De La Salle to play St. Thomas Aquinas

The long-rumored matchup has finally been announced. De La Salle, the CIF Open Division champion, will travel to Florida next season to take on St. Thomas Aquinas in a game that will be televised on the ESPN network. The Raiders are the Florida High School Athletic Association 5A Champions. The game will take place on Sept. 23.

The 2011 schedule will also include games against St. Mary’s-Stockton (in Stockton) and Bellarmine, in addition to a full East Bay Athletic League slate. I’ll have the exact dates for you shortly, along with reaction from the athletic department.

Ben Enos

  • Ebal fan #2

    Obviously Grizzly fans.
    Last time we heard about getting “annihilated” DLS won 48-8

  • Prep Fan

    Oh really. I don’t seem to remember any Grizzly fans predicting they would “annihilate” DLS. Most thought they would play them tough, which they did. Revisionist posting. Maybe some Servite fans said that? No reason to drag Cal fans into this.

  • s1lverngreen

    EB fan 2 is right, we heard it from your Cal Brethren in December. Some of the non regulars (one time blogger) All in good nature of course! For what it’s worth, I have a ton of respect for the programs at SRV and Cal, I think those two programs are top notch in the East Bay and always give DLS football a run for their money. Regardless of their season, they seem to “play up” when playing the Spartans. I’ll admit as Spartan Fan, I am concerned with the pre season schedule, particularly the Bells and STA. For what it’s worth they will battle tested early. Prep, how many starters does Cal have coming back next year?

  • Prep Fan

    Wel, he is not right that they are “obviously Grizzly fans”. That is as bush as the notion that DLS will get annihilated.

    Cal had a lot of seniors starting this season. But because they were so successful, the backups played a lot this year a la DLS. Most games the backups were in during the second or third quarters (really all but DLS) and got a lot of playing experience against the other teams’ starters. The JV call ups also got a lot of play time in the 3 NCS games prior to the Coliseum. That recipe seems to have worked extremely well for DLS over the years, so hopefully the Cal backups will come into this season with experince and confidence.

    The key returnees in the skill positions you might recognize are Washington, Krause, Dunn, & Ezeburio. The entire O-line was seniors and most of the D-line. The QB will most likely be Kevin Farley, who got in a lot of games, but the didn’t pass much as the Grizz were motly running the ball by that time due to the score. With SV having 4 players on the Cream of the Crop watch list and Cal none, DLS being DLS, MV returning Lockie, Bruce & Ertz, and Foothill looking to rebound from a rare off year, the Grizz will have their work cut out for them. But if last season was any indication, they won’t be intimidated by anyone.

  • c.sparks

    prep fan where can i see the new cream of the crop team? or watch list?

  • Prep Fan

    C.Sparks, here is the link to this year’s Cream of the Crop list. For some reason, they never posted the watch list for next’s year’s team online. That was in the paper the same day as this year’s list came out. Maybe Ben or Jimmy can rectify this?


  • ebal fan #2

    Every time a Cal High Fan whines about DLS, an Angel gets its wings.

  • THEanonymous

    Cal will only return two starters on offense (Krause and Washington), and not many on defense either. They graduate the following players this June:

    Offense: Pearson, Garwood, Pricco, Watson, Hall, Reil, Sarmenta, Taft, Alvarez
    Defense: Deans, Spalliero, Maalouf, Fielder, Preuss, Prenot, Dowling, I can’t really remember who else was a starter.

    But don’t be deceived. The way CAL recovered going into 2010-11 will not be missed by next year, because it was such a huge recovery. I can tell by how much they take advantage of their depth that they will reload just fine. CAL is a team more than a solid program, as they have in spite of lacking any D1 players and from what I’ve heard as a matter of fact aren’t really sending many players to the next level in any division, achieved the ranking of number two in the east bay. I agree highly with Prep Fan’s comment that “the grizzlies will have their work cut out for them.”

    I’m also glad to see that DLS football fans have a little more class than the soccer fans (and by a greater margin, the basketball fans), especially S1lverngreen, who understands that his school has a mission to promote better and more hard-nosed competition among the EBAL rather than harass it with their high status among the athletic powers. Even if there is still some bashing in favor of DLS, at least it wasn’t done before something provoked it. It will improve the NCS greatly for DLS to show class as a team, even to STA early in the year! No unnecessary roughness or what have you…….

  • ebal fan

    You forgot about their kicker!

  • Prep Fan

    Re: #57. Where do you come up with this stuff? No one from Cal is whining about DLS. Say something positive or constructive on here or just keep out.

  • Concrete17

    Prep Fan. Re: #60 ….agree x2 except for the “just keep out”, free speech and all that. I just learn to ignore and bypass their responses which is probably too bad because once in a millennium they might contribute something worthwhile

    THEanonymous…Think we are in agreement that we both want a strong EBAL. (Tired of SouCal posters talking about the only competitive leagues residing in the southland).
    Don’t think it is the responsibility of one school “to promote better and more hard-nosed competition among the EBAL….” That is the job of all the schools, their programs, players and fans. Beside playing their best in league games there are other ways to boost the League. How many student athletes, parents and fans go
    to inter-league games even if it is not their team playing? Have you ever saw any East Bay Athletic League apparel for sale?…except at a few championship events?

    The remark about “DLS football fans have a little more class….” reads like a sour compliment. I’ve worked home games for the last 4 years and I’ve seen a fair share of classless behavior from parents, fans and occasionally student-athletes from both the home and visiting teams. No-Class behavior is alive an kicking at all the schools.
    BUT I have met many more great people from both sides whose love of their kids, of their schools and of prep football makes my job and Friday Night football special. People I look forward to seeing the next year and when luck has it we run into one another around the Bay Area or at other activities involving our kids.

    Finally, thanks the updates on next years squad…Cal is becoming one of those teams I like to follow.

  • Sparta!!!

    STA sounds like a great program. I’m sure DLS will be up for it.

    Bellarmine won’t be as good as last year but for them, that’s still plenty good and they’ll have a big team in another season.

  • alex

    De la Salle loses great players every year, yet they win every single year

  • Trevor Hadley

    Thats not gonna happen Bothell destroyed Miami Northwestern in 2008 at Qwest Field 66-21

  • C-Com

    Can someone tell me the final score? Thanks.