Live blog: NorCal prep basketball finals all day on Saturday

Catch all the CIF Northern regional basketball finals on Saturday, beginning with Bishop O’Dowd vs. Sacramento in the Div. I girls championship at 10 a.m. and ending with the Castro Valley vs. De La Salle Div. I boys finale at 8 p.m.

Plus, we’ll have reporters courtside to bring you in-game updates from the action in the title games in between those ones on Saturday.

Jon Becker

  • Nick the Greek

    Go Trojans!

  • tandva

    Watched CV Coach fail to call timeouts
    after DLS obliterated CV defense on multiple
    fastbreaks late in 4th. CV gave up a seemingly
    insurmountable lead deep in 4th.
    CV Coach waled off the floor during C.I.F. ceremony
    leaving his players to stand alone.

  • Scl alum

    Looks like we’ve got the State finalists for each division now. Of the 20 teams in, I find it interesting that 3 teams are public schools. Is it time, perhaps, for CIF to amend the playoff system, to initiate a separate private schools playoff division, like they have in some other states like New Jersey, New York, etc? To me, the current format seems like an uneven playing field.

  • junior

    Scl. You are right it is uneven. The coaching, culture, teamwork, and discipline displayed by the private schools makes it uneven.

    Let’s do this seperate thing quick before a whole bunch of public school kids lose their self esteem.

  • Scl alum

    I’ll have to agree to disagee on your public school self-esteem premise there, Junior

  • before we do this separation thing to make it more “fair”, we’d better take a look at all the kids that attend the newarks,castro valley’s that don’t actually live in those cities. once u make those kids go to the schools they’re supposed to, then start talkin that seperation thing, until then it will never be an even playin field

  • bsmith

    very true Bbfan if those kids went where they were supposed too it would really help things CV has kids from all over

  • What a bunch of sissy piss sheeet! Just because 8 out of 10 privated boys/girls combined made the state for NorCal, we already got disadvantage issues???
    The top player on DLS doesn’t even have a college inquiry yet at 6’2. The 2 CV players are going to major D1 basketball powers. Coach Alloco is a former ND QB who threw for 2 tds vs. USC in the ’70’s, he also played some BB at ND. Think it might be discipline and their system? Should we institute private/publis at college- gee- St. Marys’s didn’t make the big dance- do they have private advantage???
    Most of these high school privates are smaller schools but they seem to get the best out of their student athletes. Leave it at that hoes. I’m walkin” my dog out at Diablo tonite with my ’57.

  • The Voice

    Always the same thing. DLS recruits and private schools have an advantage. How about if we give Coach Allocco a little credit on how he runs his program. He is involved in the youth leagues for starters. He sits on the CYO board. His Excel basketball camps are second to none. Send your kid to one and I guarantee they will be better by the end of the week. He promotes his players and will contact colleges for those who want to pursue basketball collegiately. He hand picks only the best coaches for his program from the freshman level on up. He just beat one of the best teams in the state with a team that would not have a starter on Castro Valley’s team. I have a son on the Frosh team at DLS and the attention to detail is unparalleled program-wide. Each practice is scripted and ran to second by the game clock. The Varsity coaches often sit on the bench coach the kids during the games. That’s why they are where they are right now playing for another state Champioship. There is no program that is ran with more discipline and structure.

  • THEanonymous

    The Voice,

    Nobody in this section of the blogs said DLS recruits, they just suggested the same thing I would, that the kids go where they are supposed to. And I think they all acknowledge Coach Allocco has received a lot of credit from the media and other parts of the blogs. I think we all understand De La Salle good enough to make such suggestions. Think of the business world, if the oil industry were to become a monopoly, do you really think the government or the people are going to let it go unregulated? We already pay way too much for gas as is! I don’t think DLS has gotten to that point yet but that is where they are headed if we don’t regulate NCS, let alone EBAL, to recognize DLS as an independent or something.

  • de la just beat a team that basically has a bunch of kids on their roster that doesn’t live in the area, so as far as I am concerned, the teams were pretty much on an even “field”. One team just happened to be coached better saturday. what’s the purpose of making the privates go independent? Personally, i would want my kid to play the best teams, not the worse.

  • Funny how DLS is playing Mater Dei for the state championship. With all that BB talent in SoCal, Mater Dei again? Must have another discipline program with outstanding coaching. The 2 hardest working teams in the state D1 get the rewards- if you want to pick the low hanging fruit you’ve got to have a tree first.

  • Spartan55

    Bsmith – I see you’re back on the blog since CV finally lost. You keep talking about CV’s roster and the fact that the players don’t live in the district. Since you’re a CVHS PE teacher, why don’t you simply check into their residency? You’re going to find that they do live in the district. You’re still a tool.

  • bambam

    Just tired of the “unfair advantage or hints of recruiting blogs” DLS has a huge advantage over most schools, that is simple enough for everyone to understand. They have student athletes that play to win championships. SRV and CV had more pure basketball talent on the court then DLS yet DLS won. If you dispute that then you’re blind. Soccer was the same thing as DLS won that prize too but CAL and a few other schools had more soccer talented players then them. That isn’t an unfair advantage but rather one brotherhood machine vs teams that have not bought into “not on my watch will we lose a chance at a title” Pride and not to let your brother down is hard work but the rewards are championships. The best coaching staffs help too but why wouldn’t you want to be a coach at DLS over other schools.
    Football is a different animal but you’re barking up the wrong tree with some of the reasons why DLS has an unfair advantage in the other sports such as Soccer and basketball.

  • Prep Fan

    SCL brought up the fact that 17 of the 20 teams in the state championships are privates. He didn’t even mention DLS or recruiting. Could have easily been 18 if Carondelet had beaten Berkeley, but with Berkeley’s high profile tranfers it is hard to consider them in the same boat as most publics. I’m sure the 17 privates like things just the way they are and see no need for a change. The more privates domninate, the more people who want to win and get maximum exposure for their kids will be drawn to those schools. It is the same for the Berkeley girls too, but they are the public school exception. In this day and age in HS basketball, if all you have are kids that live in your area, your chances of winning a state title are pretty slim.

  • junior

    Prep Fan: over the last 15 years 78% of the SJS football section championships have gone to the publics….. where is the outcry!

    Lets level that playing field and help out those poor, pitiful private school football programs before it is too late.

    lets be consistent now.

  • titan

    the only advantage DLS has is they have better coaches and more parents that support the sports programs. if you dont think anyone else recrutes your blind (ie newark always has 4 or 5 kids not living in newark on there basketball team). any school can lure kids in with a good program or if they know the coach. DLS wins in everything so the kids want to go there it doesnt take much recruting. so if you want even playing fields tell your schools to sack up and pay for good coaches and tell your parents to fund raise and give a lot of time and support. if they cant do that then live with it and do your best just like newark (a low income school) does every year. they dont cry about DLS having an advantage they go out and beat them with what they got

  • Prep Fan

    Junior, these were comments about basketball, not football. And probably 78% of those schools were public anyway. There certainly isn’t anywhere near 85% (17/20) of the schools that play basketball in CA that are private. If all were equal, you could expect maybe 3/20 to be private.

    Titan, the only people talking about recruiting here were the private school advocates. Other comments did mention the Berkeley girls and the Newark & Castro Valley boys, 3 public schools who apparently have people who transfered in or don’t live in the area. This isn’t about my school, your school or DLS recruiting, the observation was that 17 out of 20 schools in the state finals this year were private. An interesting statistic.

  • storm

    DLS Loyalists
    The DLS teams out side of football have proved themselves to be special. The talent for the top teams including DLS is competitive in all sports except football. Football is a different animal because of the depth needed to compete each week. I can understand the parents and student athletic support for DLS knowing the families in the East Bay are at a high expectation level from the day they are born. The recipe from day one is to get them ready for DLS hoping to be a part of their athletic program. They do not need to recruit because the families are drawn to the school hoping there is room for their son. As long as NCS allows DLS to educate and compete with public schools we are all wasting our time. Parents with their genes, family values, and the ability to pay or receive a scholarship will continue to keep DLS on top of the athletic ladder. It is time to value competition such as debate, robotics, and science awards if private and public schools are to compete at something that matters.

  • junior

    PrepFan: that is the core of your problem- All things will NEVER be equal. HS athletics isnt socialism. The point remains: there are no “unfair” advantges in HS athletics (basketball included). Any program is capable of rising from the bottom-it aint easy, but it can be done.

    My SJS football example is PROOF that publics do compete rather well with private schools. The SJS success can be duplicated here in the Bay. You cannot legislate/regulate winning- that is an insane goal.

  • The Voice

    Yo Storm,
    regarding football and recruiting. Seriously if Coach Lad actively recruited, DLS would have a win streak that would exceed 300 games. Lad could send a letter of interest to the top 50 players in the state and 35 of them would come. DLS would never lose. Instead they host a summer football camp that over 250 of the best middle-school players attend hoping to someday play for the Spartans. They are all well coached in all the fudamentals of football, their week is critiqued and documented and there is admissions information available for the campers to fill out which about 95 per cent fill out. The school recruits itself.

  • renegades10

    Speaking of football, I had the chance to meet Dimitri Woodson from VC Dublin and the Walters twins from Mack who were here signing up for classes. One of my fraternity brothers on the football team was hosting them for the event we have called Vandal Friday. All three were incredibly nice and well-spoken and great representatives of the respective football programs that they are coming from.

  • Regarding recruiting at DLS…THE VOICE pointed out the most important thing….The Football camp where 250 plus kids come to show what then can do….When you talk to these kids…..their first thought is I want to wear the silver and green uniform…..When they
    put on that uniform….a certain recruiting event takes place and it doesn’t leave….This the reason that DLS is what it is…

  • Prep Fan

    Junior, you keep pointing to SJS football like it has any relevance to what has happened over the years in this area or the CCS. As that area continues to grow, I’m sure their private schools will get to the point where they are similar to the privates in the East Bay and CCS. But the lone representative to this years’ state basketball championships from SJS just happens to be a private school – nationally ranked St. Mary’s of Stockton.

    I’m not advocating socialisam in HS hoops (nor am I complaining or accusing DLS of recruiting), just acknowledging one man’s observation that 17 of the 20 teams this year are privates. So it is also a phenomenum in SoCal, not just a few private schools up here that happen to work harder than everyone else or can afford better coaches. Just acknowledging things and seeing them for what they are. It doesn’t make DLS any less of a school that there are many other privates that are also succeeding on the hardwood.

  • Prep Fan

    Congrats to the 2 NorCal D5 teams that won championships so far tonight, St. Joe’s and Pinewood. Way to represent!

  • junior

    Preppy: not sure why you bring Dls into every discussion (Green Machine envy most likely)-i have made no mention of the mighty Spartans in this thread.

    Sac is very relevant if you care to open your mind: similar demographics, 80 miles from the east bay. The SJS should be the template that east bay fans study-how the heck do those publics dominate?

  • EBAL5

    Post #21,

    “Over 250 of the best middle-school players attend hoping to play for the Spartans, over 95% fill out applications”. Amazing; since past posts talk about the De La admission staff not having any input from the coaches. Wink!! Wink!!

  • Prep Fan

    Junior, I didn’t bring DLS into the discussion, other than they are one of the 17 privates in the state basketball finals. You may not have brought DLS into the discussion, but BamBam, The Voice, Titan and Big Joe did. I pointed out that the original post did not mention DLS and I was not and have never been one to accuse them of recruiting. But this was a basketball discussion and a lot of the DLS posters (except you) want to inject DLS football into it. Has nothing to do with green machine envy, whatever that is.

    Sac is growing and slowly becoming like the East Bay and Peninsula. Just wait a couple of years and you’ll see it. Modesto Christian and St. Mary’s of Stockton both are privates that do very well in those areas of SJS.

  • David


    I attended that camp and was definately NOT one of the top 250 best middle-school players. Also there’s nothing in his post that says the DLS admission staff recieves any input from the coaches. FYI, the player voted best player of the camp my year either didn’t get in to DLS or didn’t apply because he didn’t attend DLS.

  • Scl alum

    This may be the first year all of the State crowns have been won by private schools in Calif. Just an observation.

  • Back to Basketball in the valley…look whats happened to public schools Sheldon High and Franklin High…Sheldon almost took care of DLS and Franklin knocked off Serra in the play offs….Sheldon needed more hustle and a little luck on the last second shots and DLS would have gone….But the private schools are starting to make their mark in Basketball and football
    and apparently these schools are willing to spend the money and get good coaches and it is beginning to show.

  • Billjohnson

    TO me salesian n st.joes r hollow champs. Salesian has all these good players who come from all around so there enrollment may b d4 but not like a d4 public. Didnt st.joes win d1 back n da day now there d5 come on there enrollment hasnt changed. Kids go to those schools jus to hoop make these catholic schools play d1. I like the system n ccs with the open divison those catholic schools dont stay down they play the open divison not like salesian n st.joes hidin try to pretend like they dont recruit.

  • S1lverngreen

    How about a simple congratulations for the kids that had an oppurtunity to participate in the State show? They worked their a$$ of all year to get there and came up short…enough of the recruiting stuff already….give the kids and the schools some credit Bill.

  • storm

    To All
    It is time to enjoy an athletic season with no real favorites. This baseball season will be like the NCAA basketball brackets with many surprises. Can’t wait for league play to begin.

  • ManDown

    Good job to all the schools that went down to Sacramento to rep. for state this past weekend. I know it was a little tough but all the school compeated and played very well against some of the best teams in the country. Berkeley girls almost pulled an huge upset over the number one ranked team in the country. Thats pretty good. De La Salle had there chances but in the end couldnt match up with Mater Dei athletes. Mitty pulled off a great win, Congratulations. St. Joe’s pulled off another great win and you guys deserve it. With Salesian and ODowd it seemed like they were off there game a little bit and it just wasent there day. ODowd girls great try, St Marys girls were upset in my opinion and should have won that game.

  • EBAL5


    “A simple congratulations for the kids”? Let’s review past comments by DLS supporters after DLS has beaten one of the other teams in “EBAL”, “enjoy the beatdown” “I know it hurts” “It could have been worse” etc.. I didn’t see any comments directed like that to your “Brotherhood” after DLS lost Saturday. Not one!!! Yes recruiting comments were made, read the article in the Sacramento Bee on Saturday, it certainly appears that their commissioner realizes that public vs. private is a problem and he discusses recruiting. Looks like he is going to take some action too. You DLS supporters want the recruiting discussion to just go away” i.e. “enough of the recruiting stuff already”, “same old tired argument”. Winning is one thing, winning with the respect of your league competitors is another. DLS does not get that. I’ll say it for you “enough of the recruiting stuff”.

  • S1lverngreen

    @ 36…feel better now? You are right, it’s a sad tired argument..does not warrant further discussion…based on your rant, you seem to have some festering anger issues my friend, you should get that checked out!

  • NCS Fan

    @Sgreen – Dude where is the anger in what EBAL5 said? He has made a point that reflects many EBAL supporters.

    Your response is his point

  • S1lverngreen

    Fan, start the petitions, if the DLS leaves the EBAL, I am sure you at that point you will take issue with Cal High for dominating the league….

  • Prep Fan

    Cal High has 1 EBAL football banner in their entire existance, in 2007. The talent level at public schools tend to fluctuate from year to year, so MV, Foothill, and SRV will continue to compete very well with Cal High, with or without DLS deciding to leave to go indpendent. They have done very well since Sanchez took over (and now Bilecci), but no one is taking issue with Cal High dominating the league. I don’t mind having DLS in the EBAL as they raise the bar in all sports for an already very tough league.

    I’m not sure how this got to be a DLS (or SJS) football issue but it would be much easier for the DLS fans to just admit that having all 10 state basketball championships won by private schools this year is quite a feat, given the overall percentage of private schools competing in basektball in this state at each division. There just could be some sort of advantage being a private school. Why is that so hard to see or admit? It certainly doesn’t diminish DLS’ legendary winning tradition in football or their fine showing in most other sports. Yes, all 10 championship teams worked extremely hard and had great coaching to get to the mountain top. They deserve to be the champs, but it is hard to ignore the obvious.

  • NCS Fan

    It’s EXTREMELY hard to ignore the obvious this is why I would NEVER take issue with any “other” EBAL team having a consistent winning season… and yes Sgreen this includes CAL High!

  • EBAL FAN #2

    I have friends in most of the programs in the EBAL and can say for a fact that the amount of extra work and effort that goes into the football and basketball programs at DLS is several levels above the others in the league.

    If you are not in another sport, mandatory weight lifting FIVE days a week, starting January 1. If you are playing another sport, no problem… you just come in before school and lift. Every school has dedicated kids who do this kind of thing, but at DLS it is mandatory for EVERYONE.

    The work load borders on ….insanity. Thanksgiving, Christmas, 4th of July. There are no breaks, period! Oh forgot, all Sundays are off (it is a Catholic school).

    I am all for DLS being independent in football but probably not necessary in other sports. This years basketball team at DLS was a great example of the “program” working so well. This team was by far the least talented group of athletes to play there in….ever. Yet they worked and worked and scratched their way to a five point loss to a nationally ranked power in the State Championship game. Well done DLS basketball! You proved that TEAM matters the most.