CCC holds signing ceremony

Got a nice local football item for you. Contra Costa College held a ceremony on Thursday to recognize their four players headed to four-year schools to play next season.
Contra Costa coach Alonzo Carter along with players Niko Aumua, Kevin Hall, Marcus McClarty and Adewale Kehinde

Contra Costa coach Alonzo Carter along with players Niko Aumua, Kevin Hall, Marcus McClarty and Adewale Kehinde

Alameda grad Niko Aumua is headed to Washington State to play defensive end. Those of you who remember him from his Hornet days probably remember him as a big wide receiver. He made the switch once Carter convinced him to try defensive end for a day. That offensive mindset was one that Aumua said took a little work to break.

“I always considered myself a Division I receiver,” Aumua said. “When coach Carter told me to switch it up, at first I didn’t want to do it.”

Once Aumua gave in and made the switch, the scouts came calling and now he’ll head to Pullman to play in the Pac-12.

Along with Aumua, the Comets have a trio heading to New Mexico Highlands, a Division II school. Tight end Kevin Hall (Hayward High), defensive tackle Marcus McClarty (Encinal/Berkeley) and defensive end Adewale Kehinde (De Anza).

“I’ve got to go out there and really work hard to earn a position,” said McClarty, echoing a sentiment shared by all three players.

Hall’s matriculation is especially impressive, because he’s turned things around both on the field and in the classroom. Hall was one of 28 players to finish the semester with a 3.0 GPA or better, and one of 13 to land on the dean’s list at CCC.

“A window opened for me,” Hall said. “… He had a lot of people talking to me and kept me motivated. He gave me little pieces and little teasers that that could be me.”

Ben Enos

  • coachgreen

    Congrats to all of these players and to Coach Carter and the CCC Football Program.

  • The Real Coach Carter

    Congrads to all 4 young men who worked reall hard this year especially Mr Defensive Player of The Year & 1st Team All State (Def End) Niko Aumua & his Book End 1st Team All Conference (Def End) Adewale Kehinde yaw both balled out for the the team & Coach Vince!! Keep working hard & Represent the Comets!! And my man “Hamma” Mr Marcus McClarty you know what’s up so I don”t need 2 say nothing to you or Kevin?? Stay Hungry & Go Eat!!!!! Also Keon, Sherad, Kenny, Donny, Edgar & Chris keep yaw head up cause yaw money is coming real soon also!! Go Comets!!!!!

  • s1lverngreen

    Good Job Gentlemen! Congratulations and keep up the great work!

  • videoman

    Man you left a name off that list sir!Naw congrats to all those players get a education and ball out from Tim & Jacai .Highlightman

  • fast and physical

    Great job to the comets program, and here goes the great carter doing his magic, wow a pac 10 player from contra costa college, a tribute to his coaching staff, and changing the culture at contra costa. Its a diamond in the ruff, watch out for the comets. Sack Nikko sack, and run rickey run, How many scholarships for next year Carter?

  • Olinecoach

    Congratulations Niko. Hard work pays off. Looking forward to seeing you play on Saturdays. Stay focused up there at WSU.

  • 617lemon

    no thanks to u olinecoach i read niko story back n november when he said n high school no coach pushed him or motivated him.he would just show up didnt work to hard so all props goes to coach carter n his staff congrats niko cant wait to see the cougars slap tedford.

  • EBfootball

    I’m hearing Wade left Miramonte to go to Dublin. What’s that all about? Seems like Miramonte has a great program all around (dedication, support, resources, scheme). Any word on the Peidmont job? I heard the OC from Alameda, Kemp Moyer, got the Alameda job. Any other coaching changes going on?

  • CoachGreen

    Yeah I know who got the Piedmont job, but the fact that it hasnt been posted yet, maybe I should wait before I say who it is right?

  • CoachGreen

    Anyway this blog is about the CCC program, and there kids over there! i am sure they will write a post about the new Piedmont Coach! He’s a good guy though!

  • ManDown

    Congratulations to all the men in this story. Get that education! Coach Carter did a good job down at CCC this past year and the scary part about it is that they will only get better. I have to admit I didnt know how good they were goning to be with it being his first year and all but he had his team ready every week and winning games. I like the fact that he is getting multiple players off to college and for that many more players not recieving an offer out of high school will go play for him down in the RICH. Good job coach Carter and keep up the great work.

  • Its official John Wade is the new Head Coach at Dublin high.

  • KillerD

    What an excellent hire for Dublin.

    Snagging Wade is a feather in the cap for the Gaels.

    Does anybody know why he left Miramonte?

    Must have been the facilities at Dublin and chance to rebuild…

  • Not so fast

    I heard most of Carter’s players were “Bounce Backed”. Any truth to that?