East Bay boys basketball poll — 1/31

We have a new No. 1 for the fourth straight week as Castro Valley surges on the strength of its win over O’Dowd. The Trojans now have beaten two of the current top four teams (O’Dowd, Oakland), which was enough to bump them up. Tough to see De La Salle drop to No. 2 after having a great week, but it’s more about Castro Valley moving up than the Spartans deserving to move down.

Team Record Points Last week
1. Castro Valley (4) 19-1 102 3
2. De La Salle (3) 17-2 101 2
3. Bishop O’Dowd 16-4 91 2
4. Oakland 12-5 82 4
5. St. Joseph Notre Dame 17-5 75 5
6. Salesian 4-17 67 10
7. El Cerrito 15-5 65 7
8. Berkeley 16-3 58 8
9. Kennedy-Fremont 19-2 47 12
10. San Ramon Valley 18-2 44 9
11. Newark Memorial 15-6 36 6
12. Deer Valley 15-5 29 11
13. McClymonds 10-11 17 t13
14. Northgate 16-5 15 t13
15. Castlemont 11-5 6 15

Others receiving votes: Oakland Tech (13-5, 5 points). The East Bay Prep Boys Basketball Poll is voted on by the prep sports staff of Bay Area News Group-East Bay. Records are through Monday.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • How u like Trojans chances to win NCS or state title in Division 1?

    Will they be #1 seed in NCS Division 1 playoffs if they win HAAL despite maybe DLS winning EBAL: SRV rematch still?

    What happens if CV r co-champs of HAAL, circumstances change?

  • Prep Fan

    The difference between #1 and #2 is not that much, except having to play #3 instead of #4 and #7 instead of #8. But if CV loses the second game with BOD they will likely lose the league champ designation and have to play on the road should they face a league champ in the playoffs. Thre should be a lot on the line in the next CV-BOD game. Since Cal knocked off SRV recently, the DLS-SRV game has lost some of it’s luster, but still should be a good game. And it would be a statement game for SRV going forward.

  • bsmith

    Salesian should still be number one i think we all know this if you are going to move them down then take them out of the top completly or they should stay put at number one CV has two loses to teams ranked below them that does not make any since

  • Prep Fan

    Or to look t it another way, CV has 19 wins against teams ranked below them.

    You can’t just ignore the forfeits, and the Prep Corner staff has adjusted the poll fairly. Should Salesian be reinstated those wins, then I’m sure they would shoot right back up to the top of the poll, especially with the DLS loss last night.

    I’m a little surprised that Las Lomas isn’t geting any votes at all, with an 18-3 record and a victory over #14 Northgate (16-5). There are a lot of good teams in the East Bay.

  • Ballhawk

    It is quite simple, Salesian may have those forfeit losses, but they still outscored all of those teams.

  • Prep Fan

    Oh if it only were quite that simple. They are not the first team to have forfeited games. Like I said above, should those wins get reinstated, they will most likely move right back up in the polls. But there are very good teams ahead of them with no forfeit losses, one who beat them head to head.

    I’m not sure how the NCS seeding committee will treat the forfeits come playoff time, but since they are sanctions from the NCS it could cost them some home games should those forfeit losses not get reinstated. Since they will surely finish above .500 in league whether or not the losses are reinstated, they’ll get a playoff spot but it remains to be seen where they will be placed.

  • bsmith

    I have no problems with giving them the forfeits although it is wrong, but if you are saying that they are 4-17 then they should not be on the poll at all so why move them down a few spots for the forfeits when they should be #1 or not on the poll at all get a clue prep corner

  • Bsmith,
    Here is the way we look at it. NCS ruled that Bird was ineligible for those games in which he played because of the paper work violation. Question the wording of the paper work, but it was technically a violation. Salesian doesn’t even dispute that. The point of a transfer needing to disclose pre-enrollment contact is so the NCS can investigate prior to clearing the athlete. It didn’t learn until a couple weeks ago of the pre-enrollment contact, it investigated and found that there was no wrong doing.

    But the ruling from NCS was that Bird was not eligible until they investigated so he was ineligible in those games. Our take is that we have to judge Salesian based on what they might have been without Bird in those games. As I’ve said previously, it’s questionable that they still beat Castro Valley without Bird. And you have to factor in the loss to St. Joe’s with Bird. I think our ranking of Salesian is very fair. It balances what they team has done, but doesn’t completely ignore the forfeits. If the forfeits get overturned, they’ll leap back. But for now, we cannot ignore the forfeits.

    You seem to think it’s a black and white situation of either rank ’em on their on-court record or rank them on their on-paper record. It’s not that simple. We hate these situations because it makes ranking difficult. But we have to weigh the number of factors. And because we have seven voters, we get to have seven opinions factored into our poll. If you don’t like it, that’s fine. But we vote as we see fit and this is how we see fit.

  • Oh boy

    DLS lost to the 10. Oakland lost to the 14. O’Dowd had that L last week. Quite a dilemma for the prep sports staff of the Bay Area News Group-East Bay…

    Is St. Joe’s (D5)a top 2 team? Salesian has to be punished but they’re clearly better than EC, Berkeley and Kennedy. So where do they go?

  • dfready2go

    people were always saying kennedy wasnt a good team but now that they beat newark they showed they are a top team they should be in the top 5 murry and mann are carrying that team and should get big respect for it.

  • Animal

    Division 1 boys Bball wow ! It’s up n the air , can’t wait to see who makes it to nor cals

  • Prep Fan

    Only 2 D1 teams will make NorCals this year from NCS, as there are not enough D1 teams to qualify 4 since Wahington, American and I believe Arroyo moved down to D2 thi year. There are currently 22 teams in D1, but 25 are needed in order to qualify 4 teams. Each of the other divisions will qualify 4 teams. For that reason alone, they should have moved some teams arund so that we qualify 4 teams in each division.


  • NorCal Unranked

    Khiari Swift from Arroyo ran the boards with 21 and ran the the rim along with James Davis. Khiari Swift went for 35 points Friday night 2-4-11

  • bsmith

    AND…. there team along with the rest of the haal is terrible besides BOD and CV that is the worst league around from top to bottom if it were a typical CV team and good BOD team that would be considerd the worst league in the eastbay so he is putting up good stats VS terrible teams BIG DEAL

  • MacT

    ok for those CV haters Salesian beat us by 2 points and we started of very slow and made it a game that we almost won and we lost by 2 to Berkeley in ot we are the best team in the Bay yes the HAAL is terrible but we beat good teams outside of the HAAL like Sheldon and Jessuit and beat them pretty good including the Odowd win so i think that its fair CV is the best team in the bay and we will see once the playoffs start