Final East Bay Boys Soccer Notes

My thoughts on last night’s championship games…

A few people are commenting and saying that Newark Memorial was overrated and I simply don’t think that’s true. I saw the Cougars play a few times this year, and they aren’t overrated. They just didn’t have their best game on Saturday night, and people seeing them for the first time might not think very highly of them.
I still think highly of them and I think De La Salle had a lot to do with them not playing their best game. The credit goes to Sparty.
Watching De La Salle play is incredible. They are incredibly disciplined, they never quit and I think the thing that stands out most to me is that they will out work you every single time. I was watching guys like Patrick Oswald and Dane DePolo, guys who don’t get a lot of mention, and when they are on the field, they work their very, very hard every minute they are on the field.
Newark had a great season, and congrats to them, I loved watching them play. And De La Salle just got on a roll and it couldn’t be stopped. The momentum built with each playoff win, and you could see that three-year varsity seniors like Anthony DeCosta and Michael Bernardi didn’t want to be the senior class that didn’t win a championship.
And if you think De La Salle is just used to winning soccer titles and it means nothing, then just take a look at the scene after the game. The fans rushed the field, lifting Bernardi on to their shoulders and carrying him around.

Speaking of seeing a great scene, maybe the best scene I’ve seen after any high school sporting even was after the Division II game when the Campo fans, who came out in droves, charged the field and created the biggest dog pile I’ve ever seen. Harlan Raine, who scored the game winner, looked like he might get crushed to death at the bottom of it. It was quite a thing to see. This game meant a lot to both teams. Acalanes was very gracious in defeat.
And what an entertaining game it was. There were early goals, goals on set pieces, late goals and plenty of drama. Campolindo, by the end of the game, felt like it had built up so much momentum and that it wasn’t going to be denied scoring the deciding goal.
I like how both teams were aggressive, the game was fast paced and open and the play was physical when it needed to be. It was a great game, and highly entertaining.
I was also impressed with two players in particular. Jaison Kimura from Campo was all over the place on defense, and he is lethal on free kicks. And for Acalanes, Dylan Autran was equally dangerous on free kicks, controls the ball very well and is very poised in the midfield.
I enjoyed this game very much.


I am certain there are some people who will disagree with Campolindo ending the season atop the poll, while there will be some that agree. I would love to see De La Salle and Campo play, because I think it would be a good game, but that won’t happen, so we are left with this.
The thing is, if I didn’t rank Campolindo No. 1, that is like saying a Division II team will never be ranked No. 1. Campo was ranked ahead of De La Salle entering Saturday, and jumping DLS all the way up over them would set a precedent that I’m not willing to set.
Oh ya, and Campolindo deserves it. They lost just once this year, and avenged that one loss in Saturday’s final. They went 2-1 against Acalanes. They also started the season with 11 straight wins and didn’t lose in their first 16 matches. It was truly a great season, and they become the first D II team to end the year ranked No. 1 in the rankings.
De La Salle had an incredible run, and has an argument for the top spot. They beat two No. 1 teams along the way and another team ranked sixth. If any team could have jumped all the way up, including over a team that was ranked higher and won, it would have been DLS.
Let the debate begin!
I feel like the rest of the rankings sorted out quite nicely.

1. Campolindo (20-1-6)
2. De La Salle (18-6-3)
3. Newark Memorial (23-4-0)
4. California (18-0-6)
5. Acalanes (18-3-6)
6. Livermore (15-6-5)
7. Clayton Valley (17-3-5)
8. Berkeley (18-3-3)
9. Albany (19-3-3)
10. Deer Valley (16-3-6)
11. Dublin (15-7-3)
12. Monte Vista (12-8-5)
13. San Ramon Valley (14-9-2)
14. San Lorenzo (17-5-1)
15. Mt. Eden (14-5-4)

Others considered: Bishop O’Dowd (17-6-2), Ygnacio Valley (13-5-3), Pittsburg (12-7-4), Pinole Valley (13-8-3), Richmond (13-10-2), Hayward (11-6-4), Logan (12-8-2), Dougherty Valley (12-9-4), St. Mary’s (14-4-0), Granada (7-13-5).


Team Overall League Points

Berkeley (18-3-3) 10-1-1 31
Pinole Valley (13-8-3) 8-3-1 25
Richmond (13-10-2) 7-3-2 23
Hercules (6-11-0) 6-6-0 18
Alameda (6-13-3) 5-5-2 17
El Cerrito (1-16-5) 1-8-3 6
De Anza (2-18-1) 0-11-1 1

Team Overall League Points

Albany (19-3-3) 14-2-0 42
St. Mary’s (14-4-0) 13-3-0 39
Piedmont (12-6-3) 12-2-2 38
Kennedy (13-10-1) 11-4-1 34
St. Joseph Notre Dame (6-11-3) 6-9-1 19
Salesian (6-9-2) 6-9-1 19
Encinal (3-15-1) 3-12-1 10
St. Patrick-St. Vincent (2-13-1) 2-13-1 7
Swett (1-16-1) 1-14-1 4

Team Overall League Points

Deer Valley (16-3-6) 7-0-3 24
Pittsburg (12-7-4) 5-3-2 17
Antioch (6-9-6) 4-3-3 15
Liberty (6-9-2) 3-5-2 11
Heritage (4-10-6) 2-5-3 9
Freedom (5-13-2) 2-7-1 7

Team Overall League Points

Acalanes (18-3-6) 8-1-3 27
Campolindo (20-1-6) 8-1-3 27
Dublin (15-7-3) 6-5-1 19
Dougherty Valley (12-9-4) 4-6-2 14
Alhambra (9-11-3) 3-5-4 13
Miramonte (4-9-4) 3-6-3 12
Las Lomas (5-11-5) 1-7-4 7

Team Overall League Points

Clayton Valley (17-3-5) 10-0-2 32
Ygnacio Valley (13-5-3) 7-2-3 24
College Park (9-10-5) 7-3-2 23
Concord (8-4-6) 5-3-4 19
Northgate (2-15-6) 2-7-3 9
Mt. Diablo (4-10-0) 2-10-0 6
Berean Christian (2-18-3) 1-9-2 5

Team Overall League Points

California (18-0-6) 9-0-5 32
Livermore (15-6-5) 8-3-3 27
San Ramon Valley (14-8-2) 8-5-1 25
De La Salle (18-6-3) 7-5-2 23
Granada (7-13-5) 7-6-1 22
Monte Vista (12-8-5) 5-5-4 19
Foothill (5-16-3) 1-11-2 5
Amador Valley (5-14-5) 0-10-4 4

Team Overall League Points

San Lorenzo (17-5-1) 12-4-0 36
Mt. Eden (14-5-4) 11-3-2 35
Bishop O’Dowd (17-6-2) 11-4-1 34
Hayward (11-6-4) 10-5-1 31
Castro Valley (8-13-4) 8-6-2 26
Arroyo (7-9-7) 5-4-7 22
Tennyson (5-14-2) 3-11-1 10
San Leandro (2-16-2) 2-11-2 8
Moreau Catholic (2-17-1) 1-15-0 3

Team Overall League Points

Newark Memorial (23-4-0) 10-0-0 30
Logan (12-8-2) 7-3-0 21
Kennedy (5-10-6) 3-5-2 11
Irvington (4-12-3) 3-7-0 9
Mission San Jose (7-11-4) 2-6-2 8
Washington (4-8-7) 1-5-4 7

Team Overall League Points

Fremont (2-0-1) 2-0-1 7
Oakland Tech (2-3-2) 1-1-1 4
Oakland (0-1-1) 0-1-1 1
Skyline (0-0-1) 0-0-1 1


Name, School Goals
Padilla, Clayton 26
Foster, Granada 23
Lima, Castro Valley 20
Pagliuca, Cal 19
Hartland, Dublin 19
Moran-Perez, Mt. Eden 19
Aguila, Richmond 18
Villa, Pitt 17
Parisi, Dougherty 16
Reshke, Campo 15
Morales, Livermore 15
Ulloa, Logan 15
Navarro, Newark 15
Mena-Lopez, Mt. Eden 15
Espinoza, St. Mary’s 14
Aguilar, YV 14
Shaiwany, Dougherty 13
Ramirez, Newark 13
Chaussy, SRV 13
Oldham, BOD 12
Scott, St. Mary’s 12
Fagenson, Cal 11
Sandoval 11
Lopez, CV 10
Texeira, Livermore 10
Urcuyo, Livermore 10
Ruiz, Newark 10

Name, School Assists
Scott, St. Mary’s 16
Gomez, Clayton 15
Chaussy, SRV 13
Navarro, Newark 12
Tavecchio, Campo 11
Bochenek, Dougherty 10
Shaiwany, Dougherty 10
Morfin, Castro Valley 9
Foster, Granada 9
Garibay, Pitt 9
Carda, Acalanes 8
Fagenson, Cal 8
Morales, Livermore 8
Ramirez, Newark 8
Vazquez, Pitt 8
Damian, YV 8
Danielson, Cal 7
Castillo, Dublin 7
Hartland, Dublin 7
Hodges, LL 7
Salimpour, MV 7
Jara, St. Mary’s 7
Aguilar, YV 7

Matt Smith

  • The Striker

    I’ve heard that the three MVPs for bval And most of the first team all play on the same club team. If this is correct I imagine how they play together.

  • shinguard

    Re EBAL List MV Salimpour should have been 1st or 2nd team. Same with Bravo from DLS. GK Wilcox and Konstantino play on same club and split time in goal. Konstantino should have been listed better then HM.

  • Matthew

    Shinguard, I do agree with you about MV’s Salimpour and I do think Konstantino is a very good young keeper. However, how could you justify him ahead of Boyd or Wilcox. I think Honorable mention was the right spot for him. If anything, maybe Wilcox should have been first team and Boyd second team. Wilcox’s stats were actually better than Alex Mangles.(just comparing stats)according to Max Prep.

  • albany

    Why is campo number 1 and albany 9? Albany could have ended the game with 4 clear chances in the first half and campo just had possesion with one chance the whole game. I’m not saying albany should be ranked higher but they should be much closer?

  • shinguard

    I am more of a who finished on top.. DLS did & GK was solid through NCS. Salimpour..was scoring factor and quite performer and leader that helped keep MV in the game. Deserved better.
    Next Season for all of the schools will be even better as more young talent appears on the pitch.

  • Just Soccer

    EBAL all league is voted on by the coaches at the end of the regular season and prior to NCS. They just do not release it until after NCS is complete. The All League Team, EBAL at least, only looks at the regular season.

  • Prep Fan

    That is true Just Soccer. All East Bay awards can take into account NCS games, but the EBAL awards are just supposed to for their efforts in league play, and are supposed to be voted upon by the coaches prior to the playoffs.

  • EBAL Watcher

    I know everyone is free to their own opinion which is one of the beauties of this blog but when you start picking apart the all-league selections, blaming coaches and suggesting certain players do not deserve to be there you may have gone too far. I know CAL wants even more spots for their team but come on guys you got eight spots. Two more for Rector and Goodman and you have your whole starting line-up. Surely you know there is talent on the other teams too. Even a sixth place team like MV deserves a few spots… who by the way DLS never beat and CAL only did once. Fact is not everyone can make all-league which is not unlike most things in life. Great players like Zamora will make the list for more than just the sum of their high school experience. However, while you are questioning his award and others like him, keep in mind they did not ask to be all-league or expect it. They were nominated by their coaches and probably yours.

    Congratulations to every player on the all-league list. It is an exceptional accomplishment regardless of where you were placed. Enjoy the moment and do not let anyone on this blog diminish it for you.

  • The Truth

    #108- well stated and spot on

  • Love the game


    While I believe you have a well stated post, and I agree with your entire statement except for one clause:

    you suggest that some players should make the all EBAL list for “more than just the sum of their high school experience,” and if what you suggest is true, then it’s dead wrong…period.

    The ALL EBAL team should be picked on what the players did on the high school soccer field and not some “academy designation” as you suggest.

    I sure hope that ALL those players were picked on that basis by these coaches
    and thats theTruth #109!

  • Hayward GK

    Hey matt,
    Haven’t really had a chance to say thank you not just contacting me with a coach, but also making such a great blog that people from all over the east bay enjoyed! You really showed a different point of view in soccer. Keep up the good work!

  • soccerfan


    MVP:Jose Aguilar (YV) Sophmore

    OMVP:Elisama Padilla(CV) Sophmore

    DMVP: Christian Pedraza(CV) Junior

    That’s the only info I know about DVAL.

  • Matt Smith

    Just doing my part, my man.
    Definitely stay in touch.

  • EBAL Watcher

    #110 – Love the game… I said, “great players will make the list for more than the sum of their high school experience.” I believe that is true. It does not matter if you and I think it is fair or not. Many of these high school coaches have followed these players for years both in high school and club. When it comes time to vote I am not convinced they separate the two. Like you, I believe they should but the reality is they probably don’t.

  • Matt Smith

    Here is the DVAL. Just waiting on HAAL.

    Jose Aguilar, Ygnacio Valley
    Offensive MVP- Elisama Padilla, Clayton Valley
    Defensive MVP- Christian Pedraza, Clayton Valley

    1st TEAM
    T.J. Hogan Berean Christian HS
    Joshua Gomez Clayton Valley HS
    Kevin sanchez Clayton Valley HS
    Yojay Basulto Clayton Valley HS
    Billy Kessler College Park HS
    Carlos Lopez College Park HS
    Faris Rivas Concord HS
    Jose Gonzalez Mt. Diablo HS
    Ian Lyon Northgate HS
    Phillip Wcislo Ygnacio Valley HS
    Alesjandro Rios Ygnacio Valley HS

    2nd TEAM
    Eric Delgado Berean Christian HS
    Adolfo Martinez Clayton Valley HS
    Zach Jacobson Clayton Valley HS
    Christian Duenas Clayton Valley HS
    Julio Avalos College Park HS
    Will Golubics College Park HS
    Cesar Sanchez Mt. Diablo HS
    Jose Navarro Concord HS
    Allan Foster Northgate HS
    Edgar Damian Ygnacio Valley HS
    Salvador Lopez Ygnacio Valley HS

    Michael Carlos Berean Christian HS
    Michael Pouch Berean Christian HS
    Ryan Phillips Clayton Valley HS
    Moises Gomez Clayton Valley HS
    Scott Walker College Park HS
    Tommy Seng Colege Park HS
    Travis Watson Concord HS
    Manvel Jimenez Concord HS
    Robert Hains Northgate HS
    Jake Wirfel Northgate HS
    Nick Sloss Mt. Diablo HS
    Edgar Velez Mt. DiabloHS
    Osmar Campo Ygnacio Valley HS
    Leonardo Gil Ygnacio Valley HS


    Congrats to the All EBAL players. By the way,
    11 of the EBAL all league picks have played together on the same club team through out the years.. San Ramon/Tri Valley Santos! That includes both MVPs, 6 1st teamers, 2 2nd teamers, 1 honorable mention and add Stevie Rector to that list. Great group of boys!

  • Rory Gentry

    Just a correction on our first-team all DVAL selections. You show Alejandro Chavez, who was an All-League performer last year when he graduated, the name omitted is Yojay Basulto. I’m sure that I need to correct our commissioner. Thank you for your postings and for all the love you show East Bay soccer.

    Rory Gentry

  • bsal dad

    I saw the EBAL all eague selections in the newspaper and the BVAL twice but still no BSAL. Did I miss it? Thank you!

  • No HAAL?

  • BSAL Mom

    #118 – BSAL all league selections were printed in the Feb. 25th newspaper.

  • Matt Smith

    Nothing yet man. Sorry.

  • BSAL Dad,
    The BSAL did already run. I believe it was the first league to run. I typed it up myself. The run date was Feb. 23.

    Here it is….

    Offensive Player of the Year
    Gabriel Borges (Albany), Jr.
    Defensive Player of the Year
    Yosef Alammari (Kennedy), Sr.
    First Team
    Andre Alvarez (Alb). Jr.; Kian Ahmadi (Alb), Jr.; Manuel Ramirez (Alb), Sr.; Justin Scott (St. Mary’s), Sr.; Christian Hailozian (SM), Sr.; Matt Baringer (Piedmont), Fr.; Eric Huppert (SM), Jr.; Chinedu Ezeh (St. Joseph Notre Dame), Sr.; Chris MacLean (Salesian), Sr.
    Second Team
    Duncan Jones (SM), So.; Josh Espinoza (SM), So.; Andres Jankowski (SM), Sr.; Sergio Cortez (Ken), Sr.; Jesus Guerrero (Ken), So.; Antonio Ramriez (SJND), So.; Loren Urulta (SJND), Sr.; Oscar Escobar (Alb), Sr.; Daniel Dryburgh (Pied), Sr.; Antonio Chavarria (Sal), Jr.; Ben Stevens (St. Patrick-St. Vincent), Sr.
    Honorable mention
    John Miguel Jara (SM), Sr.; Anthony Blowers (SM), Sr.; Scott White (Pied), Sr.; Zack Henrikson (Pied), Jr.; Sebastian Fischer (Pied), Sr.; Juan Pulido (Ken), Sr.; Adan Alberto (Ken), Sr.; Ray Solano (SPSV), Sr.; Raphael Stroud (SPSV), Jr.; Martin Quintanilla (SPSV), Sr.; Angel Hernandez (SJND), Jr.; Ollie Cunningham (SJND), Jr.; Steven Castaneda (Sal), Sr.; Christian Castanes (Sal); Ivan Leanos (Alb), Sr.; Felix Gonzalez (Alb), So.

  • Soccernut

    Thanks for the awesome info. My life can now peacefully end because of the wonderful fact you posted.

  • Max Potter


    Now @028159 and anyone else, prove to me Livermore deserved to win that game.

  • Cokito

    Max, you have all my sympathy believe me, but you are asking the wrong question. Nobody deserves to win a soccer game. Either it’s a tie or somebody wins it. No mandatory fairness there. If I may give you some advice, know what your team did, and value the time you spent together building something special; don’t let this game bother you anymore and move on.

  • GlobalSoccer

    Matt, if you are interested in seeing a quality and intense futbol game you might want to come to the Mustang Soccer Complex to watch the SJ Earthquakes Academy play this weekend 3/12 @ 1pm and 3/13 @ 1pm against SoCal Academy teams. Next week’s games will be in San Jose 3/19 @ 1pm and 3/20 @ 1pm at the Nutrilite field also against SoCal teams. You will have East Bay players from DLS, MV, Bishop O’Dowd, Clayton Valley, Richmond, Deer Valley and Livermore on the SJ Earthquakes. The SoCal teams are really good.

  • Ko

    Albany boys stats
    Andre Alvarez 20 goals 12 assists
    Gabriel Borges 11 goals 19 assists
    Felix Gonzalez 18 goals 6 assists
    Manuel ramirez 10 goals 4 assists