Final East Bay Boys Soccer Notes

My thoughts on last night’s championship games…

A few people are commenting and saying that Newark Memorial was overrated and I simply don’t think that’s true. I saw the Cougars play a few times this year, and they aren’t overrated. They just didn’t have their best game on Saturday night, and people seeing them for the first time might not think very highly of them.
I still think highly of them and I think De La Salle had a lot to do with them not playing their best game. The credit goes to Sparty.
Watching De La Salle play is incredible. They are incredibly disciplined, they never quit and I think the thing that stands out most to me is that they will out work you every single time. I was watching guys like Patrick Oswald and Dane DePolo, guys who don’t get a lot of mention, and when they are on the field, they work their very, very hard every minute they are on the field.
Newark had a great season, and congrats to them, I loved watching them play. And De La Salle just got on a roll and it couldn’t be stopped. The momentum built with each playoff win, and you could see that three-year varsity seniors like Anthony DeCosta and Michael Bernardi didn’t want to be the senior class that didn’t win a championship.
And if you think De La Salle is just used to winning soccer titles and it means nothing, then just take a look at the scene after the game. The fans rushed the field, lifting Bernardi on to their shoulders and carrying him around.

Speaking of seeing a great scene, maybe the best scene I’ve seen after any high school sporting even was after the Division II game when the Campo fans, who came out in droves, charged the field and created the biggest dog pile I’ve ever seen. Harlan Raine, who scored the game winner, looked like he might get crushed to death at the bottom of it. It was quite a thing to see. This game meant a lot to both teams. Acalanes was very gracious in defeat.
And what an entertaining game it was. There were early goals, goals on set pieces, late goals and plenty of drama. Campolindo, by the end of the game, felt like it had built up so much momentum and that it wasn’t going to be denied scoring the deciding goal.
I like how both teams were aggressive, the game was fast paced and open and the play was physical when it needed to be. It was a great game, and highly entertaining.
I was also impressed with two players in particular. Jaison Kimura from Campo was all over the place on defense, and he is lethal on free kicks. And for Acalanes, Dylan Autran was equally dangerous on free kicks, controls the ball very well and is very poised in the midfield.
I enjoyed this game very much.


I am certain there are some people who will disagree with Campolindo ending the season atop the poll, while there will be some that agree. I would love to see De La Salle and Campo play, because I think it would be a good game, but that won’t happen, so we are left with this.
The thing is, if I didn’t rank Campolindo No. 1, that is like saying a Division II team will never be ranked No. 1. Campo was ranked ahead of De La Salle entering Saturday, and jumping DLS all the way up over them would set a precedent that I’m not willing to set.
Oh ya, and Campolindo deserves it. They lost just once this year, and avenged that one loss in Saturday’s final. They went 2-1 against Acalanes. They also started the season with 11 straight wins and didn’t lose in their first 16 matches. It was truly a great season, and they become the first D II team to end the year ranked No. 1 in the rankings.
De La Salle had an incredible run, and has an argument for the top spot. They beat two No. 1 teams along the way and another team ranked sixth. If any team could have jumped all the way up, including over a team that was ranked higher and won, it would have been DLS.
Let the debate begin!
I feel like the rest of the rankings sorted out quite nicely.

1. Campolindo (20-1-6)
2. De La Salle (18-6-3)
3. Newark Memorial (23-4-0)
4. California (18-0-6)
5. Acalanes (18-3-6)
6. Livermore (15-6-5)
7. Clayton Valley (17-3-5)
8. Berkeley (18-3-3)
9. Albany (19-3-3)
10. Deer Valley (16-3-6)
11. Dublin (15-7-3)
12. Monte Vista (12-8-5)
13. San Ramon Valley (14-9-2)
14. San Lorenzo (17-5-1)
15. Mt. Eden (14-5-4)

Others considered: Bishop O’Dowd (17-6-2), Ygnacio Valley (13-5-3), Pittsburg (12-7-4), Pinole Valley (13-8-3), Richmond (13-10-2), Hayward (11-6-4), Logan (12-8-2), Dougherty Valley (12-9-4), St. Mary’s (14-4-0), Granada (7-13-5).


Team Overall League Points

Berkeley (18-3-3) 10-1-1 31
Pinole Valley (13-8-3) 8-3-1 25
Richmond (13-10-2) 7-3-2 23
Hercules (6-11-0) 6-6-0 18
Alameda (6-13-3) 5-5-2 17
El Cerrito (1-16-5) 1-8-3 6
De Anza (2-18-1) 0-11-1 1

Team Overall League Points

Albany (19-3-3) 14-2-0 42
St. Mary’s (14-4-0) 13-3-0 39
Piedmont (12-6-3) 12-2-2 38
Kennedy (13-10-1) 11-4-1 34
St. Joseph Notre Dame (6-11-3) 6-9-1 19
Salesian (6-9-2) 6-9-1 19
Encinal (3-15-1) 3-12-1 10
St. Patrick-St. Vincent (2-13-1) 2-13-1 7
Swett (1-16-1) 1-14-1 4

Team Overall League Points

Deer Valley (16-3-6) 7-0-3 24
Pittsburg (12-7-4) 5-3-2 17
Antioch (6-9-6) 4-3-3 15
Liberty (6-9-2) 3-5-2 11
Heritage (4-10-6) 2-5-3 9
Freedom (5-13-2) 2-7-1 7

Team Overall League Points

Acalanes (18-3-6) 8-1-3 27
Campolindo (20-1-6) 8-1-3 27
Dublin (15-7-3) 6-5-1 19
Dougherty Valley (12-9-4) 4-6-2 14
Alhambra (9-11-3) 3-5-4 13
Miramonte (4-9-4) 3-6-3 12
Las Lomas (5-11-5) 1-7-4 7

Team Overall League Points

Clayton Valley (17-3-5) 10-0-2 32
Ygnacio Valley (13-5-3) 7-2-3 24
College Park (9-10-5) 7-3-2 23
Concord (8-4-6) 5-3-4 19
Northgate (2-15-6) 2-7-3 9
Mt. Diablo (4-10-0) 2-10-0 6
Berean Christian (2-18-3) 1-9-2 5

Team Overall League Points

California (18-0-6) 9-0-5 32
Livermore (15-6-5) 8-3-3 27
San Ramon Valley (14-8-2) 8-5-1 25
De La Salle (18-6-3) 7-5-2 23
Granada (7-13-5) 7-6-1 22
Monte Vista (12-8-5) 5-5-4 19
Foothill (5-16-3) 1-11-2 5
Amador Valley (5-14-5) 0-10-4 4

Team Overall League Points

San Lorenzo (17-5-1) 12-4-0 36
Mt. Eden (14-5-4) 11-3-2 35
Bishop O’Dowd (17-6-2) 11-4-1 34
Hayward (11-6-4) 10-5-1 31
Castro Valley (8-13-4) 8-6-2 26
Arroyo (7-9-7) 5-4-7 22
Tennyson (5-14-2) 3-11-1 10
San Leandro (2-16-2) 2-11-2 8
Moreau Catholic (2-17-1) 1-15-0 3

Team Overall League Points

Newark Memorial (23-4-0) 10-0-0 30
Logan (12-8-2) 7-3-0 21
Kennedy (5-10-6) 3-5-2 11
Irvington (4-12-3) 3-7-0 9
Mission San Jose (7-11-4) 2-6-2 8
Washington (4-8-7) 1-5-4 7

Team Overall League Points

Fremont (2-0-1) 2-0-1 7
Oakland Tech (2-3-2) 1-1-1 4
Oakland (0-1-1) 0-1-1 1
Skyline (0-0-1) 0-0-1 1


Name, School Goals
Padilla, Clayton 26
Foster, Granada 23
Lima, Castro Valley 20
Pagliuca, Cal 19
Hartland, Dublin 19
Moran-Perez, Mt. Eden 19
Aguila, Richmond 18
Villa, Pitt 17
Parisi, Dougherty 16
Reshke, Campo 15
Morales, Livermore 15
Ulloa, Logan 15
Navarro, Newark 15
Mena-Lopez, Mt. Eden 15
Espinoza, St. Mary’s 14
Aguilar, YV 14
Shaiwany, Dougherty 13
Ramirez, Newark 13
Chaussy, SRV 13
Oldham, BOD 12
Scott, St. Mary’s 12
Fagenson, Cal 11
Sandoval 11
Lopez, CV 10
Texeira, Livermore 10
Urcuyo, Livermore 10
Ruiz, Newark 10

Name, School Assists
Scott, St. Mary’s 16
Gomez, Clayton 15
Chaussy, SRV 13
Navarro, Newark 12
Tavecchio, Campo 11
Bochenek, Dougherty 10
Shaiwany, Dougherty 10
Morfin, Castro Valley 9
Foster, Granada 9
Garibay, Pitt 9
Carda, Acalanes 8
Fagenson, Cal 8
Morales, Livermore 8
Ramirez, Newark 8
Vazquez, Pitt 8
Damian, YV 8
Danielson, Cal 7
Castillo, Dublin 7
Hartland, Dublin 7
Hodges, LL 7
Salimpour, MV 7
Jara, St. Mary’s 7
Aguilar, YV 7

Matt Smith

  • soccerfann


  • LHS Alum

    Huge Congratulations to the Celtic boys who received All League Honors: Sophomore, Christian Clark, Foothill High. Sophomore, Trevor Long, Granada. Junior, Brandon Marantan, Livermore.

    To Johnny Marcinkowski, Junior, DeLaSalle…anchoring the DLS defense to an NCS Championship ( The Greatest Award one can ever win ).

    Much Love to all the other Celtic Boys. Awesome High school year! I can’t wait to see you guys back together this weekend.

    You will never walk alone!!

  • Matt Smith

    I haven’t got those all-leaguers yet. I will let you know when I do.

  • HHSGrad

    HAAL All League? Or did I miss it?

  • sam choi

    Matt –
    Again thanks for such great coverage this year. I am glad you got to see the Campolindo game – Acalanes played really well and it is wonderful to see better and better soccer in the east bay. This is also a tribute to you and this site. I am glad you put Campo First – it was a special year for these kids and they basically refuse to lose.
    Now for soccer withdrawl – and no world cup!
    Sam choi

  • Matt Smith

    No HAAL. Still haven’t got that or the BVAL or DVAL.

  • Cal Player

    I agree with #49, Stevie was completely snubbed. He kept everyone organized, not just the defense. He also played basically the whole season with a pulled groin.

  • Bench Warmer

    Ryan, I second your opinion on Steve Rector from Cal. This player was one of the Sr leaders on the best defense in the EBAL (stats wise). He was also one of the captains of the team. This was a major oversight. His solid play in the back was consistent all year, and he was a major factor in why the defense was so good. He played through pain so that he could be there for his team in some games! He definitely deserved to be on that list!

    Congrats to those that made the list, and to those that did not! This was a great year of high school soccer full of surprises, passion for the game and sportsmanship!

  • ebal fan

    Would love to see the Girls All League just for fun!

  • The Striker

    I believe the BVAL all league was picked already

  • Mamma B:

    Just for fun, we should have Michael’s “team” play the remainder of the EBAL all leaguers in a scrimmage! It would be fun!

  • Mamma B:

    Oh, and you and Guilio can coach Michael’s “team”!

  • ebal fan

    Interesting how Bernardi, Foster, Salazar and Rivas all started young, no wonder there is so much love between them.

  • EBAL All-league: B Hromatko of MV should have made first team. He was the “rock” of MV’s reputed defense. Also, Arman Salimpour of MV should be on the list. He was the catalyst to MV’s offense in many of their victories!

  • ebal fan

    don’t forget McKee!

  • Steve rector #4

    Thanks for all the support guys it really means a lot. Congratulations to everyone who did make teams you all deserve it and I’m fortunate to have had a chance to play both with and against you guys.

  • Rankings:

    #1 Campo because they won toughest D2 league and D2 NCS
    #2 DLS and Newark tied given DLS won D1 NCS but placed 4th in EBAL and Newark won MVAL and runner-up in D1 NCS
    #4 Cal won tough EBAL going undefeated.
    #5 Acalanes won DFAL and runner-up in D2 NCS.
    #6 -#11 – a little more like a pissing contest.

  • The Striker

    I think there should be some sort of all star games..like every leagues first team play against eachother to see what league really is the best.

  • arsenal

    Matt i know its early but what teams are going to be strong next year?

  • Matt Smith for president

    pissing contest?

  • FLB

    Thanks Bench/Ryan.#4 for Cal should have been aknowledged.Unfair.

  • In the spirit of the academy’s:

    More Serious –
    Best Offense: Newark Memorial
    Best Defense: Acalanes
    Best Balanced: Cal
    Best “Samba”: Newark Memorial
    Best coached: Campo and DLS
    Best “Heart”: DLS

    More for fun –
    Best stadium to freeze over: Livermore
    Best Place to Hang before the Game: Berkeley
    Best Uniform: Monte Vista
    Best fans: Campo

  • #69 – I meant, more of a “toss-up”.

  • Love The Game

    I have to agree with some of the comments on the two MV backs
    Hrmatko and McKee are solid, seasoned, skilled defenders whom had great seasons.

    Congrats to them and all the other ALL EBAL winners, your all deserving.

  • SoccerBuff


    What are your thoughts on the NCS recommendations for realignment?

  • Matt Smith

    SoccerBuff, I’m not crazy about the realignment ideas. I know there will always be some good and some bad, but I feel like some rivalries are getting broken up.

    Arsenal, off the top of my head and from what people have told me, it looks like SRV, Dublin and Clayton Valley will be very tough next year. De La Salle was actually pretty young and will be very good again. Richmond as well.

  • storm

    Soccer Dad
    Regarding comment on top 10
    Your observations are correct. But using the logic on NM victories against Livermore earlier in the season without the academy players could be used by other teams having their way with Livermore during that time frame. NM beat Granada and SRV for good wins, but these teams finished in the middle of the pack and were eliminated in the playoffs by league members. The div II teams could have scheduled many of the top 10 EBAL teams in the preseason. Dublin,Albany,Acalanes,Campo, chose to fight their battles with the smaller schools. I guess my concern is similar to the SEC argument, how can you rate teams that don’t join the party. Truly we will never know the results of this debate. Hopefully these smaller schools will decide to load their pre season schedule with larger schools in the future so they can come in the front door.

  • Scoreboard

    All –
    What a season..Guess I have to start doing some work again since I have no games to see! Thanks Matt for another year of dedication to bay area soccer. One thing I want to point out is regarding all-league selections. It seems a few people are saying how certain players were overlooked or slighted-I agree that there were a few questionable choices..BUT-the coach of each team is responsible for the nominations. So if a player isn’t selected for anything more often than not he wasn’t nominated. Especially if a team finishes towards the top of the league since they have the most selections.
    Have a great off season everybody. C ya in November.

  • shinguard

    Matt, Lot’s of talented freshmen will be moving up the ranks next season. on the EBAL side Team to watch is Amador Valley frosh team was undefeated and scored some 100 goals. As for others DLS frosh have some creative forwards and very solid backfield. Alhambra will have some strong sophomores. College Park will also have a strong contingent moving out of the frosh ranks.

  • Matt Smith

    That’s good info, Shinguard. Thank you.

    Hey Scoreboard, is the 100 thing from a Jay-Z song, by chance? I heard something in a song recently, so it made me think to ask.

  • Ebal Soccer Fan

    Congrats to all the soccer players who made a team! However i completely agree with Fagenson and “Bench Warmer.” The fact that Steve Rector did not get a league spot was horrific. I feel as if Coach Faidley from cal has a personal problem with him because he was a tremendous defender against us all season! Without him back there we could’ve scored a few more goals!

    On the other hand great season cal and I hope Steve Rector #4 gets the recognition he deserves!

  • Soccer guy #3

    I agree Ebal Soccer fan, well said! Hope the best for Rector #4 in his soccer future!

  • Just Soccer

    Livermore only graduates 5 Sr’s, with only two of them being regular starters: #10 Gonzalez in the mid-field and Boyd in Goal. LHS midfield is ridiculously deep and they have an excellent GK that will be a Sr next year. He has chosen to spend his first three years playing JV as the Captain and leader, instead of backing up Boyd. He could have been a starter on other EBAL teams this year. The future is bright for many of the teams and the Cowboys are fine being the underdog. Worked out pretty good this year.

    Good luck to all the Seniors and congratulations to all the All League Selections. Rivas and Foster sharing the MVP honor is perfect. I’ll also add my two cents worth on Rector from CAL. Great kid who has played thru much pain and adversity over the past few years. The lack of recognition is only with his coach. The rest of EBAL knows how good he is. Too bad the coach could never figured it out.

  • cokito

    Matt, when is this realignment supposed to take place?

  • Scoreboard

    Matt – Definition from urbandictionary.com of 100
    Being real. 100 percent genuine. So you probably heard it in that Jay-Z song, its a pretty common term within the hip-hop culture these days.

  • Matt Smith

    Nice! I’ve been dying to know since you started posting here.

  • HHSGrad

    Thanks Matt (re: HAAL All League and others). By the way, who puts that list together anyway? You? A committee of league intellectuals? Writer(s) (which may be just you)?

  • Matt Smith

    The coaches choose the all-league stuff. It is voted on by them at an all-league meeting.

  • The Striker

    BVAL all-league has been chosen.

  • Matthew

    I too agree about Rector, I knew after watching all the teams the defenders are the hardest to recognize with several good defenders on every team, but how could the defensive leader and captain of the best defense not even get a mention. I also think #8 Goodman should of got a mentoin also. Goodman only missed one game against Foothill 2-2 and it showed. Not a flashy player, but not one person on any team could run by him.(speed to die for) Hope coach moves him to the middle next year.
    On another note, can anyone tell me how many games Zamora played in league?
    And for next year #83 nailed it Livermore is going to be very tough to beat. Tons of talent, lets see what the coach can do with it. Srv will also be very tough, I think the rest of the Ebal will be fighting for third place. I guess I must say don’t ever count DLS out.

  • Love The Game


    According to the MV web site Zamora played in
    the first league game and then did not return until the last 6 league games , so 7 league games total.

  • Matthew

    Love The Game,
    Thanks, how about Juan Guerrero. Does anyone know how many league games he played in? I thought he would get more than Honorable mention.

  • Matthew

    Oh yea, is seven games enough from a player on a 6th place team? No dought, he would make first team if he were healthy, but 7 games? Referring to Zamora making first team. I just kind of feel that maybe that spot should have gone to some one more deserving. Not sure who? Maybe SRV’s Chaussy?

  • Love The Game


    not sure how many league games Guerrero played in, the livermore site does not have this nor does maxprep.

    I defintely like Chaussy though, but he’s a forward.

  • futbolfan1

    Why haven’t some leagues given you their all league team yet? I know that the DVAL and BVAL have already been picked.

  • Matt Smith

    I really wish that I knew. I do keep asking for them, trust me.

  • ebal fan

    I agree with you, talent wise Zamora is first team material, but he missed too many games, I thought one of their defenders deserved it.

    Guerrero only played 4 league games I believe.

  • ebal fan

    Matt Smith,
    What’s your opinion on All-EBAL teams?

  • moonshine

    In my opinion, Zamora of MV was the most overrated player given a spot on the EBAL selections. He played with no passion, had an attitude, and missed about half the year. Not too mention his team finished 5th in league. Monte Vista, although losing a lot last year, played with more passion without his presence. Matthew Bravo of De La Salle deserved his spot.

  • Matt Smith

    I think like everyone else, I’m pretty surprised Steve Rector was only honorable mention. And no Arman Salimpour was pretty surprising as well.

    With that said, here is the All BVAL team.

    Most Valuable – Aaron Huang, DV
    Offensive MVP- Christian Villa, Pittsburg
    Defensive MVP – Mike Ortlieb, DV

    First Team: Christian Villa, Jaime Lopez, Pittsburg; Jeff Korthan, Alexis Orozco
    Antioch; Mike Ortlieb, Travis Ake, John Quintanilla, Dani Lawore, Aaron Huang,
    DV; Nico Charvet, Heritage; Julian Alcala, Eldon Roudenbaugh, Derek Bisping,
    Liberty; Jorge Cendejas, Freedom

    Second Team: Kevin Ramirez, Alejandro Gomez, Alejandro Gutierrez, Chris
    Salazar, Ricardo Vazquez, Pittsburg; Jose Sandoval, Hector Morphin, Oscar
    Cabeza, Jordan Cisneros ,Antioch; Logan Wilkins, Miguel Lemus, Marcos
    Salvador, Deer Valley; Niklas Avringer, , Dylan Dutra, Liberty; David Hurtado,