East Bay Boys Basketball poll — 1/24

Sorry for getting this posted later than normal. It was a complicated week for the voters, with a tough decision to make at No. 1 that led to quite a spilt in the vote as De La Salle pulls into the No. 1 spot by a point over O’Dowd. Really, what sets DLS apart is the win over Sheldon that came just days after Sheldon beat a Sacramento team that O’Dowd lost to. Of course, we were sent searching for a new No. 1 after Salesian first lost to St. Joseph Notre Dame and then had to forfeit its first 16 wins. That led to a tough call to decide what to do with Salesian, which ultimately dropped to No. 10 despite its official 2-17 record.

Team Record Points Last week
1. De La Salle (4) 15-2 100 4
2. Bishop O’Dowd (2) 15-3 99 2
3. Castro Valley (1) 17-1 95 3
4. Oakland 12-5 82 6
5. St. Joseph Notre Dame 15-5 74 11
6. Newark Memorial 14-5 72 7
7. El Cerrito 14-5 59 9
8. Berkeley 14-3 53 10
9. San Ramon Valley 15-2 51 5
10. Salesian 2-17 42 1
11. Deer Valley 13-5 35 8
12. Kennedy-Fremont 17-2 26 15
t13. McClymonds 10-11 16 NR
t13. Northgate 15-5 16 NR
15. Castlemont 11-5 13 14

Others receiving votes: Oakland Tech (13-5, 4 points), Dougherty Valley (13-5, 3). The East Bay Prep Boys Basketball Poll is voted on by the prep sports staff of Bay Area News Group-East Bay. Records are through Monday.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • Gdog

    Not sure Salesian is 10th best team. Even without Bird they are top 5. The real 5 best teams are all about even. St. Joe’s with a nice win and upset but they are not top 5, try around 8 would be more appropriate.

  • It’s always tough in these situations to decide what to do. Clearly, even without Jabari Bird, Salesian is still one of the best teams in the East Bay. I’d agree they still have top 5 talent. There’s really no script to follow for voters. Some will judge based on how good they are (although there still have only been two games in the post-Jabari era, so the jury isn’t fully out). Some will look at the record. I think for now that No. 10 is pretty appropriate. If they keep winning and take the BSAL tournament, they’ll shoot up more.

  • bsmith

    Why would Salesian drop they have not lost anymore games on the court and until they do they should of had the same ranking if you are going to drop them, then take them completly off the list a win over cv on the court should keep them ahead of cv bet a clue or take them off the list

  • Bsmith,
    They may not have lost any more games on the court, but we now have to try to judge Salesian without Jabari Bird, which obviously changes them a bit. They beat Castro Valley by two points with Jabari. Would they still have beat them without him? Same for the two point win over Rodriguez. That’s where this becomes an inexact science. Personally, I think CV probably beats Salesian if Bird isn’t in the lineup. Maybe Rodriguez too. They probably win the rest of their games without him, but a few of those such as Jesuit and Clovis East might’ve been questionable.

  • Gdog

    They also lost to St. Joe’s with Bird in the line-up. That alone would have dropped them a few notches.

  • Oh boy

    Personally, I think Salesian is a deep team and wins without Bird. CV is top heavy talent wise. Unfortunately, either way this year is going to be asterisked (in public opinion if not the record books)

  • sootless

    Congrats to Kennedy! The recruiters go down! So much for Newarks bogas MVAL winning streak!

  • Big Dog

    It is very odd that the team with the best winning record (18-2, 6-0 in League is ranked 12th and not first. John F. Kennedy-Fremont Titans

  • Kennedy will move up now. Not to No. 1, but they’ll get a bump. There’s no comparing their schedule to the other teams in the poll though. Until Newark, there hadn’t been a real quality team they had beaten and they had only played one elite team (Analy). To get a top ranking, you need to play a top schedule. It shouldn’t take anything away from Kennedy’s record or the impressive win over Newark, but the schedule just doesn’t allow for a really high ranking unless they knock off some teams in the playoffs like El Cerrito or O’Dowd.

  • Prep Fan

    So does CV now jump over DLS into the top slot? They were very impressive last night in beating #2 BOD and beat Sheldon by a wider margin than did DLS, and also have a win over #4 Oakland. Those are 3 pretty impressive victories and they have the best record in the East Bay now that Salesian forfeited all those games. I think I would have to favor CV if they played DLS today, but we may get to see that matchup in the playoffs if they both continue to win as they could and probably will be the #1 & #2 seeds at NCS.

  • bsmith

    I will take bod and sheldon in the next matchups with CV but yes they probably should be ranked 1 I do not count the forfit win that is a joke none of those games should count as wins just not as a game

  • renegades10

    Prep Fan- There is a case for CV to move over them for the top spot after beating BOD, but CV also has that loss to Berkeley that can’t be ignored.

  • Prep Fan

    I was not ignoring it, but Berkeley was undefeated and playing well at the time and CV lost an extremely clos one in OT. DLS also has 2 losses. I just think CV’s top wins are more impressive than DLS’s are, and like I said I would have to favor CV if they played DLS today. DLS is right there with them though and either are #2 if not the top dog.

    The forfeit is what it is. If Bird was not eligible and should not have played, then I think CV wins that game as Bird was the best player on the court that day and would have meant a great deal more than the 2 points they won by. I hate forfeits but if they played today without Bird, I see CV winning this time around.

  • A fan

    There are some other really good players…I haven’t heard anything about one of John Swett players….what about Isaac Jackson….he is a senior at John Swett high school…plays hard and strong…check out his stats when you get a moment….

    I am just saying….

  • junior

    Amadi Udenyi- THE best EBAL defender by far. If he were a CB, they would call him a shut down corner. Amazing drive by this kid- tough physically and mentally. Playing against him has got to be a nightmare.

    DLS has stepped up their intensity- gonna be a great NCS this year-looking forward to DLS, Newark, Berkley and CV.

  • renegades10

    Amadi was a football player his freshman year and a good one at that. Decided to focus on basketball however.