East Bay Boys Soccer Notes: League Races, Bubble Teams, Rankings, Standings, Stats

Let’s break down the league races, and the bubble teams…

Berkeley is in total control. The Yellowjackets control their own destiny, but a loss to Richmond on Thursday could make it interesting. Pinole is starting to fade with a rough stretch. The winner of Tuesday’s Pinole v. Richmond match is in much better shape to stay in the hunt.

Albany has emerged to the top, and I think it would be safe to say that the winner of the Albany and St. Mary’s game that is upcoming likely takes the league.

I would be shocked if Deer Valley faltered. The rest of the league is lumped together very closely and DV is in the driver’s seat.

Acalanes just needs to win out. Campo is hoping to win out and that the Dons either draw or drop one. It’s a two-horse race and a co-title is still possible.

If YV wins the games they should win and beats Clayton Valley, then they would win the league by virtue of being 1-0-1 head-to-head with CV. All CV has to do is win. They can win and draw with YV and still win the league. The Eagles are in the driver’s seat.

Cal is looking to be in great shape, barring any type of collapse.

I think four teams still have a legitimate chance, but it looks like it could come down to the Feb. 8 game with Mt. Eden and San Lorenzo. If both teams hold serve until then, there is nothing that O’Dowd and Hayward can do to catch them.

This Friday Logan and Newark play. That is likely to give us our champion.

Bubble teams

Division I: Alameda, Antioch, Arroyo, Castro Valley, College Park, Freedom, Granada, Heritage, Liberty, Washington.

I am saying that California, Clayton Valley, De La Salle, Deer Valley, James Logan (that was for Sweeper), Livermore, Monte Vista, Mt. Eden, Newark Memorial, Pittsburg, Richmond and San Ramon Valley are going to the playoffs.
Pittsburg would have to go 0-4, Richmond would have to go 0-4 or 0-3-1 and SRV would have to go 0-4 to close the year, and that’s not happening. That gives us 12 teams.
The bubble teams with the best chance to get in are Arroyo, Castro Valley, College Park and Granada. CP needs to go 1-1-1, or even 0-0-3 in their final three league games and they are qualified. They just can’t have more losses than wins. Same goes for the other three teams in their last four games. Going 2-2-0, or 1-1-2, or better, would equal them being eligible.
Antioch has to go 3-1-1, or 2-0-3 in their last five league games. 2-0-1 or better is what Alameda needs. Freedom is in pretty decent shape. They just need one more win than a loss. 3-1-1 or 2-0-3 would work for Heritage, and Liberty would have to go at least 3-0-1 to have a chance.

Division II: Alhambra, Hercules, Kennedy-Fremont, Las Lomas, Northgate, Pinole Valley, St. Joseph-Notre Dame.

Acalanes, Albany, Bishop O’Dowd, Campolindo, Concord, Dougherty Valley, Dublin, Hayward, Kennedy-Richmond, Piedmont, San Lorenzo, St. Mary’s and Ygnacio Valley are in. Dougherty and Kennedy won’t go 0-4 to end the year, which is the only thing that would keep them out. That gives us 13 teams. The bubble teams here aren’t in as good of shape.
Alhambra has to win one more than they lose and considering they play Campo and Dougherty, they will need to either draw both and beat Miramonte, or if they lose one they have to win the other two. Hercules is exactly .500 in league and would also need to win one more than they lose.
Kennedy-Fremont has to go 2-0-1 at least in their last three games, and they play Logan and Newark. Las Lomas has to go 3-0-1 at least, and Northgate needs to do the same. St. Joe’s has to go 3-0 to get in.
The weird case here is Pinole Valley. They were practically a lock, but three losses in a row has put them in a tough spot. They are still two games above .500, but I couldn’t consider them a lock with recent history. They end with Richmond, El Cerrito and De Anza and all the Spartans have to do is not lose twice. Even 1-2 works, but as long as they don’t lose twice, they are in, and they should be fine considering they’ve already beaten all three of those teams. One would imagine they could go 1-2-0 or anything better than that.

Bingham signs with Quakes

A quick congratulations to former Cal High standout, and UC Berkeley All-American David Bingham. The keeper signed with the San Jose Earthquakes after the MLS team was awarded his rights in a weighted lottery.


Acalanes, what are you guys doing to me? The win over Campolindo and they for sure had to move ahead, right? Then the tie against Northgate. I decided to reward them for the win over Campo and not punish for the draw. In looking more closely at the draw, they had a lot of chances to add on to a 1-0 lead, and gave up the equalizer in the 75th minute.
Berkeley, Deer Valley and San Lorenzo all bumped up as well, and Mt. Eden joins the rankings for the first time. Logan is back, and deservedly so.
So right now, based on how they are playing, who is the team to beat in Division I… Cal, Newark or Berkeley? Division II…Acalanes, Campo or San Lorenzo?

1. California (15-0-3)
2. Newark Memorial (17-3-0)
3. Berkeley (14-2-2)
4. Acalanes (13-3-3)
5. Campolindo (14-1-3)
6. Monte Vista (11-4-4)
7. Deer Valley (12-2-5)
8. Clayton Valley (12-2-4)
9. De La Salle (13-5-1)
10. San Lorenzo (13-3-1)
11. Livermore (10-5-4)
12. Mt. Eden (12-3-3)
13. Logan (11-5-2)
14. San Ramon Valley (11-7-2)
15. Ygnacio Valley (10-3-1)

Others considered: Albany (14-2-2), Dublin (11-5-2), Bishop O’Dowd (12-5-2), Pittsburg (9-5-4), Hayward (9-4-3), Dougherty Valley (10-6-4), St. Mary’s (11-2-0), Richmond (9-8-1), Arroyo (6-8-5), Granada (5-10-5).


Team Overall League Points

Berkeley (14-2-2) 7-1-0 21
Pinole Valley (9-7-3) 5-3-1 16
Richmond (9-8-1) 5-2-1 16
Alameda (4-11-3) 3-4-2 11
Hercules (3-10-0) 4-4-0 12
El Cerrito (1-12-5) 1-4-3 6
De Anza (2-13-1) 0-7-0 1

Team Overall League Points

Albany (14-2-2) 11-1-0 33
Piedmont (10-4-2) 10-2-1 31
St. Mary’s (11-2-0) 10-2-0 30
Kennedy (10-9-0) 8-4-0 24
St. Joseph Notre Dame (5-9-3) 5-7-1 16
Salesian (3-7-2) 3-7-1 10
Encinal (2-9-1) 2-6-1 7
St. Patrick-St. Vincent (2-9-0) 2-9-0 6
Swett (0-14-0) 0-12-0 0

Team Overall League Points

Deer Valley (12-2-5) 4-0-2 14
Pittsburg (9-5-4) 2-2-2 8
Freedom (5-8-2) 2-2-1 7
Liberty (5-8-0) 2-4-0 6
Heritage (3-7-6) 1-2-3 6
Antioch (1-9-5) 1-2-2 5

Team Overall League Points

Campolindo (14-1-3) 6-1-2 20
Acalanes (13-3-3) 7-1-1 22
Dublin (11-5-2) 4-4-0 12
Dougherty Valley (10-6-4) 2-4-2 8
Alhambra (8-8-3) 2-5-2 8
Miramonte (3-8-3) 2-5-2 8
Las Lomas (6-8-3) 1-4-3 6

Team Overall League Points

Clayton Valley (12-2-4) 7-0-1 22
Ygnacio Valley (10-3-1) 6-1-1 19
Concord (7-2-4) 4-2-3 15
College Park (6-9-5) 4-3-2 14
Northgate (2-12-5) 2-4-2 8
Berean Christian (2-15-2) 1-7-1 4
Mt. Diablo (3-8-0) 1-8-0 3

Team Overall League Points

California (15-0-3) 7-0-3 24
Monte Vista (11-4-4) 5-2-3 18
Livermore (10-5-4) 5-3-2 17
San Ramon Valley (11-7-2) 5-4-1 16
De La Salle (13-5-1) 5-4-1 16
Granada (5-10-5) 5-4-1 16
Foothill (5-12-2) 1-8-1 4
Amador Valley (5-12-3) 0-8-2 2

Team Overall League Points

Mt. Eden (12-3-3) 9-2-1 28
San Lorenzo (13-3-1) 9-3-0 27
Hayward (9-4-3) 8-4-0 24
Bishop O’Dowd (12-5-2) 7-4-1 22
Castro Valley (6-11-3) 6-5-1 19
Arroyo (6-8-5) 4-3-5 17
San Leandro (2-13-1) 2-8-1 7
Tennyson (4-12-1) 2-10-0 6
Moreau Catholic (2-12-1) 1-10-0 3

Team Overall League Points

Newark Memorial (17-3-0) 7-0-0 21
Logan (11-5-2) 6-1-0 18
Kennedy (4-7-6) 2-3-2 8
Washington (4-6-6) 1-3-3 6
Mission San Jose (6-10-3) 1-5-1 4
Irvington (2-11-3) 1-6-0 3

Team Overall League Points

Fremont (2-0-1) 2-0-1 7
Oakland Tech (2-2-2) 1-1-1 4
Oakland (0-1-1) 0-1-1 1
Skyline (0-0-1) 0-0-1 1

Padilla, Clayton 20
Ulloa, Logan 15
Villa, Pitt 15
Pagliuca, Cal 14
Parisi, Dougherty 14
Hartland, Dublin 14
Navarro, Newark 13
Shaiwany, Dougherty 11
Espinoza, St. Mary’s 11

Name, School Goals

Name, School Assists
Scott, St. Mary’s 12
Shaiwany, Dougherty 10
Tavecchio, Campo 9
Gomez, Clayton 9
Navarro, Newark 8
Oranstil, BOD 7
Danielson, Cal 7
Bochenek, Dougherty 7
Morales, Livermore 7
Hodges, LL 7
Ramirez, Newark 7
Vazquez, Pitt 7
Jara, St. Mary’s 7

Matt Smith

  • Dougherty Valley Fan

    Following SoccerGuy’s lead on EBAL stats, I’ve included a breakdown of the DFAL’s strength & record in D2. Thanks, SoccerGuy.

    Top 5 teams in DFAL are Campo, Acalanes, Dublin, Dougherty Valley and Alhambra. All should get into NCS as long as Alhambra can get above .500

    The DFAL top five teams are 33-6-7 in non-league competition (10-5-3 against D1 schools – Alhambra has half of those losses). These DFAL teams are 23-16-7 in league play.

    Top D2 teams in rankings outside of DFAL are San Lorenzo, Ygnacio Valley, Albany, Bishop O’Dowd, and Hayward. San Lorenzo has a tie against Campo. YV has lost to Dougherty. Albany has a loss to Las Lomas (last place in DFAL), a tie against Alhambra and a win against Miramonte (6th ranked team in DFAL). O’Dowd has a loss to Dougherty Valley, a wins against Las Lomas and Miramonte. Hayward has no history against DFAL teams this year.

    Since NCS has gone to two divisions for soccer, a member of the DFAL has won the NCS championship 9 out of the past 10 years.

    In my biased opinion, Campo, Acalanes, Dublin and Dougherty Valley deserve high seeds based on the non-league dominance. Might not be how the seeding committee sees things, but the numbers don’t lie.

  • futbolllll

    Dougherty Valley Fan. I’m sorry but how can you be a fan of thos powder blue, talentless soccer players? Dougherty vs. Monte Vista would be a blowout the likes of which have never been seen.

  • soccerfan

    Acalanes and Campo will get high seeds. Dougherty and Dublin won’t. Dougherty has 2 wins that they won’t get in NCS. They Beat O’Dowd before O’dowd had all the academy players. They won’t beat them in NCS. They beat YV when they had a lot of players out for injuries and they won’t beat them in NCS. They will end up playing a very tough game in the first round and might be out right away. Albany seems to be stepping up at the right time. Will be a very tough team to beat in NCS.

  • Dougherty Valley Fan

    Wrong division, my friend. In any case, your ignorance is on display with a comment like so there’s no need for discussion.

    Moving on with the D2 argument in favor of the DFAL teams as high seeds:

    Campolindo: 14-1-3, Only loss in DFAL plus 3 DFAL ties to Las Lomas, Alhambra and Miramonte.

    Acalanes 14-2-4, 1 DFAL loss and one DFAl tie vs Miramonte

    Dublin: 12-5-2, with 4 of 5 total losses in DFAL

    Dougherty Valley: 10-7-4, with 6 of 7 losses coming to DFAL opponents (3 to Campo, 2 to Acalanes and one to Dublin).

    Alhambra: 8-8-3, with 5 of 8 losses coming in DFAL

  • Dougherty Valley Fan

    Soccerfan, the Academy argument or injury argument is getting old. Every team goes through injuries, suspensions, or missing players for whatever reason. DV team could make the same case for their losses, as could most teams. The fact is, those games count and the results have to be taken into account when seeding.

  • Tack


    So Acalanes and Campo get high seeds right? Right. And Dublin and Dougherty don’t? Uhm, Hmmmmmm let’s look at this. Every team plays everyoter team twice in league. Therefore since Acalanes and Campo are high seeds, Dublin should lose to both twice, giving them naturally 4 losses. They play Acalanes tonight and if they lose, 4 out of 6 of their losses would be from those two teams. And that would go to Dougherty too, with addition to 2 additional losses to Dublin (assuming they lose again). There is no basis of stating they won’t get high seeds because DFAL dominates D2, just look at the past NCS winners. Playing in this league guarantees you a loss at some point, because all teams are competitive, unlike the HAAL, BSAL, or OAL. The DFAL teams should get higher priority by default due to strength of schedule.

  • Questioneer

    who in your opinion is going to win the ebal mvp matt? or just a list of the close sontenders

  • matt wat is the the d1 prediction for now can you post it?

  • Old HAAL Dad

    A little different approach on the HAAL teams. I believe field surfaces are going to play a big part in the success or defeat of the HAAL teams competing in the NCS. BOD – Turf field – The Dragons are clearly a much better team on their home field, 3 out of their 4 loses and a tie have come on grass. HAYWARD – Grass field – The Farmers are almost unbeatable on their home pitch which is wet & sloppy in the rain, just ask San Lorenzo and yet they travel to Tennyson and the Lancers who are in the bottom third of the league beat them on a turf field. Hayward lost to BOD in Oakland on turf and beat them at home on grass. SAN LORENZO – Grass field – The rebels in my oppionion have did the best against BOD in Oakland losing 3 to 2 but played a great match on BOD’s turf field and beat them at home on grass. MT. EDEN – Grass field – The Monarch’s lost to BOD on turf and then beat them on grass. It looks like these four will get into the playoffs but if those teams who play on grass at home go on the road they will have an adjustment to make. My bottom line oppinion is San Lorenzo makes the adjustment, BOD is going to be real tough forget about their loses they will be bad ass off of grass, they play on turf no matter what. Hayward and Mt Eden will struggle on turf but they have great goal keeping which may be the equalizer. I’m using BOD as the bench mark because they are clearly the best turf team this year in the HAAL. BTW I am not a BOD student,parent or fan.

  • storm

    MV VS Cal
    My interest has been with the freshmen for one of the local EBAL teams and have not seen a lot of the varsity contests this blog so nicely describes.I decided to see the game between Cal and MV and now see what all of you are talking about in this power league. After reading the blogs above have decided to respond to what I saw Thursday at Cal. I saw 2 great high school teams whom have an elevated game with some outstanding athletes. I don’t totally agree with the criticism of the refs as stated because soccer is a game of pressure. The team that applies said pressure will make something happen and both teams did so with success. Cal applied 10 minuets of intense pressure during a portion of the game and were rewarded with a ball which was deflected past the MV GK. The Cal fans were saying the MV GK was weak but I did not see that at all. He did a great job and was fully supported by a strong defense during the game. MV then applied extreme pressure on a wonderful Cal defense led by #10 but he is just part of this group which battled #2 and #8 from MV. That pressure created by MV resulted in a hand ball and both goals by each team were fully earned.

  • Matt Smith

    I was working on D I at school today, but got busy. I’ll try to have one up this weekend.

    EBAL MVP is going to be tough. Foster is a scoring machine, and Livermore has some studs. You guys might think I’m crazy, but I think Cal’s left back, Ben Danielson, is as good as anyone. He means a lot to that team. I’d lean towards him.

  • FormerFarmer

    Old HAAL dad,

    very good analysis on grass vs turf teams. I think Mt eden might make the adjustment. I saw them play at Castro Valley and they looked better on turf I thought.

  • ok matt how is richmond looking? how about pinole? and berkeley?

  • Columbia

    DLS’s Bernardi should also be in the running for EBAL MVP. Most of DLS’s losses this year were when he and the other DLS captain (DeCosta) have been out with injuries. He is a playmaker.

  • Matt Smith

    Pinole seems to be turning it around at the right time, so that’s good. If they get back to playing the way they were mid-season, they are a major threat in Division II.

    I think Berkeley goes deep into the playoffs. I think they are built for the post-season tournament. I also think Richmond is dangerous, just based on talent. They will probably be a 13 or 14 seed, and I wouldn’t want to be the No. 3 or 4 that has to play them in the first round.

  • Ironman

    About Turf Fields

    Mt.Eden lost to Kennedy-Richmond 2-1 On Kennedy turf field.

    Good think you didn’t go and watch Berkeley- Richmond game. It was BORING. Berkeley sat back all game.

  • matt do you think Richmond is going to get in ncs? how about Pinole? Richmond had a close game againts berkeley with a very young team what do you think?

  • Tack

    Dublin 1 – 1 Acalanes

    Dublin led most of the game, but Acalanes scored a beautiful goal with about 20 minutes to go. Very physical, with a soft red going to a Gael and the Dons getting multiple yellows. Once again the question of Acalanes’ keeper comes up due to his absence and them being forced to play a backup, who clearly is uncomfortable. A tall team should be able to knock them out if they can get balls in the air close to goal because the Goalie fails to leave his line.

  • Matt Smith

    Richmond will definitely be in NCS. They’d have to go 0-2 not to get in and I don’t see that happening.
    They are so skilled and could be trouble for teams.

  • SoccerFan19

    If you had to pick now, who would be the few “bubble” teams to get in for D1?

  • CoachF

    By the way, Tack (the guy who commented above) has no idea what he’s talking about. In the Acalanes vs. Dublin game, Acalanes dominated the whole second half with countless chances when Dublin had but one or two shots that posed no threat. Also, the Acalanes keeper has been nominated for several awards this season for his outstanding play. Dublin got lucky they were awarded a goal that didn’t even cross the line. To Dublin’s credit, they played for the tie and they got it.

  • Matt Smith

    I would say Granada, Freedom and College Park. CP is in great shape. Richmond is in very good shape.

  • Tack

    Acalanes’ keeper is outstanding. Their back-up, not so much.

    And please answer me these two questions, sir:

    1) How did they play for a tie, when they scored first?
    2) How could you possibly know that the ball did not cross the line? From where you were, assuming you are actually a coach for your points sake because fans have even worse vision, you have no clear way of seeing that ball. The sideline ref stand on the line. Not 50 yards away and looking diagonal.

    Oh, just one last thing:

    3) How can you honestly take pride in your school when drunken students harass the visiting keeper, and then walk to the visiting side and try to fight the parents and JV team. If that’s how your students behave, you should have no part in the honor of being a DFAL school.

  • SoccerBuff

    CoachF #221 is delusional. I was also at the Dublin Acalanes game. It was as Tack said. The Dublin goal did cross the line. The AR was in line with the goal and confirmed the goal. It was Acalanes who played for the tie and played dirty as well. Acalanes should be forced to forfeit the game based on the behavior of a group of boys in the home stand who were kicked out of the Acalanes stands and then somehow ended up back on the visitor side being obnoxious and vulgar and yelling and one mom to go back to Mexico and telling her “F u b___ch”. The ref and AR did nothing. Those same boys taunted the Dublin team walking to the bus. It was so bad we were looking for police and none to be found.

  • Soccer410

    Matt can you talk more about DII

  • Bsal observer

    Piedmont 2-0 vs Albany what does this mean? Albany beats st marys 6-0 then losses 2-0 to piedmont who lost to st marys 3-0 at home? I think Albany has a huge home field advantage as they beat piedmont and st marys at home. A 2-0 loss earlier at st marys and a 2-1 win at home vs piedmont. This will probably not change any league standing as Albany is still 3 pts ahead of st marys and 4 ahead of piedmont but it does raise some questions. Btw don’t hate on the bsal I know the league isn’t top to bottom like the dfal but st marys Albany and piedmont won’t go down easily in ncs.

  • MVAL

    Newark 1 – Logan 0 on the astroturf

    Newark still has not given up a goal in league.

  • pony

    Berkeley put 10 guys behind the ball and defended the whole game …pretty boring for such a high ranked team.I thought it will be a real classico .Richmond kids should have scored 3-4 goals .Very impressed in how they kept control of the game and great build up to their goal.They must have had 20 passes before they scored with a tremendous placed header.Berkeley is not as good as i thought they would.

  • CoachF

    Well Tack, sir,

    1) Haha i don’t know what game you’re talking about but when a team played nothing but kickball and was obviously taking every opportunity to waste time, that’s usually called “playing for the tie”.
    2) Being a player myself that was standing on the line when the ball was bouncing around in the six yard box, i witnessed first hand the ball clearly cleared before crossing the line.

    oh, just one last thing:

    3) I didn’t know those ten or so fans represented our whole school, but thanks for letting me know.

    oh and just one more last thing:

    our “not so good” keeper has never let in more than one goal in a game and has had 7 shutouts since he first stepped in 11 games ago. And of the four goals that did get by him, one was an own goal and one didn’t even go in, so cya Tack go stick yourself into a wall.

  • Class of 2007

    Coach F
    Dublin dominated the first half. 7 shots on goal Vs 2.The first 20 of the secnd half belonged to Acalanes but the final 20 belonged to Dublin. As for your keeper comments. Did you notice Dublins best player and team captain was not playing? Out sick. Clearly two strong teams but if you think Dublin was lucky, I guarantee you, your Acalanes coach does not want to play Dublin in NCS

  • Tack

    1) Uhm the airball was used because you’re defense sucks at defending it. When we scored our goal, one of our 5’5 players head the ball for the shot. And your defense is over 6 feet easy. O’Dowd, if you read this, play in the air please. Please do it.
    2) OH MY GOSH! you were on the field too?! May I offer you a free eye exam? I “sir” was too on the field, closer to you, close enough that I ran into the goalie as he tried to pick the ball up out of the net. Don’t try and pull a Germany, “Coach”, the ‘England’ shot clearly went in.
    3) What’s the saying? Youre only as good as your weakest link. Well clearly you’re only as classy as your drunken peers.

    Awh give him a cookie.

    Oh, and we really didn’t care about adding a win to our record, or accusing 3 points. We did all we could tonight to make sure your sorry school didn’t win DFAL outright. Not one school wants you to represent our League, and sadly enough you will. Sure, our rivals are Dougherty. Sure we don’t like Alhambra. Campo we want revenge. But you, we hate. Campo hates. O’Dowd hates you even. Seriously, what your school did tonight to our moms and brothers was uncalled for. If we see your “school” again in NCS we will win. Trust me. And of somehow we don’t, we will personally make sure to end some of your careers. (I’m sorry Matt, for getting this heated, and I wish you were there tonight so you can understand where this is coming from.) You are a dirty, filthy team from a pompous, superfluous school that scums up DFAL.

  • TopRef

    First post…

    Just checking in for scores.

  • Coach F

    WOW! Were you talking about the varsity game or are you a jv player. And you should probably talk for yourselves about who likes who. You’re probably O’Dowds least favorite team after you stole NCS from them. You guys are garbage, not only does your team suck (excuse my language) but your dirty. In the two games we’ve played, you’ve ended two of our players seasons and gotten a red. So instead of complaining about our school why don’t you focus on your dirty team who just needs to learn how to play soccer because trust me you guys need some work if you ever want a chance at winning this season.

  • Matt Smith

    Hey Soccer410,

    Anything about D II in particular you want me to talk about? Or just in general?
    Generally I think Campo is still the team to beat, and it’s mostly because I think highly of Alex Mangels. If I were putting the odds out there, I’d say Campo, Acalanes and San Lorenzo would take up almost the entire pie chart.
    I think either of those three teams can win it, and one of them probably will. Just because I consider Campo the favorite doesn’t mean anything. That’s like saying that Campo has a 50.1 percent chance and Acalanes a 49.9 percent chance. It’s very close.
    Talent wise, I think San Lorenzo, YV and Albany are teams nobody wants to catch when they are playing quality possession soccer. Even though Albany lost to Piedmont, I still think that team can go very deep.
    Let’s not leave out the defending champs, Dublin. They play a style suited for the playoffs. Low-scoring, physical and hard fought. Not going to be an easy out.
    Bishop O’Dowd has size, speed and great distributors along with quality scorers. Don’t expect this team to lay down.
    Division II is different than Divsion I, in that I think just about every team that makes the playoffs has a chance.
    Concord, Piedmont, Dougherty Valley, Kennedy-Richmond and Kennedy-Fremont have all shown they can beat quality opponents. Sorry if I left anyone out, this is all off the top of my head…

  • Matt Smith

    Oh ya, I was very impressed with Newark again.
    Also very impressed with how Logan adjusted in the second half and turned into a very entertaining match.

  • BSAL

    Not only them but also Kennedy, Kennedy beat St.Marys, tied Piedmont and if you saw both Albany games Kennedy gave them a big challenge. Kennedy also beat Mt.Eden. So they are a tough team to beat too if they make NCS.

  • Soccer410

    I agree. Another question, besides Albany do you think any other team from BSAL has a chance?

  • Matt Smith

    I forgot to mention St. Mary’s in my last little rant. I think they have a very good chance of competing in the playoffs. They are very talented with great ball control in the midfield and some quality strikers.
    I like Piedmont as well. I like their keeper a lot, and I like the fire their coach brings.

  • Soccer410

    Yeah, St.Marys and Piedmonts GK are good. What do you think about Kennedy-Richmond or St.Joseph if they make NCS, do you think they will just be there to make other teams life difficult?

  • Matt Smith

    I don’t think St. Joe’s is going to get in. They’d have to go 2-0 to end the year, and one of the games is against Piedmont. They did tie Piedmont before, but I just get the feeling that Piedmont is healthy and playing well right now.

    I don’t know much about Kennedy at all, but I talked to one of their assistant coaches who told me they are a talented group. Wins over Mt. Eden and St. Mary’s, and a draw with Piedmont, tells me they will be trouble.

  • Soccer410

    Oh okay,
    I saw the 1st Kennedy vs Albany game and it was a great game, Albany dominated the first 10 minutes but then the rest of the game was controlled by Kennedy. Kennedy just got unlucky and the 2 counter-attacks Albany had they scored. Kennedy missed a lot of 1 on 1 plays, and also the goal keeper saved them. So I agree if they make NCS they will give the team they get some trouble.

    They have a sophomore player #17, his name is Jesus but they know him as Gio. He is a player that can leave any defence with speed or his skills. The only problem he has is that he gets mad real quick.

  • Matt Smith

    Hey Soccer 410,

    If you know of any other BSAL results let me know.

  • Soccer410

    sure will

  • The Sweeper

    Went to the Newark @ Logan match. Could not see a thing due to my poor eyesight. Ended up rooting for the star of the match, Ben Day Ho, I think, but my hearing is worse than my eyesight. I heard his name shouted out by the crowd all match long. Matt, what is Ben’s number?

    Seriously, what a great turnout for both teams, a true rivalry. Zuzuvelas, cow-bells, clickers, and bullhorns were present and accounted for: all of which are banned at EBAL venues…BOOOOOOOOOO!!!

    Newark controlled the first half and scored on an aggressive striker v. keeper goal 50:50 ball. The Logan coaches made the right half-time adjustments to make the match very competitive in the second half.

    Read Matt Smith’s game report in the BANG editions Saturday morning.

    The Logan field, if nothing else, is level. The track surface has half the hardness of the pitch. I thought I was seeing golf balls bouncing on blacktop (think the 7-iron bet in Tin Cup, boing, boing, boing). In addition, the soccer goals are on the football field goal lines, good for under 14 play, but not varsity championship play. There is nothing stopping an adjustment to chalk the field to the end of the football end zones.

    Ben Day Ho, Ben Day Ho, Ben Day Ho…

  • Matt Smith


    You never fail to make me laugh. And a good analysis of the game. Newark very much controlled the first half, and Logan came out and made great second half adjustments.

  • Bench Warmer

    Cal vs. MV

    Very entertaining game as everyone is stating, even for folks that do not know much about soccer. Since it was senior night a lot of the student body for Cal attended. The buzz after the game was incredible even though the game ended in a tie!

    I am not seeing that MV’s defense is better than Cal’s. There are both very good, but Cal has the edge in my opinion. Look at the stats, look at the play on the field and to further the point one of Cal’s defenders on the left side, #11, was having his way with the right side of the MV defense in the second half when he was on the attack. Granted this attack never materialized into any goals but there were a lot more crosses to the front of the goal by Cal than there were from MV throughout the night. In fact I only recall one cross from MV all night. #8 and #11 for Cal did a great job of shutting down the outside game of MV.

    The MV goalie was outstanding around the 6 yd box. He was the main reason the multiple crosses from Cal fell short.

    MV offense did produce one great shot that hit the cross bar but that was their only real threat all night, they have yet to score a non-pk goal against a very strong Cal defense.

    Cal’s front line had a tough time and credit is due to the MV defenders in the middle, but Cal’s front line was able to put one in, deflection or not does not matter. The Cal offense had the ball in a position to shot and that is how a lot of goals are scored. MV offense did not have that due to Cal’s defense.

    In my opinion the best players for Cal that night were #11 and #12, as they both play incredible defense, while contributing on the offensive side during counters and overlaps. For MV I thought #5 and the goal keeper were the keys to their success. #5 was everywhere playing great defense and distribution soccer and the MV keeper was reading everything being thrown his way.

    EBAL MVP Opinion

    Matt, I do not think you are crazy about Cal’s Danielson. I think he should be in contention for the EBAL MVP award, and I think he is the front runner as well. He is the leading assister on the #1 team from a left back position. His quick pinpoint passing with both feet is unsurpassed. He is supposidly right footed but plays on the left side since he can play with both feet. He adds value every game defensively and offensively and is consistently on his game. It would be refreshing to see a defender actually get this award. Has it been done in the past?

    Granada’s Foster is a scoring machine and he should be in contention also. It took him a while to get going but he is coming on strong. If it were not for him Granada would not be where they are now.

    Cal’s Rivas is a good general on the field and has had some solid games but he has not been as consistent as he was last year. Some of his teammates have been adding more value throughout the year, which is a great thing for Cal.

    DLS’s Bernardi I would like to throw in. He is a great player with vision and understanding of the game. As you watch him play he is the player who is always checking in and passing the ball quickly and effectively. His injury is unfortunate.

    Livermore’s Lalo (sorry if I hacked the spelling) is also a strong player that should be considered.

    SRV’s Chaussy should also be in contention. He is the leader in all stats for his team. He is usually in the right place at the right time which is a skill in itself.

    Matt, this is one of the best blogs in the Bay Area (if not the best!). Coaches should be refering to this information daily. There are a lot of people on this blog that know a lot about this great sport of soccer!! Congrats and keep up the great work!!!

  • Bench Warmer

    One more thing to add, it would be a travisty if Cal and MV had to meet each other in NCS in any game other than the final!! I totally agree with Soccerguys analysis!!

  • ebal fan

    I’m a day late here as well as I had a long day today, but I do agree with most of these analysis, the only issue I have is any player may keep beating another down the line, but how efficient are they really, how much do they produce for a team? And I don’t think #5 for MV did more distributing than CAL’s #10, as he was deeper on the field.

    My two cents on MVP btw Bench Warmer-Dominic Dailey two years ago for DLS was the MVP.
    The MVP of this league is Foster, Granada would be completely lost without him. However, the MVP of EBAL, much like other sports comes from the best player on the best team.
    I think the coaches will get it right though. Their decisions should be made on what they see.

  • upside


    Seems like a pretty biased or simply misunderstood review to me. MV’s offense got through the Cal defense numerous times and I would be very surprised if Cal led shots. I recount more quality shots by MV. That being said the Cal offense did get through the outside flanks of MV quite often, but none of their crosses ever materialized into a real opportunity. Cal definitely did get the ball into the box more, though always from the outside.

    Overall it was a fantastic game, and I just though I would put my 2 cents in of disagreement.

  • love the game


    You have a good eye for talent.
    Ben Danielsen is a 3 time varsity player for the Grizzlies, a long time SR Santos player for club and he also spent a couple of years with a local academy. He is a complete player with size, speed and finish. His specialty is two touch soccer and sending accurate balls over the top for his speedy team mates. For me, from the CAL team, Danielsen and Fagasan are the two I like, but there are many more from other teams too.