East Bay boys basketball poll — 2/7

Team Record Points Last week
1. Castro Valley (6) 21-1 90 1
2. Bishop O’Dowd 18-4 83 3
3. De La Salle 18-4 76 2
4. St. Joseph Notre Dame 19-5 40 5
5. Salesian 7-17 64 6
t6. El Cerrito 17-5 57 7
t6. Oakland 13-6 57 4
8. San Ramon Valley 20-2 50 10
9. Berkeley 17-4 44 8
10. Kennedy-Fremont 21-2 37 9
11. McClymonds 12-11 29 13
12. Newark Memorial 16-6 27 11
13. Northgate 18-5 18 14
14. Deer Valley 16-6 8 12
15. Oakland Tech 14-6 5 NR

Others receiving votes: Las Lomas (19-3, 4 points), Castlemont (12-6, 1). The East Bay Prep Boys Basketball Poll is voted on by the prep sports staff of Bay Area News Group-East Bay. Records are through Monday.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • kkop

    Calpreps rankings (top 100 in the state as of 2/7/11)

    8th BOD – strength of schedule 19.3
    11th Salesian
    13th Castro Valley sos 15.6
    29th San Ramon sos 16
    30th DLS sos 17.8
    41st Oakland sos 20.5 (lost to a R.I team that is #4835 in the country)
    62nd Newark sos 17.7
    69th St. Joes sos 12.9 (big win against Salesian, only one other quality win)
    74th Deer Valley sos 13.4
    80th Berkeley sos 13
    93rd El Cerrito sos 13.1

  • Prep Fan

    10. Kennedy-Fremont 121-2

    You would think Kennedy would be higher than #10 with a record of 121-2. They must not have played anybody. 🙂

    Thanks Prep Fan, fixed it. — JD

  • nuntown

    They beat Newark Memorial a few weeks ago, giving NM it’s first loss in the MVAL in 101 games. Other than that, they haven’t played anyone else of value. As of late, they’ve played very sloppy. They should be blowing out the other teams in league. But can’t seem to put a complete game together. They have a tendency to play at the level of their opponent. Hopefully, they can get their act together soon, otherwise JL and NM will pull ahead.

  • Oh boy

    Didn’t SRV just beat De La Salle on the road? I’m confused…

    And Berkeley beat El Cerrito last week!

  • El Cerrito beat Berkeley 66-65. Berkeley did not beat EC.

    Yes, SRV beat DLS on the road. But those teams now split their games (in essence those games are a wash) and DLS is in first place in the EBAL, so they should be higher. Plus, on Saturday, DLS took one of the top teams in the state (Taft) to overtime, which almost constitutes a win when you consider the quality of the opponent.

  • Oh boy

    Ah. My mistake on EC-Berk. And the explanation on SRV/DLS is sound logic

  • Chris

    Can we get a MVAL Basketball player stat’s report?

  • jonathan

    Hey didn’t Las Lomas beat Northgate? Shouldn’t they be ranked higher?

  • Prep Fan

    Last week LL wasn’t even ranked with any votes, so just getting the 4 votes they got this week is a step in the right direction. They should be a factor in D2 this year. The loss to DV hurt them, but if they win the rematch this week, they should have control of the DFAL race and should move up in the polls. NG has a big one with CP tomorrow for the lead in the DVAL.

  • DFAL Watcher

    How can LL, with a 19-3 record not even be in the top 15????

  • Prep Fan

    That is the point I made last week when they were not even listed, but at least they got some votes this week. These things take time to iron out. They did beat NG and San Marin, but really no one else and their 3 losses are all to unranked teams. They should do well at NCS D2 though, even though they are just 6 students above being a D3 school this year.

  • Football Watcher

    Prep Fan,

    LL wants to stay in D2 trust me. Go to Cal preps and look at the difference between the top NCS D2 teams and D3. Clearly the easiest NCS division to win this year and last is D2.


    Even as the last responder noted SRV or San Ramon Valley hoops squad is rated higher by several other sources. I do not care about ratings unless they are nonsensical. There exists a life skills axiom that cheaters never win and winners never cheat so why is Salesian rated above SRV. All six of you prep sportwriters should visit one of our games. Let me explain our football team which granted takes 22 players to compete as opposed to the minimum 5 required for basketball was ranked higher by the same six prep sports writers that have our basketball team hovering around tenth this year in ratings. We at SRV have gone into De La Salle (DLS) the last two years and beaten them. Granted and I fully acknowledge that they have beaten us in our house this year and last when we played our home games at Monte Vista as well as two playoff games last year at the St Mary’s venue (both when we missed last second shots.) But we at SRV have lost one game to Cal High at our new gym when they finished everything they attempted and we played without the intensity that we needed for the entire game though we fought back furiously to lose by a single point. Granted SRV suffers from entitlement issues and all of our student /athletes will need to play each game in the moment and with intensity especially if we are so fortunate to face Castro Valley or DLS in the NCS playoffs but I say all that to simply ask why are we ranked so low behind Catholic Schools who maybe powerhouses in the respective divisions but do not play D-1 schools at least twice a week and in the case of Salesian rated higher than us they have had to forfeit several games this year–have they not. Again, I am frustrated and feel slighted by the six prep sports writers that continue to vote us below private schools who do not have the same rules to recruit, practice, and participate by as we do in the San Ramon Valley Unified School District. I appeal to the all six writers that make the poll to visit our games during the playoffs and check our body of work over the last two years as mentioned we @ SRV have lost a single game in some 55 games to a public school and have 5 blemishes to private schools during that span with four being to a well-coached DLS program. The other loss was also by a single point last year to St. Mary’s of Berkeley, I think. Again, just to come full circle with my complaint–why are we rated so low to private schools in lower divisions who do not play DLS as we do at least twice a year?!? I guarantee you prep sports writers @ the CoCo Times that DLS is not concerned with Salesian or Bishop O’Dowd or St. Joseph and we @ SRV welcome such challenges, as well! In short, get your ratings straight by viewing our games in the EBAL. May this comment be taken with the highest regard for sportsmanship and organized, NCS, high school, basketball competition. Admittedly, it is the final poll that counts but even last year when we at SRV were 28-4 with three loses to DLS you(prep sports writers dropped us in the polls.) This is my cry for equity by calling you on your ratings!

  • CV Fan

    When do the CV-O’Dowd tickets for next weeks game go on sale???

  • redandblue2

    Get a life Doc! The simple reality is that all the private schools listed higher than SRV are flat out better than they are. No shame there. SRV is a good team; the loss to a mediocre Cal was a killer however. If you remember, SRV was ranked 3rd in the opening poll the first week of January, higher than St Joe’s & DLS. Their drop in the rankings is a direct result of their play, nothing more. I guarantee the CCTimes sportswriters know far more than you and see more games than you as well to be informed enough to vote in this poll.

    The discussion of public vs private has been beaten to death; it is what it is.

    The good news is that the playoffs are just around the corner and they will be able to prove themselves. Having seem SRV play, a good team can expose them by sagging on Tollefson and forcing Giusti to lead the team. Neutralize these two and its up to Marvin et al to carry the team.

    Bottom line DOC is quit whining, enjoy the game and your team and hope for the best; the polls will take care of themselves if they win.

  • Gdog

    SRV while a very good team would do well to play someone in the preseason. They have a weak non-league schedule and I think that hurts them. Plus no team ranked above you has a loss even close to as bad as the Cal loss. In all the quality/depth of the top 10 teams is very good and no shame in being 10 at this point in the season. Only team that is ranked way to high is St Joe’s. Not a Top 10 team IMO. One very good win but a few questionable losses to be ranked that high.

  • Prep Fan

    re: post #12, Oh I know LL is much better off in D2 than D3. My point was that they are the smallest of all the D2 schools. Big game Friday vs. DV.

  • MVAL fan

    kennedy has played nobody. & got lucky beating newark at there place. i was at the game & it was obviously clear that the ref’s were callin everything in favor of kennedy.. i hope they dont lose to logan tonight because if they dont they dont have a chance to beat newark again. Andrews & norris wont let that happen again

  • Prep Fan

    They did lose to Logan last night. The game vs. Newark is for all the marbles.

  • nuntown

    As I said in post #3, if they come out sloppy they’re going to lose. That’s exactly what happened. They need to stop turning the ball over and play better defense, otherwise, American and NM will roll over them.