East Bay Boys Soccer Notes: Updated Playoff Scenarios, League Races; Rankings, Standings, Stats

One more week, and there is still a lot to be decided…

Division I

Locks: Berkeley, California, Clayton Valley, De La Salle, Deer Valley, James Logan, Livermore, Monte Vista, Mt. Eden, Newark Memorial, Pittsburg, San Ramon Valley.

That is 12 teams who are eligible right now.

On the Bubble: Alameda, Antioch, Arroyo, Castro Valley, College Park, Freedom, Granada, Heritage, Richmond.

Liberty and Washington’s bubble’s popped this week. Heritage is hanging on by a thread, needing to beat Freedom and Deer Valley to get eligible. Antioch similarly needs to go 2-0.
For Alameda, it’s simple. They just need to not lose to Richmond. A tie or a win, and they are eligible. Arroyo needs to go 1-0-1 at least, and Castro Valley needs to just win one time.
College Park and Richmond are in similar situations. They are both virtually a lock, but mathematically could still not become eligible. CP plays Northgate and Berean Christian, and Richmond plays Alameda and Hercules. Both teams have already beaten those teams, so they are in good shape.
Freedom also needs to avoid going 0-2, and they are eligible, while Granada needs to win once.

Prediction: Castro Valley, College Park, Richmond, Freedom and Granada all become eligible. One team will be left out. It shouldn’t be Freedom this year, who really got the short end of the stick last year.
I also wouldn’t be surprised to see Arroyo and Alameda become eligible. I think it’s very possible.

Division II

Locks: Acalanes, Albany, Bishop O’Dowd, Campolindo, Concord, Dougherty Valley, Dublin, Hayward, Kennedy-Richmond, Piedmont, Pinole Valley, San Lorenzo, St. Mary’s, Ygnacio Valley.

That gives us 14 teams eligible right now.

On the Bubble: Alhambra, Hercules, St. Joseph Notre Dame.

These three teams have work to do. For Hercules it’s simple. They have to not lose to Richmond. Turns out the Oilers play a big hand in the fate of themselves along with Alameda in the D I bracket, as well as Hercules here. Alhambra and St. Joe’s have to go 2-0. No if’s, and’s or but’s. Alhambra plays at home against Dougherty Valley and then goes to Miramonte. St. Joseph plays St. Patrick-St. Vincent and Piedmont.
Kennedy-Fremont had its bubble burst with a loss to Irvington on Friday night.

Prediction: My gut tells me that Alhambra draws with DV, Hercules loses to Richmond and the Pilots lose to Piedmont. Instinct tells me D II is a 14-team bracket this year. If I had to pick one of the three to get in, my money would be on Alhambra.

League Races

All Berkeley has to do is tie once, and they play De Anza and El Cerrito this week. Safe bet that the Yellowjackets clinch their second straight league title.

A few scenarios here. For starters, Albany just needs a win and a tie to lock it up. St. Mary’s needs to win all three games they have left, and hope for Albany to lose at least once to have a share. Piedmont has just one game left, so would need to win and hope Albany goes 0-1-1 or 0-2. Piedmont and St. Mary’s play this week, so that will eliminate one of them.

Freedom’s win over Deer Valley really closed the gap, but DV has Liberty and Heritage this week, while Freedom also has Heritage, but a tough game with Pitt. DV needs a win and a tie, or a loss and a tie by Freedom, to clinch the league outright.

So if Campo wins on Wednesday, they will have a one-point lead over Acalanes, who plays LL Friday. The Cougars would need to hope for an Acalanes loss to win the league outright, and a tie to share. A Dons win, and they win the league once again.

Clayton and YV play Tuesday. Clayton just needs a draw to win the league. If YV wins, they would have to hope that Clayton draws or loses in their last game, and YV would have to win in their finale. CV is in good shape.

Cal has clinched a share of the league crown. San Ramon Valley is the only team that has a chance to tie them. Cal just needs to tie one of its last two games. The Wolves could really turn up the heat with a win over the Grizz on Tuesday.

Four teams are still alive. There are a lot of scenarios, but it comes down to San Lorenzo or Mt. Eden winning out. If one of them does it (they play each other Thursday) then that team wins the league. Hayward and O’Dowd need to win out and need some help. A lot of scenarios in play here, still.

Ladies and gents, Newark Memorial is your first official outright league champion.


Weird week in the rankings. Only Newark, Clayton Valley, San Lorenzo and San Ramon Valley had undefeated/untied weeks, and got a bump for it. Monte Vista didn’t get punished too much for the loss to a hot Granada team, and tying Cal helped. Deer Valley also not punished too much after losing to a Freedom team playing well. DV also had two wins for the week.
Dublin is back after a very good week. A 5-1 win over Las Lomas, and then a tie against DFAL leader Acalanes.

1. California (16-0-4)
2. Newark Memorial (19-3-0)
3. Berkeley (15-2-3)
4. Acalanes (14-3-4)
5. Campolindo (15-1-4)
6. Clayton Valley (14-2-4)
7. Monte Vista (11-5-5)
8. Deer Valley (14-3-5)
9. San Lorenzo (15-3-1)
10. Livermore (11-5-5)
11. De La Salle (14-6-1)
12. San Ramon Valley (13-7-2)
13. Ygnacio Valley (12-3-2)
14. Dublin (12-5-3)
15. Mt. Eden (13-4-3)

Others considered: Bishop O’Dowd (14-5-2), Hayward (11-4-3), Albany (15-3-2), Pittsburg (10-6-4), Logan (11-7-2), Dougherty Valley (11-7-4), Piedmont (11-4-3), Freedom (7-8-3), St. Mary’s (11-3-0), Granada (6-11-5).


Team Overall League Points

Berkeley (15-2-3) 8-1-1 25
Pinole Valley (10-7-3) 6-3-1 19
Hercules (6-10-0) 6-5-0 18
Richmond (9-9-2) 5-3-2 17
Alameda (6-12-3) 5-4-2 17
El Cerrito (1-14-5) 1-6-3 6
De Anza (2-15-1) 0-9-1 1

Team Overall League Points

Albany (15-3-2) 12-2-0 36
Piedmont (11-4-3) 11-2-2 35
St. Mary’s (11-3-0) 10-3-0 30
Kennedy (10-9-1) 8-4-1 25
St. Joseph Notre Dame (6-9-3) 6-7-1 19
Salesian (3-7-2) 3-7-1 10
Encinal (2-11-1) 2-8-1 7
St. Patrick-St. Vincent (2-8-1) 2-8-1 7
Swett (1-13-1) 1-11-1 4

Team Overall League Points

Deer Valley (14-3-5) 5-1-2 17
Freedom (7-8-3) 4-2-2 14
Pittsburg (10-6-4) 3-3-2 11
Heritage (4-8-6) 2-3-3 9
Antioch (2-10-6) 2-3-3 9
Liberty (5-10-0) 2-6-0 6

Team Overall League Points

Acalanes (14-3-4) 8-1-2 26
Campolindo (15-1-4) 7-1-3 24
Dublin (12-5-3) 5-4-1 16
Dougherty Valley (11-7-4) 3-5-2 11
Alhambra (8-9-3) 2-5-3 9
Miramonte (3-8-4) 2-5-3 9
Las Lomas (6-10-3) 1-6-3 6

Team Overall League Points

Clayton Valley (14-2-4) 9-0-1 28
Ygnacio Valley (12-3-2) 7-1-2 23
College Park (6-10-5) 5-3-2 17
Concord (7-3-5) 4-3-4 16
Northgate (2-13-6) 2-5-3 9
Berean Christian (2-15-3) 1-7-2 5
Mt. Diablo (3-10-0) 1-10-0 3

Team Overall League Points

California (16-0-4) 8-0-4 28
San Ramon Valley (13-7-2) 7-4-1 22
Livermore (11-5-5) 6-3-3 21
Monte Vista (11-5-5) 5-3-4 19
De La Salle (14-6-1) 6-5-1 19
Granada (6-11-5) 6-5-1 19
Foothill (5-14-2) 1-10-1 4
Amador Valley (5-13-4) 0-9-3 3

Team Overall League Points

San Lorenzo (15-3-1) 11-3-0 33
Mt. Eden (13-4-3) 10-3-1 31
Hayward (11-4-3) 10-4-0 30
Bishop O’Dowd (14-5-2) 9-4-1 28
Castro Valley (7-12-3) 7-6-1 22
Arroyo (6-9-6) 4-4-6 18
Tennyson (5-13-2) 3-10-1 10
San Leandro (2-15-2) 2-10-2 8
Moreau Catholic (2-15-1) 1-13-0 3

Team Overall League Points

Newark Memorial (19-3-0) 9-0-0 27
Logan (11-7-2) 6-3-0 18
Kennedy (5-8-6) 3-4-2 11
Irvington (4-11-3) 3-6-0 9
Washington (4-7-6) 1-4-3 6
Mission San Jose (6-11-3) 1-6-1 4

Team Overall League Points

Fremont (2-0-1) 2-0-1 7
Oakland Tech (2-3-2) 1-1-1 4
Oakland (0-1-1) 0-1-1 1
Skyline (0-0-1) 0-0-1 1


Name, School Goals
Padilla, Clayton 21
Foster, Granada 20
Pagliuca, Cal 16
Parisis, Dougherty 15
Hartland, Dublin 15
Ulloa, Logan 15
Villa, Pitt 15
Navarro, Newark 14
Reshke, Campo 12
Shaiwany, Dougherty 12

Name, School Assists
Gomez, Clayton 13
Scott, St. Mary’s 12
Tavecchio, Campo 10
Shaiwany, Dougherty 10
Navarro, Newark 10
Bochenek, Dougherty 9
Oranstil, BOD 7
Danielson, Cal 7
Castillo, Dublin 7
Hartland, Dublin 7
Morales, Livermore 7
Hodges, LL 7
Ramirez, Newark 7
Vazquez, Pitt 7
Jara, St. Mary’s 7

Matt Smith