East Bay Boys Soccer Notes: Playoffs, Rankings, Standings, Stats

So I can’t seed all teams one through 16 yet, it would just be too hard. So, instead, I will pick who I think the top four seeds are for both divisions. We will also do locks, should get in and on the bubble for each division. Next week, we’ll break down the league races.
Locks are teams that are definitely in. Should get in are teams who could mathematically not get in, but are more than likely going barring a collapse. Bubble teams are within a game or two of .500 overall or in league.
Oh ya, the fact we haven’t cracked 200 comments on any post yet is killing me. Let’s make that happen.

Division I

Locks: Berkeley, California, Clayton Valley, De La Salle, Deer Valley, Monte Vista, Mt. Eden, Newark Memorial.

Should get in: Logan, Livermore, Pittsburg, Richmond, San Ramon Valley.

On the bubble: Alameda, Antioch, Arroyo, Castro Valley, College Park, Freedom, Granada, Mission San Jose, Washington.

That’s 22 teams by my count. Here’s a question. What do we know about Mt. Eden? I didn’t even know their mascot until I looked it up. I’m kidding. But that’s about all I know, and that they are going to the playoffs. They are the only 11-3-3 team that could ever fly under my radar.
There are three bubble teams that could get in according to this scenario. Alameda, Arroyo, College Park, Freedom and Granada are in the lead right now, seeing as all of them are a game or better above .500 in league. Watch out for Freedom. They are quietly 5-2-1 in their last eight games.

Top four seeds: California, Newark Memorial, Berkeley, Monte Vista.

Division II

Locks: Acalanes, Albany, Bishop O’Dowd, Campolindo, Dublin, Piedmont, San Lorenzo, St. Mary’s, Ygnacio Valley.

Should get in: Concord, Hayward, Pinole Valley.

On the bubble: Alhambra, Dougherty Valley, Kennedy-Richmond, Las Lomas, St. Joseph.

That’s 17 teams with a legitimate chance by my count. There are a few more with an outside chance.
Concord, Hayward and Pinole Valley are very close to being locks as I look at their upcoming schedule, but I decided to wait one more week before considering them a lock. Those teams are in great shape, however.
Of the five teams on the bubble, three of them are above .500 in one of the categories so they are in pretty good shape. Both Las Lomas and St. Joe’s are behind the eight ball and need to finish strong.

Top four seeds: Campolindo, Acalanes, San Lorenzo, Bishop O’Dowd.


Another weak, and another chance for me to get raked over the coal’s. I expect some people to be happy, but most people won’t be. Berkeley climbs up three spots to No. 4, while Monte Vista jumps nine spots to No. 5 after going 2-0-1 over a brutal stretch.
Here is some thinking behind that. MV is 1-0-1 against De La Salle, and almost went 2-0 against them. I felt MV should be above DLS for now, and I couldn’t move DLS down too far after a tough stretch at Cal and vs. MV. So there’s that. I also couldn’t move Acalanes down more than one spot for losing on an own-goal to Berkeley.
And if you look closely at the rankings, every team (except SRV and SLZ) with one loss and no draw, moved down one spot exactly.
I’m having a hard time finding a way to move Clayton Valley and Deer Valley up, who keep winning. It boils down to teams like DLS not deserving like a six-spot drop, but also I tend to jump teams when they have a big win, or wins. Now, it’s not Clayton or DV’s fault that they don’t play in a league like the EBAL where every night is a battle, but thankfully the playoffs are just a few weeks away, and if they keep winning (which they will) and stay in the top ten (which they will, likely climbing soon) they will have their chance to make a big jump.
Both those teams are due a big jump soon and will climb at the next slip up by a team directly, or slightly, above them. They are both great teams, capable of extended runs in the playoffs, and DV has tough games in the next 10 days with Clayton and Pittsburg.
Clayton will play DV, Campo and YV all in about two weeks from now. CV has a chance to make a big, big statement.

1. California (14-0-2)
2. Newark Memorial (15-3-0)
3. Campolindo (13-0-3)
4. Berkeley (11-2-2)
5. Monte Vista (10-4-3)
6. De La Salle (12-4-1)
7. Acalanes (11-3-2)
8. Clayton Valley (11-1-4)
9. Deer Valley (10-2-4)
10. Livermore (9-5-3)
11. Bishop O’Dowd (12-3-2)
12. Ygnacio Valley (9-2-1)
13. San Ramon Valley (10-6-1)
14. San Lorenzo (11-3-1)
15. Dublin (10-4-2)

Others considered: Mt. Eden (11-3-3), Hayward (8-3-3), Pittsburg (8-4-3), Logan (9-5-2), St. Mary’s (10-1-0), Albany (10-2-2), Pinole Valley (9-5-3), Arroyo (6-8-3), Richmond (8-7-1), Concord (6-2-2).


Team Overall League Points

Pinole Valley (9-5-3) 5-1-1 16
Berkeley (12-2-2) 5-1-0 15
Richmond (8-7-1) 4-2-1 13
Alameda (4-9-3) 3-2-2 11
Hercules (2-8-0) 2-4-0 6
El Cerrito (1-11-4) 1-4-2 5
De Anza (2-12-0) 0-6-0 0

Team Overall League Points

St. Mary’s (10-1-0) 9-1-0 27
Piedmont (8-4-2) 8-2-1 25
Albany (10-2-2) 7-1-0 21
Kennedy (9-8-0) 7-4-0 21
St. Joseph Notre Dame (4-7-3) 4-5-1 13
Salesian (3-6-2) 3-6-1 10
Encinal (2-7-1) 2-5-1 7
St. Patrick-St. Vincent (2-7-0) 2-7-0 6
Swett (0-12-0) 0-10-0

Team Overall League Points

Deer Valley (10-2-4) 3-0-1 10
Freedom (5-7-2) 2-1-1 7
Pittsburg (8-4-3) 2-1-1 7
Antioch (1-9-4) 1-2-1 4
Liberty (4-7-0) 1-3-0 3
Heritage (2-7-5) 0-2-2 2

Team Overall League Points

Campolindo (13-0-3) 5-0-2 17
Acalanes (11-3-2) 5-1-1 16
Dublin (10-4-2) 3-3-0 9
Alhambra (7-6-3) 2-3-2 8
Las Lomas (5-7-3) 1-3-3 6
Dougherty Valley (7-6-4) 1-4-2 5
Miramonte (2-7-3) 1-4-2 5

Team Overall League Points

Clayton Valley (11-1-4) 6-0-1 19
Ygnacio Valley (9-2-1) 5-1-1 16
College Park (5-8-4) 4-2-1 13
Concord (6-2-2) 3-2-1 10
Berean Christian (2-13-2) 1-4-1 4
Northgate (1-11-3) 1-4-1 4
Mt. Diablo (2-7-0) 0-7-0 0

Team Overall League Points

California (14-0-2) 6-0-2 20
San Ramon Valley (10-6-1) 5-3-0 15
Monte Vista (10-4-3) 4-2-2 14
De La Salle (12-4-1) 4-3-1 13
Livermore (9-5-3) 4-3-1 13
Granada (4-9-5) 4-3-1 13
Foothill (5-10-2) 1-6-1 4
Amador Valley (5-12-1) 0-8-0 0

Team Overall League Points

Bishop O’Dowd (12-3-2) 7-2-1 22
Mt. Eden (11-3-3) 7-2-1 22
Hayward (8-3-3) 7-3-0 21
San Lorenzo (11-3-1) 7-3-0 21
Arroyo (6-8-3) 4-3-3 15
Castro Valley (4-11-2) 4-5-0 12
San Leandro (2-12-1) 2-7-1 7
Tennyson (3-9-1) 1-7-0 3
Moreau Catholic (2-10-1) 1-8-0 3

Team Overall League Points

Newark Memorial (15-3-0) 5-0-0 15
Logan (9-5-2) 4-1-0 12
Washington (4-5-5) 1-2-2 5
Mission San Jose (6-8-3) 1-3-1 4
Kennedy (2-6-3) 1-3-1 4
Irvington (2-9-3) 1-4-0 3

Team Overall League Points

Fremont (2-0-1) 2-0-1 7
Oakland Tech (2-2-2) 1-1-1 4
Oakland (0-1-1) 0-1-1 1
Skyline (0-0-1) 0-0-1 1


Name, School Goals
Pagliuca, Cal 14
Ulloa, Logan 14
Padilla, Clayton 12
Parisi, Dougherty 12
Navarro, Newark 12
Villa, Pitt 12
Reshke, Campo 11
Hartland, Dublin 11
Urcoyo, Livermore 10
Aguila, Richmond 10

Name, School Assists
Gomez, Clayton 8
Shaiwany, Dougherty 8
Oranstil, BOD 7
Danielson, Cal 7
Tavecchio, Campo 7
Hodges, LL 7
Vazquez, Pitt 7
Bochenek, Dougherty 6
Morales, Livermore 6
Romero-Pacheco, Logan 6

Matt Smith

  • From what ive seen, san lorenzo is a hell of a team.
    The last 2 games where one by alot of goals.
    The first was a win 5-1 and the second was won 7-1.
    12 goals in 2 games sounds crazy!

  • Yours Truly

    Matt- do you have insight into the demise of Las Lomas this year? They had to 16 or 17 returning players.What happened?

  • Scout

    I don’t believe Dublin should bein the tip 15. They don’t seem to be a consistent enough team to keep fighting. They have SOME skill but they need to get a result against acalanes next week to even gave a dicussion

    A tie in the top is a good idea! Campo and acalanes are two very equal teams with pretty similar records and seeing as campo only has 1 loss they shouldn’t drop far or even drop at all

  • So that there are no analytical arguments as to what “cracked 200 comments” actually means, here’s #201 so Matt can stay alive and happy at his job. The Clayton Valley Deer Valley has to be the matinee of the day and will determine the shifts in the 5 – 10 spots.

  • GlobalSoccer

    Newark solid again. Ramirez and Navarro can flat out play. No let down. I am more impressed with them than CAL but you can’t dispute CAL’s ) losses.

  • GlobalSoccer

    Newark solid again. Ramirez and Navarro can flat out play. No let down. I am more impressed with them than CAL but you can’t dispute CAL’s 0 losses.

  • Matt Smith

    So to answer Golden Boot’s question about Division II. I don’t see more than 16 teams being eligible. I’m seeing a max of 16, but probably 14-15.

    And I think EBAL Dad probably has made the best point about the rankings so far. MV ties AV and might drop a spot, but Cal probably won’t. The thing with that is, I’m hesitant to drop a team from No. 1 when they’ve been dominant all year for a tie. That No. 1 ranking, to me, is sacred ground, so I usually need a loss or a series of ties, kinda like Richmond last year.

    As far as Las Lomas goes, I’m not really sure what is not quite working for them, but I think they are having one of those years where they are having a hard time finding their goal.

  • Soccerfan


    If Campolindo and Acalanes both win their last 3 league games, Acalanes will edge Campolindo for the league title. Who gets the #1 seed in NCS, Campo with only 1 loss or Acalanes as the league Champs?

  • Matt Smith

    Anybody have BSAL scores from Friday night? I know the St. Mary’s score, and that’s it.

  • Matt Smith

    And does anybody have the Las Lomas v. Miramonte result?

  • Cal or Newark? I pick Newark. From the midfield and up, they play as if they have been playing together for a long time, unselfish beautiful soccer. If they shore up their defense against counters, they will be hard to beat.

  • Matt Smith

    DV is up 3-1 on Clayton. Midway through second half.

  • Vela


    Dublin had five straight wins before Campo.
    I would say that is consitent. But you are right, they need a result against Acalanes to prove their name.

  • Yours Truly

    Miramonte 2 Las Lomas 1

  • The Sweeper

    1-1 half @ Richmond. SRV corner/header and loose ball blast for the Oilers.

  • The Sweeper

    3-2 SRV final at Richmond

  • Score

    Northgate 1 – Acalanes 1.

  • bsal soccer

    Albany beat salesian 4-0

  • OldHAALDad

    Sweeper, If Richmond wins 2 out of 3 remaining matches can they still get in the tournament? Maybe scheduling three tough EBAL matches three weekends in a row wasn’t such a good idea after all.

  • The Kidd

    on SRV 3rd “goal” the ball never crossed the line it was about 2 feet away from the line. it should of been 2-2.

  • love the game


    Cal vs Newark, I disagree, I would pick Cal, because they have a more potent offense and the Newark defense will not be able to stay with them. 3-2 would be my prediction. Would be an end to end game and very exciting.

  • love the game


    Everyone is hurting, not just MV, Livermore has Guerrero hurt, DLS has Bernardi as well as other playing with injuries, SRV has Dallas Jaye, Guisti and others out or playing with injuries. Its a long season and injuries will be a factor. In fact it should be less of a factor for MV as they have the deepest bench in the EBAL with 20+ seniors.

  • The Sweeper

    #219 OHD – at 4-2-1 in league, Richmond should be NCS eligible with one league win or two ties in their last three league matches. The Oilers get Hercules at home in their last league match, having won 5-1 at Hercules. They should get in. So the three tough matches against EBAL teams should not work against them, as they closed the gap from 0-4 to 1-4 to 2-3.

    BTW, the match at Richmond today was entertaining and worth the $3 price of admission, with lots of end-to-end action keeping the keepers challenged. Nobody was packing it in defensively. SRV scored on the corner/header, Richmond buried the loose ball to close the half, then SRV scored on a set play from 39 yards out, Richmond scored top-shelf on another loose ball in the box, and SRV scored on a set play from 58 yards out on a free kick and header that the keeper gathered in and the AR ruled the balled crossed the line while the keeper had the ball. I could not tell from my angle 70 yards away. Video anyone?

    I did find it odd that many SRV fans chose to sit directly behind the Oilers’ bench. Huh? Whatever.

    Gee, I could have got 3 postings out of this one. 220+ and climbing…

  • GlobalSoccer

    #222 – Just because a player is a senior does not mean that the player is a quality player. Being a senior does not translate into having a deep bench.

  • The Sweeper

    Post script on SRV@Richmond while watching late night championship tennis: I sat near enough to hear the Richmond coach, and while they are going through growing pains, I enjoyed his subtle coaching points to players (no specifics cited, period). They will be a dark horse in NCS. Ask the SRV coach and I would be surprised if he wants to see the Oilers again, even at home.

    That said, there was a measure of ‘home cooking’ on numerous OB balls, but the vast majority of the non-OB calls were spot on. B+ for the officials given the ‘chipiness’ of the match. Regarding SRV fans raging over the 3 minutes of extra time, I had 4+ minutes by my count due to the legitimate three injury stoppages with no clock stoppages in the second half. Raging at the ref about the clock serves NO PURPOSE. Ask the Foothill girls class of 2009 parents. DOH!!!

    See you at the pitch.

  • OG Richmond player

    Richmond’s star player leonardo montes is bacck in action..even though not fully recovered, he couldnt watch any longer and is playing. Richmond high is hungry for its revenge against deer valley going back to my freshman year when RH was knocked off by DV in our house!…i can assure you that RH will give its 110% and you will most definetaly see the love RH players have for our school.

  • OG Richmond player

    Richmond high just beat deer valley 1-0..the “black horse” just pulled an upset. I am proud of being a student in RH