BREAKING NEWS: Jabari Bird’s eligibility restored

Some quick pregame news from St. Mary’s College where Salesian is moments away from its Bay Shore Athletic League showdown with St. Mary’s. Jabari Bird, who was ruled ineligible Jan. 21 in a move that forced Salesian to forfeit 16 victories, has been re-instated and is set to play tonight. There’s been no ruling on the 16 forfeits, but Salesian coach Bill Mellis said Bird’s been ruled eligible for the remainder of the season.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • c.sparks

    i know gil lemmon had no part in this, he is a LOSER. and does not care about the kids

  • The grounds he made him ineligible on were pretty weak. Cause some kids recruited soooo what. Thats gonna make a parents take a kid out of school. WHat friend wouldn’t tell their friend to attend their school. Weak.

  • Could Salesian get some victories back that they won by 15-20 or more points?

  • Felicia

    Justice prevails.

  • wally

    they should investigate all 3 vallejo students playing at Salesian. Went there for the education!!! If you believe this I got a piece of beach front property for you in Arizona.

  • Yes TrojanDen,
    That’s the next step. The first step was getting him cleared, now they’ll work on appealing some of those forfeit losses that they won by large margins.

  • The other two from Vallejo enrolled at Salesian as freshman. Like it or not, Salesian is a private school so they can go there for whatever reason they want. You wouldn’t have anything to investigate.

  • E_CULB

    So here is what I dont understand it took 30 days for Kristina just to have her hearing and another 15 for a decision, they got this done in 8 days. Talk about a waste of peoples time.

  • Prep Fan

    I agree E_CULB. Especially when the two cases looked pretty similar on the face of it, although I admit I do not know the details of either case. The only difference I can think of is that Jabari was a freshman last year, and they are allowed the 1 “free” transfer. Perhaps all the time they took hemming and hawing about Kristina’s case helped them get up to speed on the issues and made it easier to decide on this one.

  • Animal

    Great for the kid, know let’s pray for Quincy smith

  • This has been going on for 30yrs,what kid hasn’t recruited a friend to come their highschool to play sports.WAKE UP PEOPLE

  • E_CULB

    @ Prepfan

    That cant be the case because when Brittany tranfered to Berkeley as a soph, that was the first year of that rule. And they made her jump through the same hoops as Hunter.

  • Prep Fan

    I hear you E-CULB. That is why I put “free” in parentheses. But I keep reading that a player is able to transfer only after their freshman season. They don’t seem to make it easy on anyone.

  • Oh boy

    @E_Culb and Prep Fan

    Looks like this was a NCS ruling reversal by the commish rather than a full CIF appeal. I’m guessing that Boyd and Hunter had to thru the whole Section process, then the State process.

  • Prep Fan

    I was not aware of a state process? I belive it is just an NCS rule. Had she tranferred to another school in the Sac-Joaquin Section, it would have been subject to whatever hoops they have set up to jump through in that section.

  • Hunter’s situation went to the CIF on an appeal. First the NCS ruled, then it was appealed to the NCS. That appeal was denied, so it was appealed to the CIF and the decision of the NCS was upheld. Now it’s headed to civil court.

  • Prep Fan

    Thanks fr the clarification Jimmy. I was not aware that the CIF got involved in these eligibility appeals. Civil court? There are only a few weeks remaining before playoffs start. I sure hope this case moves faster than most that are in the civil courts.

  • Stephanie Hammon

    Prep Fan, E_Culb and others: One difference between Hunter and Bird’s cases is that Hunter had to prove residency in the Berkeley school district. Initially, there was a problem getting all of that evidence in line, which was another reason Gil Lemmon denied her eligibility besides the violation of the 510 bylaw. However, when Hunter had her CIF appeal hearing, additional residency evidence was submitted and, to my understanding, that issue was resolved. The residency issue is part of why her case had to go to an appeals committee and took quite a bit more time than Bird’s case.

  • FYI, the other two Vallejo kids are actually very good students. Another instance of people assuming our kids and parents don’t want a good education. Congrats for Jabari and I actually feel bad for the other kids that are still in the appeals process 🙁

  • Basketball Mom

    Salesian will always have access to the best Bay Area High School basketball players..they have money and influence. Did you really think that the NCS would go against the Mighty Salesian Private School…come on…For real???? It is what it is!!!

  • He didn’t check a box that had it been checked would not have ruled him ineligible. It’s not like he was trying to attend a public school out of his attendance area, trying to attend his second or third high school, which by the way i have seen happen at so many public schools. People never talk about the private school student athletes that are forced to sit out the year.