East Bay Boys Volleyball Notes: DV Tourney, Rankings

The Deer Valley Tournament didn’t clear the East Bay picture up very much, but what it did was make it more interesting.

Clearly De La Salle is head and shoulders the best team right this moment, but I think two through 12 are even and will change a lot week to week.
For example, Amador Valley will easily move back up as the season goes along. I feel like the EBAL teams will move around quite a bit.
The parity is very evident. You’ve got teams like Mission San Jose beating Foothill and Monte Vista in three games, on the road, but dropping two straight to MV at the tournament.
Campolindo is showing the ability to beat anyone, but is not infallible. Northgate is going to be tough on anyone, but ask them about Logan. Logan is quite talented as well.
Deer Valley and San Ramon Valley also have the ability to beat just about anyone, as this tournament has shown.
It should be an interesting year as DLS’ top contender tries to emerge. It appears right now that DV might be the best suited.


I thought the DV Tourney would help clear up things with the rankings, but it kinda did the opposite and made my job harder.
The host team had a mid-week loss to Foothill and a loss in three to Campo in the tournament, but I felt like impressive wins over Amador Valley and San Ramon Valley, as well as a win over MSJ in the tourney proved enough to move them up to No. 2.
MSJ was poised to move to No. 2 after big 3-0 wins on the road with Foothill and Monte Vista, but had a couple of slip ups in the tournament. Still, MSJ is very good and are a solid No. 3.
SRV has been impressive lately, helping them get a bump, while Amador Valley probably doesn’t deserve a seven spot drop just based on their results, but coupled with what all the other teams have done, it was hard to find them a place. A mid-week loss in three to DV and then a loss to SRV in the tournament made it to where both those teams had to be above the Dons.
College Prep wasn’t at DV, but a mid-week win over Galileo was impressive.
Northgate and Logan make jumps, while American’s 9-1 start helps them crack the top 15.

1. De La Salle
2. Deer Valley
3. Mission San Jose
4. Foothill
5. College Prep
6. Northgate
7. San Ramon Valley
8. Campolindo
9. Amador Valley
10. Logan
11. California
12. Monte Vista
13. Acalanes
14. Clayton Valley
15. American

Matt Smith

  • libero7

    Why, why, why is Campo below Northgate and College Prep? And why is Monte Vista lower than Logan when they beat Mission?

    Northgate’s serve receive is atrocious compared to Campo, as well as defense, hitting and blocking. Campo actually took a game off of DLS while DLS beat Northgate 25-6 one game.

    College Prep lost their best player to a really bad injury.

    Id probably move Deer Valley, MSJ, Foothill, and College Prep down a little and move up Campo and Monte Vista.

  • Xfactor

    What is up with NG? They don’t have a setter and they can’t pass. How are they # 6? They should be behind Logan. I was at the DV tournament and they were in the Silver and the teams there were not great. Just a fan and don’t see anything in NG. I was the North Coast Volleyball website and it is more accurate.

  • conaanaa

    While I do agree with the above comments I can see why it would be so difficult to rank the teams right now after an admittingly messy week with conflicting wins/losses versus common opponents. Other than that the article is great and very well written!

  • volleyball101

    Were you at the Deer Valley tournament? For the next seeding, you should consult with the NCV guys and get their feedbacks. I think they go to all the big tournaments and key games in the east bay. Just a suggestion.

  • Matt Smith

    Thanks for the suggestion.
    I’ve been covering volleyball since 2000, and in the East Bay since 2006. I have a pretty good handle on it.
    Everybody has their own idea of what the rankings should be, and that’s fine. But there are holes in other people’s logic as well.
    Logan ahead of Northgate for a tournament win? But AV beat Logan in a five-game match and you didn’t even mention that. AV should stay above Logan.
    You have to look at it as an aggregate, not just one team beating another. It’s more week to week than you can imagine.
    Anyway, thanks for reading.

  • MVALfan

    At the Deer Valley tournament, watching all the unexpected wins by various teams, I was thinking, man, rankings are going to be a bear. Still, for D1 at least, Matt & the NCV website have the same top 5. The next 2 or 3 teams are roughly in the same ballpark. The question is where to rank the top D2/D3 teams, e.g. Campo, Northgate, College Prep, Drake. This was just an early tournament, one data point. Lots of league matches this week, maybe more non-league matches, and then the two tournaments this weekend — any & all of which could affect rankings, each of which carry a different weight to me. A league match, a non-league match, and a tournament match are not the same. Injuries & other factors can affect the strength of a team’s roster. Remember poor Northgate last season? We’ve got a l-o-n-g ways to go…

  • vbboy

    yea, i agree, with comments posted. some of them are off in my opionion. but just take this into consideration. even though i’ve seen most teams play, including northgate and campo, as time goes on everything should fall into place. as time goes on, let the teams duke it out and the picture will come clearer.

  • EbalVBWatcher

    Watched the SRV/Foothill match last night, and saw fear and panic in the Falcon’s eyes. Even though they beat SRV 3-0, the games were close until the very end, and it was clear the experience of the Foothill seniors were able to pull out the wins. SRV is young, but has a lot of height and some talent. If they can be energized, and become a confident team, from starters thru the bench, by the end of the season they will surprise quite a few of the more mature teams in the league.

  • NCVB

    Yeah, EbalVBWatcher, SRV this year kinda reminds me of De La last year = young and streaky, but potentially dangerous on any given day. I look forward to seeing how SRV can grow in the years to come.

    For those interested, the NorthCoast website mentioned above is: