East Bay Boys Soccer Notes: Seeding Predictions, Rankings, Standings, Stats

Alright, here are my official seeding projections.

Division I

1. California
2. Newark Memorial
3. Deer Valley
4. Berkeley
5. Livermore
6. San Ramon Valley
7. De La Salle
8. Monte Vista
9. Clayton Valley
10. Pittsburg
11. James Logan
12. Richmond
13. Granada
14. Mt. Eden
15. Castro Valley
16. Arroyo

I feel like schedule strength and the overall strength of the HAAL will work in the favor of the two last schools in. I think it’s going to be a very close call.
So with the Deer Valley and Berkeley situation, I am thinking that the head-to-head win for DV is going to be the difference maker. The schedules are very similar, the records are similar. The BVAL is a bit tougher league, so that will make a difference as well.
Clayton Valley is going to get a home game regardless, and they will likely play an EBAL school. Now is their chance to prove it.
I went with SRV over DLS because the Wolves are 4-1 in their last five, which is similarly why I went with Pitt over Logan.
Berkeley v. Granada in the first round, anyone? Foster against that great defense. Wow. I think Richmond and Livermore would be a fun opening round game as well.

Division II

1. Campolindo
2. Acalanes
3. San Lorenzo
4. Bishop O’Dowd
5. Albany
6. Dublin
7. Ygnacio Valley
8. Hayward
9. Pinole Valley
10. Concord
11. Dougherty Valley
12. St. Mary’s
13. Piedmont
14. Alhambra
15. Kennedy-Richmond

Yesterday I found out I had Acalanes record slightly off, so considering that, had they beat Las Lomas yesterday and won the DFAL and had just one more loss than Campo, I would have gone with Acalanes as the top seed. But since they are tied atop the league, and split head-to-head, Campo’s better overall is the difference.
San Lorenzo and Bishop O’Dowd were easy picks for No. 3 and 4, for me.
I had a really hard time deciding the No. 5, 6 and 7 seeds. So finally I went with Albany over Dublin. I think similar strength of schedule outside of league, and since Albany is a league champ with 17 wins, they’ll get the benefit of the doubt. I would have had YV there a couple of weeks ago, but they are 2-2-2 in their last six, including a not good loss to Mt. Diablo.
I think the strength of the HAAL gets Hayward a home game and I think the 10-14 spots are a crapshoot, but I’m confident I’ll be pretty close.


The rankings won’t be as important here on out, but here are my thoughts with them as the regular season ends. Deer Valley moved up so much, because it turns out the loss they were penalized for last week was a forfeit win. So other teams dropped because DV had to be moved back up.
Welcome Bishop O’Dowd back to the top 15, and I believe this is Pittsburg’s debut into the rankings.

1. California (17-0-5)
2. Newark Memorial (20-3-0)
3. Berkeley (17-2-3)
4. Deer Valley (16-2-6)
5. Acalanes (15-2-6)
6. Campolindo (17-1-5)
7. Clayton Valley (15-2-5)
8. Livermore (13-5-5)
9. San Lorenzo (16-4-1)
10. De La Salle (15-6-2)
11. San Ramon Valley (13-8-2)
12. Monte Vista (11-7-5)
13. Mt. Eden (14-4-4)
14. Bishop O’Dowd (16-5-2)
15. Pittsburg (12-6-4)

Others considered: Dublin (13-6-3), Ygnacio Valley (12-4-3), Albany (17-3-2), Hayward (11-5-4), Logan (12-7-2), Dougherty Valley (12-8-4), Pinole Valley (12-7-3), St. Mary’s (14-3-0), Piedmont (12-5-3), Granada (7-12-5).


Team Overall League Points

Berkeley (17-2-3) 10-1-1 31
Pinole Valley (12-7-3) 8-3-1 25
Richmond (12-9-2) 7-3-2 23
Hercules (6-11-0) 6-6-0 18
Alameda (6-13-3) 5-5-2 17
El Cerrito (1-16-5) 1-8-3 6
De Anza (2-18-1) 0-11-1 1

Team Overall League Points

Albany (17-3-2) 14-2-0 42
St. Mary’s (14-3-0) 13-3-0 39
Piedmont (12-5-3) 12-2-2 38
Kennedy (13-9-1) 11-4-1 34
St. Joseph Notre Dame (6-11-3) 6-9-1 19
Salesian (6-9-2) 6-9-1 19
Encinal (3-15-1) 3-12-1 10
St. Patrick-St. Vincent (2-13-1) 2-13-1 7
Swett (1-16-1) 1-14-1 4

Team Overall League Points

Deer Valley (16-2-6) 7-0-3 24
Pittsburg (12-6-4) 5-3-2 17
Antioch (6-9-6) 4-3-3 15
Liberty (6-9-2) 3-5-2 11
Heritage (4-10-6) 2-5-3 9
Freedom (5-13-2) 2-7-1 7

Team Overall League Points

Acalanes (15-2-6) 8-1-3 27
Campolindo (17-1-5) 8-1-3 27
Dublin (13-6-3) 6-5-1 19
Dougherty Valley (12-8-4) 4-6-2 14
Alhambra (9-10-3) 3-5-4 13
Miramonte (4-9-4) 3-6-3 12
Las Lomas (5-11-5) 1-7-4 7

Team Overall League Points

Clayton Valley (15-2-5) 10-0-2 32
Ygnacio Valley (12-4-3) 7-2-3 24
College Park (8-10-5) 7-3-2 23
Concord (8-3-6) 5-3-4 19
Northgate (2-15-6) 2-7-3 9
Mt. Diablo (4-10-0) 2-10-0 6
Berean Christian (2-18-3) 1-9-2 5

Team Overall League Points

California (17-0-5) 9-0-5 32
Livermore (13-5-5) 8-3-3 27
San Ramon Valley (14-8-2) 8-5-1 25
De La Salle (15-6-2) 7-5-2 23
Granada (7-12-5) 7-6-1 22
Monte Vista (11-7-5) 5-5-4 19
Foothill (5-16-3) 1-11-2 5
Amador Valley (5-14-5) 0-10-4 4

Team Overall League Points

San Lorenzo (16-4-1) 12-4-0 36
Mt. Eden (14-4-4) 11-3-2 35
Bishop O’Dowd (16-5-2) 11-4-1 34
Hayward (11-5-4) 10-5-1 31
Castro Valley (8-12-4) 8-6-2 26
Arroyo (7-9-7) 5-4-7 22
Tennyson (5-14-2) 3-11-1 10
San Leandro (2-16-2) 2-11-2 8
Moreau Catholic (2-17-1) 1-15-0 3

Team Overall League Points

Newark Memorial (20-3-0) 10-0-0 30
Logan (12-7-2) 7-3-0 21
Kennedy (5-9-6) 3-5-2 11
Irvington (4-12-3) 3-7-0 9
Mission San Jose (7-11-4) 2-6-2 8
Washington (4-8-7) 1-5-4 7

Team Overall League Points

Fremont (2-0-1) 2-0-1 7
Oakland Tech (2-3-2) 1-1-1 4
Oakland (0-1-1) 0-1-1 1
Skyline (0-0-1) 0-0-1 1


Name, School Goals
Padilla, Clayton 25
Foster, Granada 22
Aguila, Richmond 18
Pagliuca, Cal 17
Hartland, Dublin 17
Parisi, Dougherty 16
Villa, Pitt 16
Ulloa, Logan 15
Navarro, Newark 14
Espinoza, St. Mary’s 14

Name, School Assists
Scott, St. Mary’s 16
Gomez, Clayton 15
Tavecchio, Campo 11
Bochenek, Dougherty 10
Shaiwany, Dougherty 10
Navarro, Newark 10
Morales, Livermore 8
Reamirez, Newark 8
Garibay, Pitt 8
Eight players tied with 7

Matt Smith

  • EBRef

    thanks LTG

  • #1993soccerguy

    what do you think the d2 semi finals will look like matt

  • soccerguy

    No one is saying “EBAL shouldn’t be matched up against others in their league.” They simply deserve higher seeds:

    Monte Vista, De La Salle and San Ramon would have 4-5 fewer losses if they switched leagues with Newark, DV, Berkeley or Clayton Valley. Newark, DV, Berkeley and Clayton Valley would easily have 4-5 more losses.

    Simply put, based on their record against non-league opponents- MV, DLS and SRV are three of the top 8 teams in the East Bay. Therefor, they should be seeded in the top eight and not playing each other in the first round.

  • mudhen

    Well, the girls’ brackets look slightly less squirrely than the boys’, but there are gonna be some pretty gruesome slaughters in the first and second rounds,
    ( Mt. Diablo, Northgate, Las Lomas, )

  • The Sweeper

    Seeds 1-4 are OK on each bracket. After that, I agree with the comment that the committee made blind selections; resulting in several non-compelling matches. The most compelling non-league match is James Logan at Livermore (continuation of a 1-1 tie), though I am thinking that Richmond at Deer Valley will be an excellent contrast in styles creating a very competitive match.

    One huge mistake is to schedule all first round matches on Wednesday and then all second round matches on Saturday. Per the NCS charter, their revenue is only generated by playoff receipts and advertising. Simple math says scheduling half the matches on Tuesday and half on Wednesday, and then the next round split on Friday and Saturday may increase the gate by 20%-30%. In addition, with 32 matches scheduled on Wednesday (D-I and D-II, boys and girls), sixteen of the matches will have officiating crews not rated in the top sixteen.

    Blind seedings = non-compelling matchups; concentrated scheduling = diluted officiating AND less revenue. Someone needs to think a little bit more about the big picture. I for one would like to be able to see at least 4 matches this week.

    See you at the pitch.

  • Bench Warmer

    EBAL teams as well as others want to play teams outside of thier league. It is understood that EBAL teams will meet but not in the first round when it can be so easily avoided. It would be more compelling for the fans and the players to mix up the first round. More fun and interesting! Blind seedings are just that, blind and lazy.
    Sweeper is right on with the scheduling. Some of these matches are going to be poorly officiated by lack of quality ref’s.
    How do we change the status quo??
    What is done is done and it is time to move on for this year, but next year??…

  • LHS Alum

    Livermore will crush Logan 4-1. When they played to the 1-1 draw they weren’t playing at full strength.

    Livermore will then roll through Berzerkley 3-0. They then play a real team in Cal. This will be their first test in the playoffs. I’ll say Livermore 1-0 in this one.
    They will play Clayton Valley in the finals where Livermore wins it all 2-1…Just predicting……..

    The NCS committee wants to make it easier for non EBAL teams to advance further. I’m surprised Cal wasn’t playing Granada in the first round, Livermore playing Monte Vista, and De La Salle playing San Ramon. All teams on same half of the bracket. What a JOKE!!

    Amador and Foothill would beat half of the teams in NCS tournament.

  • soccerwatcher

    LHS Alum you are completely biased. Amador and Foothill were garbage this year, what makes you think they could beat teams like Mt.Eden or Newark in the playoffs? Livermore might not even make it out of the first round…… And they are in the hardest side of the bracket. Your argument is flawed.

  • srv watcher

    why would they seed granada ahead of mvhs? mvhs is not a 10 seed. and clayton valley is not a higher seed than srv. they lost 3-0 to mvhs.

  • SoccerDude

    LHS Alum,
    I wouldn’t go as far as saying Amador and Foothill would beat half the teams. But i guess that’s what happens when a lot of teams make it from one league. They may end up playing each other in the first round. I highly doubt the committee set it up this way to eliminate some of the EBAL teams so the other leagues have more of a chance. If you look at Clayton Valley for example, it’s not their fault they play in a league that is all DII schools except College Park. If they were put into a different league, they may not win the league, but they would do just fine. Someone said earlier in this blog, “you have to beat everyone to b champion.”

  • SoccerDude

    Srv Watcher,
    Have you seen anyone else play besides SRV? You keep making your point that SRV deserves to be higher. Why should they be higher then they are?

  • srv watcher

    yes i have because srv played 9 of the 16 teams. but i did not say srv should be higher. i thought a 6 or 7 seed was fair for them. i said mvhs should be higher than granada and clayton valley should not be a 6 seed.

  • LHS Alum

    Granada beat monte vista 2-1 and were 1 minute away from beating them in the first meeting 1-0. Granada finished higher in league than MV. Is that clear enough SRV watcher?

  • srv watcher

    agreed but if i am correct granada did not win one game out of ebal.

  • LHS Alum

    Soccer Dude, Amador beat Newark and Logan earlier this year and Foothill beat Castro Valley and ….uh er ok, maybe your right. EBAL teams deserve a golden ticket to the finals. Maybe a bye in the first 2 rounds for all Ebal qualifiers while the other leagues teams battle for the scraps of Longshank. I love that movie ( Braveheart ). I’m not serious but I do think there is a consorted effort to chop up the EBAL teams early by pitting them against each other.

  • SoccerDude

    Granada shouldn’t even be in the tournament. They had less than a .500 record.

  • LHS Alum

    SRV water, This was due to some horrible and unfortunate injuries early in their year, not to mention their second leading scorer was still playing football 1 month into the season. They are not deep like some other teams in Ebal and the quality of player is thin. Once they got their kids off of IR and football ended, they went something like 7-2-1 to finish the year.

  • LHS Alum

    Soccer Dood, see post 116 and they beat all in Ebal once except SRV and Cal.

  • LHS Alum

    Granada qualified by going 7-6-1 in league. By my calculations that was 1 way to qualify.

  • LHS Alum

    My Bullseye is waiting…

  • LHS Alum

    I’m going to get to 200 by myself

  • LHS Alum

    Cowboys are still going to win it all!!

  • love the game

    LHS Alum

    ok, agreed Cowboys have a good shot,

    so does MV, SRV, DLS, CAL and Newark my friend,

    is Guerorro healthy and playing for Livermore in the NCS?

  • storm

    I have not seen any player that can compete with #12 from Livermore. His supporting cast is also as good as the other teams best. He is an exceptional talent. Cal deserves to win the NCS with a spotless record but their bracket is so tough after round 1. Unfortunately Cal will lose in the semi’s…

  • LHS Alum

    He played last week and looked very good. I’m sure he’ll be up to the task in NCS.

  • ebal fan

    Who does CAL lose to?

    And yes there was a game where CAL’s #10 competed against Livermore’s #12. Should be different in NCS though. Too many things have to happen here for CAL or Livermore to be considered in the NCS final?

  • Waterboy

    Would all you Ebal guys or gals come to watch an all ACCAL
    final Berkeley vs Richmond, what an interesting thought?

    If Richmond gets to the semis against Newark they may match up very well. Berkeley could surprise anyone.

  • 028159

    Redandblue2, this 680 corridor snob/EBAL elitist would really just like to get out of the neighborhood and see some of the other teams in other leagues.

    You’re right in that the EBAL followers have no shame in proclaiming our league as the best… but I also think we have no fear in going out and proving it as well. I’d think the non-EBAL teams would love to take on that challenge and make us eat humble pie. Let’s rumble.

    The opportunity was there to have more of those matchups but it didn’t materialize with these seedings. What can you do. Best of luck to all.

  • RHS watcher

    Richmond has great talent, they all attack as a team and defend together…
    watch out for them.

  • rankinscubs

    Just for fun:

    EBAL combined records v. out of league opponents
    (Cal, Livermore, SRV, DLS, MV only)

    ACCAL 4-0-1
    BVAL 8-2-2
    DFAL 1-1-0
    DVAL 4-0-0
    HAAL 4-0-0
    MVAL 4-3-1
    Central Coast Section Teams 2-1-0
    Central Section Teams 3-0-0
    Sounthern and San Diego Section 3-1

  • mudhen

    EBAL IS a really good league this year, but still, soccer is a game where high scoring is an aberration (sic.)rather than the rule.
    One mistake frequently make the crucial difference.

  • SoccerDude

    To make the record against other outside league opponents, you need to include the teams that finished on the bottom of the league. Cal SR livermore DLS and MV may have played teams that finished at the bottom of the other leagues. You can’t just take the good teams from one league and compare them to a whole other league.

  • rankinscubs


    It says Just for Fun! I’ve only got so much time and info:)

  • Cokito

    Waterboy, that would be very nice. I can imagine it… the lights go out with 12 minutes left in overtime… and Chikiz blocks the losing PK the following Monday 🙂

  • THEanonymous

    Those of you foreseeing a Livermore upset of CAL in the semi’s, prepare to be surprised….
    I foresee CAL winning a thriller or possibly even a blowout, depending on the attitude Livermore brings to the table.

    As for girls soccer, Carondelet better look out for CAL as well…………..

  • Tack

    Matt, (and anyone else)

    Ideas on why so little games were played between EBAL and DFAL? The CCS, CS, and So Cal teams even had more games against EBAL than DFAL did.

  • The kidd

    You are funny cokito 🙂

  • Sage

    That’s an easy one.
    EBAL is all D1 schools and DFAL is all or mostly D2 schools
    There is no benefit, come NCS selection time, in playing a D2 school.
    This is not trying to be superior, just the competitive facts.
    It appears, this year at least , that an EBAL v DFAL league matchup, at the top anyway, would be competitive and entertaining.

    Dismiss Granada at your peril
    I’m not a Granada fan, but I know danger when I see it.

  • storm

    EBAL fan
    Cal has a tremendous defense and that has hidden their freshmen GK. With many ties already in the book, Cal will be relying on the freshmen. He will need to perform on his own with out their help when PK time comes and it is coming….

  • Matthew

    Storm, don’t let the freshman thing fool you. The kid can play. He allowed by far the fewest goals against. He already came up big in pk’s (winter classic) and has come up big when needed all year long. DLS should of beat Cal last game however, freshman keeper came up huge. I do agree with you that the defense is “tremendous”. I really hope none of the games get settled by pk’s. It’s basically a coin toss then, been on both sides many times.

  • storm

    We both know PK’s are coming, just look at how many ties in the EBAL. I too would hate to see this happen. MV, SRV, DLS, Granada, and Livermore were involved with Cal. or others. Can you see MV tied with Cal or others at the end. It would be a shame for all of them to play their hearts out and go to PK’s but it will happen. Keep up the work have enjoyed your blog.

  • Matt Smith

    Storm is right. Matches will come down to teams most comfortable taking PK’s.

  • wasaaaaaa

    do you think san lorenzo can win ncs?

  • Matt Smith

    I think they have the talent to do it.

  • Soccer fan

    Who is your favorite to win Matt?

  • lonewolf

    1st.Round: CAL 3 CV 0: DLS 2 Granada 0: Berk 1 Pitt 2: JL 1 LIV 0: NEW 3 CP 1: SR 1 MV 2: DV 0 Rich 3:CVH 3 EDEN 0 : : CAM 2 JFKF 1: AL 1 YV 3: ALB 1 SMC 2:
    BOD 4 CON 0: AC 0 JFKR-1: DV 0 PIN 1: SL 3 PD 0: DUB 2 HAY 3

  • Jessica

    Okay, so as I saw the game from last night (San Lorenzo vs. Dublin) it was quite an unfair game. I am not favoring SLZ, but it was obvious that the coaches were favoring the other team. I believe this was a racial issue, and I grew enraged by the outset of this game. It was not the boys’ fault, but the refs. The goals that were scored were completely unfair. The penalty kick was basically given to Dublin and I’m glad they scored or else it would have been sad to have such an easy miss.

    Dublin has NO right to post “Safety” regulations about the SLZ fans on their website when their own people are taunting the SLZ fans- singing mexican songs and shouting “they want to cry” is beyond ridiculous.

    I am a Mexican and I did watch the entire game and I recorded it to for anyone that does not believe there was racial injustice. Dublin will NOT win the final because they are playing a dirty game. Yes, San Lorenzo players are Mexican and poor, but I can honestly say they played much, much better than Dublin.

    There is a difference between San Lorenzo and Dublin- San Lorenzo is in it for the game and for the love of soccer unlike Dublin players who seem to seek happiness in cheating their way to semifinals. San Lorenzo deserved the win! EVERYONE knows that, and it pleases me to know that even the Dublin players felt they sucked and were favored unjustly simply for being…well…WHITE!

  • Jessica

    I see you guys can’t post the truth. Makes me laugh at people like you! You guys should clarify that this is an ALL-WHITE NCS playoff then with all the racist things you pull off. I guess you can’t stoop much lower than you already did. Oh wait, that is done discreetly.

  • Jessica

    Sorry Matt, can you not post up my second comment..I got a little upset…it’s the one posted at 7:59. It is just that the game was truly unfair. I am not trying to put anyone down, but it was really unfair what they refs did and they should not have favored Dublin

  • Jorge Ramos

    Jessica, I was also at the SLZ-Dublin game. I’m pretty sure the ref was of Latino/hispanic descent. And about the Dublin fans taunting SLZ fans, what about every time there was a Dublin goal kick the Slz fans would scream “ahhhhh ****”. And the goals were not unfair. the first goal happened because of a crucial keeper mistake; grabbing the ball outside of the box. The pk was clearly a pk. the SLZ defender clipped the dublin player from behind. Besides, the refs are not the ones to blamed for the outcome of this game. They do the best they can to make the right call, and sometimes in a game with such high emotion, they miss a couple calls and sometimes call the wrong ones. If you want something to blame, blame San Lorenzo’s inability to put the goals they need in the net. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how many shots you take, how much possession you have, but the amount of goals that are on the scoreboard at the end of the game. Goals win games.