Thanks for your kind words. I agree that #122 & #123 demonstrate the sheer athleticism of these hard working kids.

    FYI, I price these pictures very cheap because I feel my skills are still being developed. If you find an image that you like I would recommend buying the file for download and then print them at Costco where you can get a 4×6 for .13, a 5×7 for .39 and an 8×10 for 1.49.

    As to your cameo images I have your model release form on file from your bathing suit shoot last year…

  • Matt Smith

    Hey Closeup,

    This will be my most challenging week for rankings. I will have to decide what to do about Cal, DLS, Liv, MV the Berkeley/Acalanes winner and loser, and then the HAAL threw a monkey wrench into everything with Arroyo beating San Lorenzo and Hayward beating O’Dowd.
    This will be a tough week.


    If I were any of the EBAL coaches, I would be very afraid of what Granada has evolved into. They are a totally different team starting the last half of the season. I don’t know if they will make NCS, but Foster and Long are REALLY clicking right now and ANY team this dynamic duo will face are going to find it very hard to contain them. Just ask Livemore and Amador….
    Keep flyin under the radar boys…..

  • Soccer2014

    The Amador Valley freshman squad is presently 14-0-0 with 68 goals for and 5 against. Maybe there’s hope for the future?


    Just as someone else asked, why are they not moving up some of the underclassmen at Amador? They would definitely help, and if the freshman team is dominating that much, it is not challenging them enough, and it will not really help in there individual development either.

  • storm

    Would like to have an opportunity to objectively rate the EBAL teams along side the parents and players currently attempting to recognize student athletes from their team.
    1. Livermore
    When they are all healthy their defense is solid and they can finish. All EBAL teams would not want to play them in NCS if they are healthy.
    2. MV
    They swarm to the ball with amazing speed. Their defense was mentioned above by name but the writer forgot to mention the support from the front and middle given by their swarming passion for the game. They can make up for mistakes by the back line.
    3. Cal
    The very best defense in the league. They can play to a zero tie and depend on PK’s if necessary.
    A young team with great upside. A solid coach who has them playing at a higher level than the individual parts. They are next years team to watch.
    5. Granada
    They have a great defender and solid forward whom play with passion and you don’t want to see them for a game in the NCS.

    I predict Livermore will win NCS.

  • Old HAAL Dad

    #128 Sorry I spelled Kool Aid wrong personally I don’t drink the stuff either figuratively or literally. Sweepers got it right back in the day my sons used to play against the Mustang clubs and their opening cheer ended with “Stangs”. Let set the record straight, my youngest graduated from H.S. 13 years ago and it wasn’t from an EBAL school. His school did win two NCS titles though so it can be done outside the EBAL. My point is I don’t have any league or team favorites anymore and frankly it’s much less stressful when you don’t have offspring on the pitch, you’re able to be much more objective but I do miss it. Sooo I enjoy the game vicariously through other folks kids and I also live on the 680 corridor so it’s convenient to catch EBAL games. I will agree that the EBAL, top to bottom, is the toughest scoccer league in not only the East Bay but the entire Bay Area. There I said it! Sooo drink all the Kool Aid you want regardless of the color I don’t really care. One more thing, never go into a battle of wits
    1/2 armed. Good Luck “Stang” MV is a very good side!

  • Old HAAL Dad

    #125 I was also at the Arroyo/SLZ match and agree that SLZ didn’t look jazzed up for the game until Arroyo got the first goal then things got serious. Arroyo would bend but not break even though SLZ was pressing pretty hard in the second half. Arroyo has a big and fast back line that frustrated the SLZ attack. SLZ is suffering at keeper, the first goal was clearly miss played but a goal none the less. I love that this win has thrown the HAAL into a dog fight and look forward to the rest of the second half of the season. I also agree with an earlier comment about getting help from the JV’s, I was surprised to see Arroyo show with 13 players and that included the goal keeper. I believe the starting 11 played the entire game. I can’t remember if there was a substitution for an injury or not.

  • The Sweeper

    #165. OHD – I agree with your comment about the EBAL top to bottom. It holds true for EBAL girls soccer as well, perhaps more so. That dang Stang program sells more Kool-Aid than Safeway and Lucky combined, and the parents drink it as much the kids…

  • Matt Smith for president

    Acalanes vs Berkeley score?

  • Matt Smith

    1-0 Berkeley.

    MV beat Richmond 4-1.

  • Soccerfan

    Pitt 3-0 win over foothill

  • Old HAAL Dad

    Good call Sweeper but I won’t drink the Kool Aid unless it’s braced with a little Vodka, for medicinal purposes only of course. Also “Those Dang Stangs” very clever.