Live blog: NCS basketball in-game updates, scores here on Tuesday night

Jon Becker

  • Scl alum

    Wow..American pulls off big upset of Casa in D2 boys

  • Scl alum

    Oops, I was looking at the girls score where American beat Casa..

  • Oh boy

    Is the #13 v #4 seed a trap game? In boys, Albany beat Kennedy-Fremont and Granada upset Ms’n San Jose.

    Kennedy and MSJ both had long win streaks this year

  • Prep Fan

    Those were the two surprise teams this year and both got taken out in the first round. Both did just have their bubbles burst shortly before the playoffs began.


    Wow! Huge win for Albany!Just how good is the BSAL?#6 in league takes down Mision Valleys #1.Will Salesian,St Marys,St Pats ans St Joes all go to Nor Cals?

  • hoopsfan

    @BBALL, how soon do you forget about Newark Memorial? Kennedy is NOT the MVAL’s No. 1. They got beat by Logan and absolutely drilled by Newark, the now NINE-TIME defending MVAL champs. Yeah, remember them? Went to state last year! Drilled Freedom last night.

    Good win for Albany, but that’s not the MVAL’s best team. They were overrated because they played a crappy schedule. Got lucky to beat Newark once and really got exposed late in the season.

  • newark is a very well-coached team and it shows with them being so young and still able to pull out the wins 🙂

  • Fremont

    Kennedy may have been a tad overrated, but the team had something else on their mind. They found out earlier in the day that a classmate and former teammate had passed away. Popular kid and close friend of most of the team. Sad story…kid, passed away in his sleep. They played with heavy hearts.

  • LaLa

    Congrats to the St Elizabeth Mustangs. We can’t get any press but you are being followed!!! Saturday Night!!!

  • LaLa

    Great job Mustangs!!!