Soccer Notes: Seeding Thoughts

Let me preface this posting by saying that I think every team is a fine team and deserves to be in the playoffs. However, I have to give my thoughts, praises and criticisms of the seeding. Please, don’t take it personally if I don’t agree with where a school is seeded.

Let’s start with Division I.
I don’t like how the EBAL teams are playing each other. We want the playoffs to get new matchups, not for teams to play each other again in the first round. I think it would have been very easy to shift the seeding around to avoid these rematches, and I feel like that should be a priority. One commenter on the last post said that the seeding should be blind, and rematches don’t matter, and I would normally agree, but when they are so messed up to begin with, this sticks out like a sore thumb.
The thing about this season, much like seasons in the past, is the discussion about EBAL teams and non-EBAL teams. That is the argument, and for the committee to setup a situation where these teams don’t get/have to play an EBAL team to reach the semifinals is disappointing, because that is the basis for comparison all year long, and now I feel like it takes away from a large portion of the season.
I am not a big fan of putting so much emphasis on league play. Granada is rewarded with a nine seed, despite going 0-6-4 outside of league. Those games matter! Pittsburg beat Granada, and I think that should reflect in the seeding. Meanwhile a team like Monte Vista, who was consistent all year, is now seeded below Granada.
Note to self for future reference: League finish matters a lot.
California really did get a tough draw. De La Salle, Berkeley and Livermore all on their side. But, as Guillermo Rivas said when I talked to him today, you have to beat the best teams to be the best. He’s got the right attitude.
I do feel badly for Arroyo and Antioch, but those last two spots were really a crapshoot, so I can’t say too much about that.

No. 16 Castro Valley at No. 1 California
No. 9 Granada at No. 8 De La Salle
No. 13 Pittsburg at No. 4 Berkeley
No. 12 James Logan at No. 5 Livermore
No. 15 College Park at No. 2 Newark Memorial
No. 10 Monte Vista at No. 7 San Ramon Valley
No. 14 Richmond at No. 3 Deer Valley
No. 11 Mt. Eden at No. 6 Clayton Valley

In Division II, I have some holes to punch in the committee’s theories. So you’re saying that the BSAL should not be rewarded by seeding St. Mary’s, Piedmont and Kennedy-Richmond so low. But then you said Albany at No. 4, nine spots higher than St. Mary’s. Albany lost to both Piedmont and St. Mary’s this year, and did not run away and hide with the league. Either seed the other teams higher, or Albany lower, because there is so much wrong with this that I need to stop talking about it.
The DFAL got rewarded, and very well should, but raise your hand if you have three wins and a tie against Division I playoff teams. Well, Pinole Valley does. Ten is too low for them. Even me predicting them at nine was too low, but I knew the committee wouldn’t seed them higher. Hayward has wins over San Lorenzo, Mt. Eden and Bishop O’Dowd and has to travel. YV may have stumbled a bit at the end, but overall was a very good team and being seeded ninth makes no sense to me.
But, Alhambra and Dougherty Valley now have a chance to back up their high seeds.
Wow. That’s all I have left.

No. 16 Kennedy-Fremont at No. 1 Campolindo
No. 9 Ygnacio Valley at No. 8 Alhambra
No. 13 St. Mary’s at No. 4 Albany
No. 12 Concord at No. 5 Bishop O’Dowd
No. 15 Kennedy-Richmond at No. 2 Acalanes
No. 10 Pinole Valley at No. 7 Dougherty Valley
No. 14 Piedmont at No. 3 San Lorenzo
No. 11 Hayward at No. 6 Dublin

Matt Smith

  • shinguard

    Dear Longtime: Nobody deserves….they need to earn it.
    DLS – Livermore game should be entertaining and challenging….and the winner will have earned it’s spot to advance.

  • GlobalSoccer

    NM-MV game: Slipping and sliding for the first 10 minutes for both teams. NM looked more relaxed on the grass and the conditions. Navarro put a lot of pressure on MV’s #19 all night leading to opportunities. The goal came off a shot by Navarro that hit the post that went to NM player after being push out by an MV player. Not an assist like the papers have it. Mv had 2 open net opportunites in the 1st half that could have equalized the score. MV continued to play through and finally started to connect in the 2nd half. Better second half for MV not NM. NM had a few 2nd half chances but the MV goalie did not touch the ball much on frame. He did have one great save. MV could have tied with 3 minutes left. MV #2 missed a wide open shot when the goalie was out of position and kicked the ball right to him.

    Second NM goal came in the final 45 seconds when MV pushed everyone up. Agree with Storm about players of note MV: #5, 3 and 15. NM: #22, 10, 7


    To #440: I did notice that the referee didn’t add any extra time (he should have) because every time he called it early…DLS was on the attack or had a set piece. So much for DLS “wasting time.” It happens in every game, no matter who is winning or losing. The refs are never going to be perfect. That’s the beauty of the game. Anything can happen.

  • Love the game


    by the way I was lucky and hit 3 out of 4 qtr final predictions and nailed the DLS vs CAL score and outcome.

    I will give my predictions on the semis after you post your note today

  • GlobalSoccer

    Sticking to what I have said since 2010. NM and Livermore would be the best. NM vs Livermore in the D1 finals

  • Peterbilt guy

    Matt I feel that how the brackets were set up that the livermore de la salle game is going to be and should have been the finals game, and the winner of this semi will be the one to win it all


    Sorry #440…I mean to post it re: #445.

  • mudhen

    Guess,while yes, the imperfections of the ref do add to the “color” of a match, that is no excuse for sloppy time-keeping. No doubt the ref will say he stopped his watch for injuries etc.,but the lack of allowing for a full 80 minutes of play, as well as in the extra time periods cheats the players of opportunities and the spectators of their money.

  • renegades10

    I don’t get what the fans have to do with it? It seems that almost every post related to a DLS soccer game spends some time talking about how nasty their supporters are, and I know from personal experience how bad supporters of other schools can get. Unless a fan somehow impacts the game with an action such as causing a stoppage in play, I say focus on what the players did. That’s what matters in the end. There have been two separate posts by Cal Hi soccer players and both demonstrated great class and are great representatives for their program.

  • Jessica

    I guess it may be that the refs were unfair. I don’t tend to talk bad about the refs or put blame on anyone else, BUT SLZ dominated the game. The entire game. Some of the forwards were not the best they could have been, but Dublin did have a tough defense. Dublin’s forwards were horrible as well, they only scored b.c of the PK and FK they got…which is where the racial injustice came in according to most of the slz fans.

    And just to point it out…I was standing right in front when I saw number 13 push one of the slz players with both hands right in front of the ref! and the ref did absolutely nothing!! that I can swear I saw and it was not right!

  • Ebal4Life

    I would really liked to have seen the MV v NM game played on turf. I think there would have been a different result.

  • Vela

    Regarding the SLZ v. Dublin:
    The game was a very emotional battle between the two teams.
    Dublin scored on two dead balls, one for the goalie stepping out of the box and grabbing the ball and the second for a slide tackle in the box where the player just missed the ball, and unfortunately clipped the player.
    SLZ did dominate possession of the game, but Dublin finished their opportunities.
    Both sides did have Latino fans who were amongst the emotions, both saying comments that could have been held back but it was not a racial attack on either of the teams as both had Latino players and fans. Luckily, no one was hurt in the middle of these emotions, on and off the field, and both teams can now go their separate ways until next year.

  • Greenbay

    Jessica: first off how are you about to say that slz deserved to win? If you don’t finish you can’t finish. Fact of the matter is that Dublin finished thechances they had and slz didn’t.
    Second, I’m pretty sure the first goal for Dublin was scored by a Mexican, Castillo. Dublin has 5 Latinos on the team so you can assume that the parents of these players would sing in Spanish when joyful.
    It was the SLZ fans who yelled “faggot” in Spanish on every Dublin dead ball, along with other derogatory terms directed at Dublin players.
    After the game while the teams were shaking hands, an slz player shoved on of the Dublin players. You think it couldn’t get any worse but it actually did. None of the slz players shook the Dublin coaches hand. The slz coach didn’t even shake the Dublin coaches hand. I mean come on that is straight up disrespectful, and add slz fans spitting on Dublin vans. Really?

  • Matt Smith

    Hey Jessica,

    I’ll remove that post for you. I understand being upset.
    I appreciate you reading and chiming in.

  • NCS Look-Out

    I believe that when the fans yell out “Puto” after a goal kick, it is just a habit and something that is commonly said in the Mexican National Team. And Dublin fans too were saying it and were also yelling at the players from their side. I was standing on Dublins side, and i heard them pretty good. Dublins fans acted the same way only that slz’s fans were more noticable because they were louder. And yes, i did see a player from SLZ push one of dublins player while shaking hands, and that was not a good thing, but there was so much heat in this game, especially after the PK when the Dublin player taunted SLZ’s fans by celebrating on their side. And i strongly disagree with you about the players not shaking the other coaches hands because i stood around after the game and saw EVERYTHING and i saw many players shake the coaches hands including the SLZ’s coach. I just think this whole racial thing was caused by that article which to me target Latinos. I am not one myself, but i think i would have been pissed as well.

  • lonewolf

    DLS over Livermore: CVHS over Newark..CV will overcome the home field advantage of Newark as many of CV players are grass club players. DLS never fear underdog is here, rabbit out of hat, miracle on 34th st, shear determination for 80 min …what best describes the post season for the Spartans. DLS will be in the Final with CVHS. DIv 2: Campo & Dub in final.

  • Soccer

    Hi, does anyone know who won the MVP of this season for boy soccer division 2. If anyone know can plaese give me the site and info about it. Thanks.