East Bay boys basketball poll — 2/14

Team Record Points Last week
1. Castro Valley (6) 23-1 90 1
2. Bishop O’Dowd 20-4 84 2
3. De La Salle 20-4 75 3
4. Salesian 15-11 74 5
5. El Cerrito 19-5 67 t6
6. San Ramon Valley 22-2 59 8
7. Berkeley 19-4 55 9
8. McClymonds 14-11 43 11
9. Newark Memorial 18-6 38 12
10. Oakland 14-7 35 t6
11. St. Joseph Notre Dame 19-7 33 4
12. Northgate 20-5 19 12
13. St. Mary’s 18-8 12 NR
14. Oakland Tech 16-6 10 14
t15. Kennedy-Fremont 21-3 9 10
t15. Las Lomas 21-3 9 NR

Also receiving votes: Deer Valley (18-6, 7 points), Castlemont (13-7, 1). The East Bay Prep Boys Basketball Poll is voted on by the prep sports staff of Bay Area News Group-East Bay. Records are through Saturday.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • THEanonymous

    Calpreps predicts these division 1 seedings for NCS:
    1. Castro Valley
    2. San Ramon Valley
    3. De La Salle
    4. Newark Memorial
    5. Deer Valley
    6. Berkeley
    7. San Leandro
    8. Heritage
    9. Amador Valley
    10. Antioch
    11. California (assuming one more win)
    12. Freedom
    13. College Park
    14. James Logan
    So basically, first round match ups are:
    James Logan at De La Salle
    College Park at Newark Memorial
    Freedom at Deer Valley
    California at Berkeley
    Antioch at San Leandro (assuming DV designated champion)
    Amador Valley at Heritage

  • Prep Fan

    I don’t think anyone can just assume 1 more win for Cal High. They would have to either beat #3 DLS this Friday or else pull another stunning upset of #6 SRV tomorrow night. You know the Wolves will be mighty hungry for revenge of the game that will probably cost them a share of the EBAL title and the league champion designation for NCS home court purposes. It is much more likely that #14, #13 & #12 all slide up a number and only 13 teams qualify. This scenario would also give DLS a bye in the first round.

  • renegades10

    I really don’t see SRV getting seeded ahead of DLS unless DLS slips up this week and SRV wins out which would give SRV the home court designation since they won the 2nd matchup. Hard to seed the league champ below the 2nd place finisher though especially since they split their games.

  • Bval advisor

    What if Antioch wins that league? They are tied with Deer Valley right now.
    And since they won the second round they get the tie breaker.

  • THEanonymous

    Prep Fan, I pray that Cal not only gets into the postseason, but keeps DLS at bay. In fact, I am extremely in hope that they beat DLS. You never know. They haven’t lost an EBAL game on Friday. I figured it would all play down to something like this. Now we will find out who Cal really is, I am hoping for and have faith in us to show we are a contender.

    Renegades10, DLS has four losses, but SRV only two. I wouldn’t be so sure de la is number two and wouldn’t be so sure they’ll get a bye.

  • Prep Fan

    Well, praying for something and assuming something are 2 different things. I sure hope Cal beats SRV, DLS or better yet both and gains entry into the playoffs, but the odds are not in their favor. Cal has beaten some good teams, but that horrible loss to Clayton Valley is really haunting them about now. I did not know they were 6-0 in EBAL play on Fridays though. Good stat!

    I think Renegades is right about DLS being seeded ahead of SRV though if they win out. When 2 teams are from the same league, using league records is a fairly easy tibreaker even if the other has a slightly better overall record. But if Cal were to upset DLS, then they tie for first and SRV gets the home court designation and the higher seed.

  • jonathan

    Thank goodness Las Lomas cracked the top 15, I was scared for awhile there! Look for them to be a big threat in the DII NCS Championship game! Mark my words!

  • bsmith

    DLS will take the number one seed after CV goes down to BOD and does not win league they cannot have #1 seed when they don’t even win there own league watch it happen

  • bsmith

    DLS will be #1 seed after CV goes down to BOD you won’t get #1 seed not even winning that tough haal

  • Prep Fan

    I bet if CV beats BOD, then BOD will still get the #1 seed in D3 even though they would have finished 2nd. There is no hard and fast rule about having to win your own league to get a top seed. DLS’s best win is by 3 against Sheldon at their own MLK Classic, a team CV beat by 9 on the road in Sacto. BOD is ranked higher than both Sheldon and SRV in CalPreps, and CV has a better record than DLS. Plus should BOD win this game, they will finish tied for 1st place with 1 loss apiece. So even if CV should split with BOD, they still could very well be seeded ahead of DLS. It may depend on how the game goes on Thursday. Should BOD rout them, then maybe DLS gets the nod, but if it is a close game??

  • if bod wins friday, it won’t be a tie for first because whoever wins the second mtg will get league.

  • sorry i meant whoever wins thursday

  • If O’Dowd wins, the teams would be co-champions as far as hanging a banner at the school is concerned. It’s just the NCS designation that goes to the second half winner. CV could still call itself co-champs.

    Also, btw the CV win over Sheldon was not on the road in Sac. It was neutral court down here in the East Bay at Newark Memorial, so essentially an identical condition as the one when DLS beat Sheldon.

  • Gdog

    CV will be the #1 seed win or lose they have played a good schedule and have earned that. DLS is #2 so long as they win out. SRV has not played a schedule even close to DLS, Newark, CV, even Berkeley as far as non-league. If they had played anyone at all they would have a few more L’s. They almost lost to Foothill and Dougherty so imagine if they played in the MaxPreps or Oak’s Christian instead of the John May Classic. The comittee is smart enough to figure that out and they reward people for playing tough schedules. Example Newark last year with 3 losses and DLS 2, Newark was #1 seed. They also weigh the League Title very heavy for the section playoffs. SRV will most likely be #3 but watch out if Newark wins out and steals the MVAL crown they could move up.

  • thanks for the clarification jimmy.

  • Cal was lucky to win their first game vs Amador– but Amador killed Cal’s season with the win last week. Good to see!

  • Amador really surprised people this year. Even with all their adversity. their guards are really tough and it’s good to see they made NCS this year

  • GCat

    I guess the people who select the seedings could also take a look at the records of teams in the second half of league. SRV is 6-0 and will beat MV on Friday. They also beat DLS on their home court (for the second year in a row, if memory serves).
    You can say DLS played a tougher schedule and try to make your case but the last head to head went to the Wolves. I think SRV makes a very strong case for a #2 seed but it won’t matter. It is going to be a semi final game between the two schools, no matter the seeding.

  • Gdog

    Cat, Why would they only look at 6 games? Makes no sense your rational. Your memory is correct about the two wins but they are also 2-4 aginst them in the past two years if that part of your memory isn’t so good. If they are the #2 & #3 in either order the game will be moved to a bigger, neutral court by the Section. I am not saying that DLS played a tougher schedule, it is a fact. You can look at ave. team ranking, win %, # of Teams in top 1000 and there is not 1 single instance that favors SRV. As for the CalPreps ranking referenced above. Once SRV inputs their game against Livermore and the final ranking is posted on Saturday, DLS will be ranked by CalPreps above SRV by a slim margin, 2 or 3 tenths. BTW, don’t count that game against MV in the win column yet or they might bite you like the Grizzlies did. Otherwise, see you at St. Mary’s in two weeks.

  • dfal1

    #7 post Jonathan. Looks like you may have to rethink Las Lomas as any kind of contender. Las Lomas lost to a Campolindo team last night that may be their worst team in the last 10 years. There is a reason LL wasn’t ranked higher during the season and they were exposed last night. Look for LL to make a quick exit in NCS by any team that can get the ball inside.

  • Wolfman

    BVAL Advisor, you’re using the EBAL tie-breaker. The BVAL uses h2h first, then the best record amongst the next highest teams in league and finally a lottery which they drew at the beginning of the season. If Antioch and Deer Valley remain tied after Friday, DV will be designated champ for NCS purposes.

  • Prep Fan

    GDog #19, The NCS won’t automatically move the DLS SRV semifinal game to a neutral court. It is my understanding that whoever has that home game has the option of playing at home. DLS has been known to sometimes move their home games to a larger venue such as St Mary’s College, but that is because their gym is small. If they or SRV (whoever has the league champ designation) wanted to play at home, they could do so.

  • Highlander

    Stanford93, There could be a three way tie for third in EBAL if Cal loses to De La Salle and Amador loses to Foothill on Friday. All three teams would have a 7 -7 record. All three would then qualify for NCS.

  • Gdog

    Prep Fan

    Not correct. The Section has the discretion to move the game not the home team. They can force you to move the game. If that game is played they will ask it to be moved as either gym is to small. Both DLS & SRV hold the same amount about 1200. The NCS makes a lot of money on the playoffs and leaving out about 1500 people is not in their best interest.

    Highlander – If Cal loses they are out. Amador is in already and if Foothill beats Amador they are in, Foothill loses they are out. Finishing 3rd in the league means nothing.

  • Tri-Valley Fan

    Cal High can’t repeat that magical game again vs. SRV. What in the world are those coaches doing over there? They actually tried to run a man to man D against a line up with 2 soon to be D1 players…..did they forget how small of a team they had? It was men against boys in the post and everywhere else on the floor. The CYO substitution pattern doesn’t work at this level, bring back Coach Wilson or somebody that understands basketball. Principal Corti needs to fix what he broke right quick. And what is with the 2 “head” coaches, wildly disfucntional. Gives those boys no chance against well oiled machines in the EBAL.

  • Prep Fan

    Gdog, I’m not convinced that the NCS can just take away a home game from a team without their consent. If that were the case then BOD would never get a home game, as they are always at capacity. And it is not like DLS has never had a sellout at home in the playoffs before. One of the top reasons for winning league is to gain the home court advantage in the playoffs that comes with the league champion designation. That doesn’t mean that Allocco would not consent to it, but I do believe they have a say in it.

    Highlander, Gdog is correct that both Cal High and Foothill need to win Friday to make the playoffs. Qualifying at .500 just works for football, but in most other sports like basketball, a team has to be over .500. Actually, Foothill is a game under .500 now in both league and overall, so even if they win Friday they won’t finish over .500, except in games within their division where they are at .500 now. If that applies to D1 teams, then they still have a chance. Unless Cal or Foothill pull an upset Friday, they’ll both be left out sitting right at the .500 mark. Cal’s ugly loss to Clayton Valley in the preseason is coming back to haunt them big time.

  • CV Fan

    quick question… Did the CV-O’Dowd game sell out??

  • Prep Fan
  • CV Fan,
    You still might be able to get tickets through either school. I know O’Dowd was going to cut off the online ticket sales because those are a little difficult to deal with day of, but I believe both schools might stlll have limited tickets available at the school, but they won’t sell them on site at CSUEB.

  • I think gdog is right. I believe NCS made BOD move their playoff home games to Chabot last season.

  • Each round has a seating capacity requirement, so as the games move deeper into the playoffs that’s why O’Dowd has to move its games. I think both the DLS and SRV gyms, while not huge, are large enough to fulfill any NCS seating requirements. Any decision to move those games would be at the discretion of the host school. The school, not the NCS, has to pay for the use of the larger gym. Basically the school is given the option that if their gym does not meet the NCS requirement, the school can book a facility in its geographical area, or else the NCS will offer the home game to the other school.

    Here’s the seating capacity requirements:

    First and quarterfinal round games: Div. I & II boys-500; III & IV boys-500; Div. V & VI boys-300. Div. I & II girls 250; III & IV girls 250; Div V & VI girls-150.

    Semifinal round games: Div. I & II boys-750; III & IV boys-700; Div. V & VI boys-500. Div. I & II girls 400; III & IV girls 400; Div V & VI girls-250.

    I’m sure both DLS and SRV meet those, so basically it’ll be up to the home team to decide if they want to move the game. The NCS will never require it if the gym meets its requirements. DLS has realized in the past that it’s in its best interests to move games, but the NCS doesn’t tell them it has to.

  • thanks for the clarification again jimmy. i would rather move the game to somewhere close to home rather than have to travel if i am the host school.

  • In nearly every case, that’s what happens. But I supposed if a school can’t afford or chooses not to spend the $1,000 or so to rent out another gym (that’s about the normal asking price for a HS or JC gym), then that’s when then the option of giving the home game to the other school comes into play. It’s rare, but I think it’s happened a few times.

  • Double D

    Why is CV ranked 3, Sal #2 and BOD #1, in max preps,

  • CV Fan

    Thanks for the info on the tickets. I already had a CV player get mine last week, but one of my friends wanted to go, and I didn’t have an extra ticket. Tried to see if he could get them.

  • Animal

    OK we got all that out of the way , predictions D1 who u got ? I will go with McClymonds or De La salle

  • bsmith

    /cv is ranked third because salesian beat them and Bod has played a much tougher schedule look at the strength of schedule ratings Cv is pretty low

  • Prep Fan

    MaxPreps can do their rankings however they see fit. But for NCS purposes, CV beat Salesian as Bird was considered an ineligible player when the 2 teams met at Haas, and Salsian had to forfeit the game. Since CV also beat BOD head to head in their only meeting before tonight’s game, it seems CV should be ranked ahead of them. It really doesn’t matter at all because not only will CV & BOD play again tonight and whoever wins that game will be ranked higher, but each of these teams are in different divisions for the NCS and NorCal playoffs. Whoever goes the furthest will most likely end up ranked higher than the other two.

  • Prep Fan

    CV took care of BOD again tonight to lock up the top seed in D1. CV was able to get Ashley into foul trouble and he had to sit out most of the 3rd quarter when CV broke open a 23-22 game to go ahead for good. Bobbitt and Anderson had nice games for CV while Ashley looked great until two obvious offensive fouls derailed his game. BOD should still remain the top seed in D3 despite not winning the HAAL title, but may have to play on the road once or twice.

  • CV Fan

    How many blocks did Ashley end up with??? Seemed like he had around 6 at least

  • annonymous13

    Correction: Cal is 6-0 on Fridays when it is not raining!! Seriously people.



  • Tri-Valley Fan

    Myth Buster…Coach Allocco/DLS get kids from all over, basically play with an All Star team every year and pretend it is his great coaching that leads them to success. He runs a GREAT program, he’s a good coach that stresses defense, good knows there’s a lot of programs out there that could use an injection of that philosophy, but that is it. I wonder if Allocco coached at Livermore/Granada, how many EBAL Championships he’d have? Uhhh, none!!! And the referees treat him like he’s John Wooden, just don’t get that sort of reverence for a guy playing with a stacked deck. Their offensive line grabbing and holding defense is allowed why? Because they wear sweaters to pregame? Because Joe Montana’s kids once went there? Their weight program is impressive, their kids are always very strong and quick. But, let me propose this, take the best of Bellarmine, St Francis, Mitty, Valley Christian and Serra, and see how good they’d be compared to DLS, because that’s what DLS pulls from because they have zero private school competition for those same ahtletes. Move them to the WCAL where they belong, schools with no recruiting boundaries, we don’t mind the fight, we just want a fair one.

  • Hoopjunkie

    Get a grip buddy!

    The east bay doesn’t even have the same population as San Jose. Nonetheless, it definitely would be tougher in the WCAl but don’t act like DLS doesn’t play the best teams year in and year out. When was the last time anyone from the WCAL played a Taft or Dominguez.

    The boys at DLS can play and Frank can coach……quit hating!

  • JD

    Although CV, BOD and DLS are all very good teams, it seems that there is a little division bias in these rankings. Who was CV’s 1 loss to? Oh, a D4 school that is 27-1 on the court and won their league championship by 40 points. Let’s give some love to a team that has earned it all season long amid a myriad of bureaucratic

  • Prep Fan

    Actually, CV beat Salesian on a forfeit due to an ineligible player. One of about 10 forfeits Salesian had to suffer. CV’s 1 loss this year was to Berkeley in the preseason in overtime. No one is saying that Salesian is not an incredible team, but you can’t just ignore the forfeits. If they had gotten all the paperwork straightened out prior to putting him on the court this could hve all been avoided. I wouldn’t call it bias. I still think they are the favorites to win state for D4 and hope they can accomplish that goal.