DLS announces 2011 HOF inductees

We’ve gotten a couple calls asking when De La Salle was going to announce its third Athletic Hall of Fame class, and for those who’ve been waiting, your day is here.

For the full list, click here.

For those who don’t want to click through, here are the names.

Bernie Stenson, swimming
Scott Molina, track/cross country
Mark Panella, football/baseball/coach
Patrick Walsh, football
Adin Brown, soccer
Frank Tamony, teacher/coach
1991 cross country team

The ceremony takes place June 5 at De La Salle, and you can get to the registration page by clicking the link above.

Ben Enos

  • bear56

    Who cares…

  • leevin cali

    My bad, thought you were announcing the recruits signing football letters of intent for 2011.

  • SpartanLancer

    honestly stfu don’t be jealous of success

  • Prep Fan

    It is great that these deserving top athletes and coaches are honored. Will Prep Corner be announcing every high school’s inductions or just a select few?

  • junior

    I vote for just the select few.