Locals accept walk-on offers

With National Signing Day now behind us, schools are starting to fill out their rosters with preferred walk-ons, and we’ve got a couple guys that have accepted offers to some pretty good programs.

One of those is Ygnacio Valley’s Grant Jones, who has accepted a walk-on offer to BYU. Jones played receiver and linebacker at YV, but projects as a pass-catching tight end in college with his 6-foot-5 frame and good hands. He had an offer from Dartmouth as well.

At Miramonte, offensive lineman Ross Dolbec has accepted a preferred walk-on offer to Washington, according to Rivals.com. Dolbec checks in at 6-foot-5, 306 pounds and he’ll head to Seattle to play offensive line for the Huskies. He also had a walk-on offer from Arizona.

And, finally, Dawgman.com reports that the Huskies have also snagged San Ramon Valley defensive lineman Ben Teichman. Teichman had offers from Army, Navy, Sacramento State, Cal Poly and North Dakota but decided he wanted to play in the Pac-10 and took the walk-on offer. Teichman is 6-foot-1, 275 pounds.

Congrats to all three!

Ben Enos

  • Former MV Player

    Nice, real classy. I give credit where credit is due. I don’t deal with immature, ignorant, people like yourself. If you had ever played a down within the white lines I maybe would have respected you but fact of the matter is, you were the kid that got no play time, and blamed everyone but yourself. Take some credit for your actions.

  • Chs101214

    Prep Fan(s) 43,47. Tonneson went in the 36th round,to the Padres, following his Jr. year at Cal. Started for Esquer two years as a Soph/Jr. Out of the pros now, he’s earning his degree. Rosato, EBAL MVP in 07 did not pan out as a recruited walk-on for Tedford due to injuries after a year at Strawberry Canyon. Green, Spalliero twins went JUCO, Green as a Comet in ’10 for ‘Zo at CCC, twins @ Chabot. RDavis at CCSF, a decent pipeline to 4 years (Desmond Bishop to Cal now a ring with the Pack.) Javier is indeed an Aggie at Davis. And Jeff Meads, Cal Hi Class of 07 centered for Kaepernick this whole fall season as the Nevada Wolfpack had an historic season, crushing a BCS hope for Boise. Gory, like Meads, missed his senior HS season with knee injuries. He is still playing for Fresno State.

    …yep, now have a ’14 too.

  • My2cents

    Coach posers posing as Former MV Player, EBALsupporter & Knute Rockne or Babcock in disguise only he would know the facts about his boy Bergman. Not HATED by the players…. good one. Hey Former MV Player if you want to claim this love for Bergman then identify yourself. Yeah we will see how much you really LOVED Bergman.

    Swag Board to get the boys motivated? You call that trash motivation? Do you even know the meaning of motivation? NO Because you’ve never tried it… Look it up man you might be surprised with what you read… You are so way out of touch… If you think boys do not talk about what is on the swag board… only coaches who are so out of touch with their players would think this.

    Post #5 & #12 say it best.

    Regalia – Real good guy should not be mentioned here

  • Former MV Player

    If everyone were to reveal their true identity here you would not hear half of what is actually posted. I will not reveal my true identity because I know who I am, and quite honestly don’t care if you believe I am Babcock, Bergman, or anyone else.

  • Giles Chapman fan

    Giles didn’t get a scholarship b/c no school wanted him. It’s really that simple.

  • My2cents

    F-MV Player…. Not asking everyone to reveal their identity just asking you “within the white lines” tough boy.

    Betcha can’t do it. Lets see how true your support really is

  • My2cents whats your identity? Just asking you.

    Bad experience at MV? Disgruntled so you need to take shots on the coaches?

    This must be your cleansing.

  • KillerD


    your post above breaking down the numbers of hs players vs. D1 spots available is pretty accurate.

    What is sad about regarding D1 is that many players get to that level and end up hating it because all of the fun goes away.

    Any player from hs able to move onto to D1, D2 or D3 should be thrilled, love it because it all goes away to quickly, and it’s a privelage to play ball.

  • Former MV Player

    Yes, please identify yourself as well “My2Cents”… I would love to hear who you are. You seem to know so much about the Monte Vista Football Program. Revealing my identity would be pointless due to the fact that I have already defended my coaches, and said what I wanted to say. I have a sneaky suspicion you either are an unathletic MV football player that never sees the field but always blames coach for that, or the parent of an unathletic MV football player, that never sniffs the field. Let it go my man, you’re beginning to embarrass yourself.

  • Bigeasy

    Bergman and Babcock are great for the MV football program. They have created a consistent winner where boys become men. The success of the program has created great pride and support from the student body and community. My2cents you appear to be the rotten apple that either hates MV from the outside or never bought in to the program and ended up having a terrible experience. The swag board brings the team together and I think Bergman’s knowledge can clearly be seen by the continued success at MV

  • AnotherFormerMV Player

    I completely agree with “Former MV Player.” As another former Mv player, I can confidently say that Coach Bergman has had a very positive effect on my life. For anyone that thinks he is not passionate about his players, you are wrong. The only reason why Bergman and Babcock would dislike a player, is because that player either; Didn’t give effort during practice or games or was disrespectful to them or the team. “My2Cents” I am almost positive that you were one of those players, which is shame.

  • EBALsupporter

    First off…”Big Mike” is a pissed off dad. Taking shots on the coaches for your son quiting, that
    Makes no sense!
    Second… “My2cents” if everyone said who they really were then half of the stuff wouldn’t be said. Why don’t you go tell Bergman and Babcock how you feel to their face instead of hiding behind your computer screen. Getting back at the coaches via IBABUZZ…tough boy.

  • Crusaders

    Bergman and Babcock are complete losers. Why do they only have 30 kids on varsity? Answer: They cannot stand them. Parents are so sick of Bergman, his $500 football fees – yet you cannot talk to him or have him email you back. Are all parents calling to complain about playing time? Really? How about, we don’t understand something? Who do they call then. Craig tells every family at orientation to call him and gives them his number, then never returns calls. BABCOCK is a complete and utter joke. Fat Pat the Water Rat. I think he takes over Wadkins motorized cart this year as he seems to get fatter each year. What does he coach other than disention? Arrogant jerk. Surprised he doesn’t get canned at the Asphalt Company. Treats parents like crap also, protected by Bergman. Yes, the author of the swag board. Putting kids against kids, this year going all out and putting a back up QB’s dad on the board because they don’t like him. Low class scum. Loser.

  • MV Mom

    Enough already about Coach Bergman, Babcock and the MV Program. My husband and I don’t always agree with every decision the coaching staff makes but so what. We know that they have the boys’ best interest at heart and we trust them with our son. Anytime we have a question or concern we address Bergman face to face and he is always receptive. In my opinion, some MV parents are whiney and complain way too much. Bergman has made it clear time and time again that his primary concern is helping usher our boys into manhood. We need to spend more time supporting their efforts in a positive way instead of venting publicly.

  • EBAL Fan#12

    Swag Board to motivate kids? what a freakin joke!

    Enough of your Bulls**t Babcock and your 5 year old cartoon-player crayons and glue cutouts poking fun of kids on your swag board… Grow up!

    Hiding behind Knute Rocke shows your true colors…#49

    Really Babcock? Really?

  • EBALsupporter

    Crusaders, you are also someone angry at the MV program for unknown reason. 3 Bergman’s main goal is to teach the boys how to become men. These boys are in high school now and in a couple years will be living on their own. When they have a problem at work are they gonna have mom or dad call for them..NOOO. I have learned from my MV experience that if you have a problem with the coaches you address it your self. Thats the main reason they dont like to deal with parents. I know a plenty of parent who have strong ties with Bergman for what he has done with their sons. I am a former player who played for both of these men, i have great respect for what they have done for me and how they have made me prepared to move on. Bergman knows the game inside and out and is a fantastic coach. As far as the swag board goes.. players from the team help construct it. Babcock has done a great deal for me and to sit hear and listen to a bunch of people complain and bitch about them makes me sick. None of you have played for them, so go on and keep complaining from the outside but until you are actually associated with them please shut up and hold back your ignorant comments.

  • bigeasy

    I think it is clear that people who know these two coaches personally or have played for them respect them deeply and people who do not know them personally choose to dislike them because something negative has happended to them. How can you say that he does not care about his players when all these former players come on here and defend him.

  • AnotherFormerMV Player

    I know from firsthand experience that Coach Bergman and Coach Babcock only want the best for their players. I also know that everyone that is whining about them, probably did not play for them, and you wouldn’t know. As for the whole swag board thing, I can tell you all, that I was on the Swag board for 24 straight weeks throughout my varsity career, and every time I saw myself on it, it motivated me to work even harder. My name is Dane Turner,I played receiver and safety for MV last year and I am not a “tough boy” for revealing my identity, I just have full support for my two coaches.

  • OneMoreFormerMV Player

    I am yet another former MV football player. My name is Riker McClaskey and i played TE for the Mustangs the past 2 years, and im not a “tough boy” for reviling my name. I know first hand how much these two men cared me and wanted the best for me. I was another star on the Swag Board making it almost every week. I learned not to make the same mistake twice and it made me a better player as a whole. These two men have had a big impact on my life for the better. I have incredible respect for these two men.

  • Back on topic

    Since the original story is about 3 young men earning walk on invitations to a couple of great schools and football programs, I would like to say CONGRATULATIONS to them!

    I’m a DVAL fan, so I had a chance to see Jones play for YV, and he almost beat Alhambra all by himself. I think he had 2 defensive TD’s and a 50 yard TD catch on offense. Considering the YV QB was a soph, he had a pretty good year to make 1st team DVAL receiver.

  • Bulldogforever

    Wow, what a thread! Ever since Survivor’s been off, I’ve needed some entertainment, thanks.

    Hey Dane- congrats on your scholarship to UC Davis and for supporting your coaches.

  • Crusaders

    Hey, someone said Bergy was a football genius or something. Said he has “knowledge”. Ask Craig to give the definition of defense. In the Bergman defense dictionary is says DEFENSE: 1. Please score really quick because I want the ball back to run my sacred offense 2. I have 3 players playing D1 [Wake, CAL, USC] but could never stop anyone 3. My 35 points will beat your 33. Sad. I think they ran 4 different defenses this year. They’d spin the swag board dial and whatever number it landed on, they would have that many kids up front.
    Tough Boys out on the Streets – Pete Townshend

  • Crusaders

    This thread has some rythm to it.

    Tough Boys – Pete Townshend

    Boys to Men, ABC, BVD – bbDevoe

    Jeremiah was a Bullfrogforever – 3 Dog Babcock

  • Bulldogforever

    Good one Crusaders-

    “Jeremiah was a Bullfrogforever – 3 Dog Babcock”

    You may not understand a single word I say, but I raise my glass of wine to you. Cheers

  • Kim Coble

    After reading all 74 posts…

    Nimrods: “My2cents” , “Crusaders” , and “Gridiron man”

    Men with Balls: Dane Turner and Riker McClaskey

    Men with Valid Points: “Former MV Player”, “EBALsupporter”

  • PrepFan

    congrats to all those grizzlies. i never doubted their talent, just hope more of them get into the cream of the crop as you so stated my Papa.

  • Davona Drive

    Ever since Rob Stockberger quit coaching MV, they have not been the same caliber of football team. NCS Champs in 1981-83, and 1987. Played for the NCS title in 1986 too, but lost to DLS.

    The 87′ Mustangs were the last truly powerful East Bay team that could challenge the Spartans, besides the 1991 Pittsburg Pirates.

  • football fan

    FYI Kyle Egan has a preferred walk on at Oregon State

  • Outsider

    Good, bad, or indifferent, all Coaches have their specific system/schemes. Is it common for most HS coaches to have a program in place to deal with recruitment of their players? It is very rare for kids to go on to the D1 level. I don’t think a coach would go out of his way to not have players recruited or try to prevent a player from a scholarship.

    Despite the fact that coaches are focused on trying to win as many games and they can, I think without question they genuinely care for their players. Most won’t play d1,d2, or d3 after HS. Players don’t get scholarships to play ball simply because they don’t project out at the next level given their size, speed and talent at this time. This doesn’t mean that they never will play D1 it just means they don’t want to give them a scholarship based on their needs and projections.

    In general, D1 colleges are looking for BLUE CHIP players,meaning big fast and talented. Being small 150lbs or so, short 5’7 or so and average speed 4.6 or so really doesn’t project well on the potential side of major college football. Exposure was not the reason Giles was not picked up at the D1 level, he attended several camps. In addtion, in Giles situation, I am certain that some coaches questioned why would a player attend so many different high schools. Even if it isn’t true, it gives the illusion of if I don’t get my way I will quit, transfer, or at a minimum pout and blame others. Congrats to the players on their walk on opportunities and good luck to Giles. All is not lost, many players go on to Jr. Colleges and recieve scholarships.