MV’s McGovern heading to Cal as preferred walk-on

A little football news today…

Monte Vista wide receiver/defensive back Bryce McGovern said Wednesday that he’s accepted a preferred walk-on spot at Cal.
“I loved how close it was (to home), that it’s really great football and that it’s great academically,” McGovern said. “Everything just seemed like a family. All the guys took me under their wing and it just felt right.”
McGovern was also considering Ivy League schools Princeton and Cornell before taking an official visit to Berkeley last weekend and giving Cal coach Jeff Tedford his commitment on Sunday morning.
In two seasons at Monte Vista, McGovern finished with 177 career catches for 3,263 yards. He set a Northern California record his junior season when he caught 106 passes.

Stephanie Hammon

  • brandonbeard

    Wow! Tedford couldn’t give him anything? Thats why Cal loses!

  • renegades10

    Congrats to Bryce. Hey ex-MV player Ryan Whalen was a preferred walk on at Stanford when they were horrible and I’d say it turned out pretty good for him. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Bryce follow in his footsteps.

  • East Bay Dad

    Bryce is the hardest working athlete in the EBAL, does more with what he’s got than anyone. Very good choice by CAL. He will contribute.

  • East Bay Dad

    The article is partially correct. Bryce with the UNITED STATES LEADER IN RECEIVING YARDS his junior year.

  • Big Mike

    Congratulations Bryce!
    You are a man of hard work and REAL dedication, in no time you will turn that into a scholarship, 100% everyday and you got it. Look forward to seeing you play.


    Congratulations to MV player Bryce McGovern on his choice to attend Cal. No doubt he will perform well there and earn a scholarship in time.

    Very similar story to former Bishop O’Dowd player Burl Toler, who was under recruited coming out of HS. His coach at O’Dowd, Paul Perenon, worked very hard to get Cal to take him as a walk on. Toler ended up actually starting three games for the Bears as a true walk-on freshman, then earned a scholarship by impressing Coach Tedford with his work ethic and abilitiy to catch the ball and block down field. Toler went on to play significantly for Cal and is now playing for the Sabercats in the restarted Arena League.

    My hunch is that McGovern will show his stuff and be rewarded by the coaches at Cal. Congratulations!

  • ManDown

    Congratulations Mr. McGovern. You are a great player and good luck at CAL.

  • s1lverngreen

    that’s cool…kid is not the biggest physical specimen but he makes up for it in toughness and heart! Congratulations Bryce! go Bears!

  • Concrete17

    Congratulations and good luck Bryce. Always like to see good,local talent play in the Bay Area.

  • Bulldogforever

    Congratulations and good luck to Bryce. He’s tough and smart and knows how to play.

    I don’t exactly know what “preferred walk-on” means, but it appears to mean that Tedford doesn’t risk anything, all the risk is on McGovern. I don’t know much about these things, but with Bryce’s record, you would think that he would have received a real scholarship.

    With all our local talent, it’s too bad that Cal doesn’t pursue them. For example, we have three D1 players here from Martinez, and Cal didn’t even sniff at them. I’ll be flying to Hawaii (and driving to Fresno) to watch our Alhambra boys way before I’ll drive 15 miles to watch a Cal game (but I would go to watch Bryce, of course).

    Best wishes to Bryce, if anyone can pull this off, he can.

  • Big Mike

    Bulldogforever found this explains a little

    A football player who joins a college team once classes have started in the fall, and “hopes” to demonstrate he should be given a roster spot. He is not on scholarship.

    A player who is promised a roster spot, and reports with the scholarship players for fall camp a few weeks before classes start. He is not on scholarship, but can earn scholarships as they become available.

    Regular walk-ons still exist, but “preferred walk-ons” are generally the 20 extra players that fall within the NCAA-mandated 105-players roster limit, which can include a maximum of 85 scholarship players for Football Bowl Subdivision or Division I teams.

  • Bulldogforever

    Got it Big Mike, thanks.

    Do you think that McGovern will receive a scholarship before the end of his freshman year? Or, how many of the 20 (or so) preferred walk-ons each year actually end up receiving scholarships at Cal?

  • c.sparks

    Man, COngrats Bryce one of my favorite players his jr year… Just really pissed of tho… cant you all see this is politics… tedford let joe southwick (srv) slip by marcus peters (mack), terron ward ( mighty de la), jonthan brown (encinal) players like these slip trough everyday, for him and look what each and every one of these players are doing in college.. For instance look at boise state ( alot of there players are from NOR cal)
    SAME with OREGON… SAME with washington state… if you dont go to MONTE VISTA HIGH SCHOOL.. jeff tedford will not get you…BOTTOM LINE… I am glad chris martin didnt play for that sucker of a coach…. he is a quaterback Guru alright.. MY A$$.. he recrrited NONE… ABsolutely none of his GREAT QBS… Alki smith.. NO.. JOey harrington NO… DAvid CARR Noo.. AARon rodgers NO!>.. he came when they were there already… I SHOW my passion so much because cal BEars probably can be the most talented team in the PAc 10.. but instead.. we think players from other areas are better.. SMH at you tedfordd… NOt hating on monte vista.. but come on thats not the only HIGH SCHOOL BRO…. you do drop by berekly and cal high some times… smh.. FIre TEDFORD

  • collegefootballfan

    Congrats to bryce he has worked hard for a lot of years and its going to reward him at CAL
    C. Sparks
    i agree, tedford has let a lot of good players slip by that i think he had a huge advantage of getting, however i dont think he solely takes from monte vista (whalen, ertz, nottingham, mccallister all went elsewhere and are performing/have potential to be great) hence kline from srv a couple from the oakland area and so on… i know thats only a few amount but how does he take him compared to other great qbs and athletes in the area… if he is known for his qbs he better produce one quick and start getting some better athletes around the bay he should have a huge foothold in this area rather than letting all these players go to the washingtons and oregons

  • ebal fan #2

    Bryce will get a great prize no matter whether he gets a scholie down the road or not; a diploma from Cal. Worth it’s weight in gold with a solid choice for Major.

  • AlexDLS

    Bryce deserves better.

  • Yoda

    Yeah, Cal’s just having a tough recruiting year this year because they didn’t grab all those great east bay players.

    Congratulations to McGovern. Did any of you notice, though, that the other schools he was considering don’t offer scholarships at all. He’s got a much better opportunity to play in a better league and eventually earn a scholarship at Cal.

  • Prep Fan

    Congrats to Bryce. I agree with post #15, the diploma from Cal is worth it’s weight in gold, and he also gets an opportunity to show he can play at the PAC 10 level. He’s been a tremendous HS player and it remains to be seen if he can do it against the big boys, but that Cal diploma is or should be the real goal.

  • DFAL CAl

    Can you complainers show some class and just give Bryce the respect and congratulations he’s due? Cal just takes a handful of preferred walkons each year, and almost without fail, if they play, they earn scholarships. That’s been proven for years. This is no disrespect to Bryce. Cal’s class is absolutely loaded with top players. If they had 25 scholarships available to give like so many other programs do, even with a loaded class, he’d likely have still gotten a scholarship up front. But if he’s as good as I think he is, he’ll have one soon anyway.

  • Warrior

    I think you guys are ignoring Vei Moala, Kyle Boehm and Zack Kline. All fairly local prospects headed to Cal.


    A Ca. state receiving leader can’t get a scholarship? What else does a kid have to do Tedford? Be a #1 draft pick?

  • EBfootball

    Yo Jimmy… Post the cream of the crop on here so we can get a discussion started

  • HS Fan

    McGovern not even a Cream of the Crop player. No props for him, Taft, Egan and Dunne. All very good players that should have been highly sought after at the next level. These players were the best at their posisitons for the last 2 years in a very competetive EBAL. Recruiters don’t always get it right!!

  • Big Easy

    Bryce McGovern is a flat out football player, the kid can play! Bryce doesnt have height that a lot of other players have but his work ethic makes up for it. Many other players i believe are over rated and get more credit than McGovern. for example G. Atkinson. Gets a lot of hype and publicity, he may be fast and athletic but he is soft. I would way rather have McGovern on my team..ANYDAY. He has great football instincts for the game, he plays with incredible heart and aggression. Bryce deserves this for all of his hard work. Congratulations!

  • football guy

    tedford did the kid a favor giving a prefered walk on status most overated Football player east bay has ever seen. No speed no height why should he have gotten. because he was in an offense who threw it to him a 100 times 5 yds a pop. lets be realistic. He will be a 4th string bakc up if that his college career.

  • Big Mike

    FG – Overrated? c’mon man lets be happy for this young man. You obviously don’t know anything about him.

  • renegades10

    Football Guy- the same thing was said about Wes Welker and well he did alright for himself.

  • Prep Fan

    Re: post 22, I agree Jimmy. Can you post the Cream of the Crop listings on here so we can get a discussion going? I subscribe to the paper and have a copy, but it would be much easier to refer to here if it was listed. Anyone who might be buying the print edition has already had their chance.

  • football guy

    uh trust me he is no wes welker not even close.
    I’m happy for the kid I wish him and his family nothing but the best but his alck of athletiiism is why he is a walk on. it just kills me when all these bloggers make it sound as if he got screwed for not getting a sholarship offer when that’s far form the case.

  • Big Mike

    FG – Lack of Athleticism? You know nothing about this kid and certainly have never seen him play or practice. Kid is a stud a tremendous athlete.

    If you know nothing don’t comment.

  • 7Bliss7

    FG-Based on some of your comments you either haven’t seen the kid play or you hold some type of grudge. This kid is a tremendous athelete with great hands. He led the nation in receiving by catching short, medium and long passes. His size has worked against him in recruiting, not his athleticism. Barring injury, he will be a productive college player. Tedford likes to redshirt his freshman to give them time to learn his system and mature physically. It wouldn’t surprise me at all to see McGovern on the field this season. I suspect the Wes Welker comment was in response to your Bigger, Faster, Stronger bias, but that wizzed right by you. Applaud the kid and his family and wish him well. Only a small percentage of high school players get to play at the D-1 level and he is one of them. Well done McGovern, well done!