NorCal prep basketball playoffs updates here tonight at 7

Jon Becker

  • Tomsmom

    What about the games that start at 6? div3 campo vs SHC

  • Wes

    whats the score of D-III Boys game of Sac-foothill?

  • tomsmom

    BOD/Vanden girls D3 score?

  • nuntown

    Castro Valley barely escapes. Wins by 5 tonight. The Marquette kid is overrated. Not even the best player on his team.

    I can’t see them winning it all.


    Congrats to the SPSV boys!Are we begining to see another Catholic power being born?Section champs in softball,baseball,9-1 in football,now 2 wins away from State with win over 25-2 Sacred Heart!

  • Gdog

    Sounds like Anderson had a bad game but he is not overrated. You are correct that he is not the best player on his team. If Bobbitt could qualify he could go anywhere in the Country he is all that. Allas I hope he gets that straightened out in Juco and will be somewhere big when he transfers, you watch.

    With Anderson’s size he can handle the ball and shoot it with range. How many times do you hear people saying “If so and so (big) can develop some range and ball handling he would be great.” This kid can already do that. CV doesn’t ask him to play inside but he will at the next level and that is an easier transition than the opposite. When you are struggling from outside and forcing a bit the best thing to do is go inside and get some buckets. CV doesn’t do that, not the kids fault and hard to argue with the game plan when they are 28-2. Not sure that saying they will not win it all is some great prophecy as Long Beach Poly, Taft, & Centennial Corona are all unbelievable basketball teams. Mater Dei is not at the level of those 3, but make no mistake CV can do it but they need to beat O-High and then DLS or Sheldon again to even get there.

  • CV Fan

    Anderson is overrated. When Castro Valley plays, they only talk about him, even though he is not the best player. Bobbitt by far is the best player on that team, but since he is more of a SG, and is not a real PG, not sure if he will make it to far at the next level. Anderson has the most potential due to his size and skill set now, but Bobbitt is hands down the best player. Maybe that’s why he is the 2x defending HAAL MVP. Also, nobody even talks about the 3rd member of the big 3, Chris Read, who is a very bouncy, athletic, player that needs to develop his jump shot more. He has some potential to be good as well.

  • E_CULB

    Havent you figured it out yet? You sign with a big school you get the most press rightly so or not. But Anderson is a good player if by overrated you mean over publicised then maybe your right.

  • Gdog

    Who is the “They” that you are refering to? Recruiting sites that haven’t even seen them play? National ranking sites out there can’t watch everyone play so they mention a name of a guy who is signed. As we have established Bobbitt can not qualify and everyone knows that so he has no offers. Marquette is the bottom 1/3rd of the Big East. What would that equate to here? Mid Pac-10? Bobbitt would be top Pac-10 if he had the grades. Not a problem he doesn’t run the point. There are very few guys that do and he is capable. I think you are underestimating Bobbitt’s potential at the next level. His range is 25 feet without effort. You stated Read’s weaknesses, he scores inside now but will not be able to do so at the next level as everyone is “bouncy” as you put it. My take, Anderson = Not Overrated, rated right where he should be. Bobbitt = Underachieving (not talking about basketball, must fix this he is a special talent) Read = Diamond in Rough that needs some serious polishing. Your alias is CV Fan. With Fans like you I hope he doesn’t have to many enemies. The kid goes for 5 and everybody wants to bash him. Last week he throws down monster dunks on DeLa and he is a hero. Tough to get back up after that high and they were up 20 in the first half.

  • Prep Fan

    Thank you Gdog. I was also wondering who “they” were. Anderson is a solid player, but Bobbitt has been the HAAL player of the year the last 2 years for a good reason. The coaches in that league voted him MVP over both Anderson and Ashley of BOD, and “they” must have seen something. I don’t know the situation with Bobbitt’s grades, but he is clearly a force at the HS level and anyone who has watched CV play understands his value on the court. Reed might be the best player on just about every other team in the area but is #3 on that team. It should be a battle Saturday night vs. Oakland and their studs.

  • E_CULB

    Joe Lunardi has Marquette in the big dance and by all accounts the Big East is the Creme dela Creme conference in college basketball as just like the SEC is in football. But I wont speak for CV Fan but I do thik the “THEY” he was talking about is the media in general.

  • JB”DON”

    E-Culb look out next year for a kid at Arroyo 6’7 10th grader and will be in the 11th next year Jalen Canty !!

    Don Pride !!

  • Gdog

    You are right about Big East and nobody would dispute that but Anderson is not in over his head like post #4 was insinuating. If he was going to NC ,Duke, Georgetown, maybe but I think that is a nice fit. I actually think he would be great at Syracuse has the type of body and game Boeheim loves, might be a stretch but he could play there.

    Bottom line is that there is only 2 weeks left MAX to enjoy them so I would focus on that. then they will be gone & CV will revert back to a nice basketball team not a DI State Title Contender. If you love Bobbitt that is great, will not get any arguement from me there, but don’t bash Anderson to give love to Bobbitt, that’s all.

  • E_CULB

    I agree GDOG. JB what position?

  • Old HAAL Dad

    Gdog- You are right on point! Enjoy them while you can because it may be a long time before a group of players like this comes along again. Next year unless you have some more studs on JV’s you’ll be back in the pack again trying to beat O’Dowd who you know is going to reload with talent. Both Bobbitt & Anderson are great HS players whether or not they will be at the next level remains to be seen. Bobbitt should get some help academically and push through the CC route where I think he would dominate. He can definitely shoot the rock, his running back type body serves him well when he goes to the hole and he has the “it” factor which I call fearless cockiness, the will to win and the heart to play tough “D” for four quarters. Juan Anderson is very smooth and will probably end up a small forward or maybe a shooting guard. Great kid who did get the grades to move on to D-1 so more power to him. He reminds me of a Jamal Wilks type or maybe a Reggie Miller,without the attitude. I don’t know if he is physical enough for the Big East, they just don’t let anybody dunk back there without paying a price but he defintely has the talent. Enjoy them CV FANS.

  • nuntown

    Good points Gdog and Old Dad.
    Tonight might be CV’s last game. I can’t see them stopping Oregon bound J.Brown. Anderson needs to play well in order to make it close.

    Good luck to both teams.

  • jb”Don”

    E-Culb power foward if you no any camps let me no . O and DE “lol”

    Don Pride !!

  • Old HAAL Dad

    Don’t count CV out just yet they’re still alive and kicking or should I say jumping. I would agree overall Jabari Brown is probably the better player, the difference is that Juan Anderson has a more talented supporting cast. You can shut down one player but when there’s two more who can do the same damage it’s a pretty tough assignment. What I’m waiting to see is what the DLS coach comes up with to try and stop CV on Saturday because what he tried in the NCS final ended up an eighteen point CV Blowout. My guess is DLS tries to turn up the defensive heat and see if CV cracks. CV will have to protect the ball and make their free throws to win I think.

  • E_CULB

    JB i figured he played football also LOL!

  • nuntown

    HAAL Dad,

    I think by now CV and Anderson have seen plenty of different defenses thrown their way. During the Franklin game last week, Franklin came back from a double digit blow out in the first half, to running a box and 1 on Bobbit for parts of the 3rd and 4th quarter to make it a 5 point win for CV. They limited Bobbits 3 point attempts with tough 1 on 1 defense and kept switching between 3 players on him to keep a fresh body on him the rest of the night.

    Regardless of who wins, I’d just like to see Nor Cal teams in all divisions fair well against the So Cal teams. Maybe even win some Championships.