Live NCS basketball playoffs scores here on Wednesday night

Get updates from the North Coast Section boys and girls basketball playoffs, including the Div. I semifinal between De La Salle and San Ramon Valley, on Wednesday, March 2 at 7 p.m.

Jon Becker

  • Animal

    Fill bad for the losers of the D1 boys game between De la salle and San Ramon Valley and the girls game between Carondelet and Deer Valley .

  • jonathan

    Could it be possible? Las Lomas and Northgate, Battle of the Creek, in the DII boys basketball championship? What a game that would be!

  • Ken B

    Casa Grande 16 ….Las Lomas 35 at the half

  • whens the game between dls vs cv, fri or sat and where will it be held

  • Concrete17

    Trojanden…….Friday night 8:30 @ St Mary’s College

  • Prep Fan

    BOD goes down in a shocker at San Marin. I guess it does make a difference having to travel even when you are the #1 seed.

  • bsmith

    Does anyone know what kind of recruiting class CV has coming in next year because with the loss of these seniors they could drop very quickly

  • LaLa

    Great game St Liz Mustangs!!!

  • Spartan55

    Bsmith -You’ve been CV hater all year. CV won’t be “recruiting”, just winning this year and rebuilding next year. You’re a tool.

  • concord guy

    Hey Jonathan,

    If NG does play for it, maybe we will get an idea of how much a championship costs??

    I mean Corby’s transfer had to cost the broncos quite a bit…

  • is there presale tickets for de la salle vs castro valley or will tickets have to be bought at door several hours before game? Idk how much seating capacity mckeon pavilion has so thats why i am curious

  • I don’t believe there’s a presale. McKeon seats around 3,500. I’d probably recommend getting there early, maybe in time for the girls game at 6:30.

  • Concrete17

    Trojanden & Jimmy…..My experience last year was that after the girls game almost 2/3 of the fans for the girls game left (albeit not right away). Not sure how the NCS people decided how many more tickets to sell for the second (boys) game. McKeon will be “get to know your neighbor” packed.
    Personally I like McKeon for this type of championship atmosphere….close enough to see the expressions on the players’ faces ( & since DLS will be there hear Allocco tap dancing throughout the game) and still view all the fans during the game.

  • This is from De La Salle’s Twitter account.

    NCS basketball pre-sale tickets on sale today and tomorrow til lunch – $10/adults and $7/other.

    Tickets are on sale at the DLS bookstore. CV may be doing something similar, but I’ve heard no word of it.

  • s1lverngreen

    Hi Jimmy,
    Any of the championship games televised?

  • No, none televised as far as I’ve heard.

  • Matt Rempel

    Since I live in Castro Valley, figured it was time to see this team, so I went to the Newark game. Wow, this Trojans’ team has got to be the best in school history and might be one of the HAAL’s best teams ever too. This team is tall, fast, unselfish, and loves to play defense. A lazy pass and the Trojans are almost assured 2 points the other way. Anderson, Bobbitt and Reid get the publicity, but their point guard, Johnson is quite the player too. Should be fun tonight, I hope to be there.


    Why are we playing at Dougherty Valley instead of St. Mary’s? It’s not fair because the other teams are at a neutral place while Dougherty Valley has homecourt advantage. Just wondering… and GO Clayton Valley! Beat Dougherty Valley!

  • Prep Fan

    Good luck CVEAGLES. Go Uglies! DV has a very good team and will be the heavy favorties. You guys will have your work cut out for you. At least both teams will advance to NorCals regardless of the outcome of tonight’s game. It is kind of a bummer to have to play on the road, but if you guys had been the top seed, maybe the game would be at CV? If it couldn’t go to SMC, I would have at least attempted to have it moved to a neutral site like Dublin.

  • Animal

    We will see what type of team Clayton Valley is by the score of that game. The first team they have played in the top 20. GO CV !


    Thanks Prep Fan and Animal. We played our hearts out! We only lost by one, considering our rankings and their rankings, we did really good. We are just as talented as them, and they had homecourt and a height advantage.

  • Prep Fan

    Great job tonight CVEAGLES. You almost shocked the world. I’m now looking for you to do some damage at NorCal. Represent the NCS!